Season 1888


Carlton Captain. T. Leydin (Leyden).
Vice Captain. W. Strickland
President. A. Gillespie.
Vice Presidents. J. Gardiner, A. Geddes, W. Cook, S. Bloomfield, T.S. Marshall
Secretary. W. Donaldson.
Home Ground. Princes Oval.
Premiership Matches Played. 19. Won 11. Lost. 5 Drew. 3.
Goals Scored. 103 goals 74 behinds For. 74 goals 76 behinds Against.li
Membership. 653
Match Committee. W. Donaldson, T. Leydin, T.S. Marshall, J.G. McCutchan, W. Strickland
VFA Delegates. W. Donaldson, T.S. Marshall
Secretary Second Twenty. C. Carter

Leading Carlton goal scorers; W. Green 42, Jack Baker 24, A. 'Dick' Gellatley and Berry 14 each.

Carlton wore dark blue tight fitting lace up dungaree jackets with chamois shoulders, and discarded the blue jumpers.

The V.F.A. allowed Hotham to be known as the North Melbourne Football Club.

Prahran merged with St.Kilda.

Richmond changed it's colours from yellow, blue, and black, to yellow and black hoops.

June 9th.
22,000 attended the Blues home game against Geelong where Carlton 5.4 defeated Geelong 3.5.

Carlton defeated Fitzroy 2.5 to 1.10
Carlton defeated Fitzroy 8.13 to 1.6

A wonderful article on a Carlton v Geelong game was prepared and is recreated in the Blueseum here.

Carlton had won 8 games before their mid season trip to Tasmania. However, on return they lost 5 of the next eight games.

Better players for Carlton this season were; Jack Baker, Billy Maloney , Charles Coulson, Billy Strickland , Wally McKechnie , Mick Whelan , Ned Sutton , Ivo Crapp, A. 'Dick' Gellatley , White, Berry , Bailey , and W. Green.

1888. Premiers. South Melbourne 2. Geelong, 3. Williamstown, 4. Carlton.

1888 Ladder

Pos TeamPlayed WL DGF GAPProp Points
1South Melbourne 191522138456474.1
2Geelong 191234 97735664.84
3Williamstown 201361 77575459.4
4 Carlton1911 53100845057.89
5Richmond211182 86764850.28
6Port Melbourne 211191 97805050.0
7North Melbourne2087580804246.2
13South Ballarat*1364347383050.76
15Ballarat Imperials*13210136691015.71

The Ballarat clubs were VFA members, but did not play enough games to qualify to play for the VFA premiership.
The three clubs played each other 8 times, 4 points for a win and 2 for a draw.
Ballarat won 5, lost 2, drawn 1, 22 points. South Ballarat won 5, lost 2, drawn 1, 22 points.
Ballarat Imperials won 1, lost 7, drawn 0, points 4.
1888 Finishing order.
For the first time the premiership was decided on points with only games against Association clubs to count.
4 points for a win and 2 points for draw. Proportional points or a ratio system is used where clubs have not played 21 games, but must have played at least 18 games to qualify for the premiership.
The team gaining the greatest proportion of possible points would be winners of the premiership.
(See 1887 October 22 and click on article for a detailed description of the points system.)
-* "The last five clubs on the list did not play in sufficient number of matches to permit of their competing for the premiership, and their records are inserted only for comparison and reference." (The Australasian)

Carlton v England
An English football team toured which was sponsored by former England cricket captains James Lilywhite and Arthur Shrewsbury. Further details are provided here.

Carlton 14.17 defeated England 3.7 before 29,000 at the M.C.G.
The visitors kicked poorly, had trouble marking the ball, and were understandably unfamiliar with the code of Australian Football. But by the end of their tour they had played 25 games for 14 wins and 11 losses.
Beating sides such as Sandhurst (Bendigo), Port Adelaide, a N.S.W. team, and Ballarat!

Following this success, arrangements were made for another football tour and Tests to be played against an Australian team. An Australian football tour of England was discussed, but not taken up. Certainly an opportunity lost.


Hotham R. R. is Arden Street Oval N. Melb; FSG is Friendly Societies Ground (Olympic Park area)

1888 Carlton Fixture

April 21 Albert Park (23) at Princes Oval
April 29 Brunswick (23) at Prince's Oval.

May 5 St. Kilda at St. Kilda.
May 12 University at University C.G.
May 19 Norwood at M.C.G.
May 24 Melbourne at M.C.G.
May 26 Essendon at M.C.G.

June 2 North Melbourne at M.C.G.
June 9 Geelong at M.C.G.
June 16 England at M.C.G.
June 23 Tasmania in Tasmania
June 30 Tasmania in Tasmania

July 7 North Melbourne at North Melbourne
July 14 South Melbourne at M.C.G.
July 21 Williamstown at Williamstown.
July 28 Fitzroy at M.C.G.

August 4 Richmond at Punt Road
August 11 Port Melbourne at M.C.G.
August 18 Williamstown at University C.G.
August 25 Essendon at East Melbourne C.G.

September 1 Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.
September 8 South Melbourne at South Melbourne.
September 15 Melbourne at Melbourne Football Ground (Friendly Societies Ground)
September 22 Geelong at Geelong.
September 29 Fitzroy at Fitzroy.


22 Players and 6 Officials - Trip to Tasmania, June 19 - 30 1888.
Far Back: Officials; Charlie Letcher (Goal Umpire), Billy Donaldson (Secretary), Player - Billy Moloney/Maloney, J. G. McCutchan (Committee & Manager), Arthur Stooke (St.Kilda; VFA Hon. Treasurer), J. T. Kennewell (Trainer), H. MacKay (Trainer)
Back Row: Billy Goer, J. Woods, Wally McKechnie, M. McInerney, C. Newton, T. Strickland, W. 'Ivo' Crapp, W. 'Billy' Strickland, Dan Hutchison, Albert Coulson, Charles Coulson.
Middle Row seated: J. Carroll, Tim McInerney, Carlton captain Tommy Leydin with the ball, A. 'Dick' Gellatley, & H. Green.
Front Row: Jack Baker, Mick Whelan, H. Smith, Archie Berry, G. C. White.

See June 18 for the list of the 35 names of the travelling party of players and officials who made the trip.
1888 Carlton teams.
Some details are missing, if anyone has these could they please contact Blueseum.
There seems to be some inaccuracies in the V.F.A. ladder each week.
The "Goals For" for Carlton do not match up with the published scores.
T. Leydin

W. Strickland


This magnificent lithograph is believed to have been produced in 1888. Four Carlton players appear, Tommy Leydin is standing in the centre, while former Blues' champion George Smith who was Richmond's inaugural captain, is back far left, Smith retired at the end of this season. The other former Carlton players are Billy Hannaysee, front middle, the then captain of Port Melbourne, and Jasper Jones standing to our right of Leydin. The University Club is not included, and did not compete in 1889, so this image may have been made for the 1889 season. Note: Essendon's guernsey is blue with a red sash. The M.C.G. is featured in top of the picture, which was Carlton's home ground 1885 - 1890, while Melbourne played it's home games on the Friendly Societies' Ground.

Unfortunately the names do not correspond to where the players are pictured.
April 2015 & Blueseum now has the names, courtesy of Dave Eastman "from www.hardballget.net"
Standing - Left to Right: George Smith (Richmond), W. Quine (Sth. Ballarat), Henry "Sonny" Elms (South Melb.), C. Dunne (St.Kilda), Tommy Leydin (Carlton), W. Jasper Jones (Williamstown), A. Lee (Footscray), Ben Page (formerly Fitzroy, now South Melb.) W. Johnston (North Melb.)
Seated: G. McKenzie (Ballarat Imperials), Dave Higginbotham (Geelong), William Fleming (Essendon)
Front: H. King (Melbourne), Billy Hannaysee (Port Melb.), J. Bailey (Ballarat).
Image: Courtesy of Trevor Ruddell, M.C.C. Library. A black and white version of this image appears in Alf Batchelder's book "Pavilions In The Park."

January 13 Friday


"Mr. W. C. Donaldson, hon. sec. of the Carlton Football Club, informs us that a meeting of his committee will take place next Tuesday evening for the purpose of deciding whether their club will take part in a match against the Melbourne club, who are desirous of arranging one for the purpose of affording the members of the M.C.C. English Eleven an opportunity of seeing the Australian game played.
It is the belief of Mr. Donaldson that his committee will fall in with the suggestion. If so the match will be started at 5 o'clock on the evening of the 13th March, after the International cricket match, and probably end at half- past 6 o'clock. The only difficulty will be about the players, as some of them will be engaged in cricket contests. No doubt, however, footballers from other clubs will be willing to fill up the gaps in the respective teams."
(Herald p2)
The game did take place on March 10 between Melbourne and Geelong. The Blues were unable to field a team due some of their players having other committments and could not get together a truly representative team. Geelong won 3.6 to 1.5

January 26 Thursday


"Mr. Beaumont, of the Vita Studio, in Swanston street, has prepared, on behalf of the Carlton Football Club, a series of well executed portraits of the officers of the club and the team of 1887 which took the premier position in Victorian football records. The portraits, which have been handsomely mounted in a large frame, will adorn the club-room, but for a day or two may be seen at Messrs Glen and Co's window in Collins street."
(Herald p2)

The Carlton F. C. (Secretary Mr. W. C. Donaldson) donated £8 10s ($17.00) to the Melbourne Hospital for Sick Children.

February 18
A question from a reader to the Sydney newspaper Australian Town & Country Journal asking how many clubs are playing Australian Football in the harbour city.
The clubs are; Sydney, East Sydney, West Sydney, Waratah, City, Kogarah, St. Ignatius's College.

March 27 Tuesday
The Herald reports that the St.Kilda and Prahran football clubs have merged and will play under the name of St.Kilda.

March 31 Easter Saturday


Carlton played Port Melbourne at the M.C.G.
This was a benefit match for English cricketer W. Bates who was injured and disabled during the England's team tour.
Crowd; 15,000.
Admission; 6d (5c) Stand, 1s (10c) extra.
The weather was perfect for football, and the ground was in good condition.
Carlton captained by Leydin and Port Melbourne by William 'Billy' Hannaysee
Goer returned from Sydney where he had been captain of the Sydney football team.
The Blues won the toss and kicked to the northern end.
At quarter time the Blues looked like the better side, but a sudden, decisive change to the game occurred at the start of the second quarter, and from then on Port played the better football.
After half time, The Blues were disadvantaged and played with 19 men as Harry Smith was ill.
Games were played with 20 players per side on the ground, no subsitutes or interchange were allowed once the match commenced.
(A team could start the game with less than 20 on the ground and the numbers could be added if the players were late.)
£250 was raised and forwarded to England.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Berry, Batters, Crapp, Cook, C. Coulson, Coles, Carroll, Goer, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Leydin, Moloney, Munro, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Robertson, Smith, Strickland, White, Worrall, Whelan, Woods.
Umpire;. J. Welsford.
Carlton lost;
Quarter by quarter scores;
Carl. 2.4 2.6 3.9 3.11
Port. 0.0 4.2 4.5 5.12
Goals; White, Whelan, Gellatly.
Players mentioned; (14) Leydin, Whelan, Goer, Carroll, Strickland, White, McInerney, Harry Smith, Gellatly, Worrall, Jones, Maloney, Newton, Hutchison
Best; Worroll, Leydin, White, Maloney, Jones.

March 31
The Sydney newspaper the Australian Town & Country Journal published an item called "A Glimpse Into The Future" about the coming English football tour & the problems they will have in mastering the Australian game.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article71095887

April 02 Easter Monday
The Kilmore Free Press, April 5;
"The football match, Tallarook v Carlton played on the former's ground on Easter Monday resulted in an easy victory for Tallarook, by kicking four goals to nil."
As yet, it is not known if this is the Carlton Second Twenty, First Twenty, or one of the many junior Carlton teams.

April 06 Friday
The annual general meeting of the Carlton Football Club was held at Carlton Hall, Princes Street Carlton.
The building was crowded to excess, and the president, Mr. A. Gillespie, occupied the chair.
The former congratulated the members on the fact that the club had, after many severe contests, secured the premiership during last season.
Reference was made to the satisfactory financial position of the club, and it was stated that the club had during last season the club had played a match with the Fitzroy Club in aid of the Bulli Disaster Fund, resulting in £187 ($374) being obtained for that fund, and that the club's share of the proceeds of the match against the South Melbourne Club on June 25, amounted to £92 ($184), had been handed over to the widow of Mr. W. B. Swift, who was for some years secretary of the latter club.
The receipts of the year were shown to be £1,272 9s 7d ($2,544 98) including the balance of £227 ($454) brought forward from the previous season.
The entrance fees and subscriptions of members came to £163 10 s ($327) and the takings at the matches to £793 ($1,586).
The expenditure amounted to £1,211 16s 6d ($2,423.65) which had been spent on purchasing an allotment of land at Princes Hill, North Carlton, on which the club intends to erect a gymnasium.
Amongst the expenses were £158 ($316) expended on country matches and the trip to Adelaide, £169 18s ($ 339.80) on testamonials for the office bearers, prominent players, and members of the first twenty, and £61 17s ($123.75) on medical attendance and insurance of the teams against accidents.
The assets of the club were set down at £564 ($1,128), including the allotment of land referred to and the fence at the Oval.
During the evening the president, secretary, and captain were presented with portraits of the first twenty set in handsome frames. An illuminated address was handed by the chairman to Mr. J. Cook in recogition of the lengthy service he had rendered the club as a member of the first twenty, and gold lockets were given to Mr. R. Calder and Mr. J. Lording of the second twenty for good play during the season.
The following patrons were appointed; Councillor J. Pigdon, and Messrs, E. Latham, J. Bell, J. Maloney, J. Ballenger, R. Robertson, and W. H. Lewis.
The following office bearers were re-elected without opposition; President, Mr. A. Gillespie; secretary, Mr. W. C. Donaldson; Treasurer, Mr. M. B. Hearne; Captain, Mr. T. Leydin; vice captain, Mr. W. Strickland.
A ballot was taken for the positions of vice presidents, and Mr. J. Gardiner MLA, Cr. Geddes, and Messrs. S. Bloomfield, W. Cook, and T. S. Marshall were elected.
The voting for the members of the committee resulted in Messrs. R. Cooper, A. Gellatly, W. C. Henry, W. Hemsworth, J. Melville, W. H. Moloney, J. G. McCutchan, F. McIntosh, and M. Whelan being appointed.

