Season 1874



1874 was the year of Carlton's Fourth Premiership.
Carlton member L. J. Hayes' membership ticket
There was an L. J. Hayes who was a Carlton vice president 1928 - 1933, & president of the Second Eighteen in 1934, same person?


jmcgibbon.jpgjdonovanlarge.jpgCarlton Captain. Jack Donovan.
Carlton Vice Captain.J. McGibbon.
President. R. Robertson
Secretary. T. P. Power.
Home ground. Royal Park.
Honours. Champion of the Colony. Billy Lacey.
Champion goal kicker of the Colony. William Dedman 10 goals.
Games Played. 17. Won 12 Lost 0 Drew 5.
Goals For 33 Against 6
Second Twenty.
Captain: P. Toohey
Vice Captain: T. P. Power
Games Played. 9. Won 5 Lost 1 Drew 3.
Goals For 10 Against 3.

Star players this year included; Billy Lacey, "the finest centre player the Colony has seen."; Harry Guy a great defender; Jack Donovan, Billy Monie, Bill Newing "the little wonder"; Jack Gardiner, Billy Goer, George McGill,
J.McGibbon, Bill Dalton, Billy Dedman "goal sneak par excellence" Tom Kendall, Harry F. Boyle, A. Dismore, and George Robertson.

Carlton defeated Melbourne 4/4 times "a thing unknown in the history of these two clubs."

In the second game against Melbourne (Carlton 3-1) a crowd of 10,000 were present.

Third meeting at Royal Park 8,000 attended to see the Blues win 2-1.
Last meeting was played through a violent hailstorm.

Sensation of the 1874 season was when Carlton met North Melbourne, the Northerners were looking for a fight right from the start.

Newspaper report,
" The first disturbance was caused by one of the North men threatening to strike Donovan and the shortly after "rabbiting him".
A few minutes later a North player wanted to fight, and this caused a stoppage.
The central umpire refused to act any longer, as he was disgusted.
The game was therefore ended by Carlton refusing to play any longer."

Were the Blues becoming too genteel? Carlton objected to playing North next season, and proposed to ask other clubs to do so..

Crowd control was becoming a big problem for the clubs as grounds were unfenced.

Carlton has not lost a game for 4 seasons.


May 23 Albert Park at Albert Park.
May 30 Local Forces at Royal Park.

June 06 St. Kilda at St. Kilda.
June 13 Albert Park at Royal Park.
June 20 Melbourne at Royal Park.
June 27 vacant.

July 04 Richmond at Royal Park.
July 11 Albert Park at Albert Park.
July 18 Melbourne at Melbourne.
July 25 Local Forces at Military Reserve.

August 01 East Melbourne at Richmond Padddock.
August 08 St. Kilda at Royal Park.
August 15 Melbourne at Royal Park.
August 22 Albert Park at Royal Park.
August 29 Richmond at Richmond.

September 05 North Melbourne at Royal Park.
September 12 St. Kilda at St. Kilda.
September 19 Melbourne at Melbourne.
September 26 Geelong at Geelong.

October 03 North Melbourne at Royal Park.


May 23 v Carlton Imperial at University paddock.
May 30 North Melbourne Second Twenty at Royal Park.

June 06 Essendon at Royal Park
June 13 South Park at Albert Park
June 27 Carlton Imperial at Royal Park.

July 04 North Melbourne Second Twenty at Royal Park.
July 11 St.Kilda Second Twenty at Royal Park.
July 18 Kardinia at Geelong.
July 25 Essendon at Essendon

August 01 Northern at Dight's paddock.
August 08 South Park at Royal Park.
August 22 St.Kilda Second Twenty at St.Kilda.
August 29 Hawthorn at Grace Park.

September 05 Brunswick at Royal Park.
September 12 Clifton at Royal Park.
September 26 Hawthorn at Royal Park

October 03 Brunswick at Royal Park.
October 10 Sports Meeting


Junior Clubs

Carlton Imperial, Carlton Rifles, Carlton United, East Carlton, Faraday Union, Lygon United, North Carlton, Pelham, Star of Carlton, Stockade.
(Origins of Australian Football Vol1.)

April 09
The West Melbourne Football Club was formed at a meeting at the James Watt Hotel.

April 11
Carlton held a practice match in Royal Park.

April 18
Carlton held a practice match in Royal Park.

April 21 Tuesday
Carlton held a special committee meeting at the Carlton Club Hotel.

April 24 Friday
Benalla's North Eastern Ensign reported the forming of a football club in Benalla last Tuesday with the first game to be played tomorrow, "the rules of the Carlton club to be adopted."

April 25
Practice match Donovan vs Macgibbon teams at Royal Park.

May 01 Friday
Carlton AGM at Carlton Club Hotel.
John Walls presided.
80 members attended.
Season 1873; Played 15, Won 6, Drawn 7, Lost 0, Unfinished 2
Goals For; 12, Against; 6.
140 members.
30 new members were enrolled.
Receipts; £62 9s Expenditure; £53 1s 9d Balance; £9 7s 3d
Patrons; George Coppin, John Curtain, John Walls
President; Robert Robertson
Vice Presidents; Edward Latham, Dr. J. C. Duncan
Hon. sec and Treasurer; T. P. Power
Second Twenty Secretary & Treasurer; D. Jones
Captain; J. Donovan
Vice Captain: J. Macgibbon
Committee; Guy, Gardiner, McHard/McHarg, G Kennedy, W. Newing, J. Glennon, Wallace, O'Brien, W. Williams
J. Macgibbon was presented with an illuminated address by Robert Robertson.
"Robertson eulogised Mr. Macgibbon's skill as a player, and his geniality as a member. Mr. Macgibbon in accepting the testimonial, denied possessing any skill in the game. It was the pleasure of enjoying the society of his fellow members that made the game attractive to him." (Trove; Leader May 09)
Dr. J. C. Duncan also presented W. Newing with an illuminated address.
Robertson was installed as president. The retiring president J. Walls led the three cheers for the new president.
T. P. Power was given a round of three cheers for his untiring efforts for the club.
George Kennedy the past captain, was enthusiastically cheered by the members.

May 04 Monday
At a meeting of the Albert Park Football Club they agreed to let byegones be byegones and play Carlton this season.
They had been upset last season in the May match when a dispute arose and the Blues walked from the field.
Albert Park had demanded an apology from the Carlton players for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

May 05 Tuesday
Meeting of delegates from the senior clubs took place at Nissen's Cafe, Bourke Street.
Several important alterations and additions to the rules were approved.
The clubs represented were; Albert Park, Carlton, Geelong, Melbourne, North Melbourne, St.Kilda.
Another meeting will be held next week.

May 07 (p3)


Sir, - One might well ask the question, "Why are footballers poor and despised?" considering the firm hold the sport has taken, both on spectators and players. That a large and increasing interest is taken in the game was sufficiently shown last season by the crowds who thronged to witness the chief matches, and by the manner in which they rushed the grounds and impeded the players.
The average attendance, I believe, was something over 5,000 at a time. Yet these matches were played on a broken turf, among stumps, ditches, and gravelled roads, and the funds of the first clubs are exhausted after paying for the hand to mouth luxuries of balls and flag-posts whilst even the wretched grounds on which footballers are constrained to play are held at the mere will of the owners, and are yearly becoming more cut up and damaged by roads and &c.
There is no reason why football clubs should not hold their grounds by the same tenure as cricket clubs, and have them neatly fenced, levelled and cleared, with the accessories of a pavilion, dressing-rooms, baths, &c, and a permanent stand for spectators; and have money to spare for up country matches besides. There can be no possible doubt that numbers would gladly pay 1s or 6d for the extra convenience and better view afforded, while at the same time the game would be better worth seeing, and the prestige of football would be very largely increased.
I hope this may call forth some more practical suggestions and am, Sir, yours sincerely SPECTATOR.

