Carlton were runners up to Geelong in 1879. They played 22 games for 16 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws. George Coulthard was named Champion of the Colony for the third time in four years. He was also the Champion goalkicker of the Colony with 19 goals.

Carlton Captain. John Gardiner
Vice Captain. G. Robertson.
President. R. Robertson
Secretary. J. Turnbull.
Members; 320
Home Ground. Princes Oval. (The Oval, Princes Park)
Honours. Champion of the Colony. George Coulthard
Champion Goal kicker of the Colony. George Coulthard
19 Goals.
Games Played. 22. Won 16, Lost. 4, Drew. 2.
Goals. 82 for. 17 against.


Victoria played South Australia in first inter colonial match. Victoria's Captain was Carlton's John Gardiner.
Other Blues to play George Coulthard , William Goer , Fred W. 'Paddy' Gunn , George Robertson and Barney Murphy .

New ground at the southern end of Princes Park, named Princes Oval, officially opened on May 3rd. 1879.
It had a movable picket fence and 40 foot high goal posts.

On that day Carlton played a 25 man side made up 10 from the Victory Club, 10 from Lincoln and 5 from the Carlton Imperials, with the Blues winning 7-0.

In June Carlton beat Melbourne 4-0 in front of 12,000. and the critics declared that rarely had Carlton fielded such a complete, well balanced team.

Position play and intelligent teaming carried it to a notable victory; with George Coulthard playing a dominating game, and Murphy , Barrass , J. Melville, Richards, Goer , and Gardiner in top form.

10 Days later at a sodden East Melbourne, Melbourne 1-17 DREW with Carlton 1-4. Behinds noted, but not counted in score.
Wins followed over Essendon, StKilda, West Melbourne and a draw with an East Melbourne 25.

First night game.
Carlton played Melbourne, August 13th.
At 8.30pm at the Melbourne Cricket ground, the first to be played in Victoria under electric light. (8000 candlepower)
Coulthard kicked 3 goals, but the white ball burst and had to replaced with a brown ball which could hardly be seen on the muddy ground.
Carlton won 3-0.
Attendance 7,000.

September 13th.
4,000 attended the Geelong vs Carlton game in which Pivotonians won 5-1.
700 Carlton supporters hired a special train to Geelong.

September 27th.
10,000 turned out for the Carlton-Melbourne clash at Princes Oval. This game was abandoned when Carlton protested that Melbourne were going to play Sandilands of Geelong.
The Melbourne captain could not get his way and took his players from the field.

Carlton finished the season with a win over West Melbourne.

New players for the season included Dick Frayne , Alick Coventry , Eddy M. Brookes , and T.Souter.

1879. Premiers. Geelong, 2. Carlton, 3. South Melbourne, 4. Hotham.

Australian Football established in New Zealand with clubs in Wellington, Napier, Wanganui, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Fixture and Results
May 03. - V Carlton Juniors (25), at Princes Oval;
Won 7 Goals to Nil. (6-0 in The Argus) Goals; J. Henry 2, James Rickards 2, G. Smith, E. Brooks.
May 10. - V South Yarra Standard (25), at Princes Oval;
Won 3 Goals to Nil. Goals; Brooks, Turnbull, Woods.
May 17. - V Hotham United (25), at Princes Oval;
Won 4 Goals to 1. Goals; Henry 2, Coulthard, Brooks.
May 24. - V North Western District (25), at Inglewood;
Won 7 Goals to Nil.
May 31. - V Albert Park, at S.M.C. Ground;
Won 4 goals to Nil. Goals; J. Rickards 2, Coulthard, unknown.

June 07. - V Melbourne, at M.C.C. Ground;
Won 4 Goals to Nil. Goals; Gunn 2, Coulthard, Brooks.
June 14. - V Geelong, at E.M.C. Ground;
Lost 2 Goals to 1. Goal; Coulthard.
June 21. - V Wimmera District, at E.M.C. Ground;
Won 3 Goals to Nil. Goals; Gunn 2, Goer.
June 28. - V South Melbourne, at S.M.C. Ground;
Lost 1 Goal to Nil.