April 11 Wednesday
Victorian Football Association meeting.
VFA secretary T. S. Marshall presented the annual report. He congratulated the delegates that there were no cases of misconduct throughout the season. Players were aware that the game could be played with sufficient skill and science and so they did not have to rely on mere strength and brute force.
There were no serious accidents amongst the senior players, mainly due the the law prohibiting pushing from behind in all circumstances.
Marshall also thought that a cross bar, as in Rugby, could be placed eight or nine feet between the goals over which the ball had to be kicked to score a goal.
The season was an exciting one with the premiership only being decided on the very last day with the match between Carlton and Fitzroy, won by Carlton.
The great number of clubs in the Association prevented each club playing each other twice. He suggested that the season be extended by two weeks, that one match be played all round, that the best possible arrangements be afterwards made for a second, and that the clubs be divided into first and second classes, the three lowest in the first class for one season changing places with the three highest in the second for the next season.

April 14
Carlton played Carlton Standard and Lincoln (23) at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Batters, Crapp, A. Coulson, Carroll, Dickens, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Glennon, Jones, Leydin, Langridge, Munro, McKechnie, McInerney, McInerney, Newton, Orwin, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, White, Worrall, Woods.
Umpire; Welsford
Carlton won; 6.14 - 1.1
Goals; Gellately 2, White, Tim McInerney, Orwin, H. Smith
Players mentioned; Leydin, White, Gellately, McInerney, Orwin, H.Smith


April 16
The Australasian reports that an exhibition game of Australian Football was played at Hyde Farm, Balham, London, England.
The match was played on very rough common ground with teams made up of expat students from London and Edinburgh universities.
A London sporting journal said,
"It was such a great pity that so excellent a game should have been in such a great measure spoilt by this rough ground, and it is to be hoped, if our colonial friends contemplate giving us a futher illustration of their capital game, they will find a better rendezvous.
To spectators the game possesses great interest."
The London Uni team won 4 - 2
See May 01, then to link, for an English perspective on Australian Football.

April 20 Friday
V.F.A. meeting at Young and Jackson's Hotel.
The Hotham Football Club applied for permission to change it's name to the North Melbourne Football Club, permission was granted.
One week per year to be set aside to play intercolonial matches. This is to stop teams from other colonies playing in Melbourne on an ad-hoc basis.

April 21
Carlton played Albert Park (23) at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Berry, Batters, Crapp, A. Coulson, Carroll, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Jones, Johnston, Leydin, McInerney, McInerney, McKechnie, Newton, Orwin, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Worrall, White.
Half time Carlton 4 goals to nil.
Goals to half time; Green 3 , Leydin
No further goals were scored when the Herald report ended.
Carlton won 5.17 - 0.3
Goals; Green 4, Leydin.
Players mentioned; Leydin, Green, White, Johnson, Goer, Coulson, McKechnie.

April 27 Friday
At the VFA meeting held at Clement's Cafe.
The VFA's long serving hon-secretary Mr. T. S. Marshall was presented with a handsomely framed photograph of himself which was surrounded with smaller photos of the all the club's delegates.
This was in recognition of his past service to football.
The Australasian's reporter "Markwell" added;
"These sentiments were endorsed by all present, and it affords me the greatest pleasure to add my quote towards honouring the man who has done more to foster and develop the game than anyone in Victoria."

April 28
Carlton played Brunswick (23) at Princes Oval.
Crowd; 3,000
Leydin lost the toss and the Blues kicked off to the cemetery end.
Green and Burke kicked the first two goals.
Gellatly scored the first three goals of the second quarter follwed by one from Green.
White booted the Blues only goal in the third.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Berry, Burke (ex North Geelong), Bailey, Crapp, A. Coulson, Carroll, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Johnston, Jones, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McKechnie, Newton, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, Woods, White.
Umpire; J. Rickards
Carlton won;
Carl; 2.3 6.5 7.5 8.7
Bruns: 0.0 0.0 2.1 2.1
Goals; Gellatly 3, Green 3, Burke, White.
Players mentioned; (13) Green, Leydin, Burke, Gellatly, White, Hutchison, Billy Strickland, Cook, Goer, Coulson, Jones, Box, McKechnie

May 01 Tuesday


The English newspaper The Sheffield and Rotherham Independent published a description of Australian Football.
To read the article in full, click here> Pre VFL Rules of Football and scroll down the page.

May 03 Thursday
Kilmore Free Press;


Now the days are getting shorter,

Football soon is coming in -

Jovial times for "Our Reporter,"

Who gets wetted to the skin.

Now we talk of Tom and Harry,

And the wonders they will do;

Grief's expressed that Dick should marry,

Casting off the red and blue.

Now the folks that fled from cricket

Brave the rain, mud, and cold,

While the "billiard-table" wicket

By colliding heads is rolled.

Now's the jubilee of jersey,

When we'll flummix in the fight

Visitors from Thames and Mersey,

Introduced by Lillywhite.

Now the barracker, reviving,

Raves of "Carlton," "Ports" and "South,"

And his vocal powers are thriving;

Hear the thunder of his mouth.

Hear him now his fancy urge on,

On to glory - or the knife

Of the sympathetic surgeon,

Dwelling near the scene of strife.

Now the shop and warehouse gentry

Leave the uninviting desk,

And ten thousand cheer their entry,

Stripped for battle, picturesque.

Now the fray is fast and gory -

Bloodless battle's voted tame -

He's no hero in Victoria

Who a rival cannot lame.

Ginghams drip upon and round you,

But you'll never move away,

If you sought more sheltered ground you

Might perhaps miss some good play.

And you'd rather catch a spinal

Chill, or suffer any shock,

Than go home before the final

Bell rings after five o'clock.

Now, in short's the festival season,

Celebrated in the slush,

When all men, bereft of reason,

Join the rampant roaring rush;

Join it in all kinds of weather,

Join it, spite of language low;

For to them, "there's nought like leather,

Oval shaped, at point of toe."


May 05


The Australasian's Markwell previewing the season;
"The assertation made a few evenings since by Mr. F. G. Smith, the respected president of the V.F.A.; "that football has become with us the most popular of out-door sports," is undoubtedly true.
By no other sport is the enthusiasm of the onlookers so keenly aroused, and certainly no other is capable of attracting Saturday after Saturday attendances so gigantic.
Today, then, the season fairly opens with at least six first class meetings in or around Melbourne.
The premiers of last season begin with what at first glance looks like a moderately easy thing against St.Kilda, but the St.Kilda of the past has absorbed Prahran, which last year numbered many excellent men, and Carlton's first encounter will in consequence be productive of considerable interest."

May 05
Carlton played St.Kilda at the St.Kilda C. G.
St.Kilda had recently merged with the Prahran Football Club. Prahran's "Two Blues" guernsey has been dropped in favour of St. Kilda's, and the Saints will subsititute blue knickerbockers instead of their white ones.
Crowd; 2,000 - 3,000, despite the unfavourable weather.
Carlton kicked with the wind. Some players were absent and the Blues started the game with 17 men.
H. White scored the Blues' first major.
The Blues, with a gale at their backs over powered the Saints in the third quarter, with the second goal coming just after half time from A. Coulson, followed shortly after by Green and the fourth by Tommy Leydin. A number of behinds followed, then Andy Coulson scored another goal and H. White booted the Blues' sixth just before three quarter time.
Jones, McInerney, Carroll, and Worrall were absent.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Berry, Bailey, John T. Box, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, Carroll, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Jones, Leydin, Maloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McInerney, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Worrall, White.
Umpire; W. Simmons
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.7 1.7 6.18 7.18
St.K. 0.1 3.6 3.6 4.10
Goals; A. Coulson 2, H. Smith, Green, Leydin, H. White, Woods.
Players mentioned; (14) Leydin, Harry Smith, Strickland, Green, Gellatly, H. White, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Maloney, Goer, McKechnie, Cook, Woods, Hutchison.
V.F.A. ladder; has Carlton on top.
Played 1 Won 1 Lost 0 Drawn 0 Goals For 7 Against 4 Points 4

Carlton Second Twenty played North Carlton Crescent at Princes Oval
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Bickford, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Christol, Davie, Dunn, Dolphin, Gregory, Halliburton, Lemon, Monk, McDonald, McInerney, Nightingale, Orwin, Phelan, Smart, Stone, Tubbs, Turner, Waugh, Watson, Walsh.
Umpire; E. Fitzgerald
Carlton lost; 0.0 - 1.4

May 05


"Courtesy demands that i should commence with Carlton, the premiers for last year, and it is with pleasure that I note but few withdrawals from the ranks which were so unbreakable during the winter of 1887. One prominent name I miss - that of Bloomfield - but it may be remembered that owing to business engagements he was not always available last season. Maybe we may still have the satisfaction of seeing his sturdy form and splendid dashes again.
Among the new men available for selection are;
Carroll, Fitzroy, follower and forward.
McInerney, Hotham, follower and forward.
Orwin, North Carlton Imperial, follower.
White, Essendon, follower.
Worrell, Essendon, back.
Johnston, North Melbourne, back.
H. Bailey, Melbourne, wing.
T. Strickland, Brunswick, wing.
Burke, Chilwell, follower,
and Goer, a good all round man.
With such an array the "dark blue" prospects are decidedly encouraging.
It is needless to say that Carlton will take a lot of beating."

McLeod has departed for Richmond
Jasper Jones departed for Williamstown
(Weekly Times May 05 p5/May 12 )

May 05


In Broken Hill there are two clubs that have adopted the town's name.
Today there is to be a play-off for the right to use the name.
The team that wins the match will be able to retain the name Broken Hill.

May 11


At the meeting of the V.F.A. the Carlton Football Club handed the Association a cheque for £35 ($70) for the Association's charity fund.
This represents 5% on the gross takings of the club from matches last season, and is the largest amount to be paid by any club.

May 12
Carlton played University at the University C. G.
Crowd; 3,000
The University ground was in a very bad state with a large part of it under water.
Leydin won the toss, "Carlton dashed off with characteristic vigor, and, keeping the ball within the territory of the home team, had a number of tries for the goal posts."
Despite the conditions the Blues proved too good for the Varsity men.
Carlton played very well, in fact it was a first class performance, scoring at nearly every second attempt.
"The old Blues have acquired a splendid man in White, who bids fair to shine as one of the most prominent and successful players of the season."
(Leader May 19 p19)
Carlton team; (23 named)
Berry, Bailey, Harry Bromley, John T. Box, Burke, Crapp, Cook, Carroll, Albert Coulson, Charlie Coulson, Gellatly, Green, Billy Goer, Dan Hutchison, Tommy Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, T. McInerney, McKechnie, Billy Strickland, T. Strickland, Smith, Woods, White.
Umpire; W. Johnston.
Carlton won.
Carl. 1.7 5.10 11.10 13.14
Univ. 0.0 1.0 3.1 3.1
Goal scorers; Green 4.4, White 2.1, A. Coulson 2.1, Tim McInerney 2, M. McInerney 1, Gellatly 1, C. Coulson 1.1, Leydin 0.2, Strickland 0.1, Wood 0.1
Players mentioned; (20) White (BOG) Leydin, Strickland, Green, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Gellatly, M. McInerney, Tim McInerney, Wood, Carroll, Maloney, McKechnie, Harry Smith, Cook, Bailey, Crapp, Goer, Box, Hutchison
V.F.A. ladder; after two rounds Carlton sits on top,
Played 2 Won 2 Lost 0 Drawn 0. Goals; For 20 Against 7 Points 8.
(The Argus 14 May p.7)

Carlton Reserves played University Reserves at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Adams, Brown, Cader, Carter, Clarke, Carlyle, Chrystal, Dunn, Dolphin, Davie, Dalgleish, Eck, McLean, Fitzgerald, Gregory, Haliburton, Lemon, Monk, Nightingale, Phelan, Russ, Stone, Tubbs, Waugh, Walshe, Watson.
No result details.

May 19
Carlton played the Norwood Football Club at the M.C.G.
Norwood is the premier club of South Australia.
Carlton and the M.C.C. will donate all takings to the Norwood club.
No other senior metropolitan matches will take place.
Former Carlton player A. E. Waldron is the Norwood captain.
Baker and Whelan played for the first time this season. McInerney from North Melbourne played his first game for the Blues.
Crowd; 15,000.
Carlton kicked to the city or Jolimont end.
The Blues had it all their own way until half time, then Norwood almost ran Carlton off their feet.
Bromley, Carroll, Cook, and one of the Stricklands did not play
Carlton team; (24 named)
Baker, Berry, Bailey, Bromley, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Carroll, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, M. McInerney, McInerney, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan, White.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 3.0 6.5 6.6 7.8
Nor. 0.5 0.6 5.5 5.12
Goals; Baker 4, McKechnie, White, Green (Mark Pennings 1886-1890)
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Baker, Berry, A. Coulson, Coulson, Crapp, Gellatly, Green, Goer, Hutchison, Leydin, M. McInerney, McInerney, McKechnie, Moloney, Smith, Strickland, Whelan, White, Jas. Woods,
V.F.A. ladder; the Blues still on top;
Played 2 Won 2 Lost 0 Drawn 0 Goals For 20 Against 7 Points 8

Carlton Second Twenty played Lincoln at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Brown, Carter, Carlyle, Chrystal, Dunn, Dolphin, Davie, Dalgleish, Eck, Fitzgerald, Frew, Goody, Gregory, Lemon, Marie, Meyers, McLean, McCormick, Phelan, Russ, Smart, Tubbs, Waugh, Watson
Umpire; J. Dalglish
Carlton won; 3.11 - 0.2

May 21 - 25
During this week the Norwood club were guests of the Carlton committee and taken for a tour of the Yan Yean district, the source of Melbourne's water supply.