May 09
Carlton practice match in Royal Park.
18 captained by Jack Donovan vs 25 captained by Tom P. Power
Donovan's team; (21 named)
Donovan, Blanshard, Dedman, Dalton, Gardiner, Goer, A. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, Macgibbon, Monie, Newing, O'Brien, Rix, G. Robertson, James Robertson, Wallace, Dismorr, Boyle, Lacey, Barnett, Williams.


"The costume adopted by the club for the season will consist of blue knickerbockers, shirt and cap, with blue and white striped hose."
(Leader May 09 p19)
This is new information, it was believed that the blue and white socks were not introduced until season 1875.

"This year nearly all the clubs will appear in uniform, Mr. Ellis of Collins street, having imported a large stock of football jerseys of all sizes and colors, together with knickerbockers to match, from England.
When the clubs are fitted out in their different uniforms the public will be able to discern more accurately the movements of apposing players."
(Leader May 16 p13)

May 12 Tuesday
Meeting of senior club delegates at Nissen's Cafe.
The principal rule change was that the umpire's decision was final, and any club disputing his decision would lose the match.

May 13 Wednesday
Special committee meeting of the Carlton Football Club at the Carlton Club Hotel.

May 16
Resumption of the match in Royal Park from last Saturday.
All members requested to attend.
Only 9 of the 18 players turned up at 3pm. but by 3.30pm the other 9 had arrived.
"The play of the eighteen was very good, Newing, McGibbon, Wallace and McGill playing very well - McGill in particular making some splendid marks and kicks.
Nearly all the players wore the Club's colors, the majority of the suits being purchased from Mr. Ellis of No.1 Collins street, and judging from the way they stood the several scrimmages that took place during the game, proves that Mr. Ellis is selling material for football suits of splendid quality." (Herald May 18 p3)

Second Twenty members to meet in Royal Park to elect a captain for the season.

May 16

ATHLETIC GOSSIP - by "Cursor" of The Leader.



May 19 Tuesday
Carlton F. C. Third Annual Concert, Carlton Orderly Room, Grattan Street.
Entertainment was provided, and after the concert dancing began and was kept up until the early hours of the morning.
"Should the funds of the club be augmented to any great amount by this concert, the committee intend fencing in their ground in the Royal Park." (Age May 20)
The Herald had called it the anniversay concert of the Carlton Football Club.

May 23
Carlton played Albert Park at Emerald Hill.
The new rule introduced that limits from playing with more than one club has benefited Carlton with Blanchard and McGill joining the Blues from the Southern Club. McGill was the captain of the Southern. Blanchard had played with both clubs last season.
Macgibbon captained the Blues, in Jack Donovan's absence.
"A little before three I arrived on the ground, and found both teams doing a little preliminary kicking, as is usual before commencing. After half an hour had elapsed, Chessell (who captained the Albert Park) and McGibbon (who did the same for Carlton, in the absence of Donovan, who was unfortunately unable to play) tossed for ends, and as luck was with McGibbon, he decided to let the Albert Park kick from the south goal for the first half of the game, and then change ends.
Albert Park had a goal disallowed by the umpire when he paid a mark as the ball was put through the goals.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Amess, Blanchard, Boyle, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), W. Grey, Gardiner, A. Kennedy, E. Kennedy, Facey/Lacey, Monie, Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, Newing, O'Brien, G. Robertson, H. Rix, Wallace, Williams.
Umpire; McClure
Carlton won 1-0 (Half time 0-0)
Goal; Wallace.
Players mentioned; (8) Macgibbon, Wallace, Newing, Gardiner, Robertson, Dissmor, Amess, Adam Kennedy,

Carlton Reserves played Carlton Imperial in the University paddock.
First match of the season.
No match details.

May 30
Carlton 17 played Local Forces 20 at Royal Park.
The Local Forces still have a way to go before they can play the game properly.
They pressed the Blues for a short time, but they need to practice and learn to kick.
Carlton team; (17 named)
Blanchard, Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, A. Kennedy, R. Kidd, J. Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, Lacey, Monie, Newing, O'Brien, G. Robertson, Wallace.
The Herald had H. Rix listed in the team instead of R. Kidd.
Carlton won; 6-0
Goals; Dedman 2, Blanchard 2, Donovan, McGill.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played North Melbourne Reserves at Royal Park at 3pm.
The players had a meeting prior to the match to elect a captain for the season. P. Toohey elected.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Abbott, R. Amess, Alex Amess, Brisbane, Downing, Duckett, Jones, Kendall, Maloney, McRae, McLawrin, Millwood, Nathan, C. Monie, F. Power, T. P. Power, J. J. Pashley, Page, Robertson, James Toohey, P. Toohey, Waugh, Williamson
Match drawn.
No match details.

Former Carlton skipper George D. Kennedy umpired the match between Melbourne and North Melbourne in the Richmond Paddock.

June 06
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda.
The team met at the Town Hall, Swanston Street at 2.15pm.
A large crowd attended.
The game commenced at 3.15pm, St. Kilda had won the toss and kicked up-hill with the wind.
A third goal by Dedman was disallowed. It clearly went through the goals, but the goal umpire was pushed forward and the goal post knocked sideways and when he was appealed to he couldn't give a decision. A slight altercation occurred, but Donovan went along with the umpire's no goal decision.
The Carlton players wore crepe on their left arms as a mark of respect to Mr. Thomas W. Templeton who last year was hon.sec. of the Second Twenty who died recently.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Amess, Blanshard, Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, A. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, Lacey, Monie, J. Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, Newing, O'Brien, Robertson, Rix, Wallace, Williams.
Emergency; Kendall.
Umpire; Budd
Carlton won; 2-1. (Half time 2-0)
Goals; Dedman 2.
Players mentioned; Dedman, Donovan, McGill, Kennedy, Monie, Lacey, Macgibbon,Gardiner,

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Essendon at Royal Park at 3pm.
Carlton team; (27 named)
Abbott, T. Aram, J. Carr, Cullen, Downing, Duckett, Henderson, Hipe, Kendall, C. Monie, McClure, McLawrin, McRae, Nathan, Page, Pashely, F. Power, T. P. Power, James Toohey, P. Toohey (Capt.), Rankin, James Robertson, Val. Robertson, G. Waugh, Williamson, Williams, Wilton.
Result unknown

June 13
Carlton played Albert Park at Royal Park.
The crowd was large, and three mounted troopers and a couple of police on foot kept the crowd well to the boundary lines.
Future Blues, the Bracken brothers were playing for the Alberts.
Alberts Park's vice captain Loch J. Bracken led his side in absence of their skipper.
Guy, Newing and Dedman did not play.
Donovan captaining the Blues kicked off.
W. 'Billy' Bracken scored the first goal of the match which was the Parkites only goal.
The game was very close and Albert Park put the pressure on with an early goal and came very close to equalising in the second half.
Original Carlton player Dr. J. C. Duncan was the umpire and both teams were very satisfied with his unbiased decisions.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Blanshard, Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, Goer, A. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, J. Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, O'Brien, G. Robertson, Rix, Wallace, Williams.
Umpire; Dr. Jim C. Duncan
Carlton won; 2 - 1 (Half time 1 - 1)
Goal; Dalton, Donovan.
Players mentioned; (11) Donovan, Gardiner, Dalton, McGill, Lacey, Wallace, Boyle, Monie, Kendall, Kennedy, Blanschard,

Carlton Reserves played South Park at Albert Park.
The team met at the Post Office at 2.30pm.
Carlton team; (28 named)
Abbott, T. Aram, Amess, G. Cullan, Carr, J. Dowling, F. A. Dismorr, English, Hogan, Henderson, Hipe, Long, Monie, McLaurie, McRae, S. Nathan, Nudd, F. Power, T. P. Power, Winton Page, J. J. Pashley, J. Robertson, V. Robertson, James Toohey (Capt.), P. Toohey, G. Waugh, Williamson, F. Williams
No match details.