July 05. - V Canning and Battery, (25) at Princes Oval;
Won 2 Goals to Nil.
July 12. - V Melbourne, at E.M.C. Ground;
Drawn 1 Goal each.
July 19. - V Essendon, at Princes Oval;
Won 10 Goals to 1. (The Argus says 11-1)
Goals; Coulthard 4, Gunn 2, J. Rickards 2, Ford, Murphy, Frayne.
July 26. - V East Melbourne (25), at Princes Oval;
Drawn 1 Goal each.

Aug. 02. - V St.Kilda, at St.Kilda;
Won 2 Goals to Nil.
Aug. 09. - V West Melbourne, at Princes Oval;
Won 6 Goals to 1.
Aug. 16. - V Essendon, at Essendon;
Won 3 Goals to Nil.
Aug. 23. - V Melbourne, at Melbourne;
Lost 2 Goals to 1.
Aug. 30. - V Hotham Hill (25), at Princes Oval;
Won 6 Goals to 1.

Sept. 06.- V Albert Park, At Princes Oval;
Won 1 Goal to Nil.
Sept. 13.- V Geelong, at Geelong;
Lost 5 Goals to 1.
Sept. 20.- V South Melbourne, at Princes Oval;
Won 7 goals to Nil.

Oct. 04. - V West Melbourne, at Princes Oval;
Won 8 Goals to 1.

Carlton 1879.
Matches Played; 22, Won 16 Lost 4 Drawn 2.
Goals For; 82 Against 17.
Goals Scorers;
G. Coulthard, 21; F.W.Gunn, 12; J.H.Henry, 8; Eddy M. Brookes, 8; Jas. Rickards, 6; J.A. Turnbull, 4; A. Ford, 3; G. Smith, 2; H. Nudd, 2; W. Goer, 2; B. Murphy, 2; R. Frayne, A. Page, T. Kelly, M. Woods, K. Kennedy, W. Hatch - 1 each.

Second Twenty or Reserves
May 03. - V Rising Sun*.
May 10. - V East St.Kilda.(at St.Kilda) Lost 9 Goals to Nil.
May 17. - V West Melbourne. Won 2 Goals to Nil.
May 31. - V Albert Park (Seconds). Won 1 Goal to Nil.

June 14.- V Clifton. Won 1 Goal to Nil.
June 21.- V East St.Kilda. Lost 4 goals to Nil.
June 28.- V Royal Park.(Princes Oval) Drawn 1 Goal each.
July 05.- V Rising Sun* Monday's Argus mentions Fitzroy (Princes Oval)
July 19.- V Essendon (Seconds). Won 1 Goal to Nil.
July 26.- V Melbourne (Seconds) At Fitzroy C.G. Drawn 4 Goals each.

Aug. 02. - V Sandridge. Lost 2 Goals to Nil.
Aug. 09. - V Clifton. (at Clifon Hill) Lost 6 goals to Nil.
Aug. 16. - V Essendon (Seconds) at Princes Oval. Drawn; 0-0.
Aug. 30. - V West Melbourne (Seconds) Won 4 Goals to Nil.

Oct. 04. - V Geelong Juniors. Lost 2 Goals to Nil.

Second Twenty/Reserves.
Matches Played. 13; Won 5 Lost 5 Drawn 3.
Goals For, 14. Against, 28.
Goal Scorers;
Hughes, Davies, Knowles, Nudd, Hambley, and McIntyre 1 each.

1879 V.F.A. Ladder
This table is compiled from The Australasian's finishing order in it's end of season review.
Due to the ill feeling between the two clubs Carlton did not play Hotham. (see May 3)

PosTeamPlayedWinsLossesDrawsGoals ForGoals Against
3South Melbourne1814403513
5West Melbourne1911442929
6Albert Park168533114

"St. Kilda nominally a senior club began the season a little better than junior form,
and after a struggling existence for a time, finally collapsed soon after the season was half way through."
The Australasian.

