Season 1885



Carlton Captain. J. Baker.
Vice Captain. F. Johnson.
President. R. Robertson.
Secretary. W. Donaldson.
VFA Delegates: T. S. Marshall & W. C. Donaldson.
Home Ground. Princes Oval.
Games Played. 23. Won 13. Lost 8. Drew 2.
Goals Scored. 73 for. 61 against.
Top goal scorer; Jack Baker 20.

Far Right: Carlton Captain Jack Baker
Right: Vice Captain Frank Johnson

New players for 1885.

Leydin from The Avenue;
McDonald from The Avenue
W.Alex Mair , J. J. Creevy and A.A. Wilson from Star of Carlton,
Billy Strickland from Brunswick
Newing from Brunswick
W. Read from Toorak,
Ulmer from Moonee Ponds
M. J. Breen and John Eadie from Sunbury
Merryman from South Melbourne.
Grieve from Sunbury.

Richmond and University admitted to the Association as senior clubs.

V.F.A. changed the game to 4 quarters to give sides better use of a wind advantage.

Carlton played and defeated a Carlton Star 23 side.

Then on May 2nd.
Carlton 6.14 defeated Melbourne 1.7 before a crowd of 8,000.
One report said;
"Though the most ardent friends of Melbourne and Carlton can hardly claim for them the merit and prestige of bygone days, their matches still possess a charm for the public."

Carlton had an indifferent year beginning well, but form fell away as it's wins were followed by losses.
Losses included South Melbourne twice, Williamstown, Essendon, and Hotham.

Fitzroy defeated Carlton 8.12 to 2.3
Carlton defeated Fitzroy 2.8 to 1.7
Fitzroy defeated Carlton 2.4 to 1.9

1885. Premiers.South Melbourne, 2. Essendon, 3. Geelong, 4. Carlton.

1885 Ladder

PosTeamPlayedWinsLossesDrawsGoals ForGoals Against
1South Melbourne25220315838

OpponentPlayedWonLostDrawnGoals ForGoals Against
South Melbourne202037


1885 Fixture

April 25 vs Star of Carlton at Princes Oval.

May 02 vs Melbourne at M.C.G.
.....09 vs South Melbourne at S.M.C.G.
.....16 vs Fitzroy at M.C.G.
.....23 No matches.
.....30 vs Hotham at Hotham Recreation Reserve.

June 06 vs Williamstown at Williamstown.
......13 vs Ballarat at M.C.G.
......20 vs Richmond at Richmond.
......27 vs Melbourne at M.C.G.

July 04 vs Fitzroy at Fitzroy.
......11 vs Essendon at M.C.G.
......18 vs Geelong at E.M.C.G.
......25 vs University at University.

Aug. 01 vs Richmond at Princes Oval.
......08 vs Essendon at E.M.C.G.
......15 vs Williamstown at Princes Oval.
......22 vs Geelong at Geelong.
......29 vs Melbourne at Friendly Societies' Ground.

Sept. 05 vs South Melbourne at Princes Oval.
......12 vs Hotham at Princes Oval.
......19 vs Univesity at Princes Oval.
......26 vs Fitzroy at Fitzroy.


1885 The Melbourne Football Club lose their ground in Yarra Park, and a separate Melbourne Football Ground was established at the Friendly Societies Ground, where Olympic Park, now the Lexus Centre is today.
Melbourne would not play it's home games at the M.C.G. until 1890.

1885 Carlton play their first home matches on the M.C.G.

1885 Carlton teams.
Some details are missing, if anyone has these please contact Blueseum.

January 30 Friday
The North Melbourne Advertiser published the details of the Town Council meeting of the proposal to alter the name from the of Town of Hotham to that of North Melbourne.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article66154307
Hotham Football Club would change it's name to North Melbourne in 1888.

March 27 Friday
Carlton F. C. AGM held at the Carlton Orderly Room.
Mr. R. Robertson presided.
The balance sheet showed a credit balance of £59 14s 11d ($119.49) as against a debit balance the previous year.
Second twenty medals presented to C. Jackson and C. Carter.
Mr. Cook's prize for excellence in play went to M. Lemmon.
Illuminated addresses were presented to Messrs. S. Bloomfield, F. Spear, and J. Melville, for recognition of their services in the first twenty.
The Treasurer, Mr. Hearne received a gold watch and an illuminated address for his services to the club.
Mr. T. P. Power was presented with the Challenge Cup won by the club in 1871.
Office bearers were elected;
Patrons; Messrs, J. Pigdon, E. Latham, and J. Bell.
President; Mr. R. Robertson.
Hon Sec. Mr. W. C. Donaldson.
Treasurer; Mr. M. B. Hearne.
Captain; Mr. J. Baker.
Vice captain; Mr. F. Johnston.

March 28
V.F.A. meeting held at Young and Jackson's Hotel.
Richmond and University are to be admitted into the Association as senior clubs.
University's colours are blue and black.
May 2 will be the opening day of the 1885 season.
After July 4, Melbourne will play it's games on The Friendly Societies Ground.

March 28


"It is to hoped that the members of the Carlton club will be successful in their efforts to secure a new ground on Princes-park. The old ground, small as it is, will be further encroached upon shortly by the civic authorities, and the members are working up all the influence they can to obtain a fresh site, so that the large and populous district may have a ground worthy of the neighbourhood. With a first-rate ground, large enough for football purposes, the Carlton club would receive a large influx of members, would net a handsome revenue from football matches, and would thus be enabled to effect improvements which would make the ground an ornament to the locality."
(Australasian p20)

April 01


The Sportsman (p3) in reply to a reader's question about the best training methods for a footballer, said;
"When the Carlton Football Club trained at Professor Miller's Gymnasium they went through the ordinary course of exercise and diet. In addition, however, they were treated to frequent work on the spring board, in order to strengthen the muscles of the legs."

April 18
Carlton held a practice match at Princes Oval.

April 24 Friday

VFA MEETING - Young & Jacksons Hotel

At the first meeting of the VFA for 1885;
"A letter was read from Mr. J. H. Cameron, of the Carlton Football Club, pointing out the dangerous results likely to occur under rule 14 of the Association's laws, which permitted pushing with the hands when the player was in rapid motion within five or six yards of the ball. He suggested that the rule should be altered.
The chairman did not consider it necessary to alter the rules, as the game had been getting less rough every year. The secretary, in order to meet the case, moved that the match committee should perform the functions of the late rules committee, the former committee to consist of Messrs. G. F. Major, Boyd and Rannard.
The motion was duly carried." (Age April 25 p10)
Carlton's VFA delegates for 1885 are T. S. Marshall and W. C. Donaldson.