May 24 Thursday


"The automatic clock gong (for notifying the expiration of the quarters' play) was the feature of the afternoon's sport. It could be heard distinctly all over the ground, and the inventor (Mr. Kirby) is to be congratulated on its initial performance on a metropolitan ground proving such an unqualified success." (Melbourne Punch p11)

May 24 Thursday, Queen's Birthday Holiday.
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G.
This match was played in the morning at 10.40am.
Crowd; 7,000.
Carlton won the toss and decided to kick to the Richmond end with the wind.
The first three goals of the game were kicked by A. Coulson which were all more than 60 yards in distance.
The Blues' score was described as "phenomenal" as it was very rare for a team to be so accurate.
Cook and T. McInerney did not play.
Newton returned,.
Harry Bromley a junior from Britannia played his only game for the Blues.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Baker, Berry, Bailey, Bromley, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Goer, Gellately, Green, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; Joe Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 4.1 5.2 8.3 10.6
Melb. 0.2 3.10 3.15 3.15
Goals; A. Coulson 4, Gellatly 3, Baker, Green, McKechnie
Players mentioned; (17) McKechnie, Albert Coulson, C. Coulson, Gellatly, Baker, W. Strickland, Green, Whelan, Goer, H. Smith, Mick McInerney, W. Maloney, Hutchison, A. Berry, Leydin, Bromley, Newton .
VFA Ladder;
Played 3 Won 3 Lost 0 Drawn 0 Goals; For 30 Against 10 Points 12

Carlton Reserves played Birregurra at Birregurra
Team details unknown
Match drawn; 3 - 3
Goals; Davey 2, Brooks
(See May 30, June 02 and 06)

May 25 Friday


V.F.A. meeting at Young and Jackson's Hotel.
One of the items mentioned was the recomendation to the cricket clubs on whose grounds football is played, to install electric clocks made by a Mr. Kirkby.

May 26
Carlton played Essendon at the M.C.G.
Rain on Friday night and Saturday morning did not put people off attending.
A large crowd of 10,000.
Carlton won the toss and kicked to the eastern goal.
In the first term both teams sized each other up and found both defences too strong. However, from quarter time it was different story with the Blues exerting their dominance and power by scoring 4.2 to nil.
The black and reds were not in the match and the game ended in the dark.
The Australasian reporter wonders why the VFA won't start the matches earlier to overcome this problem.
Andy Coulson kicked another long goal.
White and Crapp did not play. They were replaced by Strickland (junior) and T. McInerney.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Bailey, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Gellatly, Green, Goer, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, M. McInerney, Tim McInerney, Newton, W. Strickland, Tom Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan, White.
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carl. 0.1 4.3 6.5 7.9
Ess. 0.1 0.1 1.2 1.3
Goals; Hutchison, Green, Baker, Gellatly, A. Coulson, Berry, Whelan.
Players mentioned; (20) Baker, Bailey, Berry, Cook, C. Coulson, A. Coulson, Gellatly, Goer, Green, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, M. McInernery, T. McInerney, McKechnie, Smith, W. Strickland, T. Strickland, Whelan, Woods, .
VFA Ladder;
Played 4 Won 4 Lost 0 Drawn 0 Goals; For 37 Against 11 Points 16

Carlton Reserves played Essendon at the Wesley College Ground, St.Kilda.
Carlton won; 2.9 - 1.5
Goals; Sullivan, Meyers
Best; Sullivan, Carlyle, Meyers, Monk, Cader, Lemon

May 30


To the editor of the Sportsman.

"Sir, the Birregurra v. Carlton 2nd twenty met at Birregurra on Thursday to try conclusions, and resulted in a draw greatly in favor of Birregurra, who scored 3 goals 10 behinds to their opponents 3 goals 4 behinds. Birregurra had hard luck in hitting the post three times in succession. The umpire, who hailed from Carlton, was very unfair in his decisions, allowing the Carlton men to push from behind and kick the ball out of bounds time after time.
At half time the Birregurra players objected, but the Carlton players wouldn't play under any other. In the last half he was worse than ever, and 10 minutes before time the Birregurra captain led his team off in disgust, and offered to play the game out if they would get another umpire, but Carlton were satisfied with a draw, and declined to play under any other.
Great complaints were made by an hotelkeeper of Birregurra to the conduct of the Carlton footballers who came up on Wednesday night. Their language when in their bedrooms was disgraceful. One hotelkeeper turned 11 of them out in the morning to hunt up their meals elsewhere. Such conduct should be put a stop to by the Association. Yours, &c., BIRREGURRITE

(Presuming our correspondent's version of the affair to be correct, we have no hesitation in denouncing the conduct of these footballers as disgraceful. We had occasion more than once last season to call attention to similar reprehensible proceedings, and we had hoped that this year there would have been an improvement in the demeanor of travelling football teams.
We would remind footballers that true sport enobles in place of brutalising a man, and that whilist stealing sheeps' carcases and belching forth filthy language, may be soothing and congenial to the taste of certain foorballers it is neither refreshing nor pleasing to the community as a body, and the public may avail themselves of that protection which unfortunately it had to seek last year, in which case the frolics of the footballer may end in gaol. - ED Sp.)
Sportsman p6

May 31


'The "Athletic News"has the following which will be interesting to colonial kickists:-
I hear that a letter has been received from Arthur Shrewsbury, who speaks most hopefully, if not enthusiastically, of the financial prospects of the English team, and here I cannot do better than publish a communication from a correspondent in Hyde: -
Sir - In thinking over the prospects of our English team's Australian football tour, I cannot help wondering who our team are going to play against.
As I have been a patron of colonial football the last few years, and, have been present at the greatest matches ever played in the colonies, aye,I am not overstepping the mark when I say in the world, I naturally conclude I know more about colonial football than most folks this side of the line, and I find it not known to many that three-quarters of the best clubs in Australia play neither English Association nor Rugby, but a game called Victorian Association, and it takes the sway in all the colonies.
Rugby is played to a certain extent in Sydney, but it is giving way to the other slowly but surely. I don't know what effect this team will have on it, it may have a reviving influence. An effort has also been made to start our Association game in Melbourne, with result that three or four clubs do exist, but they draw no gate. Where they take sixpence the others take a pound.I have been very much prepossessed by our game since I came home last winter, and I have been to a few good matches, but I have never anything like the crowds that I have seen at second-rate matches in Melbourne, where the prinicpal clubs play for premiership, no prize or 'pot' at all about it.
It would astonish you to see the enthusiasm displayed in the final, South Melbourne v Geelong, in 1886, both clubs being unbeated that season. it was calculated that 35,000 spectators lined the ring. I went down a hour before the kick off, and had difficulty getting into a decent position. So I reckon our players will have to conform to the new game, or else (?) a strong and sudden revulsion will have to take place in favour of Rugby, which I don't think is likely. - Yours, etc, Samuel Thornley'
Reprinted in the Referee (Sydney) p6

June 02


"The Birregurra people are very wroth over the disorderly conduct of the visiting team from the Carlton Football Club on the Queen's Birthday.
According to local accounts they behaved most disgracefully at Lambert's Hotel, and were turned out in the morning without their breakfasts. In the match they are accused of giving way to their ungentlemanly instincts on every possible occasion, and taking a most cowardly advantage of their opponents. Their tactics were supported by the umpire who was brought by the visitors from Melbourne, and who persisted in giving some of the most onesided decisions. Finally the captain of the local team, refused to proceed further with the game unless the Carlton players agreed to appoint another umpire. They refused to do so, and so the game ended in a fiasco."
(Leader June 02 p16)

June 02


'The "gonging" clock invented by Mr. Kirby is proving a great success, and the Association will do well to follow their accord of patronage to the inventor by seeing that every football ground is provided with one of these automatic "time" strikers.'
(Weekly Times p5)

June 02
Carlton played North Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Hotham changed it's name to North Melbourne this year.
White and T. McInerney did not play, Batters made his first appearance this season.
Overnight rain made the very ground heavy.
The first meeting this season of the two northern rivals.
The M.C.G. was packed with a large crowd of 13,000. Mark Pennings in his Vol. 3 says 13,000-20,000
Carlton won the toss and kicked to the eastern or Richmond end.
The Premiers played with dash, skill, and judgment, while the Northerners showed feeble resistance, failing "to go for the ball."
Another phenomenal game by the Blues, Carlton did not have one poor player.
A. Coulson kicked another 60 plus yard goal, this time from a difficult angle.
Batters has returned and Carroll is from Fitzroy
(T?) Strickland and White did not play.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Cook, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, M. McInerney, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; Roy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.8 4.10 6.11 8.15
N.M. 0.0 0.1 0.2 0.2
Goals; Gellatly 3, Baker 2, McInerney 2, A. Coulson.
Players mentioned; (20) A. Coulson, Whelan, Berry, Green, C. Coulson, Bailey, Carroll, Leydin, Cook, Gellatly (BOG), M. McInerney, Baker, McKechnie, H. Smith, Moloney, Goer, Strickland, Hutchison, Batters, Woods.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton still topped the list,
Played 5 Won 5 Lost 0 Drawn 0 Goals For 45 Against 11 Points 20

Carlton Second Twenty played Hotham at Hotham.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Adams, Brown, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Chyrstal, Davie, Dolphin, Eck, Frew, Fitzgerald, Goody, Lemon, Marie, Monk, Myers, Russ, Sullivan, Tubbs, Waugh
Emergencies; Gregory, McLean, Phelan
Umpire; J. Bland
Carlton won; 2 - 0
Goals; Davie, Carter
Best; Sullivan, Meyers, Lemon, Russ, Carlyle, Monk.

June 06


To the Editor of the Sportsman. (p6)
"Sir - In reply to your correspondent, "Birregurrite," re Rowdy Footballers, I beg to give it a most emphatic denial. A more scandalous and vicious letter was never published. There is not a particle of truth in the whole letter. He states that the game ended in a draw. The mere fact of the Birregurra team walking off the ground without consent proves clearly that he is not speaking truthfully. Even without kicking a fourth goal, which we did, the game must have resulted in Carlton's favor.
Rule No.6 of the Australian game cleary proves the fact.The umpires were appointed at the special request of the Birregurra team. Any who know what country footballers are will readily understand what their opinion of any umpire is worth when they are being defeated. The Birregurra team, by walking off, clearly proved themselves no better than a lot of schoolboys.
In reference to his statement that eleven of our team were turned away from an hotel, I beg to state that they left of their own accord, being dissatisfied with their treatment.
In conclusion, I trust that your correspondent will learn in future not to bear malice and not seek a cloak of disguise in the shape of a non-de plume.
- Yours,& c.
Hon.Sec. Carlton Football Club, Second Twenty
2nd. June.

June 08
Clubs still arranged their fixtures for each season.
At the V.F.A. meeting a proposal for the Association to arrange all fixtures for it's clubs, so that each club would play a 24 match season was defeated 13 votes to 10.

June 09
Ballarat drew in their match with South Ballarat on the Eastern Oval in front of 10,000 people.



The above illustrations are of the Carlton - Geelong match on June 09

June 09
Carlton played Geelong at the M.C.G.
Ground soft.
Crowd; 20,000 approx.
The ground was so crowded that every vantage spot was taken, 100's of people climbed onto the roofs of the sheds and booths around the ground. Unfortunately some of these structures could not take the extra weight and collapsed seriously injuring many people.
One man had his ribs broken when crushed against an iron fence, another's leg was fractured when a refreshment stand roof collapsed under the weight of people standing upon it, and a man collapsed in a rush for seats and was taken unconscious to the hospital.
Geelong were warmly greeted, but when Leydin led the Blues out, the cheers "could be heard in the next parish."
Geelong won the toss and Carlton kicked against the wind.
A. Coulson (The Australasian called him Albert) kicked a 60 yard goal. He was the difference between the two teams.
The Argus; "On no less than two occasions it was evident that a player on the Carlton side secured free kicks from somewhat questionable tactics, viz, falling forward of his own accord when a Geelong player stretched out his hands to catch him, thus conveying the impression that he had been pushed from behind ."
"The Carlton team at the present moment look like going through the seaon without defeat, but their rivals and opponents expect to have a powerfull ally in Tasmania." Little did the reporter know how true this would turn out to be.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Cook, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McInerney, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, Woods, White, Whelan.
One of the Stricklands, Woods,and Carroll did not play, as the following week the same 20 played and all the players are mentioned.
Umpire; Wesford.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.1 3.3 3.3 5.4
Geel. 1.1 2.1 2.4 3.5
Goals; A. Coulson 2, Green, Cook, Whelan.
Players mentioned; (19) Baker, Bailey, Batters, Berry, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Gellatly, Goer, Green, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, M. McInerney, T. McInerney, McKechnie, Strickland, Whelan (BOG), White
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton still first on the ladder.
Played 6 Won 6 Lost 0 Drawn 0 Goals For 50 Against 14 Points 24 Percentage Gained 100

Carlton Second Twenty played the Geelong Second Twenty on Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (20 named) Herald copy is difficult to read the teams.
Adams, Brown, Cader, Carter, Chrystal, Carlyle, Davie, Dolphin, Eck, Frew, Fitzgerald, Lemon, Lording, Monk, Maril/Marie?, Mears, Russ, Sullivan, Tubbs , Yourell
Carlton lost; 2.7 - 4.9
Goals; Monks, Carlyle


"Finally Mr. Leydin touches on the match of the day. "Funny, isn't it," he says, "how Geelong plays football? Upon my word I believe it is the only thing the people down here think of. Anyhow, the match we played with them to-day was as good a one as we have played this season, and though Geelong is not quite up to its old form, yet the men are not to be despised, and I would not like to say positively that we would beat them next time we meet. I expected to beat them to-day, but we had all our work cut out, and in addition to that we had to watch them coming up doubly strong in the last quarter, which is a little trick they know a great deal about. However, I feel pretty certain that they will not be in it at the end, and the premiership will have to be fought out between us and South Melbourne."
(Geelong Advertiser, June 12 p4)