June 20
Carlton played Melbourne at Royal Park.
Talk all week was about the outcome of this long anticipated match.
Betting was slightly in favour of the Blues.
"From two o'clock to three o'clock streams of people came pouring in from three different points, and when the players had stripped for the contest the playing ground had taken possession of by the crowd, and it was past the appointed time ere the two mounted troopers present could get the space cleared. Among the onlookers there was such a large sprinkling of the larrikin or cheeky boy element, and it would not be hazardous to say that the productive suburbs of North Melbourne and Carlton had poured forth each its juvenile population.
A good square 200 yards long, and about 100 broad, having been formed, the ball was set in motion and the fray began. The opposing teams, as they opposed each other, prior to the ball being kicked off, looked very well. The fine stalwart representatives of the Melbourne Club in their showy knickerbocker uniform, with red hose and red caps, drew forth special notice for their muscular appearance, and if one had not some previous experience as to the play of the rival teams, Melbourne would have favorites at 2 to 1.
Although Carlton in their modest garb looked not so grand as the Metropolitans, yet there was an unmistakable wiry cut and come again sort of look about them that could fail to attract attention. However, the ball has been kicked and the players are hard at work. The Carlton men responding to the call "now boys" issued by their captain, sent the ball towards the Melbourne goal, in front of which a fierce struggle took place."
(Leader June 27 p11)
"Others were attracted from the pure love of the game, which mayhap they had played in times gone by. Of course the girls were there, the lovely dears, glistening with buttons from head to foot, wearing the incomprehensible head gear which the fair sex will somehow will persist in patronising. Of course with the females the usual bevy of swells paraded, and in their inexpressible habiliments, made up a scene of varied splendor."
"The ball at last is placed, preparatory to being kicked off; players on both sides are ready for rushing to their places, and the spectators are looking as anxiously as if the fate of the nation depended on the kick."
The game commenced just before 3pm.
It would have been hard to find 40 finer men more fitted for the contest.
A large crowd of 7,000 - 10,000 was in attendance despite the threatening weather.
Two mounted troopers kept the crowd from encroaching on the arena.
Goer was replaced in selected side by Kendall, and Newing (injured) did not play.
Dedman scored the only goal after 3 minutes of play. From a scrimmage he picked the ball up and kicked through the posts.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, Goer, Guy, A. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, Lacey, Monie, J. McGibbon (Vice Capt), McGill, O'Brien, G. Robertson, Rix, Southey, Wallace, Williams.
Emergencies; Kendall, Amess, Downing.
Umpire; H. H. Budd
Carlton won; 1 - 0 (Half time 1 - 0)
Goal; Dedman
Players mentioned; (19) J. Donovan, Dismorr, McGibbon, Dedman, Lacey (BOG), Monie, Gardiner, Kennedy, McGill, Harry Guy, Kendall, W. Williams, Wallace, Adam Kennedy, Dalton, Robertson, Lanty O'Brien, Boyle, Blanchard?
To read the North Melbourne Advertiser's report of this match click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article71565463

"The Carlton first twenty will be glad to make a match next Saturday with any club disengaged." (Age June 22)

This photo may be the team that played North Melbourne on June 27.
The report said that Carlton were short of players, only 18 shown in this photo, and that retired captain George D. Kennedy played.
George was nick-named "the sky blue skipper" as he always wore a lighter shade of blue guernsey. Maybe George is the player standing fourth from the right? Maybe some other players, front row, unknown, Rix, Williams, Wallace, unknown. Back Row; fifth from left Jack Gardiner, George Robertson, Dedman to the left of G. Kennedy.

Possibly, Lanty O'Brien third from left, Jack/John Gardiner fifth from left, George Robertson sixth from left, is Harry Guy holding the ball? the player on his right (our left) looks like the image of Harry Guy below, George Kennedy light blue guernsey?, John Macgibbon, J. Robertson far right.
Front row; Henry F. Rix lying down front row second from left?
Jack Conway to the right of of Rix, Bill Williams, Billy Goer far right front row?

There is some confusion with date of this image. The original image has 1874 marked on it, but it was believed that the blue and white socks were not introduced until 1875. Now new information has recently come to light. The Leader newspaper May 09 1874 (p19) mentions blue and white hose/socks will be worn this (1874) season.
Further investigation reveals this maybe the team that played St.Kilda at Royal Park August 08 1874. 20 players were named but the match report says that Dalton and Donovan did not play. MacGibbon was the captain on the day.

On August 28 1875 Carlton played Geelong in Royal Park. On that day Carlton named a team of 19 men. This photo contains 18 players.
Could this be that team? The published 19 players were Amess, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, Gardiner, Guy, Goodall, Kennedy, Kendall, Lacey, Macgibbon, McGill, Newing, Nudd, Robertson, Robertson, Wallace, Williams, Williamson.

June 27
Carlton played North Melbourne at Royal Park at 2.30pm.
Crowd; 3,000
Unbeknown to the Blues, North were to play Melbourne on the Melbourne ground, but cancelled as they wanted the match played on their (North's) own ground.
If Carlton had known the facts they would not have played North Melbourne, as a senior club it would not sanction a break of football etiquette.
Both Newing and Goer were not available.
The Blues did not play their best team and were three players short*, they expected an easy win.
.*A representative of North Melbourne wrote to the Herald on Tuesday to say that Carlton had played 20 players.
North Melbourne Advertiser (July 03) said of Carlton that, "two of those picked being absent."
Former captain G. Kennedy played.
In the second half Kennedy, Duncan and Gardiner all missed easy shots at goal.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Blanshard, Boyle, Dalton, Dismorr, Dedman, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, Kendall, A. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, Lacey, Monie, J. Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, O'Brien, G. Robertson, Rix, Wallace, H. Williams, Amess, Downing.
Umpire; W. 'Bill' Newing
Match drawn; 0-0
Players mentioned; (10) Donovan, Blanshard, Gardiner, G. Kennedy, Duncan, McGill, Lacey, Macgibbon, Adam Kennedy, Duncan.

Carlton Reserves played Carlton Imperial in the University Paddock.
Carlton team; (28 named)
Aram, Amess, Amess, Carr, Cullen, Dismorr, Donning, Duckett, Fletcher, Guest, Hipe, Jones, Jones, Long, Monie, McRae, McClure, McLawrin, Nudd, Muir, J. J. Pashley, Power, Power, Toohey (Capt.), Toohey, Waugh, Williams, Williamson.
No result details.