April 25
Carlton played Star of Carlton (23) at Princes Oval.
Many of the new players played well.
Boyd of the Launceston Club "shone out prominently" for the Blues.
Crowd; about 1,000.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Baker (Capt.), Breen, Boyd, Cook, Carsons, Carter, J. Creevy, Dunn, Drew, John Eadie, Fitzpatrick, Hyland, Johnston (Vice Capt.), Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Jos. Rickards, W. Read, Regan, Spear, Ulmer, Watling, Whelan
Umpire; E. Murphy.
Carlton won; 3.10 - 0.4 (Half time 2 - 0)
Goals; Breen 2, Whelan
Players mentioned; (12) Baker, Breen (ex Sunbury), Boyd, Carter, Cook, Creevy (ex Star of Carlton), Drew, O'Berne, Regan, J. Rickards, Whelan, Watling,

May 02
The comings and goings for 1885 at Carlton.


Fleming to Essendon.
Kelly to University.
George Smith to Richmond.
Bloomfield has gone to N.S.W.
Randall has retired.


J. Creevy, Alex Mair, A. Wilson, Dunn and McInerney from the Star of Carlton.
Leydin from The Avenue.
W. Strickland from Brunswick.
Newing from Brunswick.
W. Read from Toorak.
Ulmer from Moonee Ponds.
Breen and W. John Eadie from Sunbury.
Merryman from South Melbourne.
Watling from South Australia.
McDonald from The Avenue.
Regan from Williamstown.

"These should go far to filling up any gaps that may arise in the ranks through present or future defections, or inefficiency on the part of the old players, and help to maintain the reputation of the old club."
wstrickland 1907.jpg
May 02
Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 9,000.
All vantage points were packed and the goals were pitched east-west.
Carlton winning the toss kicked to the western end.
New player W. Strickland picked up a lot of possessions because the guernsey he wore had red facings on it, which was confusing, and at times he was thought to be a Melbourne player.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Capt.), Breen, J. Creevy, Cook, T. Cameron, J. Cameron, Crapp, Carew, Drew, Hyland, Joyce, Johnstone (Vice Capt.), Alex Mair, O'Bern, W. Read, Rickards, Strickland, Watting/Watling, A. Wilson, A. Whelan.
Emergencies; Boyd, McInernay, Dunn.
Umpire; T or F. Nally, Essendon.
Carlton won; 6.14 - 1.7 (Half time Carl. 3.10 - Melb. 0.1)
Goals; Baker 3, A. A. Wilson 2, Cameron.
Best; Baker, Cameron, Johnstone, O'Bern, Strickland, Wilson.
New players; Breen from the Sunbury club; J. Creevy, Crapp, Alex Mair, and A. A. Wilson from the Star of Carlton; W. Read from the South Yarra club; Watling from South Australia, Cameron brothers returning after resting for a season; W. Strickland from the Brunswick club.
Players mentioned; (19) J. Baker, Breen, Cameron, T. Cameron, Cook, Crapp, J. Creevy, Drew, Hyland, Johnston, Joyce, Alex Mair, O'Bern, W. Read, Rickards, W. Strickland, Watling, A. A. Wilson, Whelan,

Carlton Second Twenty played Royal Park on the Oval (Princes Oval?)
Carlton team; (23 named)
Beere, -Charles, Cooly, Cader, Careors/Carsons?, Carter, Dalgliesh, Coulthard, Davy, Elliott, Hadley, Jackson, Lemon, McDonnell, Merryman, Murray, O'Shannessy, Oliver, Rickards Jno; Slattery, Skinner, Urquhart, Woodburn.
Carlton won; 5.8 - 0.0

May 09
"Sixteen thousand spectators attended the two principal football matches played at Melbourne on Saturday last, and all paid at the gates.
Would a fifth of that number be induced to pay in Sydney?"
(Trove: Sydney Mail and NSW Advertiser, P980)

May 09
Carlton played South Melbourne at the South Melbourne C. G.
Play commenced at 3.15pm, ground heavy and weather threatening, but the rain held off.
Crowd; 7,000.
The Sportsman May 13, said; "The South Melbourne fellows looked very gay in their uniforms, with a thin, blood-red stripe on the white."
The Sportsman's reporter had some differing players listed as goal kickers for South compared to other newspaper reporters, and he called for the numbering of players as done for racehorses at Flemington. "Yes, let's stick a big number on them, before and behind - brand 'em."
Former Blue, Hannaysee now with South Melbourne.
New recruit, Breen took a speccy in the second half rising at least a foot above the heads of the other players. He went back and kicked the goal.
Despite the difference in the scores, the Blues played excellent football.
However, the Sportsman said; ".... but the Carlton men will have to give more attention to places, playing together, and little marking if they are to secure a leading position in this year of grace, as football has long passed the days of brilliant individual effort, and is now a science, requiring tact, judgment, discipline, and many other elements for its successful pursuit."
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker, Breen, Cook, J. Creevy, Crapp, T. Cameron, J. Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Johnston, Joyce, Alex Mair, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Regan, Ulmer, Watling, A. Wilson, Whelan.
Emergencies; McInernay, Dunn, Carter.
Umpire; C. W. Dunn, ex South Yarra.
Carlton lost; 2.7 - 4.12 (Half time Carl. 1.2 - Sth. Melb. 0.5)
Goals; Breen 2.
Best; Breen, Drew, T. Cameron, Johnston, Hyland.
Players mentioned; (15) Whelan, Cook, Joyce, O'Bern, Strickland, Baker, Breen, Johnston, A. Wilson, Watling, Drew, J. Creevy, Hyland, T. Cameron, J. Cameron.
The Weekly Times May 16 (p4) named the 20 players who played;
Baker, Breen, Creevy, Cook, Crapp, J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Johnston, Joyce, Mair, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Regan, Ulmer, Watling, Wilson and Whelan.