OpponentPlayedWonLostDrawnGoals ForGoals Against
South Melbourne211071
West Melbourne2200142
Albert Park220050
St. Kilda110020
Carlton Juniors (25)110070
South Yarra Standard (25)110030
Hotham United (25)110041
North-Western District (25)110070
Wimmera District (25)110030
Battery and Canning (25)110020
East Melbourne (25)100111
Hotham Hill (25)110061



Carlton captain John "Jack" Gardiner

April 20
Carlton F.C. AGM held at the Clyde Hotel, Elgin Street.
Mr. R. Robertson President, was in the chair, and over 100 members were present.
Last season the club had played 24 matches; Won 17, Lost 5, Drawn 2.
Goals For; 73, Against; 23.
The balance sheet showed expenses for the 1878 season was £1095 leaving a small deficeit of £79, but this should be wiped out during the coming season.
Preparations for the new ground in Princes Park cost £265 18s 6d.
Bringing the Waratah Club from Sydney and entertaining them cost £250.
The total cost for the visit including the M.C.C. charges for the use of the ground was £425, but the receipts were £531 so a profit of £106 was made.
70 new members were proposed and elected.
Office bearers were elected;
G. McGill, H. Nudd, and J. Robertson were presented with testamonials for services to the club.
Patrons; Mr. J. Story MLA, Mayor of Melbourne; Cr. J. Pigdon; Mr. J. Munro MLA; Mr. Latham and Mr. Curtain.
President; Mr. R. Robertson.
Vice presidents; Messrs McGibbon, Gillespie and Guy.
Hon Sec. Mr. J. E/A. Turnbull.
Hon Treasurer; Mr. T. P. Power.
Hon Sec Second Twenty; Mr. W.S. Clarke.
Captain; Mr. J. Gardiner.
Vice captain; Mr. George Robertson.
Delegates to the Football Association; T. P. Power, J. A. Turnbull.
Committee; O'Brien, Prevot, Boyle, Murphy, Henry, Coulthard, Kennedy, James, Saxon.
Second Twenty Committee; W. Henry, Smith, Knowles, Anderson, Oxborough, Alex Henry.

April 26
Carlton played a practice match of sides chosen by the Captain and Vice Captain.
Captain's Team; (27 named)
J. Gardiner (Capt), Agg, Barrass, Bismire, Bell, Breyer, Coulthard, Coventry, Devine, Elliott, Frayne, Ford, Gunn, Hatfield, Henry, Lewis, McDonald, Murphy, Prunty, James Rickards, John Rickards, Nudd, O'Brien, Passfield, Shine, Watt, Wilson.
Vice Captain's Team; (27 named)
G. Robertson (Capt), Anderson, Ashburner, Brendell, Brown, Boyd, Goer, Hart, A. Henry, Kelly, Knowles, McAinsh, Melville, E. Nudd, Oxborough, Pollock, J. Robertson, John Robertson, W. Robertson, Smith, Spencer, Sutherland, Turnbull, Waldron, Webb, Wishart, Woods
No result details.

April 26


"I strolled as far as the club's new ground in Prince's Park, the other afternoon. It is, indeed, a credit to their enterprise; level as a cricket field, it has the additional advantage of the necessary regulation length and breadth.
All honour to the energetic Power*, whose exertions in this matter have been signally successful.
This ground will not be used, however, until the end of August, as another crop of English grass has just been sown."
(Weekly Times p4)
.* Carlton treasurer Tom Power

April 26


"The East Melbourne cricket ground, which is to lengthened for the purpose, will be Carlton's arena of strife."
(Weekly Times p4)

May 03


Carlton have lost the sevices of the Bracken brothers. L. Bracken went to Albert Park, and W. Bracken to South Australia.
Nash has moved to Hotham, another report said Albert Park.
A. E. 'Topsy' Waldron has moved to South Australia.
James Watt from Geelong.
Pollock, - Albert Park
Woods from West Melbourne.
P. Ashburner from Southern,
Courtney, from Southern
Alick Coventry,
Eddy M. Brookes,
Dick Frayne

May 03


The Australasian commenting on this season's fixture;
"In some measure it is regretted that the difference between the club (Hotham) and Carlton has prevented the arrangement of any matches with the latter this season, but the existence of any feeling which renders inpossible an amicable meeting is more to be regretted than the mere discontinuance of the games, for better no games than unfriendly ones."
Essendon appears on the fixture list for the first time since it's promotion to a senior club.