July 01 Wednesday
The Herald football reporter replied in a letter to the editor of newspaper paper.
"Sir, - I am very sorry that I was not correct in stating that Carlton only played with seventeen men in the match Carlton v North Melbourne. The way that I got the number was by speaking to one of the Carlton players about the way the Carlton were playing, and he told me that they could only muster seventeen, as none of the players seemd to know anything about the game until late on Saturday. If the Carlton had their full twenty, all that I can say is that the North Melbourne men deserve praise for the way they played. - Yours &c, SPOTTY.
1st. July

July 04
Carlton played Richmond at Royal Park.
A crowd of about 2,000 watched a very one sided match.
The Blues lost the toss and kicked to the eastern goal.
"Dalton who was playing left wing well forward, obtained a mark, and finished by placing a magnificently kicked goal to the credit of the blue caps." Play then stagnated for 10 minutes with Richmond unable to get the ball past the centre of the ground.
".... the ball went again up close to the Richmond goal, and was knocked about in close proximity to the goal posts, the besiegers frustrating each attempt successfully, until Dedman, picking up the ball, and gliding in a snake-like fashion through the bewildered and huddled-up players placed goal No.2 to the credit of Carlton." (Trove; Leader July 11 p11)
Carlton team; (20 named)
Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Duncan, Gardiner, Goer, A. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, Kendall, Lacey, J. Macgibbon (Vice capt.), McGill, O'Brien, Robertson, Rix, Swallow, H. Williams, W. Williams.
Umpire; W. 'Bill' Newing
Carlton won; 3-0
Goals; Dedman, Dalton, Donovan.

Carlton Reserves played North Melbourne in Royal Park.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Abbott, Amess, Carr, Cullen, Dismorr, Downing, Duckett, English, Henderson, Hipe, Jones, Jones, Long, Monie, McRae, Nathan, Nudd, Page, F. Power, T. P. Power, Robertson, James Toohey (Capt.), P. Toohey, G. Waugh, Williams, Williamson.
Carlton won; 1-0.
Goal; F. Power

July 11
Carlton played Albert Park at Albert Park.
The Blues met at the Town Hall at 2.15pm
Crowd; 3,000 inspite of the cold and threatening weather.
Chessell of Albert Park won the toss and kicked from the northern goal aided by a strong wind.
In a tough match Carlton were the better side, but failed to score.
Donovan kicked the ball between the posts but the ball bounced back off spectators hands into play and no goal was given.
"Lacey in particular performed prodigies of skill and effective play, and the manner in which he dodged ball in hand through the very arms of his antagonists and then secured his kick was scientific football. The beauty of his play is that upon which ever side he is compelled to turn his kick is equally effective, either from the left or right leg. An unflagging worker, a good runner and dodger, and above all possessed with judgment and fine temper, he is at present perhaps the best player in Victoria." (Trove; Leader July 18 p11)
"When the Carlton players were in the cabs ready to start for town, the park players gave them three cheers, which were returned by Carlton." (Herald July 13 p3)
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Blanshard, Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, Goer, T. Kennedy, Kendall, Lacey, Moonie/Monie, Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, Newing, O'Brien, Rix, Robertson, Wallace, W. Williams.
Emerg. A. Kennedy
Match drawn; 0-0.
Players mentioned; Donovan, Monie, Dedman, Dalton, Lacey, Gardiner, Blanshard, Kendall, McGill, Macgibbon, Robertson, Adam Kennedy, Wallace,

Carlton Reserves played St.Kilda at Royal Park.
St. Kilda did not arrive until 3.15pm & the game did not commence until 4pm.
The Blues kicked with the wind in the first half and had the better of the play for most of the match.
Carlton team; (27 named)
Abbott, Amess, Amess, Carr, Cullen, Downing, Duckett, Dealy, Hipe, Jones, Jones, Long, Monie, Muir, McRae, Nathan, Nudd, Page, Power, Power, Robertson, Timms, Toohey (Capt.), Toohey, Waugh, Williams, Williams.
Match drawn; 0 - 0
Players mentioned; Power, Williams, Kennedy, Rudd, Williamson, Toohey.

July 13 Monday
The Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers (p115);


"The Australians inherit that fondness for out-door and athletic pastimes which is one of the leading characteristics of a Britisher, and in Victoria in particular this fact is very strongly marked. In summer months cricket is pursued with an amount of ardor and enthusiasm which cannot be exceeded by the votaries of the game in England, and the more robust sport of football in the winter months is the most popular means of recreation and amusement for young men of the colony.
The public are very partial to the game, and flock in thousands to witness the best matches of the season, which are played in the numerous parks with which Melbourne is so bounteously supplied. It is considered one of the sights of Melbourne to witness the contest between the Melbourne and Carlton clubs, the two premier clubs of the colony. The combatants keep themselves in good condition for the severe work they have to do, as of all games football is the most trying to the wind and strength, and demands a more than moderate stamina.
The scene depicted in the middle page by our artist is a really excellent and faithful representation of what may take place in any football match.
To view picture, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page5734423
The Melbourne Football First Twenty are playing one of the stronger suburban clubs near Melbourne. The former are dressed in blue jerseys and blue knickerbockers, with red stockings, and red caps. The opposing team have striped guernseys* and white fannel trousers. (-*Possibly Albert Park?)
The ball is near the Melbourne goal, which is hotly besieged by the suburban representatives, three of whom have the ball to themselves. The best kicker of their number is preparing to execute his kick towards the goal, about fifty yards away, through the posts of which he has to send the ball. A heavy-weight knickerbocker, however, comes to the rescue, and charges right through the three. His immense weight, and the impetus with which he strikes his opponents, sends them "to grass" while the third one, who has just raised his foot in the air to kick the ball, knocked off his balance by the arm of his assailant. In hot haste one of the suburban men runs up, and has placed his hand on the shoulder of the stalwart knickerbocker, and is just prepared to give him a vigorous shove from behind. Then again there is another man coming to assist his comrade. The player in a stooping position is the suburban "goal sneak," so called because he sneaks on the outskirts of a melee to catch the ball if it should come his way, and run towards the goal to kick it through. He is generally a safe kick, and a speedy runner, so that if he once gets the ball in hand the chances are he will obtain a goal for his side. The player with the outstretched arms has rushed to the front, in order to stop the ball in it's flight towards goal, while behind him are two other players who have to defend the goal.
The central umpire is standing by watching the play, in order to see that the game is played in accordance with the rules. Occasionally there is an infringement when he awards a "free kick" to the side on which the erring player is opposed. But the game is so well understood, and played in such a manly and good spirited way, that it is but rarely that he is called upon to exercise his functions.
Though the game is a very rough one, in which many hard knocks are given and taken, it is very seldom, indeed, loss of temper on the part of the players is noticeable. At the termination of a hard fought contest, victors and vanquished assemble and give three cheers for each other, and depart to their homes satisfied with their day's enjoyment."

July 15 Wednesday


A letter to The Herald.
"Sir, - I was very glad to see in your fair and impartial account of the above match, played last Saturday, that your opinion coincided with my own as to the goal kicked by Donovan in the early part of the game. It is unanimously admitted by all who were near the Carlton goal that it was fairly kicked, and the accident of the ball rebounding from the touch of spectator should not have been allowed to prejudice the Carlton captain, who is as well known to all in the habit of assisting at these sports, relies on might and honor, and does not give way to that clamorous importunity which is so distinguishing a characteristic of the opposing club, and which bore down the umpire's good sense and fairness, and forced him into a glaring wrong decision. It is to be hoped for the sake of justice and fair play that the committee of the Albert Park Club will at once offer to place the result of the match in its proper aspect - a victory for Carlton.