Carlton Seconds played South Melbourne on the Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Beere, Coulthard, Carsons, Cader, Cameron, Cooly, Dunn, Davy, Dalgleish, Elliott, Hadley, Jackson, Lemon, Saunders, Melville, McDonnell, Merryman, Oliver, Richards/Rickards, Slattery
Emergencies; Woodburn, Johnston
Carlton lost 0.6 - 1.2
Best; Fitzgerald, Martin, Rickards, and Coulthard.

May 16
Carlton played Fitzroy on the M.C.G.
Crowd; 10,000.
Half the regular Carlton back line were absent.
Johnston, Crapp, J. Cameron and Watling did not play.
Poor kicking for goal by Fitzroy prevented an even greater defeat.
Carlton team; (21 including emergency)
Baker, Breen, Cook, J. Creevy, Carter, Cameron, J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Dunn, Drew, Hyland, Joyce, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Regan, Reid, Strickland, Whelan, Wilson.
Umpire; H. A. Goding.
Carlton lost; 2.3 - 8.12 (Half time Carl. 1.2 - Fitz. 2.7)
Goals; Carter, Breen.
Best; Baker, Drew, McInerney, Cameron, Hyland, O'Bern.
Players mentioned; (11) Baker, Hyland, Carter, Breen, A. Wilson, Drew, Joyce, McInerney, Cameron, O'Bern, Reid.

Carlton Reserves played Fitzroy at Princes Oval.

May 23
No match.
Carlton players met at Spencer Street (Southern Cross) station at 7pm prior to departure for Kyneton.

May 25 Monday, Queens Birthday Holiday.
Carlton played Kyneton at the Kyneton Racecourse.
The Blues were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd who paraded with the teams through the streets "with the beat of drums and banners flying."
Crowd; 1,000.
The Blues were treated to some choice barracking by the locals.
Baker did not play.
Breen scored the first two goals, and then one from Carter in the first half. Breen scored the first two of the second half goals. These were followed by goals to Carter, Whelan and Breen.
In fact the Kyneton Observer said Breen didn't miss, he kicked 5 goals straight! The newspaper also said Carlton was captained by Rickards jnr.
The teams were entertained at Mr. A. J. Wilson's Commercial Hotel where more than 60 people attended.
Carlton team from; (22 named)
Baker, Breen, Carter, Cook, Crapp, Jas. Cameron, Jno. Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Joyce, Leydin, Lemon, Melville, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Reid, Regan, Strickland, Woods, A. Wilson, Whelan.
Umpire; Walter Murray
Carlton won; 8.12 - 2.5 (Half time Carl. 3.4 - 1.2)
Goals; Breen 5, Carter 2, Whelan.
Players mentioned; Breen, Carter, Whelan, T. Cameron, Drew, Joyce, McNamara, Cook, Rickards?

Carlton Second Twenty played Daylesford at Daylesford
The team met at A. J. Kellys Lygon street at 3pm Saturday or at Spencer Street Station at 3.15pm sharp.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Beere, Cool(y), Connaughton, Carsons, Dunn, Dunn, Davie, Glasscock, Hadley, Jackson, Launders, Merriman, Mair, Nairn, Oliver, O'Shannessy, Slattery, Taylor, Urquhart, Woodburn, Coulthard, Elliott, Dagleish.
Result unknown

May 30
Carlton played Hotham at the Hotham Reserve, North Melbourne.
Crowd; 5,000.
Baker won the toss and kicked with the aid of a strong breeze.
The locals were unlucky not to win as the Blues failed to score after half time.
Melville played.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Breen, Cook, J. Creevy, Crapp, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Joyce, Johnston, Leydin, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Regan, Strickland, Whelan, Wilson.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Match drawn;
Carlton 3.6 - Hotham 3.12 (Half time Carl. 3.6 - 0.2)
Goals; Cameron, Breen, Baker.
Players mentioned; (16) Cameron, Baker, Breen, McInerney, Joyce, Cook, Leydin, Johnston, A. Wilson, Drew, Alex Mair, Whelan, Hyland, Melville, O'Bern, Rickards.

Carlton Second Twenty played Hotham on the Princes Oval.
No details

June 06
"The supporters of Carlton must have had their hearts gladdened on Saturday last as they saw their champions take up their position at the north end of the Hotham Recreational Reserve, as they could hardly have looked for any very satisfactory termination to the game against Hotham had fate relegated to them to the other end. At the close of the first half, however, Carlton, with but three goals to the good, scarcely came up to expectation, but when the local worthies at the finish of their show with the wind had only achieved as much, the partisans of the old club were very much relieved, and cheered their men lustily. The match excited an immense amount of local enthusiasm, the "barracking" by the followers of both sides being a thing to remembered, and the enormous attendance much have cheered the hearts of that long-suffering body the committee of the recreation reserve." (Australasian p21)

June 06
The Australasian writing about the the sixth annual report of Tasmanian Football Association says unsatisfactory relations exist between the Football and the Cricket Associations where the cricket clubs receive 75% of the football gate takings!
A situation if it existed here (Melbourne) would be quickly sorted out.

June 06
Carlton played Williamstown at the Gardens Reserve, Williamstown.
The Villager's colours were yellow and black.
The ground was very muddy after 48 hours of rain.
Both teams were missing prominent players.
Johnson, J. Creevy, Hyland, and Cameron did not play.
Play commenced at 3.35pm.
Baker won the toss and strangely kicked to the southern goal against a strong westerly breeze.
Carlton team; (20 players named)
Baker (capt.), Breen, Cook, Crapp, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Joyce, Leydin, Alex Mair, Melville, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Reid, Strickland, Ulmer, Woods, A. Wilson, Whelan.
Umpire; Thewlis.
Carlton lost; 3.4 - 7.5 (Half time Carl. 2.4 - 3.2)
Goals; Breen, Cameron, Baker.
Players mentioned; (15) Baker, Breen, Crapp, Strickland, Rickards, A. Wilson, Cook, Tom Cameron, Cameron, Melville, Whelan, Joyce, O'Bern, Alex Mair, Drew.