Read Carlton vs Geelong recreated article, click here
(Garrie Hutchinson's book, 'Great Football Stories', originally published in the Australasian June 23 (p11) 1888)


"A Daily Telegraph reporter interviewed Mr. Leydin, captain of the last named team to ascertain his views on football topics generally. Amongst his other statements, Mr. Leydin is reported to have said: - 'I do not think there is much mistake about our chances for the season, now that we have beaten Geelong, but, although we are ahead so far as regards to points, we are only equal with South Melbourne. Take that club we have to meet Geelong again also - and Fitzroy, and these are three pretty stiff nuts to crack, and there is no telling what may happen.
Somehow or another when we go out of the colony we seem to get men hurt. Now on Monday week we are off to Tasmania, and what with bad legs, bad shoulders, and I don't know what else that might befell us, it is little use saying much at present. They play a good deal rougher outside of Victoria than they do in it, mainly on account of the umpires, I think, who are not well versed in the rules of the game.
Just let me mention, as a case in point, our recent visit to South Australia. The Norwood Club engaged Trait to umpire for them, and as a consequence all the South Australian umpires went on strike until after the first game, when they admitted that Trait had taught them a very great deal. In throwing in a ball the South Australians made their umpires toss it in over their heads. What chance is there then to see foul play. We make an umpire face the players, and the Adelaide clubs took to the style at once when they saw it.
There are lots of other little points, too, such as kicking over the mark. I have seen the South Australians when they got a mark deliberately turn round and kick towards their own goal. Well, we have to put a stop to that sort of thing. Without any boasting I think I, as a footballer, can say that our game, as we play here, is as near perfection as it is possible to attain."
(Geelong Advertiser June 12 p4)


Bendigo Advertiser, June 12.
Carlton captain Leydin speaks about the upcoming game against England on Saturday.
Quoting from an interview with The Telegraph;
"There are a lot of Englishmen here, 'new chums' - (only a native Australian can sufficiently emphasis these two words) - and they have been blowing and bragging, and barracking what the Englishmen will do to us in our own game - in our own game mind you. All the football clubs feel pretty sore about this sort of thing, and, though we do not say anything, we are going to do all we know to give them just about as big a beating as they ever had in their lives. Looking at their visit calmly. I fancy that when they get excited they will forget they are playing the Australian game and go in for Rugby rules and ways, which will, of course, place them at a disadvantage. Besides this, from what we have heard, they are very poor at drop-kicking, and from what the Fitzroy men, who played a scratch match with them in Sydney, say, they are no good at all at marking, especially those flying marks which, as you know, mean a lot in the game. As for the extra weight, it is scarcely worth while considering; my own impression is that a man of about 11 st. is the best suited, though there is no rule, for we have men of 13st. and 14st., and men of 9st. In the disposition of the field there are places for all sorts of men."

June 14 Thursday
The English football team arrived by train this morning. They were greeted by dignitaries of the VFA and driven to their hotel the White Hart. Later they were given a hearty reception at the Melbourne Town Hall by the Mayor and also received welcome at the South Melbourne Town Hall.
The English will practice on the M.C.G. on Friday prior to their Australian Football match against Carlton on Saturday.
They will be in Victoria and South Australia till mid August, and will play against Carlton (M.C.G.), Bendigo, Castlemaine, South Melbourne (S.M.C.G.), Maryborough, South Ballarat, Fitzroy (Fitzroy C.G.), Port Melbourne, 7-14 July playing teams in Adelaide, Ballarat Imperial, Melbourne (M.C.G.?), Sandhurst, Kyneton, Essendon (E.M.C.G.?), North Melbourne (Arden Street), Ballarat and Geelong.
The visitors will travel to play against the provincial sides including Geelong.

June 16
The VFA have confused matters with a new interpretation of the "mark" ruling.
A player awarded a mark now must kick the ball over the player on the mark towards the centre of the opponent's goal. He now must kick towards the goal even when the player has no chance of scoring a goal and a behind will result. (This seems very relevant if the game is played on a rectangle and a player on the forward boundary line would have the goal posts directly in line with each other. The opposing team then will have the advantage of a 10 yard kick out when the behind is scored.) He is not allowed to kick the ball to a teammate in a better position, if he does a free kick will be paid.

June 16
The Launceston Examiner reports that the visiting Englishmen are unhappy with the monetary arrangements against the Melbourne teams.
In New Zealand they received 80% of the gate.
In Melbourne they will receive only 33 1/3% divided equally between the cricket, football club and the English. The exception is the Carlton Football Club which is willing to receive one sixth of the gate.
The Victorian country clubs are willing to accept less as well.
The England team nearly called off the games because of the gate takings arrangement.

June 16


"The decision of the Association, that a player shall always kick from a mark towards the centre of his opponent's goal is to my mind decidedly at variance with the most skilful methods of playing our Victorian game of football. Without going into any long argument on the subject, I feel disposed to give, for the benefit or otherwise of my readers, my idea of the privileges which a mark should confer.
First of all, a player should, of course, kick from a spot in line with his actual mark and the centre of his opponent's goal; but I certainly should not restrict him as to the direction in which the ball should be kicked. He might, if it seemed to suit the interest of his side, kick directly behind him.
The only proviso I should make would be that his own kick should no be marked by one of his own side, unless the ball had passed from his foot over a line drawn through his mark, at right angles to line from goal to goal. That is to say, that unless his kick sent the ball at least a little further into his opponent's territory, it should not be marked by any of his own side. A simple argument against the rule as now interpreted is, that with the most honest intentions as to the direction a man might kick ever so crooked? Who is to say whether by accident or not?"
"O. C." - The Weekly Times June 16 p5

Melbourne suburban area 1888
The dotted rail line is the short lived Rosstown Railway which ran from near Elsternwick to Oakleigh


Albert Coulson's letter notifying him of his selection in the Carlton team vs England.
Coulson letter courtesy of the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum collection (1987.1846)


June 16
Carlton played England at the M.C.G.
A team of English footballers have been brought to Australia by Messrs. Lillywhite and Shrewsbury.
They have already played Rugby in New Zealand and New South Wales.
This day they are playing the Victorian premiers at Australian Football.
The English said they had never seen such a large crowd as this at a match in England.
Crowd; 25,000 - 30,000.
The Carlton team was the same 20 that took the field last week against Geelong.
The game was played in fine spirit by both sides.
The Blues gave a great exhibition of team play.
Their marking and drop kicking skills were in contrast to that of the Englishmen.
The English were congratulated on the way they played considering their limited preparation.
In fact they beat the Bendigo team 5.16 - 1.14 on the following Wednesday, 20 June, on the Back Creek ground in front of one of the largest crowds seen there.
Carlton team; (20 named)
J. Baker, W. Batters, A. Berry, W. Bailey, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, G. Cook, H. Green, A. Gellatly, W. Goer, D. Hutchison, T. Leydin (Capt.), W. Moloney, W. McKechnie, T. McInerney, M. McInerney, W. Strickland, H. Smith, M. Whelan, W. White/G. White?
Umpire; Mr. P. H. Roy.
Carlton won; 14.17 - 3.8 (Half time Carl. 7.7 - Eng. 0.1)
Goals; Berry 3, Baker 2, Green 2, A. Coulson, Goer, Cook, Gellatly, M. McInerney, McKechnie, Hutchison.
Players mentioned; (20) Leydin, Coulson, Goer, Batters, Moloney, Cook, Berry, Baker, Gellatly, Hutchison, M. McInerney, T. McInerney, McKechnie, Green, White, Strickland, Bailey, A. Coulson, Smith, Whelan.

Carlton Second Twenty played Melbourne at the Friendly Societies Gardens.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Carter, Chrystol, Carlyle, Dolphin, Dunn, Eck, Frew, Fitzgerald, Gregory, Lemon, Lording, Monk, Mears, Phelan, Sullivan, Smythe, Steel, Tubbs, Tourell, Waugh, Russ
No details

"After the Carlton football match, Captain Seddon, of the English team, stated that his men had only practiced the Victorian game about four times. He did not see the rules until handed to him about week after leaving England. Captain Leydin, of the Carlton team, says the Englishmen are a fine set of men, and play a gentlemenly game, withnot a sign of roughness."
Wanganui Herald (N.Z.) July 7, 1888
This seems to contradict newspaper reports of more than a dozen rule books being sent to England after a request was made by the organisers Lilywhite and Shrewsbury.

For a recreation of a report of this game from The Australasian,
click here> 1888: Carlton vs England

For a breakdown of teams the English played, see the bottom of this page.


"The match between the Englishmen and the Carlton footballers is just over, and our representative seeks out Leydin, the captain of the victorious team. He is in the dressing-room in the commodious pavilion on the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the midst of his men. As he is rubbed down one sees what a well made and muscular man he is - the very beau ideal of a footballer. What a fine team they are altogether? One wants to see the men bare to the skin and find out what they are made of. What mountains of muscle!"
'What do you think of the display made by the Englishmen in our game?' commences Leydin.
'Well, they did pretty well considering, but I thought they would have done better. But we mustn't expect too much. They are under terrible disadvantages in playing our rules. They have more actually to unlearn than they have to learn. From my observations today, I think that the unlearning part of the business will be found by them to be the more difficult.
'Do I think they will improve as they go on?'
'Well, I suppose they will,' reflectively observes the Carlton captain. 'But, I am afraid they will make slow progress at it. They are a fine set of men, and played a gentlemanly game. Not a sign of roughness.'
'What do you think of the visitors' marking capabilities?'
'They are entirely at sea. In fact, with one or two exceptions not the faintest attempt was made to carry out this department of the game. They don't play together either, and never will until they learn to keep their places.'
'Did I notice any promising men amongst them,' repeats Leydin, after the interviewer.
'Well, I didn't notice particularly. Stoddart I think will do very well. Chapman is the best of the lot, but I think he has played our game before. Haslem, Dr. Smith, and one or two others whose names I don't know, will soon pick up our game. But there are others of the team who will never play Victorian football. They may play the Association game well, but they haven't the remotest idea of handling the ball. They are not the right stamp of men, and would never become good players if they were to practice for 20 years.'
'Did the Carlton men play at their best?'
'Hardly,' is Leydin's reply with a smile. 'I daresay we could have kicked a dozen more goals if we wished. However, at different stages of the game our boys played their best, so as to give our opponents an idea of the beauties of our game, and to what a pitch of perfection it can be bought. I fancy some of the English chaps rather like it. Ta Ta.'
(The Sportsman June 20 p2)

June 18 Monday
The Morning Post (London, UK)


(Reuter's Telegram)
Melbourne June 16
The English football team to-day played a match against the Carlton Football Club, the leading club in Melbourne. The contest, which was played under Victorian rules, created great enthusiasm, and attracted an enormous concourse of spectators, as many as 25,000 people witnessing the match. The result was a victory for the Carlton team, who scored 13 goals and 17 behinds to three goals and 11 behinds gained by the Englishmen. Splendid weather favoured the match.

Other British newspapers also carried this report;
The York Herald, The Imperial Parliament, The Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser, The Manchester Times, and The Wrexham Advertiser and North Wales News.
(Courtesy of the British Library)


The Referee newspaper Sydney, April 29 1914, ran an interview with H. C. A. Harrison and his part in the development of Australian Football.
The newspaper reproduced the Daily Mail's report when the English footballers returned home.
"If Australia wishes to do some real good for Engish sport, they should send two teams of men who play the Australian game, which, in the opinion of many Englishmen and American players, as well as the greater majority of Australians, is the fastest, prettiest, most scientific, and least brutal of all the varieties of football. It would be no exaggeration to say that after such a visit there would be more teams playing the Australian game in a very short time than those playing under the Rugby code at present.
The game is not hard to pick up, for Stoddart's team played it here, and other Rugby sides have dropped into it quite easily."
To read the full article click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article120286763


Carlton Football Club - 22 Players and 6 Officials - Trip to Tasmania, June 19 - 30 1888.
Far Back: Officials; Charlie Letcher (Goal Umpire), Billy Donaldson (Secretary), Player - Billy Moloney/Maloney, J. G. McCutchan (Committee & Manager), Arthur Stooke (St.Kilda; VFA Hon. Treasurer), J. T. Kennewell, H. MacKay (Trainer)
Back Row: Billy Goer, J. Woods, Wally McKechnie, M. McInerney, C. Newton, T. Strickland, W. 'Ivo' Crapp, W. 'Billy' Strickland, Dan Hutchison, Albert Coulson, Charles Coulson.
Middle Row seated: J. Carroll, Tim McInerney, Carlton captain Tommy Leydin with the ball, A. 'Dick' Gellatley, & H. Green.
Front Row: Jack Baker, Mick Whelan, H. Smith, Archie Berry, G. C. White.

June 18 Monday


The Carlton Football team and officials departed Melbourne at 2.30pm aboard the 1250 ton S.S. Pateena for Hobart, via Launceston.
The 35 officials and team members consist of;
J. G. McCutcheon (vice president), R. Waugh, H. Mackay, J. Duff, W. Donaldson (in charge of the team), J. S. Donaldson, A. Stooke (VFA hon treas.), J. Baker (rover and forward), W. H. Maloney (half-back), T. Leydin (half-back), A. Berry (rover and forward), T. Strickland (wing), W. Strickland (half-back), D. Hutchison (wing), A. Gellatly (forward), A. Coulson (forward), C. Coulson (back), C. Letcher, J. T. Kennewell, J. Carroll (back and follower), H. Green (forward), W. Goer (centre), W. McKechnie (follower), H. Smith (wing), M. McInerney (follower), T. McInerney (follower), J. Woods (forward and back), George C. White (follower), M. Whelan (follower), W. Crapp (back), C. Newton (back), J. Rowe, R. Cooper, W. Evans, W. Robertson.
(W. Batters (follower), W. Bailey (wing), and G. Cook did not make the trip.)