July 18
A letter to The Australasian said of last week's Albert Park match;
"Last Saturday the Carlton captain, Donovan, kicked the ball clean through the posts by at least a foot, the ball striking a spectator and rebounding. Yet the umpire decided it was no goal.
Would it not be an advantage to select an umpire who cannot be accused of either stupidity or partiality?
The Melbourne and Carlton always play the game in a fair, manly, and generous spirit; so it is rather rough on these clubs to have to play against an umpire as well as the ordinary number of of opponents."

July 18
Carlton played Melbourne at Melbourne.
Crowd; in excess of 10,000, "including a very large muster of ladies."
The match was played on the newly fenced Metropolitan Football Ground.
The weather was perfect and the ground was in good condition.
Play began about 3pm.
The Blues won the toss and kicked to the eastern end goal.
Carlton made one change Newing replaced A. Kennedy.
After forty-five minutes of play Dedman received the ball, quickly played on, and put the ball through the goals.
The match was even up until half time when the Blues got on top.
"Lacey was everywhere, and his cool play, combined with great judgment and fine kicking power, made him the acknowledged best player of the day. Newing, also, who had recovered from his accident, showed that his right leg had not lost any of its cunning, and dangerously close he kicked to goal"
"Monie was uncatchable that day, being in fine running trim; and he at length succeeded in putting the ball through the posts, thus giving the second goal to Carlton."
"After the attempt of Towle (Melbourne) the ball was again kicked off, Lanty" O'Brien got hold of it, and by one of his fine rushes, quite in his old style, sent the ball well up towards the Carlton goal sneaks, and it was kept about the right hand corner for some time, the play being very hot." (Australasian July 25 p12)
"Another mark to Dedman, which might have been easily prevented by the Melbourne, and he was again successful in kicking goal, the Melbourne goal-keeper not making the slightest effort to stop the ball a few inches above his head." (Austalasian)
To everyone's surprise, the Blues won, and the match ended at 5.15pm.
"They deserved success, for they went the proper way to work to ensure it. None of their men went in solely for individual effort; each subordinated himself entirely to the interests of the match, the best players of their side sacrificing their own chance of doing something fine just as readily as any of the others. It is this essential feature of the game that the Carlton are so good." (Australasian July 25 p12)
It is this essential feature of the game that the Carlton are so good."
Carlton's marking was a feature of the game and drew much applause.
Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers (August 10 1874 p126);
'The Carltonians ably captained by Donovan, achieved a most decisive victory over the Melbourne men, securing three goals to the latter's one. The Carlton played more in unison than the Melbourne men, who seemed to play each man on his own account. As this is the second time Carlton have beated the Melbourne this season, they are justly entitled to the premier place on the football field."
Jack Donovan was carried off the ground in the arms of cheering Blues barrackers.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Blanshard, Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, Goer, T. Kennedy, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, J. Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, Newing, O'Brien, G. Robertson, Wallace, H. Williams, W. Williams.
Emergencies; Rix, A. Kennedy.
Umpire; O. C. Williams
Carlton won; 3-1. (Half time Carl. 1-0)
Goals; Dedman 2, Monie.
Best; Lacey (BOG), Dedman, Newing, Monie.
Players mentioned; (19) Lacey, Monie, Donovan, O'Brien, Dedman, Gardiner, Newing, McGill, Dismorr, Williams, Guy, Goer, Robertson, Boyle, Wallace, Macgibbon, Dalton, Kendall, Blanshard.

The North Melbourne Advertiser's review of the game. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article71565601

Carlton Second Twenty played Kardinia at Geelong.

July 25
-*Carlton played Local Forces at the Military Reserve/Local Force Ground.
(possibly the Artillery Football Ground, St.Kilda Road, parkland near where Government House is now located.)
The Age and Herald says Carlton were to play Hawthorn in Royal Park.
The Weekly Times August 01 p5 said;
"A match was to have taken place between Carlton and Hawthorn last Saturday in the Royal Park, but the latter did not put in an
appearance, and so the match fell through."
Carlton team; (17 named)
Blanshard, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr**, J. Donovan, Gardiner, Goer, Kendall, A. Kennedy, Lacey, Monie, J. Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill**, O'Brien, Rix**, Robertson, Wallace.
See July 25.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon at Essendon's ground at Flemington.
The team met at the Post Office at 2pm.
An easy victory for Essendon, they hit the goal posts five or six times.
Carlton team; (28 named)
Abbott, Amess, Amess, Aram, Carr, Cullen, Dismore, Duckett, Dealey, Dealey, Hare, Hipe, Jones, Long, Monie, Must, McRae, Nathan, Nudd, J. J. Pashley, Power, Power, Timms, Toohey, Toohey, Waugh, Williams, Williamson.
Carlton lost; 0-2

The Australasian, August 01, said that Carlton 17 were to play Hawthorn on July 25th.
Like North Melbourne a few weeks ago, Hawthorn failed to show up.
The paper said that this is a worrying sign that one or two of the juniors clubs playing only when it suits them.
-*There was no mention of the match against the Local Forces.

.** The Telegraph, St. Kilda, Prahran & South Yarra Guardian (August 01) reporting on the St.Kilda Artillery and Southern Rifles match played opposite St. Mary's Church Dandenong Road, said;
"The rifles, who mustered a strong force, being supplemented by three of Carlton's best first-twenty players - viz, McGill, Dismorr, and Rix - who did very good service for them ..."
These three players had been selected to play in the Carlton match, but maybe this Carlton match did not go ahead.

August 01
Carlton 15 played East Melbourne 18 at the Melbourne ground (Richmond paddock)
A considerable number of people attended despite the cold weather.
An evenly contested match with some excellent play from both sides.
Crowd encroachment onto the the ground during play was a problem.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Blanshard, Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Duncan, Gardiner, Goer, A. Kennedy, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, J. MacGibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, O'Brien, Robertson, Wallace, H. Williams, W. Williams.
Match drawn. 0-0
Players mentioned; Donovan, Dedman, Dalton.

Carlton Second Twenty played Northern at Dight's Paddock, Abbotsford.
No details

August 08
Carlton played St.Kilda at Royal Park.
Crowd; 4,000
Donovan and Dalton did not play.
J. MacGibbon captained the Blues
The ground was very slippery and players had trouble keeping their feet when kicking.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Blanshard, Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Duncan, Goer, Gardiner, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, J. MacGibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, Newing, O'Brien, Rix, Robertson, Wallace, Williams.
Umpire; R. Wallace
Carlton won; 4-0 (Half time 2-0)
Goals; Rix, Dedman, McGill, Monie.
Players mentioned; (15) Goer, Rix, Dedman, Newing, Kendall, McGill, Monie, MacGibbon, Roberston, Gardiner, Lacey, Duncan, Wallace, Dismorr, Blanshard

Carlton Reserves 17 played East Melbourne 20 at Royal Park.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Abbott, Amess, Amess, Aram, Annister, Carr, Cullen, Jonson, Kennedy, Long, Muir, Monie, McRae, Nathan, Nudd, McCormack, Page, Power, T. P. Power (Vice Capt.), Robertson, Toohey (Capt.), Varah, Waugh, Williams, Williamson.
Carlton won 4-0
Goals; T. P. Power 2, F. Power 2.