Carlton Second Twenty played Williamstown on Carlton Oval (Princes Oval)
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Beere, Burwood, Coader/Cader?, Carter, Cooly, Coulthard, Dunn, Dunn, Davie, Dalgleish, Hadely, Glasscock, Lemon, Mair, Martin, Merriman, Matheson, Slattery, O'Shannessy, Woodburn
Emergencies; Saunders, Nairn

June 13
Carlton played Ballarat at the M.C.G.
Crowd; only 300 in attendance.
Wet, slippery, conditions did not help the standard of play.
Ballarat were overwhelmed in second half.
By the end of the game all of the players, including the umpire, were wearing a uniform of the same colour, that of mud!
Carlton team; (20 players named)
Baker, Breen, Cook, Crapp, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Joyce, Leydin, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Reid, Strickland, Ulmer, A. Wilson, Woods, Whelan.
Emergency; Melville.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won; 4.15 - 1.3 (Half time Carl. 2.4 - Ballarat 1.3)
Goals; Cameron, A. Wilson, Breen, Leydin.
Players mentioned; (12) Baker, Cameron, O'Bern, Whelan, Reid, Ulmer, Rickards, A. Wilson, Alex Mair, Breen, Leydin, Drew.

Carlton Second Twenty played Royal Park at Royal Park.

June 13
Reported in the Australian Town & Country Journal that the Sydney City Football Club which has only been established a few weeks is in a flourishing condition where many members have already joined the club.

June 20
"Carlton managed to achieve a victory over Ballarat on the Melbourne Cricket-ground by four goals to one, though the relative behinds - 15 to three - would appear to indicate that the result should have been even more pronounced. I suppose last Saturday must have been Carlton's "day out," as their performance the previous one hardly warranted the expectation of such a decided win. In pursuance of the zig-zag character of their performances this season, I suppose we are to expect a good drubbing for them this afternoon at the hands of Richmond." (Australasian p22)

June 20
Carlton played Richmond at the Richmond Cricket Ground.
Richmond's colours are yellow and black.
This was the very first meeting between these clubs.
Crowd; 3,000.
This was the largest attendance yet seen at the ground.
Richmond's inaugural captain was former Blue George Smith
Baker won the toss and Carlton kicked to the southern goal.
The Blues started the match playing 19 men due to the absence of O'Bern, Crapp later replaced him.
Carlton team; (20 players named)
J. Baker (Capt.), Breen, Cook, Cameron, J. Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Joyce, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Reid, Strickland, Ulmer, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergency; Crapp.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won; 5.14 - 2.16 (Half time Carl. 2.10 - Rich. 2.5)
Goals; Baker 4, Read.
Best; Baker, Drew, Whelan, J. Cameron, Alex Mair, Ulmer, Hyland, Knowles.
Players mentioned; (16) Crapp, Baker, J. Cameron, Ulmer, W. Read, Cook, Whelan, Leydin, A. Wilson, Joyce, Drew, Knowles, Breen, Alex Mair, Hyland, Strickland.

June 27
"Carlton managed to secure yet another victory, this time against Richmond on the Richmond Cricket-ground. Surely, there must be some mistake here. A victory over Ballarat was right enough, but surely not over the coming seniors. And this leads me to remark that Carlton, with its waning fame, has much to be thankful for in its leadership, as without that leader last Saturday, where? oh where, would it have been? I think, however, it is about time some of the other lights of the team were bestirring themselves, and bestowing a little more time and attention on the general requirements of the game, before Ichabod is written over the door posts of the old club." (Australasian p22)

June 27,
Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Showery weather and the ground was sodden.
Crowd; 7,000.
Baker won the toss and Carlton kicked to the western goals.
Melville is mentioned playing in The Argus report.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, J. Baker (Capt.), Breen, Cook, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Johnston, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Ulmer, A. Wilson, Woods, Whelan.
Emergencies, Crapp, Melville.
Umpire; W. H. Roy.
Carlton won; 2.14 - 1.8 (Half time Carl. 1.11 - Melb. 1.5)
Goals; Baker, Breen.
Players mentioned; (15) O'Bern, Whelan, Baker, Knowles, Alex Mair, Drew, R. Aitken, Breen, Ulmer, Johnston, Strickland, Cook, Melville, Leydin, Woods.

Carlton Reserves played Melbourne at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Armstrong, Beere, Burwood, Cooly, Coulthard, Dagliesh, Davie, Dunn, Elliott, Forman, Glasscock, Hadely, Lemon, Manly, Martin, Matheson, Merriman, Oliver, O'Shannessy, Woodburn.
Emergency; Connaughten
Carlton Reserves lost; 0.4 - 1.7

V.F.A. Premiership Ladder as at the end of June 1885
1. Essendon
2. South Melbourne
3. Hotham
4. Geelong
5. Williamstown
6. Carlton
7. Richmond
8. Fitzroy
9. Melbourne
10. University

June 27
Former Blue, Alick Coventry umpired the match between Williamstown and Hotham.

June 29 Monday


The question as to whether public reserves which have been vested in local municipal bodies for the general public good, can or cannot be used by clubs for the purpose of charging for admission to sports, etc., is at present occupying the attention of the public. The following extract from the Herald, which bears on the subject, will serve to show in what light this subject is viewed in the metropolis.
It says: - On Monday next a deputation is to wait on the Minister of Lands to ask him to reserve to the Carlton Cricket and Football Clubs that portion of the Prince's Park which has for a length of time been used as a cricket ground. It seems that the City Council has latterly expended considerable sums of money in trenching and planting a portion of the ground, and this is to be the excuse for requesting a better title. At the outset, it may not be unnecessary to remind Mr. Tucker that Princes Park is one of the public reserves and is in reality the property of the public.
The parks and gardens of Melbourne - the lungs of the city and its suburbs - are something of which we are justly proud, and any attempts to curtail them, or to close any portion of them to the public will be resented with an ardour which cannot be withstood. No one has any desire to interfere with or throw obstacles in the way of the practice of invigorating athletic sports, but it must not be forgotton that they are not of that paramount importance which would entitle them to overwhelm the rights of the citizens.
Whatever may be said to the contrary, the object in view is to gain the power to charge for admission, or in other words to make the citizens pay before being permitted to enter upon their own estate. The main question is the advisableness of filching any portion of the public estate, and conferring it upon a private club.
(Riverine Herald 29 June 1885 p2)

July 04
Carlton played Fitzroy at the Fitzroy Cricket Ground.
A fine day with no wind.
Crowd; 10,000
The largest crowd yet seen at the ground.
J. Cameron did not play.
Baker won the toss, and Carlton kicked to the eastern goal.
The game commenced at 3.10pm.
This was the Blues first victory against Fitzroy.
Carlton team; (20 players named)
Aitken, Baker (Capt.), Breen, Crapp, Cook, J. Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Joyce, Johnston, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Ulmer, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergency; McInerney.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won; 2.8 - 1.7 (Half time Carl. 0.2 - Fitz. 1.3)
Goals; Breen, Joyce.
Best; Whelan (BOG), O'Bern, Woods, Johnston, Alex Mair, Breen, Baker, Cook.
Players mentioned; (17) Knowles, Baker, Strickland, Woods, Whelan, Alex Mair, Breen, Johnston, Crapp, Cook, Drew, Joyce, O'Bern, Aitken, Leydin, Rickards, Ulmer.