1879 Carlton area map
Princes Oval was in the southern end of Princes Park, it ran east - west, just to the north of "The Triangle" (Carlton Cricket Ground)
The footballers occassionly trained on the "triangle" but the ground was too small for senor games. Some junior teams played there.
Former ground Madeline (Swanston) Street was in the University grounds approx where the letter A in ward is marked.
The Royal Park ground according to Carlton player Frank Coffey was just to the south of the Zoo.
Carlton also played on the University recreation ground and paddocks in the precinct in the early days.
The Clyde Hotel (still trading) corner of Grattan and Cardigan streets is where some players changed in to their uniforms and walked to the Royal Park ground. Some committee meetings were also held there.

May 03


"The new ground of the Carlton Club in Prince's Park, situated just beyond the cricket ground, and close to the Brunswick-road (Sydney Road) should, from its appearance, prove unequalled as an arena for play. I have not got the measurements, but roughly I should say must be close on 200 yards in length, by 150 wide. It is enclosed by the same fence that was used when the Carlton were allowed to play on the Madeline-street reserve, and it has been levelled and sown with English grasses. The amount of work done may be gathered from the fact that £148 has been expended in levelling, grassing and weeding, £25 in repairing the fence, and £74 in painting it, the total expenditure to date being £265, in which, as it will be seen, the cost of making the fence is not included."
(Leader p12)

May 03
Carlton played Carlton Juniors, a combined 25 team of the Victory and the Lincoln clubs and Carlton Imperial, at the Blues new ground "The Oval" (Princes Oval) at the southern end of Princes Park.
10 players each from the Lincoln and Victory, and 5 from Imperials.
Crowd; 2,000
The Melbourne City Council has levelled the playing surface, planted English grasses and erected a picket fence. The goal posts are 40ft. high.
The committee has spent £1,000 ($2,000) in enclosing, planting, and improving the ground.
The condition of use of the ground is that the club must not charge for admission.
The club has to rely on membership subscriptions and donations.
After various toasts, the Mayor kicked the ball off for the Juniors.
The Carlton team played well, the judgment and skill of Coulthard and Coventry being very much admired.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brooks/Brookes, Coventry, Coulthard, Goer, Gardiner, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Nudd, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, James Rickards, John Rickards, Smith, Souter, Turnbull, James Watt, Woods, and R. Hunter.
Carlton won; 6-0 (Half time 3-0)
Goals; J. Henry 2, John Rickards 2, Eddy M. Brookes, G. Smith, Coulthard.
Best; Coulthard and Coventry.
Players mentioned; (8) Barrass, Coulthard, Brookes, Henry, Smith, John Rickards, Murphy, Coventry.

Carlton Reserves played Rising Sun in Royal Park.
Players met at the Clyde Hotel at 2.30pm sharp.
Carlton players used to change into their football gear at the pub then walk to the Royal Park ground. The Blues also used the hotel from time to time as a place to hold their general meetings.
142 years later in April 2020 the Clyde Hotel corner of Elgin and Cardigan Streets is still there. Although, like all pubs,clubs and public meeting places they are closed due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic sweeping the globe.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Agg, Amess, Atkinson, Bell, W. Goodwin, Hadfield, Hart, Henry, Hunter, Knowles, Knowles, Kinnard, Lewis, McDonald, Oxborough, Prunty, Percival, Passfield, W. Robertson, Spencer, Smith, Sleight, Walters, Woods, Webb.
Result; unknown

May 04


"It will be seen from the following, clipped from the Evening News,Wellington, New Zealand, and dated 20th March, that our old friends Sandilands* and Page, formerly of the Melbourne club, are endeavouring to introduce the Victorian rules in New Zealand:
'A meeting of footballers was held at the Princess hotel for the purposes of forming a club to play under the Victorian rules. A club was formed and called the Reform Football Club. Thirty-three members were enrolled."
Captain; W. Sandilands, vice captain & secretary G. Page.
"From private letters I learn that a game has been played, and was a great success."
(Weekly Times p4)
.*Sandilands was to be the centre of controversy between Melbourne and Carlton in a match on September 27 this season.
The Reform Football Club (formed March 27 wikipedia) was the first team to play under electric light in the Southern Hemisphere, see May 30.