August 15
Carlton played Melbourne at Royal Park.
The Blues gathered at the (Port Phillip) Agricultural Hotel Sydney Road (near the University, possibly Naughton's) at 2.15pm
Crowd; 10,000
The weather was fine and the ground was in good condition, despite some overnight rain.
The Blues were the firm favourites and among the crowd it was a matter of how many goals they will kick.
"Arrangements for the match were incomplete; there not even being posts to show the line of the boundary at the beginning of the game."
Carlton kicked with the wind which died in the second half.
Melbourne played well early in the second half with the wind, & looked to overun the Blues, but the wind dropped and Carlton were better in the latter stages of the game.
Harry Boyle playing as goal keeper marked three Melbourne shots on goal within three minutes.
Once the wind abated;
"Donovan and Co. having now to contend with men whom the elements have now deserted, and are enabled by short marks, long runs, and other Carlton peculiarities, to carry the cause of war (the ball) to their opponents' very portal to wit their goal, where Goer makes a mark and kicks another goal for Carlton.
The third goal was fairly kicked by the captain Donovan, but the Melbourne umpire disallowed it.
The central umpire overuled, and the goal was given to Carlton."
Crowd encroachment was again a problem with the playing area reduced to just 40 yards during the second half.
Melbourne were disadvantaged by the pro Carlton crowd who crowded their players and obscured Melbourne's goal.
Dedman did not play.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Boyle, Blanshard, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, Goer, Guy, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, J. Macgibbon (Vice capt.), McGill, Newing, O'Brien, Rix, G. Robertson, Wallace, Williams.
Umpire; Fred Baker
Carlton won 3-1. (Half time 1-0)
Goals; Dismorr, Goer, Donovan,
Players mentioned; (15) Goer, Blanshard, Dismorr, Donovan, Lacey, Guy, Monie, O'Brien, Gardiner, McGill, Newing, Boyle, Macgibbon, Kendall, Robertson,.

Carlton Reserves played Southern Rifles at Fawkner Park.
No details

August 22
The Railway Commissioners announced that 20 or more footballers travelling on trains will have their fares reduced to the holiday excusion fare.
Melbourne will be the first club to benefit from the new fares as this day they travel to Maryborough.

August 22
Carlton played Albert Park at Royal Park.
Theatening rain and a gusty northerly wind was blowing.
Donovan won the toss and kicked with the aid of the breeze to the western goal.
The wind picked up in the second half, Boyle's height enabled him to touch the ball as it was going through and he saved a certain goal.
W. Bracken played for the Alberts.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Donovan (Capt.) Macgibbon, Boyle, Blanchard, Dedman, Dalton, Dismorr, Gardiner, Guy, Goer, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, McGill, N. Newing, O'Brien, Rix, Robertson, Wallace, and Williams.
Emergency; Williamson
Umpire; Searcy.
Result; Draw 0-0.
Players mentioned; (13) Dedman, Lacey, Donovan, Macgibbon, Blanshard, Boyle, Dismorr, Newing, Monie, McGill, Goer, Guy, Gardiner.
There was a controversial "no goal" decision which resulted in letters to The Argus.
Carlton Captain J. Donovan replied with a letter of his own.
To read Donovan's letter,
Click Here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article5877290

Carlton Reserves played St.Kilda at St.Kilda.
Carlton won; 1 - 0
Goal; F. Power

August 29
Carlton played Richmond in Richmond Paddock.
Melbourne's "gravel pit" ground seems like a billiard table compared to the Richmond Paddock.
The boundaries were not marked. It was very hard to define the playing area from players, spectators, and trees. The playing ground was very rough.
"But rough or smooth is all one for Carlton, who have grown so accustomed to victory that they never dream of defeat."
William Newing did not play, he umpired the North Melbourne vs St. Kilda match in Royal Park.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Blanshard, Boyle, Dedman, Dalton, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, Goer, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, J. Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, Newing, O'Brien, Rix, Robertson, Wallace, Williams, Williamson.
Carlton won; 4-0
Goal scorers; no details.
Player mentioned; Lacey.

Carlton Reserves played Hawthorn at Grace Park, Hawthorn.
The players met at the Town Hall at 2.05 pm
Carlton team; (25 named)
Abbott, Amess, Amess, Carr, Dealy, Fletcher, Glennon, Jones, Kennedy, Lamond, Long, Muir, Monie, McRae, McCormack, Nathan, Nudd, Page, F. Power, T. P. Power (Vice Capt.), Robertson, Toohey, Toohey (Capt.), Williams, Williamson
Carlton won; 2-1.
Goals; F. Power 2

September 05
Carlton played North Melbourne at Royal Park.
North had only lost one match this season to Melbourne.
It seems that they thought of themselves as if not the best club in the colony, then very close to it.
Match brought to a termination after 20 mintues of play.
The Argus says it has two contradictary accounts of the reason for the abrupt conclusion, but does not elaborate. (see report top of page)
The Australasian says;
"The first disturbance was caused by one of the North Melbourne threatening to strike Donovan, and shortly afterwards rabbiting him. A few minutes after one of the North Melbourne wanted to fight another Carlton man. This caused a stoppage. The central umpire refused to act any longer, as he was disgusted, because of the North Melbourne making offensive remarks as to his decisions.
The game was therefore put to an end by the Carlton refusing to play any longer."
Carlton does not intend to play North Melbourne next season and hopes the other senior clubs will follow suit.
The Age;
"However a disgraceful row ensued before any goal was kicked; and the field umpire, finding his decisions no longer treated with respect, left the ground in disgust; while the Carlton players, fearing that something more serious would arise, wisely left the field.
From all accounts of the affair it would appear that the North Melbourne men were wholly to blame in the matter, and that the behavior of some of their supporters was quite unpardonable."
Carlton team; (20 named*)
Blanshard, Boyle, Dalton, Dedman, Dismorr, J. Donovan (Capt.), Gardiner, Goer, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, J. MacGibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, Newing, O'Brien, Rix, Robertson, H. Williams, W. Williams, Williamson. *The Herald also named Wallace.
To read the North Melbourne Advertiser's account of the match, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article71565816

Carlton Reserves played Brunswick at Royal Park.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Abbott, Amess, Amess, Aram, Carr, Dealy, Fletcher, Hipe, Kennedy, Lamond, Long, Jones, Jones, Monie, McRae, McCormack, Nudd, Nash, Page, F. Power, T. P. Power (Vice capt.), Robertson, Toohey (Capt.), Vale, Williams.

September 12
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda.
A large crowd in attendance.
St. Kilda won the toss and the game commenced at 3.15pm.
One of the best fought games of the season.
Goal for goal, the Blues equalised minutes before time was called.
Carlton team;
Donovan (Capt.), Macgibbon, Blanchard, Boyle, Dedman, Dismorr, Dalton, Gardiner, W. Grey/Guy?, Goer, Kendall, Lacey, Monie, McGill, Nudd, Newing, O'Brien, Robertson, Rix, Williams, and Williamson.
Umpire; Hammill
Match drawn 2-2 (Half time Carl. 0-1)
Goal scorers; Goer, Dedman.
Players mentioned; (6) Donovan, Dismorr, Lacey, Guy, Goer, Dedman.

Carlton Reserves played Elwood Football Club at Elsternwick.
Carlton won 2-0
Goals; Duncan, McRae.