Carlton Reserves played Fitzroy on the North Fitzroy Cricket Ground.
Very much a one sided game, Carlton having it all their own way.
Carlton won; 2-0
Goals; Carter, Dagleish

July 08 Wednesday


The Sportsman newspaper commenting on the Carlton-Fitzroy match, and the 1885 version of the tagger.
"One of the most noticeable and objectionable features in the game was the system of "watching" adopted upon this occasion, Muir being told off to keep the Carlton captain, Baker, under surveillance, whilst the steps of the rival skipper, McShane, were dogged by the Carltonian Cook.
This quartette took a lively interest in each other's movements, and appeared to act apart from the main body of their respective teams.
This system of detailing one player off for the express purpose of hanging onto an opponent, and preventing him getting the ball by fair or foul play, is most undignified for the "watcher," "contemptible" on the part of the side resorting to such tactics, and altogether so "unsportsmanlike" that, where carried on in a noticeable manner, the offender should be disqualified from playing."

July 11
Carlton played Essendon at the M.C.G.
The day was fine with no wind, but the ground was wet.
Essendon were 3-1 favourites to win.
Crowd; 12,000.
Essendon won the toss, and Whelan kicked off to the northern goal.
A first class display of the game from both teams. Fast and exciting from start to finish.
The Dons scored 8 consectutive behinds in the second half.
Carlton team; (20 players named)
Baker, Breen, J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Crapp, Cook, Drew, Hyland, Johnston, Joyce, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Ulmer, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; McInerney, Aitken.
Umpire; H. A. Goding.
Match drawn; Carlton 2.12 - Essendon 2.14 (Half time Carl. 1.5 - Ess. 1.4)
Goals; Baker, Breen.
Best; Whelan, Alex Mair, Baker, J. Cameron, Woods.
Players mentioned; (18) Whelan, Crapp, Knowles, Cook, Alex Mair, Breen, Baker, Johnston, Joyce, O'Bern, T. Cameron, Woods, Strickland, J. Cameron, Ulmer, A. Wilson, Leydin, Drew.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon at Princes Oval.
Match drawn; Carlton Reserves 0.4 - Essendon 0.5
Best; Short, Merriman, Long, Gregory, Kelly, Longfellow and Umpire.

July 18
Carlton played Geelong at the East Melbourne C. G.
The Pivots were missing 5 leading players.
Crowd; 7,000.
Playing in wet slippery conditions the Blues downed the favourites Geelong with a withering 4 goal burst in 5 minutes.
Mair had soccered through the first goal, then Whelan hit the post. Shortly afterwards Whelan kicked the second, Woods the third, and A. Wilson the fourth.
The Blues put on three quick goals just before half time, leaving the crowd non plussed, then added another at the start of the second half.
Geelong started the second half determined to turn things around and attacked.
"However, the defence of Johnston and Strickland speedily averted the danger, and the ball was worked up the centre by Cook, O'Bern, and Whelan to Baker, who marked about 40 yards away, and by a splendid drop kick secured the fifth goal for Carlton. When a smart run of J. Cameron and Drew up the east side got the ball forward to Baker again, and a running kick of his obtained the sixth goal for Carlton, the Geelong partisans were decidedly downcast, and justly so, as there was now little or no hope of a satisfactory outcome for them." (Australasian July 25 p22)
After the Blues seventh goal when the the teams lined line up for the re-start, the Dark Blues were greeted with the kind of applause that was generally reserved for,"a favourite actor by an enthusiastic audience when called before the curtain."
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker, Breen, Crapp, Cook, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, A. Robertson, Strickland, F. Spear, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; Joyce, Ulmer.
Umpire; H. A. Goding, South Melbourne.
Carlton won; 7.4 - 2.13 (Half time Carl. 4.2 - Geel. 1.7)
Goals; Baker 2, A. Wilson 2, Woods, Whelan, Mair.
Best; Whelan, Baker, O'Bern, Johnston, Cook, McInerney, Strickland, Knowles, Drew.
Players mentioned; (20) Cook, Rickards, Whelan, Knowles, Johnston, Crapp, Alex Mair, Woods, A. Wilson, Strickland, O'Bern, Baker, J. Cameron, Drew, Breen, Leydin, T. Cameron, McInerney, Spear, Coventry.

Carlton Second Twenty fixtured/played Geelong on Princes Oval
No details

July 25


The Launceston Examiner;
"The following remarks by the Victorian "Follower" in reference to the umpire's work in the match played between Essendon and Carlton on Saturday, are well worthy of perusal:- Mr. Goding, the central umpire, had more than his fair share of work to do, the players continually infringing the rules, Essendon being unfavourably conspicuous in this respect.
As usual when a football umpire endeavours strickly to enforce the rules, Mr. Goding's decisions were received with cheers from the partisans of those in whose favour he decided, and groans from the enemy's camp.
"Barracking" has become such an inseparable characteristic of the game, and is now carried to such a senseless extent, that fair comment from the mass of those who allow themselves to become victims to excitement never need be expected; for men who commence to roar and rave when the ball is first kicked off can hardly be expected to judge the merits of the game dispassionately, and I am afraid that your real red hot "barracker" is as a rule singularly blind to that which he rather not see."

July 25
Carlton played University at the University Cricket Ground.
This was to be the first meeting between the Blues and the 'Varsity.
University's colours are blue and black.
Crowd; 4,000.
After last week's great effort against Geelong, many thought that this game would be a formality for the Blues.
Carlton won the toss and kicked to the Western or Cemetery goal.
The Blues won a hard fought game, the Students answering almost every Carlton goal.
Many players were penalised for infringements.
Carlton team; (20 players named plus emerg)
Baker, Breen, Crapp, Cook, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Joyce, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Robertson, Reid, Strickland, Whelan, Wilson.
Emergency; Ulmer.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won; 5.8 - 4.4 (Half time Carl. 4.3 - Uni. 3.2)
Goals; O'Bern 2, Baker, Leydin, Whelan. (Another report gave Breen a goal instead of O'Bern)
Best; Whelan, Baker, Strickland, Cook, Alex Mair, Leydin.
Players mentioned; (8) O'Bern, Baker, Leydin, Whelan, Stickland, Cook, Alex Mair, Breen.

