A list of all player / pick trades by Carlton

Trades (including FA)

End of year 2023 Trades / Moves
Zac Fisher, together with our first round pick (# 17), to North Melbourne for picks # 21 and # 25
Paddy Dow to St Kilda plus future third-round pick, future fourth round pick, for future third-round pick (tied to Essendon), future fourth-round pick (tied to Western Bulldogs), future fourth-round pick (tied to Fremantle).
Elijah Hollands plus pick 26 to Gold Coast in return for pick 28, a future third (2024 - Essendon) and a future fourth (2024 - GCS)

End of year 2022 Trades / Moves
Blake Acres to the Blues from Fremantle for a future 3rd round selection.
Will Setterfield and Pick No.68 to Essendon for their future fourth round selection.
On draft night, the Blues also traded our 2023 second round pick for Collingwood second round pick (Pick #30).

End of year 2021 Trades / Moves
George Hewett to the Blues via Free Agency from the Sydney Swans
Adam Cerra to the Blues from Fremantle for Pick 6 and a future 3rd round selection
Lewis Young to the Blues in a 3 way trade with The Dogs and with WCE in return for Sam Petrevski-Seton

End of year 2020 Trades / Moves
Zac Williams to the Blues via Free Agency from the GWS Giants
Adam Saad to the Blues for Pick 8 (Essendon)
Pick 48 and our 2021 3rd round pick to the Swans, for Pick 31

End of Year 2019 Trades / Free Agency Moves
On Draft night, Carlton traded our first pick (Pick #11) and Pick 62 to the Gold Coast Suns for picks 17 and 22. Later in the night we traded pick 22 and 55 for pick 20...
Carlton received back Eddie Betts from Adelaide in return for our 2020 4th round draft pick
Carlton traded our third round draft pick to Sydney (#48) for a later 3rd round draft pick (#54) and a fourth round pick (#63)
Carlton received Marc Pittonet and a 4th round draft pick (#71) from Hawthorn in return for our 3rd and 4th round draft picks (#54 and #63) (originally from Sydney, see above)
Carlton traded Andrew D Phillips to Essendon with late picks (#61 and #72) in return for a third round draft pick (#57) and a fourth round draft pick (#70)
Carlton recruited Jack Newnes from St Kilda as a Delisted Free Agent

NET: Carlton received Betts and Pittonet for a series of later draft pick shuffles (effectively #48 down to #57 and some chaff), plus a 2020 4th round pick

End of Year 2018 Trades / Free Agency Moves
Carlton received Pick 43 from Geelong in return for one of our State-League Priority Access Picks* (Nathan Krueger)
Carlton recruited Mitch McGovern from Adelaide together with a 2019 third round selection, for pick Nos.26 and 28, a 2019 fifth-round selection and the second of our State-League Priority Access Picks* (Shane McAdam (Sturt))
Carlton recruited Will Setterfield from the GWS Giants, together with Pick 71, in return for our 2019 second-round pick and pick No.43 (received from Geelong as above)
Carlton recruited Nic Newman from the Sydney Swans in return for a 2019 4th round draft pick
Carlton recruited Alex Fasolo as a Restricted Free Agent from Collingwood

NET: Alex Fasolo, Nic Newman, Will Setterfield and Mitch McGovern, plus a 2018 4th round (GWS) and 2019 third round pick, in return for our State-League Picks, our two second round picks (2018) and 2019 3rd and 5th round picks

Note - As part of our horrific 2018, Carlton were granted access to two State-League Priority Access Picks which were tradeable to other Clubs.

End of Year 2017 Trades / Free Agency Moves
Carlton received two first round draft picks (#10 and #16),a 4th round draft pick (#73) and a future second round draft pick for Bryce Gibbs, a 5th round draft pick (#77), a future second round draft pick and a future third round draft pick from Adelaide
Carlton received Matthew Lobbe from Port Adelaide for a 5th round draft pick (#95)
Carlton traded a first round pick (#16) and pick #40 to the Western Bulldogs for selections #28, #30 and a future second round draft pick
Carlton received Matt Kennedy for pick #28 (received from the above Bulldogs trade)
Carlton received Darcy Lang and a future fourth round pick for pick #58 and a future fourth round draft pick

NET: Matt Kennedy, Darcy Lang, Matthew Lobbe, picks 10, 30, 73 plus extra 2018 picks: second-round pick (Adelaide), 2018 second-round pick (Western Bulldogs), 2018 fourth-round pick (Geelong) for Bryce Gibbs, pick 40, 58, 77, 95, 2018 third-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