September 19
Carlton played Melbourne at Melbourne.
A large crowd of 10,000 attended.
Melbourne were missing a few of their better players.
Donovan won the toss and kicked to the Richmond end with the breeze.
Play commenced at 3pm.
The Blues had a slight advantage with the wind, and after an hour, just before half time Dedman scored. The wind blew the dust reducing visibility.
Rain at the break then delayed the start of the game, and made playing difficult.
The players and spectators then had to endure a tremendous hail storm.
The wind died somewhat in the second half, Melbourne had plently of chances of scoring goals with many attempts just missing.
They were throughly wet, interest flagged somewhat and the time was called at 5.15pm sharp.
Two goals, one to each side, were disallowed.
Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers (October 01 1874 p167);
"The only goal kicked during the afternoon was obtained by Carlton, who were therefore declared the victors for the fourth time this season, and the champion football club of the colony."
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
J. Blanshard, H. Boyle, Bill Dalton, J. H. Dismorr, W. Dedman, J. Donovan (Capt.), J. H. Guy, W. Goer, J. Gardiner, J. Kendall, W. Lacey, W. Monie, J. Macgibbon (Vice Capt.), McGill, W. 'Bill' Newing, O'Brien, W. Rix, G. Robertson, W. Williams, Williamson.
Emergency; T. Kennedy
Umpire; Searcy.
Carlton won; 1-0. (Half time Carl. 1-0)
Goals; Dedman.
Players mentioned; (12) Blanchard, McGill, Williamson, Monie, Kendall, Dedman, Gardiner, Lacey, Macgibbon, O'Brien, Guy, Donovan.

September 26


Carlton played Geelong at the Argyle Square Ground.
The team met at Spencer Street Station at 11am.
The train departed at 11.30am arriving at Geelong at 1.30pm!
"The monotony of two hour's journey on anything but a smooth line was enlived by a hilarious merriment of fifty Carltonians on pleasure bent. Arrived at Geelong, the visitors wound their way to the Argyle Hotel, (in the neighbourhood of the football ground) where a luncheon was provided by the liberality of the Geelong football club. The work of demolition concluded, the players donned their football plumage and having obtained a ball proceeded to test the playing ground. The unanimous verdict was that it was very small but, considering that heavy rain had fallen during the morning the surface was tolerably firm and dry."
Crowd; 3,000.
Play began at 3pm after Donovan had won the toss and the Blues kicked to the western goal.
A well contested match with Geelong playing skilfully, the Blues were too active and used their weight effectively.
Blanschard and Monie did not play.
Donovan had a shot at goal but miscued. From the kick in McGill marked the ball. He played on running outside of his mark and kicked accurately for the Blues' first goal.
Harry Guy in the second half, on the run beat his opponents and kicked a goal which bounced over the head of the goal-keeper and went through. "First hop" cries Harry, amid much laughter and chaffing.
Billy Lacey was the best player on the ground with the Geelong Advertiser saying that he was the best player seen in Geelong for many years.
"The Carlton men are smart in more ways than at football; for if they won't take our lads away they have no objections to a pretty 'lassie,' for one of their best men after playing all afternoon was married at eight o'clock, and at nine was on the road back to Melbourne with his blooming bride. Bravo Carlton!" (Geelong Advertiser September 28 p3)
This was the marriage of Jack/John Gardiner to Anna Sidley.
At Geelong on 26 September, John, eldest son of James Gardiner of Spring-street to Anna, second daughter of the late Issac Sidley. (Leader Oct 24 p25)
Umpire; Prof. Reichmann
Carlton team; (22 named)
Blanshard, Boyle, Donovan, Dalton, Dismorr, Dedman, Gardiner, Goer, Guy, Kendall, Kennedy, Lacey, Monie, McGill, Macgibbon, Newing, Nudd, O'Brien, Rix, Robertson, Williams, Williamson.
Carlton won; 2 - 0 (Half time 1 - 0)
Goals; McGill, Guy.
Players mentioned; (20) Donovan, Newing, Lacey, Gardiner, Dedman, Goer, Macgibbon, Dismorr, Boyle, Dalton, Williams, Kendall, Kennedy, Nudd, Guy, McGill, O'Brien, Rix, Robertson, Willamson.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty was to play Hawthorn at Royal Park.
The match was cancelled because most of Carlton's Second Twenty team travelled to Geelong with the First Twenty.

September 29 Tuesday
A Carlton Football Club meeting was held at the Carlton Club Hotel for enteries in the club's sports day on October 10.
The trophies and prizes were put on display at Isard's in Swanston Street.

October 03
Carlton played North Melbourne at Royal Park?
No details have yet been found.
After the last meeting of these two clubs on September 5, Carlton refused to play North again this season.
It is very doubtful that this match took place.

Carlton Second Twenty played Brunswick at Brunswick

October 03


The Age (p7) published the list of Carlton Club members (72) who are taking part in the Carlton Sports Day.

First Twenty Drop Kick;

R. Amess, J. Blanchard, H. Boyle, Bill Dalton, W. H. J. Dedman, J. S. Dismorr, J. Donovan, Dr. J. C. Duncan, J. Gardiner, W. Goer, J. H. Guy, J. Kendall, A. Kennedy, G. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, W. Lacey, J. Macgibbon, G. McGill, W. Monie, W. 'Bill' Newing, G. Robertson, H. J. Rix, W. Williams, E. Williamson.

Second Twenty Drop Kick;

J. R. Duncan, D. Jones, W. Lamond, S. Muir, H. Nudd, F. Power, T. P. Power, R. Robertson, V. Robertson, R. Thompson, James Toohey, F. Williams.

Drop Kick For Non Playing Members;

J. Amess, A. J. Azzopardi, J. Brisbane, W. Browning, C. Donovan, J. Glennon, L. Grant, A. W. McHarg, R. Richardson, A. Webster, E. M. Wren,

Non-Playing Members;

J. Amess, A. J. Azzopardi, J. Brisbane, W. Browning, H. Davy, C. Donovan, A. Garratt, J. Glennon, L. Grant, W. Guy, C. McFarland, T. McFarland, A. W. McHarg, R. Richardson, A. Taaffe, R. Wallace, A. Webster, E. M. Wren, C. Wynne.
Other members, (Playing and non playing);
J. Bentley, C. Cavanagh, J. Dean, C. Duckett, A. Fulton, J. Hewston, Billy Hipe, A. Jones, L. Jones, C. Monie, O. T. L. O'Brien, F. Needham, J. J. Pashley, C. Straker, J. Tercy, R. Thompson, J. Walls

100 Yards Handicap Flat Race;

E. Williamson (scratch), L. Grant (2 yards), W. Guy (2 yards), C. Monie (3 yards), A. Jones (3 yards), J. Bentley (3 yards), J. Kendall (4 yards), J. Duncan (4 yards), A. Fulton (4 yards), C. Straker (5 yards), F. Williams (6 yards), R. Thompson (6 yards), T. P. Power (6 yards), A. Azzopardi (6 yards), J. Blanchard (6 yards), R. Wallace (6 yards), L. Jones (7 yards), R. Amess (7 yards), W. Lacey (7 yards), C. Duckett (8 yards), T. Kennedy (8 yards).