Carlton Second Twenty fixtured/played University on Princes Oval.
No details

August 01
The Australasian lists the teams in order of performance so far this season.
First; South Melbourne, Essendon, Geelong, Carlton, Williamstown, Hotham, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Richmond, and University.
Carlton had Played 11, Won 6, Lost 3, Drawn 2, Goals For 39, Against 35.

August 01
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Oval.
Free admission, as the game is played on Princes Oval. However, the discomfort factor will be high, as getting a good view of the game is almost impossible.
A magnificient day for football, however the ground was infested with weeds, and the playing surface needed a good rolling as there were small hollows which made bouncing the ball almost impossible.
Princes Oval has poor amenities, especially for women.
The club wants to improve the facilities, but is hamstrung by the Melbourne City Council who will not allow the club to spend money on permanent structures.
Former Blue George Smith was the first captain of Richmond.
Crowd; 7,000.
Baker won the toss and the Blues kicked with the aid of a slight breeze to the western goal.
Richmond were the speedier of the two sides and were led by former Blue, George Smith.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker, Breen, Bourke, Coventry, Crapp, Cook, J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Knowles, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Reid, Rickards, Strickland, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; Melville, Aitken.
Umpire; S. Thewlis.
Carlton won; 3.8- 1.9 (Half time Carl. 2.1 - Rich. 0.4)
Goals; Breen 2, Baker.
Best; Whelan, Baker, Alex Mair, Woods, Johnston, J. Cameron, T. Cameron, McInerney, Crapp.
Players mentioned; (18) J. Cameron, Johnston, Alex Mair, Drew, Baker, T. Cameron, Whelan, Breen, Strickland, Crapp, Melville, Cook, A. Wilson, McInerney, Crapp, Woods, O'Bern, Rickards. (Tuckey? is also mentioned)

The VFA ladder was published in the Sportsman, to date;
Carlton 4th. Played 14, Won 9, Lost 3, Drawn 2, Goals For 53, Against 39.

Carlton Second Twenty - no game this week.

August 08
South Australian Weekly Chronicle (p14);
"That the residents of Dunedin, the capital of Otago, and the most populous city in New Zealand do not support Rugby football liberally, is attested by the fact that the game receipts of the Otago Rugby Union for last season was £211 4s 6d, a sum not equal to the receipts of a single good match played at Melbourne."

August 08
Carlton played Essendon at the East Melbourne C. G.
Final game for the year at this venue.
The ground was in very good condition and the weather was fine.
Crowd; 12,000.
Baker won the toss and Carlton kicked to the southern end.
Strickland was absent, and J. Creevy played.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker, Breen, Bourke, Crapp, Cook, Cameron, Cameron, Coventry, Drew, Johnston, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, Melville, McInerney, O'Bern, Strickland, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; Buller, Creevy.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton lost; 3.8 - 6.13 (Half time Carl. 2.6 - Ess. 2.7)
Goals; Baker 2, Woods.
Best; Baker, J. Cameron, Coventry, Woods, Cook, Whelan, O'Bern.
Players mentioned; (17) Baker, T. Cameron, J. Cameron, Johnston, Cook, Whelan, O'Bern, Alex Mair, Woods, Crapp, J. Creevy, Coventry, McInerney, Bourke, Knowles, Melville, Drew.

VFA Ladder;
Carlton 5th. Played 15, Won 9 Lost 4, Drawn 2, Goals For 56, Against 45.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon.
Carlton Reserves lost; 3-4.

August 15
Carlton played Williamstown at Princes Oval.
The Blues have found the Seasiders hard to beat in recent years.
Crowd; 3,000
The Blues kicked with the wind.
Williamstown quickly scored a couple of behinds which unsettled the Blues for a short time. The home side were disappointed at the break, that they had not taken full advantage of the wind.
However, the Blues played magnificantly against the wind in the last half.
Baker scored the first goal and Breen the second, a third goal kicked by Whelan was disallowed by the goal umpire.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker, Breen, Burke, Coventry, Crapp, J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Johnston, Jackson, Leydin, Morgan, McInerney, O'Bern, Strickland, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; Rickards, Melville.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won; 2.9 - 0.10 (Half time Carl. 1.3 - 0.5)
Goals; Baker, Breen.
Players mentioned; (11) Baker, Breen, Whelan, Johnston, O'Bern, J. Cameron, Strickland, Hyland, A. Wilson, Woods, T. Cameron.

VFA Ladder;
Carlton 5th. Played 16, Won 10, Lost 4 Drawn 2, Goals For 58, Against 45.

August 15


The Australasian p21;
"It is a pity that the Carlton Football Club cannot be complimented on their good nature or the breadth of their views. W. Read the following answer to the request of the association for assistance:-"

Carlton, July 29, 1885.
"Hon. Secretary Victorian Rowing Association.
"Sir, - In answer to yours of the 15th. instant, soliciting monetary assistance, I have to inform you that the committee of the Carlton Football Club have passed a resolution to the following effect:-
"That, as the majority of our players are men who earn their living by manual labour, and such are debarred by the rules of the V. R. A. from rowing in intercolonial contests, we cannot entertain your request, it being in opposition to the interests of our team." - I am, &c.,
"W. C. Donaldson, Hon. Sec. C. F. C."

"Are the Carlton Football Club aware that the majority of the rowing clubs represented on the committee - that the constitution of the association is not framed in the interests of any class, but of all oarsmen alike - and the fact of the intercolonial race (one only of many matters coming within its control) being closed to manual labour is originally due to New South Wales? Perhaps the Carlton were not previously aware of these facts. In any case the reply is not such as one would expect to be given by a sporting club, nor does it show at all a generous spirit."