Tasmanian News June 18 p2


June 19 Bendigo Advertiser (p2)
- Mr. Sedden, the captain of the English Football team, expresses admiration of the way in which the Carlton team play, and their sustained energy.
As to the game, he considers that it is full of tactics, and that it is a study and intoduction of theses that makes the success of a team. He fancies that if the tables had been turned, and Carlton had been playing Rugby, the result would have been reversed.
The captain of the Carlton team (Leydin) thought the Englishmen would have done much better. "But we must'nt expect too much" (he says) "They are under terrible disadvantages in playing our rules. They have more actually to unlearn than they have to learn. From my observations to-day, I think that the unlearning part of the business will be found by them to be the more difficult. I suppose they will improve as they go on, but I am afraid they will make slow progress at it. They are a fine set of men, and play a gentlemanly game. Not a sign of roughness."

June 19 Tuesday
Carlton arrived in Launceston, Tuesday morning.
The Blues are at near full strength with only three regulars unable to make the trip.
Tommy Leydin is the captain, with Mr. W. Donaldson in charge of the team.
"Among the prominent members is is Mr. W. Gore/Goer, a through veteran in the world of football. Mr. Gore/Goer has been taking an active part in the game for upwards of 20 years, having been 17 years a member of the Carlton Club, and from all accounts is at the present moment as good as ever."
They were met at the wharf by Northern Tasmanian Football Association representative, Mr. J. J. McDonald, and former Carlton player Mr. J. S. Dismorr.
The team was entertained at Sutton's Coffee Palace and then boarded the 3pm express and left for Hobart to the cheering from some of the local footballers.

June 19 Tuesday
The Hobart express arrived this evening.
The Launceston Examiner said;
"The station platform was thronged by the public, especially the youths, who love the winter sport.
On the arrival of the train vociferous cheers, led by Messrs, Hayle, Finlay and other members of the Southern Football Association, greeted the visitors, who reponded in a hearty fashion.
They were then conducted to the three drags engaged for them, one being drawn by four horses, and the other two each by a pair, and were thus driven round the town finally stopping at the Carlton Club Hotel, where they will reside during their visit.
On arrival their glasses were charged, Mr. Alfred Dobson, vice president of the Association doing the honours, and various friendly toasts were given and responed to."
Mr. J. G. McCutheon returned thanks on behalf of the Carlton Football Club, T. Leydin and W. Donaldson also replied.

June 20 Wednesday
The Carlton Football team attended a meeting of the Hobart Coursing Club at Bellerive.

June 21 Thursday
Carlton welcomed to Tasmania by a reception held at the Hobart Town Hall by the mayor and other council members.
Speeches made by Tommy Leydin and Mr. McCutcheon (vice president) and Carlton committee members.
The team later visited the Risdon football ground and other local scenic spots riding in three four-horse drags..
Carlton playing either the Southern Tasmania or the City Football Club, Cornelian Bay/Risdon Hobart, June 1888 (original uncropped version)
This is possibly the first "action" photo of Australian Football.
The player closest to the ball maybe Harry Smith, the Carlton player behind Smith is possibly Bill Moloney and the player shepherding could be Wally McKechnie
Courtesy; Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Titled, "Football game on the Domain Hobart 1890's"
Russell Young (1838 - 1913) photographer
Ref Q1999.29.3.1
A remarkable image for the time with the ball captured suspended in the air.
This image also appears in Mark Pennings' Origins of Australian Football Vol.3 p120

The top image, in the centre is the Cornelian/Risdon Football Ground with its grandstand and goal posts. This photo was taken in 1888.
This image is presently unavailable.Image
(Hobart Then And Now - Facebook)

June 23


"The Carltonians are away to Tasmania, and the Melbourne men to Queensland, where the latter opened very successfully.
What with the honour and glory, the free trips, etc., it is really a fine thing to be a footballer these times."
(Weekly Times p5)


June 23
Carlton played Southern Tasmania at the Cornelian Bay ground Hobart.
Southern Tasmania players were from the local Hobart clubs and they wore the colours of the Southern Tasmanian Football Association, rose, primrose, and black.
Carlton in "blue guernseys with blue and white stockings."
Special trains carried spectators to the ground.
A electric bell was used to sound the end of each quarter.
"When the electric bell rang out the first quarter...."
"Shorty after this the electric clock, which had been placed in fine working order by Mr. Thomas Self, rang out the finish..." (Trove: Tasmanian News June 25 p2)
Crowd; 3,000.
Cook, Batters, and Bailey were unavailable for the match.
Carlton won the toss and kicked with the aid of a northerly wind with light drizzle.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Baker, Berry, Crapp, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, W. McKechnie, M. McInerney, T. McInerney, T. Strickland, W. Strickland, Smith, Woods, White, Whelan.
Woods did not play.
Goer scored the first goal, Baker the second, Whelan or Green, White, Baker, Green.
Umpire; E. Cherry.
Goal Umpires; C. Letcher, F. Lovett
Carlton lost;
Carl. 3.3 4.3 6.7 6.8
S.T. 0.0 5.2 5.3 7.4
Goals; Green 2, Baker 2, Goer, White or McInerney.
Best; Strickland, Baker, Whelan, McKechnie, McInerney, Leydin, Moloney.
Players mentioned; (14) J. Baker, Carroll, A. Coulson, Goer, Green, D. Hutchison, T. Leydin, Moloney, M. McInerney, T. McInerney, W. McKechnie, W. Strickland, M. Whelan, G. White.
The other 6 players were; Berry, Crapp, C. Coulson, Gellatly, G. Smith, T. Strickland.

Carlton Second Twenty played Richmond on Prince's Oval
Carlton team; 20 named plus emerg.
Adams, Brown, Carter, Chrystol, Carlyle, Dolphin, Eck, Frew, Gregory, Lemon, Lording, Monk, Mears, Marie, Russ, Smythe, Steel, Sullivan, Tourell/Yourell, Waugh.
Emerg; Dunn, Dalglish, Phelen
Carlton won; 3.10 - 0.3
Goals; Carter, Bates, Mears

June 27 Wednesday, Public holiday.
Carlton played the City Football Club, Risdon Recreational Ground or the Cornelian Bay Ground.
An advertisement in this day's Mercury says the Association Ground at 2.45pm.
Weather fine with a slight north wind.
Because City's colours clashed with Carlton's, the City Football Club wore the Southern Tasmanian guernseys.
Crowd; 3,000.
The game commenced at 2.40pm. Carlton lost the toss.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Baker, Berry, Crapp, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, W. Goer, Gellatly, Hutchison, Leydin (Capt.), W. Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McInerney, Strickland, Strickland, Smith, Woods, White, Whelan.
McKechnie did not play.
Umpire; E. Cherry.
Goal Umpires; F. Lovett, C. Letcher
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.1 4.4 7.5 8.6
City. 0.1 0.3 2.4 3.5
Goals; Green 3, Berry 3, Gellatly, White.
Players mentioned; (20) J. Baker, Berry, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Crapp, Gellatly, W. Goer, Green, D. Hutchison, T. Leydin, McInerney, McInerney, W. Moloney, G. Smith, W. Strickland, T. Strickland, M. Whelan, G. White, Woods.

June 28 Thursday


The Carlton Club was entertained at a smoke night concert given by the Crow Club at Hadley's Assembly Rooms in Hobart.
About 150 footballers and supporters of the game attended.
"One of the features of the evening's entertainment was a chorus by the members of the Carlton team, with Mr. T. McInerney as soloist, rendered at the request of the S.T.F.A. hon. sec. Mr. John Hayle." (Mercury June 30 p5)

Referee June 28

June 30


The Australasian reports,
"The committee of Melbourne Cricket club have definitely refused to grant to delegates of the Victorian Football Association the privilege of bringing ladies into the reserve at matches played on the M.C.C. ground. In this matter the Metropolitan act differently from all other clubs upon whose ground football is played."
It is interesting to know that women were not excluded from other clubs member's reserves."

It would take another 100 years before the Victorian Government forced the M.C.C. to change their staid ways and allow women to become members of the cricket club.

June 30
Carlton played a Southern Tasmania team at the Risdon Recreational Ground or the Cornelian Bay ground. This is now believed to be the one venue, the Corelian Bay Ground became part of the Risdon Racecourse development.
The weather was damp, windy, and cold.
Crowd; 3,000.
The Tassie team is made up from players from the Holebrook, Railway and City clubs in Hobart.
Trains with special carriages for women have been provided.
The Governor of Tasmania attended.
Leydin won the toss and kicked with the wind, a strong north westerly.
Carlton team; (20 named)
J. Baker, Berry, Crapp, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, T. Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, M. McInerney, T. McInerney, T. Strickland, W. Strickland, Smith, Woods, G. White, M. Whelan.
Umpire; E. Cherry.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.0 2.1 3.5 3.8
S.T. 0.0 1.4 2.5 2.7
Goals; Goer 2, Berry.
Players mentioned; (12) Leydin, Goer, Strickland, Coulson, Berry, Whelan, Baker, McInerney, Maloney, Crapp, Woods, White.

Carlton Second Twenty played North Carlton Crescent on Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Adams, Bates, Brown, Cader, Carter, Chrystol, Carlyle, Davie, Gooday, Lemon, Lording, Monk, Mears, Marie, Pyfe, Steel, Smythe, Sykes, Russ, Waugh.
No result details.


Jack Baker, whom I first saw when he visited Hobart with the Carlton team a couple of decades ago, was one of the best. He was a rover of exceptional ability, possessing pace, a fine mark, and a splendid kick. These attributes, combined with a cool head and an excellent knowledge of the fine points of the game, have made his name famous wherever the Australian-invented Winter pastime is played. His way of beating an opponent who came at him from the front by hitting the ball over his head, dodging round, and catching it on the bounce, left an indelible impression on my mind. I have seen many perform this feat cleverly, but never one with the accuracy and speed of the old Carltonian.
Some writers state that he was a very graceful player, but he did not give me that impression. When at his top pace he moved nicely, but when "on the trot" his gait was somewhat ungainly. Baker could probably run as fast with the ball as without it, and he is certainly entitled to rank among the best who have ever donned a jersey.
In the very same team at that time were some very fine players. Billy Strickland and Tommy Leydin were on the half back line,the former being resolute and powerful, the latter graceful and effective. Then there were McKechnie and Micky Whelan, a couple of very tricky followers, the former representing Victoria against the second Tasmania team that went to Melbourne. The two Coulsons were in the twenty. Charlie was the better footballer, but Albert was a wonderfully fine kick, and went to the isle with a great reputation in that connection.
George White, not a big fellow, but a wonderfully good mark for his inches, was very clever all round. Then there were Danny Hutchison (now living in Sydney), Gellatly, Green, and others whose names have now faded from my memory, Carlton was then a great team.
I remember that of the night of their departure from Hobart they learned of the defeat of South Melbourne by Geelong, and were in high glee. But their jubilation was very ephemeral, as on the next Saturday South Melbourne defeated Carlton very easily, and some humorous advertisements appeared about the match, such, for instance as --
ADAM'S ALE ................1
CASCADE ALE ........Nowhere
(Trove: "Old Timer" Referee August 12 1908 p11)

June 30
At 7.30pm, the Carlton touring party of 35 players and officials left Hobart for Melbourne aboard the 1273 ton steamer S.S. Flora.
A large crowd assembled at the Elizabeth Street docks at 7pm and gave three cheers to see the team off on their voyage.

July 02
The players and officials of the Carlton Football Club arrived back in Melbourne.

July 07
Carlton played North Melbourne at the North Melbourne Recreation Reserve.
North have been smarting since their drubbing by the Blues a few weeks back.
Keane expected to debut today, ex Ballarat.
Crowd; 7,000
Leydin won the toss and Carlton kicked with the wind.
The local crowd were unhappy with the standard of umpiring. On three separate occasions Williams of North Melbourne was disallowed the mark all within easy goal scoring distance. Umpire Welsford made other errors which did not please the supporters of both teams. The Australasian reporter understands the problems umpires face and suggests two umpires be used, one as the central umpire and the other to do "the bullocking."
The North Melbourne Advertiser; "The umpiring of Welsford was wretched in the extreme, and I have only to say that the Carlton supporters admit, as well as the players, that they have to thank Welsford for escaping defeat. It is hoped that it will be a very long time before the permit committee will again appoint him as an umpire."
Billy Strickland received a serious kick to the ankle, The Leader's football writer "Follower" (July 21) doubts he will play for some time.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Cook, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, M. McInerney, W. Strickland, Smith, White, Whelan.
Umpire; Welsford.
Match drawn;
Carl. 1.2 1.2 2.3 2.3
N.M. 0.0 2.5 2.6 2.8
Goals; Gellatly, McKechnie.
Players mentioned; (19) Gellatly, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, Whelan, Carroll, White, M. McInerney, Baker, Strickland, Goer, Batters, Green, Cook, Berry, Smith. A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Bailey.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton still headed the ladder;
Played 7 Won 6 Lost 0 Drawn 1 Goals For 54 Against 16 Points 26

Carlton Second Twenty played North Melbourne at Princes Oval
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Cader, Carlyle, Carter, Christol, Davie, Dolphin, Dunn, Eck, Frew, Fyfe, Lemon, Lording, Monk, Mears, Marie, Russ, Sullivan, Smythe, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh.