End of Year 2016 Trades / Free Agency Moves
Zach Tuohy and our 2017 second round draft pick, to Geelong, for Billie Smedts and their 2017 first round draft pick
Pick 135 to the GWS Giants for Rhys Palmer
The abovementioned Geelong 2017 first round draft pick, plus two third round elections (one was ours, one from the Bulldogs in 2016), to the GWS Giants for Caleb Marchbank, Jarrod Pickett and a 2017 2nd round draft pick
The GWS Giants 2017 2nd round draft pick for a range of picks (48, 66 and 70) from Hawthorn

NET: Zach Tuohy and our 2017 second round pick for Billie Smedts, Caleb Marchbank, Jarrod Pickett, Rhys Palmer and 48, 66 and 70.

End of Year 2015 Trades / Free Agency Moves
Lachlan Henderson to Geelong, via trade, for our First Round Pick, 2016 year
Tom Bell to Brisbane, via trade, together with Pick 41, for Picks 21 and 60
Troy Menzel to Adelaide, via trade, for Pick #28 and Sam Kerridge
Our 2016 First Round Pick from Geelong (see above), plus Pick 28 (see above), Pick 77 and Pick 95 for Lachie Plowman, Liam Sumner, Jed Lamb, Andrew D Phillips aka 'the GWS 4' and Pick #8
Chris Yarran to Richmond, via trade, for Pick #19
Plus a trade of picks (our first, ever): #11 & Bulldogs' 2016 3rd round pick from the Bulldogs for #20, #21 & Carlton's 2016 4th round pick
Daniel Gorringe as a Delisted Free Agent via the Gold Coast Suns
Matthew Wright as a Delisted Free Agent via the Adelaide Crows

NB #8 (from GWS) later became #10, #11 became #12, and #19 become #23 after Academy bidding processes were concluded

End of Year 2014 Trades / Free Agency Moves
Jarrad Waite to North Melbourne, via Free Agency
Jeffery Garlett to Melbourne, via an exchange of draft picks
Kristian Jaksch, Mark Whiley and pick 19 from GWS, in exchange for Pick 7
Liam Jones traded from the Western Bulldogs, for pick 48
Matthew Dick as a Delisted Free Agent via the Sydney Swans

End of Year 2013 Trades / Free Agency Moves
Shaun Hampson traded to Richmond in exchange for Pick 28 (later 32)
Eddie Betts transferred to Adelaide via Free Agency
Dale Thomas transferred to Carlton from Collingwood via Free Agency
Sam Docherty traded from Brisbane in exchange for Pick 33
Andrejs Everitt traded from Sydney, with Pick 39, for Pick 32 (see Hampson, above)

End of Year 2013 Trades
Jordan Russell to Collingwood in exchange for Pick 71.

End of Year 2011 Trades

End of Year 2010 Trades
Shaun Grigg to Richmond in return for Andrew Collins.
Sam Jacobs to Adelaide in return for Picks 34 Patrick McCarthy and 67 Andrew McInnes.
Picks 37 (George Horlin-Smith) and 53 (Jordan Schroder) to Geelong for Jeremy Laidler and Pick 42 Luke Mitchell.

2009 Trades
Draft choice 11 (Jordan Gysberts) to Melbourne for Brock McLean.
Brendan Fevola and Pick 27 (Callum Bartlett) traded to Brisbane for Lachlan Henderson and Pick 12 Kane Lucas.

2008 Trades
Draft choices 24 (Nick Suban), 56 (Ben Bucovaz) and 72 (Will Young) to Fremantle for Robert Warnock and draft choice 69.

2007 Trades
Josh Kennedy and draft choices 3 (Chris Masten) and 20 (Tony Notte) traded to West Coast for Chris Judd and draft choice 46 Dennis Armfield.
Draft choice 52 (Bradd Dalziell) traded to Brisbane for Richard Hadley.

2006 Trades

2005 Trades
Draft choice 51 (Matthew Laidlaw) traded to Sydney for Jason Saddington.

2004 Trades
Draft choice 57 (Bradley P. Smith) traded to West Coast for Callum Chambers.
Draft choice 67 (Toby Stribling) traded to Fremantle for Troy Longmuir.

2003 Trades
David Clarke jnr traded by Geelong to Carlton for Simon Beaumont.
Brett Johnson traded by Hawthorn for selection 51 (Matthew Ball).
Daniel Harford traded by Hawthorn for selection 51 (Matthew Ball).
Cory McGrath traded by Essendon for Justin Murphy.
Corey McKernan traded by North Melbourne for David Teague and Digby Morrell.
Heath Scotland traded by Collingwood for draft selection 35 (Brent Hall).
Matthew Allan traded to Essendon for draft choice 57 Ricky Mott.