August 22
Carlton played Geelong at Corio C. G; Geelong.
500 Blues fans accompanied the team on the special train to Geelong.
Crowd; 5,000.
The day was cold, but fine, with the wind blowing diagonally up the ground, just about equalising the slope.
The Pivots in the end were too good for the Blues.
Baker won the toss and Carlton kicked to northern end. Play began at 3.20pm.
The Blues early in the game were running rings around the Pivots, but failed to put the score on the board and kicked 5 consecutive behinds from shots at goal.
Donovan played, mentioned in The Argus report.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker, Breen, Burke, Crapp, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Hyland, Johnston, Jackson, Leydin, Melville, McInerney, O'Bern, Strickland, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; Rickards, Burwood.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton lost; 1.7 - 4.18 (Half time Carl. 0.6 - Geel. 2.10)
Goal; Wilson.
Best; A. Wilson, Breen, Melville, O'Bern, Crapp, Johnston, Jackson.
Players mentioned; (16) Baker, Woods, McInerney, Melville, A. Wilson, Crapp, Whelan, T. Cameron, Strickland, Aitken, Donovan, Jackson, O'Bern, Johnston, Breen, Coventry.

VFA Ladder;
Carlton 4th. Played 17, Won 10, Lost 5, Drawn 2, Goals For 59, Against 49.

August 22


Melbourne played their first match on their new ground, The Friendly Societies' Ground, against South Melbourne.
Near where Gosch's Paddock is now located. Between Swan Street and the Yarra River.
The Weekly Times said;
"The new ground which is egg shaped has been enclosed with a substantial picket fence, around which a cinder path, about three yards wide, has been laid down. A temporary reserve will be put up for to-day's match, but by next year the club hope to have a commodious grandstand and pavilion erected."
"It is the proper size and oval shaped." Cinders have been laid around the outside of the picket fence so spectators feet will stay dry if it rains, An embankment is planned for next season, with a granstand to be erected on the southern side. (Herald August 21 p4)
For a description of the ground, see Pre VFL Venues, scroll to the bottom of page.

Friday August 28
At the V.F.A. meeting a proposal to play the English club, the London Rovers at both English and Australian Football was turned down as delegates felt that it would interfere with club contests.
The Hotham club informed the V.F.A. that they would alter their uniform from horizontal to vertical stripes to aviod clashing with Geelong.
The Essendon delegate asked the V.F.A. to overturn the goal umpire's decision of a no goal against South Melbourne.
The rules state quite clearly that the the goal umpire is to be the sole judge of a goal.
The dispute arose because the V.F.A. in spite of warnings, had recently overturned it's decision to have paid neutral goal umpires at each match, and had reopened the door to partisan decisions.
The goal umpire said that the ball had hit the goal post, and then it hit a small boy who was standing up against the post. The Essendon captain and team mates queried his decision, and said that it hit the boy first and would have gone through the goals.
The V.F.A. voted and decided to overturn the goal umpire's verdict and awarded the goal and the game to Essendon!
(See September 11)

August 29
Carlton played Melbourne at the Friendly Societies' Gardens.
An earlier report said the new ground was quite good, however it is narrower than most other grounds.
This is to be Melbourne's new home ground. (Olympic Park precinct, now Lexus Centre)
Merriman replaced O'Bern in the side.
Carlton player George Bragge returned from playing with Norwood F.C. in Adelaide. George ran out to the cheers of the Blues fans, and he played a prominent part in the game.
Moderate crowd due to threatening weather. Heavy rain early in the match.
Baker won the toss and kicked with a stiff breeze to the western end goals.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker, Breen, Bragge, Burke, Crapp, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Jackson, Leydin, Melville, McInerney, O'Bern, Strickland, Rickards, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergency; Merriman.
Umpire; J. F. McKenzie.
Carlton won; 5.8 - 2.9 (Half time Carl. 2.6 - Melb. 0.3)
Goals; Bragge 2, A. Wilson 2, Merriman.
Best; Baker, Bragge, A. Wilson, J. Cameron, Whelan, Crapp, McInerney, Leydin.
Players mentioned; (12) Merriman, Bragge, Baker, Breen, Johnston, A. Wilson, J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Whelan, Crapp, McInerney, Leydin.
VFA Ladder;
Carlton 4th. Played 18, Won 11, Lost 5, Drawn 2, Goals For 64, Against 51.

September 05
The Australasian; Senior club standings at the end of August.
Essendon and South Melbourne tie for first place, then Geelong third, Carlton and Hotham about equal, Fitzroy, Williamstown equal sixth, then Richmond, Melbourne and University.
Carlton; Played 16, Won 9, Lost 5, Drawn 2 Goals For 53 Against 48

September 05
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Oval.
Cook did not play.
Hanneysee now playing for South Melbourne.
Crowd; 15,000.
Except for those who arrived early and got a place near the picket fence, most of the spectators could not see the game and had to make do with catching glimpses of the play.
A strong south westerly wind was blowing favouring one end, so it was an important toss of the coin.
South won the toss and Carlton kicked to the Sydney Road end against the wind.
The Blues played well in the first half despite the wind.
Reports said the out come of the match would have been different if the Blues had had first use of the wind.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker, Breen, Bragge, Crapp, Cook, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; Melville, Merriman.
Umpire; Thewlis.
Carlton lost; 1.7 - 3.10 (Half time Carl. 0.3 - S.Melb. 2.7)
Goal; Joseph Rickards.
Best; Whelan (BOG), Baker, Cameron, Rickards, Mair.
Players mentioned; (16) Whelan, J. Cameron, Baker, A. Wilson, Alex Mair, Bragge, O'Bern, T. Cameron, Strickland, Crapp, Woods, Knowles, Leydin, Johnston, Aitken, Joseph Rickards.

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne at South Melbourne.

VFA Ladder;
Carlton 4th. Played 19, Won 11, Lost 6, Drawn 2, Goals For 65, Against 54.

September 11 Friday
V.F.A. meeting at Young and Jackson's Hotel.
Mr. Marshall after receiving counsel, gave notice that at the next meet of the Association he would move to have the disputed goal decision awarded to the Essendon club rescinded.
(See August 28 and September 25)

September 12
Carlton played Hotham at Princes Oval.
Crowd; in excess of 7,000.
Carlton's Baker won the toss and kicked to the western or cemetery end slightly aided by the cross wind.
A strong northerly wind confined a lot of the play to the southern side of the ground.
Following on from last week, Hotham became only the second team to defeat the Blues on Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker, Breen, Bragge, Crapp, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Knowles, Leydin, W. Alex Mair, Melville, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; Merriman, A. Mair.
Umpire; J. J. Trait
Carlton lost; 2.9 - 4.11 (Half time Carl. 1.5 - Hoth. 1.6)
Goals; Johnston, Baker.
Better players, Baker, Knowles, Strickland.
Players mentioned; (20) Melville, McInerney, Baker, Frank Johnston, A. Wilson, Alex Mair, O'Bern, Breen, Knowles, T. Cameron, Woods, J. Cameron, Drew, Whelan, Aitken, Strickland, Rickards, Leydin, A. Wilson, Merriman.