July 18 Wednesday
The Bendigo Advertiser pubished a ladder for the local competition.
1. Bendigo, 2. Sandhurst, 3. Long Gully Alberts 4. North Bendigo, 5. Eaglehawk

July 14
Carlton played South Melbourne at the M.C.G.
"An English writer, a recent visitor to this colony, on his return home made the assertion that football match between the leading clubs in Melbourne was one of the sights of the world, and judging by the crowd which assembled at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to-day to witness the first match of this season between the Carlton and South Melbourne clubs, there seems to be some truth in it." (Bendigo Advertiser July 16)
The most anticipated match of the season and a huge crowd turned out.
Key backs Strickland (ankle) hurt last week, and Moloney did not play, another back, Crapp was unavailable and Hutchison was carrying an injured knee. Their replacements, debutant Keane, and A. Coulson.
Crowd; 30,000. (Geelong Advertiser said 30,000 - 35,000)
The report says it's perhaps the largest crowd to watch football in Melbourne.
Carlton were first out onto the field, and they were met with a tremendous roar which swept right around the ground. The great mass of spectators waved hankerchieves, banners and flags.
The Blues got off to a good start and scored two goals in the first fifteen minutes, but from then on they were comprehensively thrashed by South.
Before the Tasmanian trip the Blues were in fine form being undefeated, but on return were they lucky to draw against North, and this week were utterly routed. As the reporter said they didn't even exhibit "second rate form".
The Daily Telegraph said;
"Never before have the Carlton received such a severe drubbing, and it is hard to find a reason why they should have peformed so miserably. Two men should not have accounted for such a defeat, and it is evident, that the team has deteriorated since the Tasmanian trip a couple of weeks back."
A mention was made to the practice of players lying on top of the ball and preventing his opponent getting it. This is an increasing occurance in the game and the reporter was pleased that the umpire penalised the player for doing so.
Leydin was best for the Blues along with Bailey and White. Baker's kicking lacked penetration.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Baker, Berry, Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Cook, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McInerney, Smith, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; Roy.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 2.3 2.3 2.4 2.6
S.M. 1.2 5.4 8.5 11.9
Goals; Gellatly, Green.
Best; Leydin, White, Cook, Bailey, Whelan, McKechnie.
Other players mentioned; (20) Baker, Berry, Gellatly, Green, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, H. White, M. McInerney, Batters, C. Coulson, Carroll, A. Coulson, Leydin, Cook, Bailey, Whelan, McKechnie, Moloney, Smith.
V.F.A. ladder; The Argus has Carlton still on top, but South Melbourne having played one more game has 30 points.
Played 8 Won 6 Lost 1 Drawn 1 Goals For 54 Against 27 Points 26 Proportion of Points 35.75

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne at the Lake Oval
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Chrystal, Davie, Dunne, Dagleish, Dolphin, Eick/Eck, Frew, Fyfe, Lemon, Lording, Marie, Mears, Monk, Phelan, Russ, Steel, Waugh, Yourell.

July 21
Carlton played Williamstown at Williamstown.
Williamstown merged with South Williamstown this year, and Williamstown's original colours of black and yellow were changed to blue and gold. (wikipedia)
Crowd; 3500.
Carlton won the toss and kicked with a south westerly wind.
The wind became stronger in the final quarter, surprisingly Carlton played well, but Williamstown scored 3 goals. If the Blues had put the same effort into the match as they did in the last quarter they may have won the game.
Strickland, Goer, Hutchison Green, Whelan and Smith were unavailable for selection.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Cook, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, Moloney, McKechnie, M. McInerney, McInerney, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.0 1.1 1.4 1.4
Will. 1.0 2.2 2.3 5.5
Goal; Carroll.
Players mentioned; (13) Carroll, Leydin, M. McInerney, Woods, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Crapp, Gellatly, White, Moloney, Bailey, Baker, Keane.
Best; C. Coulson, Crapp, Bailey, Keane, and Woods.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 9 Won 6 Lost 2 Drawn 1 Goals For 55 Against 32 Points 26

Carlton Second Twenty played Richmond on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Beattie, Brown, Cader, Carlyle, Carter, Chrystal, Dunne, Dolphin, Dwyer, Eick/Eck, Frew, Gooddy, Lemon, Monk, Marie, Mears, Russ, Steel, Smythe, Waugh, Walshe, Yourell.


July 28
Carlton's dramatic form slump has forced the Blues' skipper Tommy Leydin to issue the following statement which was picked up by the Examiner.
"Why are we beaten?
Because the fellows have all turned careless and neglected their training. That is the secret of it all.
Ever since we came back from Tasmania the men have nearly all kept away from the training we have at night at the pavilion.
Why, last week there were six who turned up on Tuesday night, and four on Thursday. Well, that sort of thing pretty soon takes the life out of a club, and now we have have found out to our cost what this neglect means.
Training is absolutely essential to a good footballer. Without it he does not keep his eyes about him-he gets tired, and, in fact does not care whether he plays well or badly. If the other side gets hold of the ball he makes no effort to take it back, and generally plays in a dull and listless fashion that makes you sick, whereas if a man looks after himself and keeps himself always up to a fair pitch, he never tires, and in every department of the game he is better.
He runs quicker, marks with more certainty, dodges more surely, and plays in the last quarter with the same life and spirit that he did in the first.
Now take our match with South Melbourne. We played a fine game in the first quarter, but I saw at once that our men would never last, and so it proved, for South Melbourne did just as they pleased.
The same thing happened at Williamstown. After the first quarter they simply walked over us and in the last quarter actually kicked four goals, without our scarcely having a word to say.
We had the whole twenty up before the committee, and they were given very plainly to understand that any man who neglected to properly carry out his training would not be picked to play, even though we had to draw upon the second twenty, for I would very much rather have an inferior man who trains properly than a first class man who does not train at all.
Although we have been beaten twice-and pretty bad beatings they were-in succession, I never expected to go the season carrying everything before us, and indeed we have looked upon two or three defeats as inevitable. The club which could win every match would be a very remarkable one in these days, for the improvement in football has been so general that we never can tell what we are likely to do.
With the season as yet only half over, I do not see that we have any reason to be exactly heart-broken. At all events, we are going to leave no stone unturned to make up the ground we have lost, and though it is perhaps a little foolish to prophesy, yet I fancy we are able to do it. In any case, we mean to have a big try.
Men who do not train will not play, and from now no team will represent us that is not in the very best form and throughly fit in every particular. Each man knows that if he wishes to keep his place in the club, he will have to work for it, and if there be any who fancy they are good enough without, well, they will find that the committee hold different ideas.
That is how we are taking our thrashing, and even though we are 20 sad and sorry men, we, at all events, know there is time left to make up the ground we have lost."

July 28
Carlton played Fitzroy at the M.C.G.
The Blues had been put through some rigorous training during the week after being out of condition from the Tasmanian trip.
The Blues were still without the services of Strickland.
Crowd; 12,000
Leydin won the toss and Carlton kicked to the western goal.
Cook hurt his leg late in the final quarter and had to be carried from the ground. He fell, and all the weight went on the side of his knee. The Australasian said he will miss the remainder of the season.
(The Brisbane Courier said Cook had broken his kneecap.)
Bailey the little Carltonian ran rings around Fitzroy's Ward who is one of the best players this season.
Leydin, the Carlton general was splendid in defence with his marking and running.
Baker was vigorous and showed his old dash.
"W. Moloney excelled himself, and one irresistible dash he made will live in my memory as the finest I have ever seen, until I behold a finer. It was indeed a marvellous effort."
Moloney ran over half the length of the field while overpowering and outmanouvering a third of the opposition, and he still able to get his kick in.
Whelan played well despite carrying a leg injury which should have kept him out of the side.
The Moloney brothers played.
"I saw George Cook play his last game on the Melbourne cricket ground. Fitzroy were Carlton's opponents, Cook playing centre, turning like a flash, injured his knee, and was carried off, and a fine player was lost to the game." (Age July 06 p6 1935) Cook injured his knee just before the end of play, he was carried from the ground and attended by two doctors Ryan and Anderson.
Carlton team, (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, George Cook, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Keane, Leydin, W. Moloney, J. Moloney, McKechnie, M. McInerney, T. McInerney, Williams, Woods, White, Whelan.
Jack Carroll and James Woods did not play.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Goal Umpires; W. Johnson, M. Little
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.3 2.6 2.9 5.11
Fitz. 0.1 0.6 0.7 1.8
Goals; Berry 2, Baker 2, A. Coulson.
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey (BOG), Jack Baker, Dolly Batters, Alf. Berry, George Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, W. H. Crapp, Gellatly, Billy Goer, Green, J. T. Keane, T. Leydin, McKechnie, Michael McInerney, Tim McInerney, J. Moloney, William H. Moloney, Mick Whelan, White, .
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 10 Won 7 Lost 2 Drawn 1 Goals For 60 Against 33 Points 30

Carlton Second Twenty played Fitzroy at the Fitzroy Cricket Gound
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Beattie, Brown, Carlyle, Cader, Carter, Chrystal, Dunne, Davie, Dwyer, Eck, Gilhooly, Gooddy, Hastings, Lemon, Miller, Mears, Marle/Marie, Monk, McCormick, Russ, Steel, Smythe, Waugh, Yourell.

August 01 Wednesday
Carlton played South Melbourne at the M.C.G.
This game was not for Premiership points.
It seems the two clubs organised the game which was played more for the profit motive, and the fact that the Englishmen were playing the Rugby game nearby at East Melbourne.
Ground soft and the ball wet.
Crowd; 20,000.
Whelan, McKechnie, Cook, Batters Carroll, Hutchison, Goer, Strickland and Berry did not play. Conatty and Meeks played.
Players of both teams seemed disinterested as the match did not count for anything.
Baker was the best of the Blues.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Carroll, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Carlile, Green, Gellatly, Keane, Leydin, J. Moloney, W. Moloney, Meeks, McKechnie, McInernery, McInerney, Newton, Smith, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; Roy.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.1 2.3 4.5 4.5
S.M. 0.2 2.3 3.8 5.13
Goals; Green 3, Meeks.
Players mentioned; (19) Baker, Newton, Keane, Leydin, J. Moloney, Smith, Gellatly, Green, Moloney, Albert Coulson, H. Smith, Crapp, C. Coulson, Keane, M. McInerney, White, Bailey, Connarthy/Conatty, Meakes/Meeks.

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne at South Melbourne
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Burwood, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Chrystol, Davie, Dunn, Eck, Goody, Hastings, Lemon, Monk, Mears, Marie, Miller, Russ, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh, William, Yourell.
Match drawn, 1.6 - 1.6

August 01 Wednesday
The English team played a Victorian team under Rugby rules at East Melbourne.
Crowd; 5,000
England won 9-3.
The local side was made up of visitors as The Australasian said "There are few, if any, colonial natives who play the Rugby game."
The reporter then gave his views on the Rugby game.
"The Englishman's game presented few points likely to interest the bulk of our football patrons. There is little in the game but incessant scrimmaging, and this the spectator cannot possibly enjoy, as they do not see what is being done whilst four fifths of the players are massed together, hugging, pushing, and pulling like so many hungry dogs struggling for the possession of a bone.
There is no comparison from a spectator's point of view between the two styles of play; in fact there is, so far as I could see, one redeeming feature in the Rugby game, namely, the passing of the ball. This was cleverly and neatly effected, but the objection may be even raised against it, that it is doubtful whether throwing the ball, no matter how adroitly it can be done, can properly be called football.
I feel perfectly satisfied that, taking into consideration the greater variety of incidents presented in our game, and it's comparative freedom from brutal roughness, it is immeasurably superior to the English game."

August 02


Bourke street was on Tuesday night crowded in a manner only usually observed on Cup and Boxing nights. Distrubances were of frequent occurrence. The principal disturbers of the peace appear to have been supporters of the South Melbourne and Carlton football clubs, teams of which were to try conclusions in a match yesterday.
The "barrackers" of either side assembled in great force, and were ever eager to settle by means of fisticuffs the claim to superior merit of their particular side. At about half past 10 o'clock one of these "rows' took place opposite the Theatre Royal, and resulted in a young man named James Keys, an employe of the Railway department, receiving some half a dozen stabs from a pocket knife which a Carlton supporter seems to have slashed about in a highly reckless and determined manner. A general fight ensued, and Keys was attacked by a young man who with a pocket knife who inflicted upon him three wounds at the back of the neck, one on the forehead, and one in the thigh.
Keys was found to be bleeding profusely, and taken to the Melbourne Hospital, where he was admitted by Dr. McKnight, who attended to his injuries.
(Riverina Herald August 02 1888 p2)

August 04
Carlton played Richmond at the University ground.
Heavy rain fell throughout the match.
Crowd encroachment began soon after the game began, and completly dominated the ground in the last 15 minutes of the final quarter and ended the match early. The Australasian says the Association should investigate and probably the match should not count. One side would be standing still while the other, slipping between onlookers nipped in for a goal.
Leydin won the toss and Carlton kicked to the eastern goal.
In a shock result Richmond possibly won it's first game against the Blues.
This game put the Blues out of premiership contention.
The black and yellows had beaten South Melbourne earlier in the season.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Baker, Berry, Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Coulson, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, Moloney, Meates (Meeks?), McKechnie, McInerney, McInerney, Newton, Smith, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Kennedy.
Carlton lost; 2.8 - 4.6 (Half time Carl. 1.5 - Rich. 3.2)
Goals; Green 2.
Players mentioned; Leydin, Strickland, Coulson, Whelan, McKechnie, Baker, Green.
V.F.A. Ladder Carlton fifth. Huh
Played 11 Won 7 Lost 3 Drawn 1 Goals For 62 Against 37 Points 30 Proportional Points 38.18

Carlton Second Twenty played Richmond on the Richmond Ground (Punt Road)
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Coonerty, Dunne, Davie, Eck, Gooddy, Hastings, Lemon, Monk, McCormick, Marie, Mears, Miller, Steel, Smythe, Tubbs, Waugh, Williams, Yourell.

August 10
The Launceston Examiner reported;
"The Carlton Football team write expressing their enjoyment of their recent trip to Tasmania, and forwarding two very valuable scarf pins for the secretary and the treasurer of the Southern Tasmanian Association, Messrs. J. Hayle, and W. A. Finlay, as mementoes of the visit and pleasant relations."