2002 Trades
Barnaby French and draft selection 31 traded by Port Adelaide for draft selection 16 (Stephen Gilham).*

NB * Draft Selection 31 ultimately lost due to draft penalties.

2001 Trades
Kris Massie traded to Adelaide for Andrew Eccles.
Ben Nelson traded to Adelaide for David Gallagher.
Corey McKernan plus picks 23 (on-traded this pick to Geelong) & 39 Justin Davies traded by Kangaroos for Mark Porter plus draft selection 14 (Ashley Watson) and 30 (Rod Crowe).
Justin Murphy traded by Geelong for draft selection 23 (Charlie Gardiner).
Lindsay Smith traded by Kangaroos for draft selection 61 Mick Martyn (Martyn was redrafted by Nth Melbourne after being originally delisted by them)

2000 Trades
Aaron Hamill traded to St Kilda for Sam Cranage and draft pick 4 Luke Livingston.
Justin Murphy traded to Geelong for draft pick 11 Trent Sporn.

1999 Trades
Michael Mansfield traded by Geelong for draft selection 31 (Paul Chapman).
Stephen O'Reilly traded by Fremantle for draft selection 16 (David Haynes) plus draft selection 46 (Adam Butler).

1998 Trades
Matthew Lappin and pick 58 Ian Prendergast traded by St Kilda for draft selection 22 (James Begley) plus draft selection 53 (Troy Schwarze).

1997 Trades
Sean Charles traded by Melbourne for draft selection 39 (Matthew Blake).

1996 Trades
Ben Nelson and Andrew Balkwill traded by Port Adelaide for Brent Heaver.
Mick McGuane traded by Collingwood for draft selection 19 (Brent Tuckey) and draft selection 65 (Brad Cassidy).

1995 Trades
Draft choice 63 traded by Adelaide for Troy Bond.
Adrian Hickmott traded by Geelong for draft selection 49 (Ronnie Burns).
Justin Murphy traded by Richmond for Ben Harrison and draft selection 35 (Brad Smith).
Craig Devonport traded by St Kilda for draft selection 19 (Barry Hall).
Ben Sexton traded by Footscray for James Cook.

1994 Trades
Draft choice 33 Mark Cullen traded by Fitzroy for Andrew Cavedon.
Peter Turner traded by Adelaide for draft selection 50 (Brett Higgins).

1993 Trades
Barry Mitchell traded by Collingwood for draft selection 35 (Aaron James).

1992 Trades
Draft choice 61 Luke Rayner traded by St Kilda for Ian Aitken.
Tim Powell traded by Richmond for draft selection 28 (Jamie Tape).

1991 Trades
Peter Sartori and Ashley Matthews traded to Fitzroy for Darren Kappler, as well as draft choices 28 Cale O'Keefe and 54 Leigh Snooks.
Darren Kappler (on-traded), Simon Minton-Connell and draft choice 68 (6th Round) to Sydney for Greg Williams and draft choices 78 Matthew Dickson and 109 (Not used).
Ron De Iulio traded by North Melbourne for Richard Dennis with a swap of 10th Round draft picks (neither side used).
Earl Spalding traded by Melbourne for draft selections 5 (Jason Norrish) and 31 (Haydon Kilmartin).

1990 Trades
Draft choice 2 traded by Sydney for Warren McKenzie.
National Trade Mark Arceri from North Melbourne.

1989 Trades

1988 Trades
National Trade Glenn Hawker traded by Essendon for draft selection 12 (Brad Fox) and draft selection 26 (David Regan).

1987 Trades

1986 Trades

Pre National Draft Era

1983 Trades
Bruce Reid traded by Footscray.

1982 Trades
David Clarke traded by Geelong.

1981 Trades
Frank Marchesani traded by Fitzroy for Peter Francis.

Mario Bortolotto traded by Geelong.

1980 Trades
Greg Wells traded by Melbourne for $75,000, plus Michael Young and Vin Catoggio (who joined Melbourne the following year).

1979 Trades
Rod Galt traded from St Kilda to Carlton.

1978 Trades
Denis Collins traded from Footscray to Carlton.

1977 Trades
Peter Bedford traded from South Melbourne to Carlton.

1976 Trades
Peter McKenna traded from Collingwood to Carlton, in exchange for 1972 Premiership wingman David Dickson.

1974 Trades
Alex Ruscuklic traded from Fitzroy to Carlton.

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