150 Yards Handicap Flat Race;

Billy Hipe (scratch), J. H. Guy (2 yards), W. Monie (3 yards), Bill Dalton (5 yards), E. Williamson (5 yards), J. J. Pashley (6 yards), C. Monie (6 yards), J. Macgibbon (6 yards), J. Donovan (6 yards), H. Boyle (6 yards), J. Kendall (8 yards), R. Amess (12 yards), T. P. Power (12 yards), C. Duckett (13 yards).

300 Yard Hadicap Flat Race;

Billy Hipe (scratch), J. H. Guy (4 yards), A. Taaffe (4 yards), W. Monie (5 yards), C. Wynnne (6 yards), Bill Dalton (8 yards), L. Grant (9 yards), J. Macgibbon (9 yards), C. Monie (9 yards), W. Guy (10 yards), A. Kennedy (14 yards), J. Blanchard (16 yards), T. P. Power (18 yards), R. Amess (18 yards).

440 Yards Handicap, for Members of the First Twenty;

J. H. Guy (scratch), W. Monie (5 yards), E. Wiliamson (5 yards), J. Macgibbon (7 yards), H. Boyle (12 yards), J. S. Dismorr (14 yards), J. Gardiner (14 yards), J. Donovan (15 yards), W. Lacey (18 yards), A. Kennedy (20 yards), J. Blanchard (23 yards), R. Amess (23 yards), W. Newing (25 yards).

One Mile Handicap Race;

Billy Hipe (scratch), J. Pashley (15 yards), C. Monie (45 yards), A. Fulton (80 yards), F. Needham (100 yards), D. Jones (100 yards), R. Thompson (100 yards), R. Amess (100 yards).

100 Yards Married Members' Race;

J. H.Guy (scratch), A. Garratt (3 yards), J. Gardiner (4 yards), J. Donovan (4 yards), W. Guy (4 yards), A. Jones (4 yards), T. McFarlane (4 yards), C. Straker (6 yards), W. Williams (7 yards), O. T. L. O'Brien (7 yards), R. Robertson (7 yards), D. Jones (7 yards), T. P. Power (8 yards), J. Hewston (9 yards), G. Kennedy (11 yards), C. Duckett (11 yards), J. Tercy (11 yards), C. Cavanagh (12 yards), J. Walls (14 yards).

150 Yards Running With The Ball;

Bill Dalton, J. S. Dismorr, J. Donovan, J. R. Duncan, J. Gardiner, J. H. Guy, W. Lacey, J. Macgibbon, W. Monie, W. Newing, E. Williamson.

October 10


"First on the list having distanced all competitors, who has gone through the year as in 1873, without a single defeat, beating Melbourne four times in succession, and altogether experiencing a season unrivalled in the annals of Victorian football, and I question if such play as they showed in the match with Melbourne on 18th. July was ever seen here. The present position of the club is in large measure owing to the zeal, tact, and ability of the worthy secretary Mr. T. P. Power (Tom Power), the Runting of the northern district, while the success in the field is mainly attributable to their play together.
Their fleetness and endurance, their strong esprit de corps, which always sacrifices to higher considerations - "Not that they love Caesar less, but that they love Rome more," - and the manner that they are handled by Donovan and his lieutenant, McGibbon.
Lacey - may his shadow never be less - a mere colt of last year, has developed into the finest centre player the colony has developed, and Smith says, "take him for all in all we shall not quickly look upon his like again."
Guy, nowhere out of place, as a back man is unequalled, and Monie, that marvel of speed, Gardiner and McGibbon, have shown their merit in many a well won fight.
The names of Donovan, Wallace, Blanchard, and McGill are a tower of strength, and Newing, Dalton, Dismorr, Kendall and Robertson have proved themselves good men and true. As a goal sneak Dedman has outstripped all comers during the year, fourteen of the thirty-three goals kicked by Carlton being credited to his skill and judgment, while Goer has also acquitted himself well in this respect, in playing forward.
If anyone doubts whether good play or good luck elevated this club to its exalted position, let him read, mark and inwardly digest the following table: -
1874 season - Leader newspaper

The most conspicuous members of the second twenty, which would do well to emulate the example of its seniors, are Williamson and Knudd/ (R. Kidd?), fit for any first team, and R. Amess, Toohey, H. Power, A. Amess and Nathan.
In concluding this brief resume of the past year, let me simply hope the season of 1875 will be a yet more brilliant one; that the features of improvement now apparent will be continued, all offensive elements discarded, and the game played in that fair and friendly spirit which should distinguish very true Briton."

October 10


At the University ground
Attendance; 600-700
The weather was fine and the ground was in good condition.
Prizes were presented that evening at the Carlton Club Hotel.

100 Yard Married Members' Race;

1. J. H. Guy (scratch), 2. C. Duckett (11 yards)
Winning Time; 11 seconds

150 Yard Handicap For Playing Members;

Prize; Mr. Chas. Cavanagh's/Kavanagh Cup (manager of Melbourne's Theatre Royal)
1. Billy Hipe, 2. Bill Dalton, 3. W. Monie.
Winning time; 15.5 seconds

150 Yard Handicap For Non Playing Members;

1. C. Donovan, 2. R. Wallace 3. J. Amess
"Notwithstanding the excellent runners against him - Taaffe, Wynne and Davy - Donovan, jun., ran gamely and won, closely followed by Amess, jun. (16 yards start) who succumbed to Wallace just on the tape." (Leader October 17 p12)
Winning Time; 16.5 seconds.

100 Yard Flat Race; For members who had never won an advertised race.

1. C. Monie, 2. W. Lacey
Winning Time; 11 seconds

300 Yard Handicap Flat Race;

Prize; Messrs McFarlane & Son's Gift
1. Billy Hipe, 2. C. Monie, 3. J. Blanschard
"Blanchard led up to within a few yards of the winning post, when Hipe and Monie passed him. Blanschard, who did not run in the usual running garb, was placed at a disadvantage, otherwise he must have won. His fellow members presented him with a special prize." (Leader October 17)
Winning Time; 34.5 seconds

440 Yard Handicap For First Twenty;

Prize; Dr. J. Duncan's Cup
1. J. Donovan, 2. J. H. Guy.
"Mr. J. H. Guy was warm favorite but failed to make up the start conceded.
Donovan astonished all on the ground by his plucky and determined style of running, and was warmly congratulated at the finish." (Leader October 17)
Winning Time; 54 seconds

150 Yards Running With The Ball: (competitors had to bounce the ball at least 9 times in the distance)

Prize; Mr. R. Robertson's Gift
1. W. Monie, 2. J. H. Guy. 3. Lacey, 4. Newing
J. Macgibbon lost control of the ball close to the finishing tape.

One Mile Handicap Flat Race;

R. Thompson (100 yards), J. Pashley (15 yards)
Winning Time; 4 minutes 58 seconds

Drop Kick For First Twenty;

Prize; Mr A. Sim's Gift
1. Dr. J. C. Duncan 56yds 9in; 2. Bill Dalton 54yds 6in;

Drop Kick For Second Twenty;

1. H. Nudd 56yds 2ft. 9in; 2. T. P. Power 52yds;
Tom Power's best kick went out of bounds and Harry Nudd secured the prize with his final kick.

Drop Kick For Non Playing Members;

R. Richardson 41 yards, J. Amess 40 yards.

Trophies and prizes were presented that evening at the annual dinner held at the Carlton Club Hotel.
Carlton president Mr. R. Robertson was in the chair for the evening.
(The Age Oct 12 p2)

1874 Premiers. Carlton, 2. Melbourne, 3. St.Kilda.

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