August 11
Carlton played Port Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 7,000
Ground slippery at one end.
Leydin won the toss and kicked with the aid of the wind.
In an exciting game the Blues' Hutchison kicked the winning goal 3 minutes before full time.
Whelan and Green were injured. M. McInerney failed to turn up.
Dan Hutchison played.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Keane, Leydin, W. Moloney, McKechnie, M. McInerney, T. McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Way, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 3.1 4.3 5.8 6.10
Port 0.4 4.7 4.7 5.10
Goals; Berry 2, Gellatly, Baker, White, Hutchison.
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Baker (BOG), Batters, Berry, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Crapp, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, T. McInerney, McKechnie, Moloney, Newton, Strickland, Way, White, Woods.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 12 Won 8 lost 3 Drawn 1 Goals For 68 Against 42 Points 34

Carlton Reserves played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Brown, Cader, Carter, Chrystal, Carlyle, Coonerty, Davie, Dunn, Eck, Goody, Hastings, Lemon, Lording, Miller, Marie, Mears, Monk, R. McCormick, Russ, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh, Williams, Yourell
Match drawn 2 - 2

August 16 Thursday
The captain of the visiting English footballers Mr. Seddon drowned in a boating accident at Maitland N.S.W. An inquest was held and his funeral took place on Friday 17th.
Funds for a monument in his memory are being raised.

August 16


"Tommy Leydin, the Carlton skipper, has turned boniface, and now keeps the Rose of Carlton Hotel, at the corner of Canning and Palmerston streets.
Needless to say all the boys patronise him, and on Saturday night a lot of the South Melbourne first twenty journeyed over to do him honour. It was a rich treat to listen to Purdy expressing his bewilderment as to how South Melbourne came to 'dish' Carlton by 11 to 2. "If you ask me there is not much between the two teams," was his remark to me; "only we had a bit the best in the matter of condition."
(Referee, Sydney p8)

August 18
The Australasian reports that the VFA refused to consider the Carlton secretary's request for the VFA to rule on the match between Richmond when crowd encroachment allowed a disputed goal to be kicked.

August 18
Carlton played Williamstown at the M.C.G.
The last match of the season on the cricket ground. The ground was being top dressed in preparation of the cricket season
Large crowd, loyalties evenly divided.
Williamstown won the toss and Carlton kicked to the eastern end aided with a strong north westerly.
Whelan played.
A Williamstown player marked the ball and the bell rang prior to the ball going through the goal, the goal was disallowed. The reporter called for this rule, which disadvantages the team and is against fair play, to be changed.
White scored the Blues' first goal, followed a goal to Green. Williamstown then hit back and levelled the scores. The Blues looked to heading for another defeat.
"..... and it almost seemed as if the dark blues where once more about to collapse. Not so, however, as shortly afterwards Green entered into possession, and obtained Carlton's third goal. Then followed one of the grandest individual exhibitions of goal-kicking ever seen in a first-class match. In a comparatively short space of time Green had obtained three more shots at his opponents' uprights, and had as many times safely piloted his leather through. It is seldom indeed that we have to record five consecutive goals in a man's favour. This occasion reminds us of a similar performance by the same player which happened some little time ago - against North Melbourne, I think. I fancy that on that occasion he netted four goals, the entire score obtained by his side during the afternoon." (Weekly Times August 25)
Goer and Woods did not play.
Sutton and Way made their debut.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Ned Sutton (a most promising recruit.), Way, Woods, White.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.0 2.4 3.4 7.9
Will. 0.0 0.4 2.4 3.6
Goals, Green 6, White. Other reports (Green 3, White, Bailey, Baker, unknown) (Green 5, White, Baker)
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Baker, Batters, Berry, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Crapp, Gellatly, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, T. McInerney, Strickland, Sutton, Way, Whelan, H. White,
Best; McKechnie, Baker, Hutchison, White, T. McInerney, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, C. Coulson
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 13 Won 9 Lost 3 Drawn 1 Goals For 75 Against 45 Points 38. Proportional Points 46.76

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne at South Melbourne.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Burwood, Cader, Carlyle, Carter, Chrystal, Davie, Dunn, Eick, Goody, Hastings, Lemon, Mears, Marie, Miller, Monk, Russ, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh, Williams, Yourell.
Match Drawn; 1.6 - 1.6

August 22 Wednesday
The South Bourke & Mornington Journal.


A story about the Carlton - South Melbourne match.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article70031835

August 25
Carlton played Essendon at the East Melbourne C. G.
A beautiful day in Melbourne.
Crowd; 5,000 - 6,000
Batters did not play, and Leydin played with an injury which restricted him greatly.
Essendon won the toss and Carlton kicked against a slight breeze to the northern end goal.
An unexpected loss to the Dons.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Sutton, Way, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.3 4.6 4.7 5.10
Ess. 3.2 5.3 5.8 7.9
Goals; Baker 2, McKechnie, Green, Berry.
Players mentioned; (16) Gellatly, Baker, Bailey, Strickland, McKechnie, Leydin, Green, Hutchison, Berry, A. Coulson, Crapp, Maloney, Sutton, White, C. Coulson, Whelan
V.F.A. Ladder; Carlton third
Played 14 Won 9 Lost 4 Drawn 1 Goals For 80 Against 52 Points 38 Proportional Points 46.14

Carlton Second Twenty played Essendon at Princes Oval
No Details

August 30 Thursday


"I have a bit of football gossip for you. You may remember, or else must have heard of, one Bill Lacey, a celebrated wing player for Carlton many years ago. He keeps a pub, opposite Tommy Leydin, in Palmerston street Carlton; and he is so cast-down at the way the dark blues have fallen away that he seriously thinks about donning the war-paint on their behalf next season."
"And so shall I too!" remarked Dicky Frayne, when I told him about Lacey. "I only want a strong elastic knee stocking to make my Dutch peg as good and strong as ever it was."
Ah, would that it were so, Dick, old pal!"
(Melbourne Punch p10)

September 01
Carlton played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.
White, Batters, and Connarty/Connaughty did not play.
These two clubs played one of the best games ever seen a few weeks ago, so a lot was expected when they met again.
However, the Blues "utterly collapsed when the pinch came, and their opponents sailed in the easiest of winners."
The Blues kicked against a very strong wind.
The last quarter was marred by heavy rain.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, C. Coulson, Connaughty, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, Mears, McKechnie, T. McInerney, Sutton, Strickland, Way, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Thewlis.
Carlton lost; 3.6 - 6.14 (Half time Carl. 1.3 - Port. 3.7)
Goals; Baker 3.
Players mentioned; (12) Bailey, Baker, Leydin, McKechnie, Berry, C. Coulson, Gellatly, Green, Maloney, W. Strickland, Whelan, Woods.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 15 Won 9 Lost 5 Drawn 1 Goals For 83 Against 58 Points 38 Proportional Point 45.6

Carlton Reserves played Port Melbourne on Princes Oval
Both teams have only lost one match, this game will decide the 1888 Second Twenty Premiership.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Brown, Burwood, Cader, Carter, Carlyle. Coonerty, Chrystal, Davie, Eck, Hastings, Lemon, Lording, Mears, Monk, Miller, Marie, McCormick, Russ, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh, Williams, Yourell.
Result; Match drawn, 2 - 2

September 03
The first game of Australian Football was played between the Melbourne University and the Sydney University on the Melbourne University cricket ground.
Melbourne won 4.6 - 0.3

September 08


"Once more the Carltonians have succumbed, this time, this time before the Port Melbourne representatives. The unexpected decline of the Carlton team is one of the unexplained occurrences of our football history. For a season they are invincible, and during a larger part of the succeeding year they still hold their own against all comers.
The without notice, and with scarcely a sign of growing weakness they almost entirely collapse, until clubs which previously had no chance whatsoever against them, find in the dark blues the easiest of victims. These remarkable changes do not happen without some cause, and for the explanation of Carlton's downfall, I think we look no further than their training ground.
Once upon a time it was no infrequent thing to see almost the entire twenty at work in the business of preparation. Now such a gathering would be the exception rather than the rule. While it is not advisable to bestow too much time on preparation for what is after all but a sport, young fellows with distinct advantage both to themselves and their clubs devote to athletic preparation as much of their leisure as is necessary to keep them reasonably fit for their work in the field.
This the Carltonians seem to have omitted to do, and that they suffered from fatigue has often enough been evident in their play. In last Saturday's game they were hopelessly overmatched, indeed, they did not appear to be thoroughly warm to their work until after Port Melbourne had scored a sufficient number of goals to make the game almost a foregone conclusion in their favour. Here and there a patch of vigorous work, such as has marked the play of Carlton hitherto, would be introduced. But these better efforts were very fitful, and of little avail against the well sustained exertions of the Port men."
(Weekly Times p5)

September 08
Carlton played South Melbourne at South Melbourne C. G.
Crowd; 23,000.
Weather fine, the "Hill" ground was in excellent condition.
Strickland captained the Blues as Leydin was unavilable due to business commitments.
The Sportsman September 12 (p20 said;
"Considerable surprise was felt when it was learnt that the Carlton captain (Mr T. Leydin) had retired from active service, after having done excellent work on behalf of his club for several seasons."
Strickland was unanimously elected by the team, he led the team well and he played an excellent game.
The rumour going around was the Carlton would not try as it is out of the premiership race, however the Blues played well matching it in all departments with the premiership favourites South.
"South Melbourne had bad luck in the first quarter, for after McKay had kicked the only goal scored up until that time, the bell rang for change of ends as the ball was again leaving his foot to go clean through. How much longer will the association perversely stick to the absurd law which, under such circumstances, robs a man of his kick, and frequently sets at variance the actual result and the merit of the play?"
(Leader September 15)
Jack Baker scored the Blues first goal just before half time. Carlton were facing defeat after South's Peter Burns 50 yards out, on a tight angle and kicking into the wind kicked his team's third goal.
Goals to Berry and Baker equalised the scores with 15 minutes remaining, and the ball travelled up and down the ground. Crapp saved the day by stopping a certain goal just before the bell.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Dawson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Mears, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland (Capt.), Sutton, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Kennedy
Goal Umpires; G. Heron, M. Little
Match drawn.
Carl. 0.3 1.4 1.6 3.6
S.M. 1.0 2.1 3.3 3.6
Goals; Baker 2, Berry.
Best; (6) Baker (BOG), C. Coulson, Bailey, Strickland, Berry, Moloney.
Other players mentioned; (13) Hutchison, Whelan, White, Gellatly, A. Coulson, McKechnie, Green, Batters, Keane, Sutton, Goer, Crapp, Woods
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 16 Won 9 Lost 5 Drawn 2 Goals For 86 Against 61 Points 40 Proportional Points 47.5

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne on Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Brown, Burwood, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Coonerty, Chrystol, Davie, Dunn, Eck, Gooddy, Hastings, Lemon, Monk, Mears, Marie, Miller, Russ, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh, Williams, Yourell.
The Carlton Gazette had this same team squad minus Coonerty.
No result details

September 15
Carlton played Melbourne at the Friendly Societies Ground.
Melbourne's home ground from 1885-1890, near the present day Lexus Centre.
Carlton kicked to the western goal.
The Blues played in a half-hearted manner and just did enough to win the game.
Leydin played and captained the side. Last week the Sportsman said Leydin had retired, perhaps he had second thoughts.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Dawson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Mears, Moloney, McKechnie, T. McInerney, Strickland, Sutton, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; W. Johnston.
Carlton won;
Carl; 2.6 3.8 6.11 7.13
Melb; 0.3 3.7 5.8 6.12
Goals; T. McInerney 2, Green 2, McKechnie, Leydin, Whelan.
Players mentioned; Strickland, Leydin, Baker, McInerney, Green, McKechnie, Whelan, Crapp, Ross.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 17 Won 10 Lost 5 Drawn 2 Goals For 93 Against 67 Points 44 Proportional Points 51.76

Carlton Second Twenty played Carlton Belmont at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Adams, Brown, Burwood, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Chrystol, Davie, Dunne/Dunn, Eck, Gooddy, Hastings, Lemon, Monk, Mears, Marie, Miller, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh, Williams, Yourell.
Carlton lost; 1.5 - 2.4
Best; Lemon, Dunn, Carter, Waugh
Despite losing Carlton tied with North Melbourne as Premiers of the Second Twenty Competition.

September 20 Thursday


The Referee (Sydney) reports on the Melbourne Cricket Club's AGM.
"Football had bought the club in no less than £978 19s 7d ($1,957.97) during the season"

September 20 Thursday


At a meeting of the Victorian Football Association held last Friday;
".... it was decided to hold a Football Conference during Cup week to revise the rules under which the Victorian game is played, and at which delelgates from the country districts and the neighbouring colonies will be invited to attend. And in this connection, allow me to utter my thoughts. At this conference, no doubt, the desirability of having a bar across some nine feet from the ground, over which the ball must be kicked (as at Rugby) to secure a goal, will be well thrashed out, and, as we have done away with goal-keepers, has much to commend it.
Another innovation I would suggest is that on a goal being kicked the ball should be bounced by the central umpire in the centre of the ground, instead of being kicked off by the losing side.This would allow all the men to get into position right off the reel, without being compelled to stand behind the line until the kick was made, and would, moreover, get rid of that objectional practice that has of late come in vogue - namely, kicking the ball at a right angle to the goal, so as to allow one of the same side an opportunity of getting a mark and allowing the others to get forward.
Just think this matter out a little, my masters." (Olympus - Punch p14)

September 22
Carlton played Geelong at the Geelong Cricket Ground.
Crowd; 10,000.
The weather was hot for football, but with a sea breeze.
The largest crowd this season upon the Corio ground saw one of the best matches of the year.
The Blues won the toss, and managed to draw the game against a fast finishing Geelong.
Batters, Keane, Strickland and/or Hutchison did not play.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, C. Coulson, Connerty/Connaughty, Dawson, Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, Mears, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Sutton, Woods, White, Whelan.
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Match drawn.
Carl. 3.4 3.6 6.11 6.12
Geel. 1.2 2.6 2.8 6.11
Goals; Leydin 2, Whelan, Berry, Baker, Green.
Players mentioned; (15) Moloney, Crapp, Leydin, Baker, McKechnie, Whelan, C. Coulson, Berry, McInerney, Connerty, A. Coulson, H. Smith, Goer.
Barber and Coventry both mentioned in the Sportsman September 26 (p2)
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 18 Won 10 Lost 5 Drawn 3 Goals For 96 Against 83 Points 46 Proportional Points 53.66

Carlton Second Twenty played Geelong on the Geelong Football Ground.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Brown, Barry, Burwood, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Chrystol, Davie, Dunne, Eck, Gooddy, Hastings, Lemon, Lording, Miller, Monk, Mears, Marie, Russ, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh, Williams, Yourell.