Carlton Second Twenty played Hotham on the Hotham Recreation Reserve, another report said at Royal Park.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Beere, Boyd, Burwood, Burns, Cader, Carter, Connaughton, Coulthard, Davie, Dagleish, Dunn, Gregory, Hadley, Jackson, Lemon, Launders, Mair, Manly, Miller, Urquhart, Woodburn
No details.

VFA Ladder;
Carlton 4th, Played 20, Won 11, Lost 7, Drawn 2, Goals For 67, Against 58.

September 19
Carlton played University at Princes Oval.
Many thought that playing on the larger ground would help the 'Varsity boys.
Carlton won the toss and kicked with the wind.
Knowles dislocated his shoulder early in the first half.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker, Breen, Bragge, Cameron, Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Knowles, Leydin, Alex Mair, Melville, Merriman, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; A. Alex Mair, Burwood.
Umpire; J. McKenzie.
Carlton won; 4.15 - 1.3 (Half time Carl. 2.7 - 1.1)
Goals; A. Wilson 2, Baker, Mair.
Best; Baker, T. Cameron, Whelan, Cook, Wilson.
Players mentioned; (12) Baker, Rickards, Breen, Knowles, Johnston, A. Wilson, Alex Mair, Cook, Whelan, Cameron, O'Bern, Freeman.

VFA Ladder;
Carlton 4th. Played 21, Won 14, Lost 7, Drawn 2, Goals For 71, Against 59.

September 25 Friday
V.F.A. Meeting
Carlton delegate Mr. Marshall moved to rescind the decision to award the game to Essendon against South Melbourne.
The Australasian said;
"After reading counsel's opinion on the subject, he was satisfied that the association had not a leg to stand upon in the action it had taken, and therefore he had the courage, as one who had vote for making the mistake, to desire that the error should be set right."
Some members said that as the Association had already made the wrong decision it should stick to that decision, because any revision would only make them a laughing stock to eyes the public.
A vote was taken, 11-6, and the decision was reversed, and the match was declared a draw.

September 26
Carlton played Fitzroy at the Fitzroy Cricket Ground.
Crowd; 6,000.
A strong north wind blew across the ground making play difficult.
Baker won the toss and Carlton kicked to the eastern end goal.
Late into the game with scores level, Strickland had a set shot from close in to put the Blues in front, but his kick did not make the distance. Fitzroy then raced the ball up to other end where they scored the winning goal.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker, Breen, Bragge, Cook, T. Cameron, Drew, Johnston, Leydin, Melville, Merriman, A. Alex Mair, W. Alex Mair, McInerney, O'Bern, Rickards, Strickland, Whelan, A. Wilson, Woods.
Emergencies; Burwood, Davey.
Umpire; J. McKenzie.
Carlton lost; 1.9 - 2.4 (Half time Carl. 0.5 - Fitz. 1.2)
Goal; Strickland. (Another report said Wilson)
Best, Leydin, Baker, Whelan, O'Bern, Johnston.
Players mentioned; (18) Whelan, Strickland, Melville, T. Cameron, Baker, Bragge, A. Wilson, Alex Mair, Alex Mair, Leydin, Johnston, Breen, Cook, Woods, O'Bern, Aitken, Merriman, Drew.

VFA Ladder;
Carlton 4th. Played 22, Won 14, Lost 8, Drawn 2, Goals For 72, Against 61.

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves fixtured/played Footscray at Footscray
No details

October 03


Peter Pindar's end of season review in The Australasian said that the popularity of the game continues unabated.
At many games this year the crowd exceeded 15,000.
The sharing of grandstand profits is a sticking point and the cricket clubs will not budge on the issue.
Pindar believes this situation may change before the next season begins.
Overall the quality of play has improved this year, although the goal kicking has not, especially place kicking.
Little marking had degenerated into little more than just passing the ball.
Pindar feels that the Association is too club minded, and should look at the big picture when it comes to Intercolonial games especially with N.S.W. and the V.F.A.'s absolute refusal to play matches against the London Rovers.
The Association also erred at the removal of payments to goal umpires and it's overiding of a goal umpire's descion.
The V.F.A. later amended it's decision on these two matters.
He places Carlton's Jack Baker second, after South Melbourne's Peter Burns as the best player in the competition.
Other Carlton players he mentions are Whelan as a follower.
Backmen, J. Cameron and Crapp.
Centremen, Cook.
Wingers, Strickland and Drew.
Forwards, Wilson.
Carlton takes up the fourth position with a senior record of Wins 10, Losses 8, 2 Drawn games.
The Blues started the season well, but their form fell away. They seemed to be hanging onto to the lights of the past and should be looking at recruiting young talent from the district.
The best players; Baker, Whelan, J. Cameron, T, Cameron, Crapp, Strickland, Johnston, O'Bern, A. Wilson, Cook, Drew, McInerney, Woods, Breen, Knowles, Leydin and Melville.
Goals; Baker finished second in the V.F.A with 20, Breen equal third with 18, and A. Wilson fifteenth with 10.
Australasian October 03 (p22)

October 08
Meeting of the New South Wales Football Association.
Clubs represented were; Sydney, East Sydney, West Sydney, City, Northumberland, Lambton, and Carlton (N.S.W.).

The Carlton Story. Hugh Buggy and Harry Bell. Pages. 57,58, 259.
Mullin's Footballers Australian Almanac of 1951. Page 66.
The History of the Carlton Football Club. B. Hansen. Page. 61,62.
Fitzroy Football Club 1883-1890.
The Argus 1885 editions.
The Australasian, 1885 editions.
The Camperdown Chronicle, 1885 editions.
The Launceston Examiner, 1885 editions.
The Sportsman, 1885 editions.
North Melbourne Advertiser, 1885 editions.
Australian Town & Country Journal (N.S.W.), 1885 editions.
Riverine Herald, Echuca 1885 editions.

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