September 29
Carlton played Fitzroy at the Fitzroy C. G.
Large crowd attended.
Fitzroy won the toss and kicked with the wind.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Connerty, Dawson, W. Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Sutton, Woods, White, Whelan.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.1 2.8 3.11 4.13
Fitz. 0.7 0.7 1.10 1.15
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Goals; W. Green 2, Baker, Leydin.
Players mentioned; (19) Baker, Bailey, Batters, Berry, C. Coulson, Connaughty, Crapp, Gellatly, Goer, Green, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, McInerney, McKechnie, Strickland, Sutton, Whelan, White,
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 19 Won 11 Lost 5 Drawn 3 Goals For 103 Against 74 Points 50 Proportional Points 57.89

Carlton Second Twenty played Fitzroy at Princes Oval
No details

October 05 Friday
VFA meeting at Young and Jackson's Hotel.
Secretaries of the various clubs still arranged the season's fixture.
The older senior clubs were recluctant to play the junior clubs because of the drop in revenue.
The VFA proposes a committee of five be set up to arrange each season's fixture.
Mr. Marshall suggested the 15 clubs be split into two divisions.
One made up of the senior clubs who would play each other twice, and who would then play the weaker junior clubs once.
"The suggestion however, was not approved of, and the motion was eventually carried.
A ballot was taken, resulting in the election of a committee..."
"The Carlton representatives stood aloof from the proposal, and the Geelong and South Melbourne who were nominated for the commitee were rejected."

December 11 Tuesday
Carlton Football Club secretary W. C. Donaldson was presented with a testamonial by club members and supporters. He also received a gift of 100 sovereigns
(Sportsman December 12 (p3)

October 06

END OF SEASON REVIEW - The Australasian

Carlton's end of season review;
"Last year's premiers made a brilliant start, and won their first six encounters by play quite equal to their previous phenomonal form; but after having established the so far good opinion of their well wishers, they unfortunately went to Tasmania, and, indeed, to pieces.
Their fortnight's relaxation from active training and strict discipline played havoc with their efficiency, and soon after their return South Melbourne had the satisfaction of accquiring against them a victory of 11 goals to 2.
Since that catastrophe the Carltonians have now and again shown a return to their previous excellent form, notably in their matches against Fitzroy, their first against Ports, and their last against Geelong, and the superb effort they made to retaliate upon South in their second encounter; but they have lacked stability, and Richmond, Essendon, Williamstown, and Port Melbourne have each been able to add their discomfiture.
Nevertheless, they have the satisfaction of knowing that in Baker they possess the champion footballer of the season. This is not only attested by the marvellous form he has exhibited all through, but by the fact that on all hands the opinion of those competent to form an unbiased judgment is singularly unanimous on the point.
Indeed, it is doubtful whether at any time during the colony's existence another player has reached and maintained the high standard of Baker's unvarying excellence during the whole of the past season.
Bailey has been a consistent and reliable as well as a brilliant placeman, and Maloney, Strickland, McKechnie, the Coulsons, White, Berry, Green, Gellatly, Whelan, and Crapp have striven ably and effectively to advance the interests of their club.
Sutton who has only recently been added to the team, has amply justified his inclusion, and next season should find him one of the most reliable backmen in Australia."

October 10


"The position occupied by last season's premiers is an unlooked for and disappointing one. The Carlton made an excellent start, and looked like repeating their previous performances; but the Tasmanian trip, and severe accidents to several of their best men, completely turned the aspect of affairs. Defeat followed defeat until their prospects assumed the aspect of their uniforms - dark blue; but a rattling of the bones took place as Strickland and Hutchinson gained the free use of their limbs, and at the finish Carlton, to use a racing term, were going as well as anything.
The unfortunate accident to Cook's knee deprived Carlton of their cleverest centre man, and the temporary crippling of Strickland, Hutchinson and Goer helped still further to throw the team out of gear. There can be little doubt that Baker proved himself the most accomplished follower this season, as his play was always the same in all sorts of weather against all comers. Leydin and Strickland displayed their accustomed ability. Crapp, C. Coulson and Sutton divided the honors as back players, whilst Green, A. Coulson, and Gellately attended to the scoring part of the business. Bailey displayed exceptionally brilliant form along the wings, where Maloney also did good service. McKechnie, T. McInerney, Batters, and White were a grand quartette of followers; whilst Hutchinson, Goer, and Berry rendered effective service.
The principal goal kickers were Green 35, Baker 24, A. Coulson and Gellately 14 each, Berry 13, White 9, McKechnie 6, Leydin and T. McInernery 4 each.

December 15


The Herald (p2) reports an "ordinary" VFA meeting was to be held at Young and Jacksons on Tuesday night, but it was informally called. It lapsed as it should have been called as a "special" meeting. After this failed attempt, "a caucus meeting of delegates was held, and at that conclave it was agreed by eight against seven that next season the seven inferior clubs should be boycotted by the eight superior ones."
"The object of this proposal was that the leading clubs might arrange fixtures with whichever clubs they liked, and reject overtures from whichever clubs they disliked? - I think there was a bit of 'natural selection' at the bottom of it."
"It is true that the eight leading clubs who entered into this compact said the would 'bust up' the Association if they could not have their own way, or to be allowed to arrange matches with whichever clubs in the Association they pleased? - I believe so."
"Is there any truth in the rumor that the object of the big clubs was to avoid making fixtures with such clubs as the Melbourne, Footscray, the University, Ballarat etc? - So I have heard."
"It is true that the big clubs in this matter have an eye to crowds and gate money? - So it is said."
"Then if such clubs as South Melbourne, Carlton and Geelong suceed in boycotting the less attractive clubs, there is likey to be a smash up of the Association? - Possibly."
The above are excerpts from the full article: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article241508296

December 15


The American baseballers have been grated patronage of the Victorian Football Association during their stay in Victoria.
Mr. Arthur Stooke has arranged a one hour match between Carlton and St.Kilda so the baseballers can witness the Australian game.
The Herald wrote;
"They are familiar with the British Assocation and Rugby Union rules, but state that those games have not caught on in the States, and should they take a liking to our style of play, they will endeavor to 'boom' it in their own land. They have already secured a number of match balls from Boyle and Scott's emporium, and forthwith they go into practice. When the Carlton and St.Kilda contest is over, the visitors will play a game under our rules against a combined team of Victorian footballers."


December 31 Monday
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda.
This game was played at the request of the visiting American baseball teams, the Chicago and the All American team.
The baseballers were anxious to see a demonstration of the Australian game.
Many had played both the British Association and the Rugby games, but they felt either game was not exciting enough for American tastes.
Each of the winning team will receive a US silver dollar from Mr. A. G. Spalding manager of the baseball teams.
The baseballers were from the Chicago, Boston, New York, Detriot, Philidelphia, and St.Louis clubs.
One of the players, M. Kelly from the Boston club had transferred from the Chicago club.
The Boston Baseball Association had paid a fee of £2,000 for his services!
(In comparison in 1888, in Melbourne, a brick villa, 6 room house on a 48x250 foot block close to Brighton station cost £1,000)
Crowd; 6,000.
St. Kilda won the toss and kicked with the aid of the wind.
Both clubs fielded first class teams.
The Blues team included many Second twenty players.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Carroll, C. Coulson, Connarty, Daff, W. Green, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Jones, T. Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Steele, Smith, Sutton, Tubbs, White, Whelan.
Umpire; Trait
The game consisted of two 20 minute halves. (Shades of the 2011 NAB Cup)
Although the teams were improvised, they gave a really good exhibition.
The Americans enjoyed the match, especially the non-stop aspect of the game.
Carlton won; 2.3 - 1.4 (Half time 0.0 - 1.4)
Goals; Steele, Leydin.

A mixed 20, Carlton - St.Kilda team then played the US baseballers at Australian Football.
Then a mixed 7 of cricketers plus a US pitcher and catcher played the US baseballers.
This match was stopped because of rain.

1889 January 01 Tuesday
The Americans played a baseball match at the M.C.G. on New Year's Day.
Their tour was managed by Mr. A. G. Spalding of the Spalding Sporting Goods fame.
Spalding was also the president of the Chicago Baseball Club.

1889 January 05
A letter from Mr. A. G. Spalding to The Argus;
Thanked the Carlton and St.Kilda clubs for showing the Americans the Australian game, and they were very pleased with it.
They will endeavour to introduce it to the USA.

1889 January 05
A crowd of 11,000 attended the M.C.G. to see a demonstration baseball match between the all professional players of the Chicago and All America teams, and also a football match between Carlton and Port Melbourne.
The Americans are interested in taking the Australian game to the U.S.A.
Gates opened at 2pm.
Admission; 1s (10c) grandstand 2s 6d (25c)
The Day's Programme;
2.30pm. Melbourne Baseball Club vs Chicago.
3pm. Carlton vs Port Melbourne.
4.30pm. Chicago vs All America baseball match.
5.30pm. "Daring balloon ascent, and leap from the clouds" via parachute by Prof. Bartholomew. ("the most daring aeronaunt ever known")
This leap was cancelled due to the weather.
Instead, there was a cricket ball throwing contest and the Americans broke the Australian record with a throw of 128 yards 10 1/4 inches (117.3 metres), by Ed Crane, (Edward Nicholas Crane) aka "Cannonball Crane" of the New York Baseball Club.
Chicago beat the Melbourne Baseball Club 12-0.
The cricketers were unable to hit the ball, and their throwing was wide of the mark, they missed catches, and fumbled.

Carlton played Port Melbourne
Carlton team; (25 named)
Bailey, Batters, Berry, Crapp, C. Coulson, A. Coulson, Connerty, Daff, Dawson, Gellatly, Goer, Hutchison, Jones, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McGrath, Strickland, Smith, Steele, Sutton, Tubbs, Woods, White, Whelan.
Former Blue, William 'Billy' Hannaysee captained Port.
The ground was in excellent condition. Some of the cricketers were concerned that the ground would be damaged.
In the football match, Carlton soon had the lead with two goals from Leydin.
Both of Tommy Leydin's goals were from beautiful kicks, at least 40 yards out that pierced the centre of the goals.
Port rallied and scored two goals to equalise.
Bert Rappiport, the Fitzroy player, took a mark close in and scored the Blues third, and just before half time Port equalised once again.
In the second half the play was fast and even. No further goals were scored.
Umpire; Shaw
Match drawn.
Carlton 3.0 3.2
Port Melb. 3.1 3.4
Goals; Leydin 2, Rappiport.

A. G. Spalding thanked the players for the exhibition match, and when back in the States he promised to send each player of the Carlton, St. Kilda, and Port Melbourne teams a US silver dollar with the player's name engraved, attached to a chain so it can be worn.

In the baseball Chicago defeated the All Americans 5-0
Then the cricket ball throwing contest was then conducted.
The balloon ascent was hampered the southerly wind and it did not go ahead even after the wind had moderated.
Bartholomew said that it was too late in the day to attempt the jump, much to the disapproval of the crowd who had stayed behind to watch it.

1889 January 07 Monday
The US baseballers left for New York via Columbo, Rome, Paris, Berlin, London, and Dublin.

From the Carlton AGM on 5th. April 1889;
In a review of the 1888 season,
Carlton played a total of 28 matches, Won 18 Lost 7 Drawn 3.
Other matches played (The Australasian);
Against South Tasmania, City (Hobart), South Melbourne, England, Norwood.
Played 6 Won 4 Lost 2 Drawn 0 Goals For 42 Against 25
Carlton Reserves (Second Twenty) had tied with North Melbourne for the 1888 Reserves Premiership.
Played 21 Won 13 Lost 3 Drawn 5


The Baseball World Tour conducted matches in the US enroute to San Francisco, 14 cities (total of 22 matches) Attendance 59,000 approx 2,300 av
They sailed via Hawaii and were welcomed by King Kalakaua in Honolulu, but did not play there.
Then to Auckland in New Zealand, then to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Ballarat, and again Melbourne. (total of 12 matches) Attendance, 55,700 approx 4,600 av
From Melbourne they sailed to Colombo, Cairo, Naples, Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Bristol, Leighton, Brimingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast, and Dublin. (17 matches) Attendance, 70,200 approx 4,129 av
Sailed for New York, played at Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Chicago, (10 matches) Attendance 39,200 approx 3,900 av
A total of 61 matches. Crowd 224,000 approx. 3,627 av.


The second largest crowd was 10,500 in San Francisco prior to departure.
The largest crowd for the entire tour was, you guessed it, at Melbourne on the MCG January 05. 11,000 people turned up to watch the Baseball.
Oh, by the way, there was another attraction on the "G" that day,
Carlton played Port Melbourne in an exhibition match for the US visitors.
The Australasian tour had the highest average crowd as well.
Ref: chicagology.com



The England or Great Britain team, played Australian Football against these Victorian clubs;
Carlton 14.17 - 3.8, South Melbourne 7.20 - 3.7, Maryborough 4.12 - 3.11, South Ballarat 7.18 - 3.7 Fitzroy 12.20 - 3.4, Port Melbourne 7.15 - 6.11, Ballarat Imperial 4.15 - 1.2, Essendon 7.13 - 3.3
Horsham 0.2 - 6.5, Ballarat 4.8 - 5.8, Bendigo 0.8 - 5.16, Sandhurst 2.10 - 3.3, Kyneton 1.6 - 2.6.
Drew; Castlemaine 1.4 - 1.2 (Behinds recorded, but did not count in the score until 1897)

The England team also played Australian Football in South Australia and New South Wales.
Against Adelaide clubs;
Played 4, Won 1, Lost 3.
Defeated; Port Adelaide, 7.8 - 8.8
Adelaide, 6.13 - 3.5
Norwood, 5.8 - 3.1
South Adelaide, 8.9 - 5.9

New South Wales.
Played one game.
Maitland, lost 9.19 - 4.5

England; Played 19, Won 6, Lost 12, Drawn 1, Goals For 71, Against 105.

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