May 10


"Gold-topped flowed freely at Carlton on Saturday last, and the champagne was quaffed in honour of the formal opening of the new ground , yclept (by the name of) Princes Oval.
Members of Parliament, city councillors, and crowds of smaller-fry supporters of the club were present, and the proceedings went off with an eclat which must have gladdened the hearts of the members.
The ground was rather soft for playing on, but it is proposed to roll it in a week or two, when it will be everything that could be desired. The Mayor of Melbourne (Councillor Story) kicked off for the junior clubs of Carlton, twenty-five representatives of which were to play the Blues.
The match was, however, devoid of much interest, being too one-sided, Carlton eventually winning by six goals to none. The recent aquisitions shone out, and the club are particularly fortunate in gaining the services of the two new men, who were undeniably noticeable for their really splendid play. The orginal members of the team were quite up to their form, and I fancy the Blues will take any amount of beating this season. The juniors lacked confidence in play, but amongst them also there are men who will soon make their mark in the football world."
(Weekly Times p5)

May 10


"The St.Kilda have declined to meet the Melbourne this season, alleging as their reason that the Melbourne Football-ground is "too hard." Poor little dears!
Why do they not sell their footballs and buy croquet sets? I'm sure they would shine at the milder game. Croquet amongst "old women" is, however, very slow and uninteresting."
(Weekly Times p5)

May 10
Carlton played South Yarra Standard 25 at Princes Oval.
Carlton lost the toss and Henry kicked off for the Blues.
An exciting game, one of the Coventrys (both would play for Carlton) was prominent for the visitors
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brookes, Coulthard, Goer, Gardiner, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Rickards, Rickards, Robertson, Robertson, Smith, Souter, Turnbull, Watt, Woods, Hunter, Ashburner, Ford.
Carlton won; 3-0.
Goals; Brooks, Turnbull, Woods.
Best; Murphy, Goer, Coulthard, Rickards, Smith.
Players mentioned; (9) Brooks, Coulthard, Henry, Smith, Goer, Murphy, Rickards, Turnbull, Woods.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played East St.Kilda in Albert Park.
The Blues were completely overwhelmed and failed to even score a behind.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Bell, Boyd, Gilchrist, Goodwin, Hadfield, Hart, Henry, R. Hunter, Kinnard, Knowles, Lewis, Lewellin, McDonald, Oxborough, Robertson, Sutherland, Turnbull, Thornhill, Walters, Woods, Amess, and Wilson both emergencies?
Carlton lost; 0-9. (Half time 0-3)

May 17
Carlton played Hotham United (25) at Princes Oval.
(Hotham United are a separate team to Hotham.)
A large number of spectators.
The Blues kept the ball in their forward line for the first half, but missed many chances to goal.
The game even up after half time.
Carlton team; (21 named, Prevot umpired))
P. Ashburner, Brooks, Barrass, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Gardiner, Goer, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Rickards, Rickards, Smith, Souter, Turnbull, Woods, Prevot and O'Brien.
Umpire; Prevot.
Carlton won; 4.?- 1.3 (Half time 2.? - 0.0)
Goals; Henry 2, Coulthard, Brooks.
Players mentioned; (9) Coulthard, Smith, Rickards, Goer, Robertson, Murphy, Smith, Brooks, Henry.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played West Melbourne.
Carlton won; 2-0

Courtesy: Inglewood Historical Society & Inglewood Football Netball Club.

May 24 Queen's Birthday Holiday


Carlton played North Western District 25 at North-Western Agricultural Society's show yards, Inglewood.
The Inglewood Advertiser's report said the Carlton team trained on Market Square in the morning. This is possibly the area where the Bowling Club is now situated, bounded by Market and Verdon Street, Market Place and Storm Lane.
The Agricultural Show grounds is now the Inglewood Golf Course on the Calder Highway.
J. Gardiner captained the Blues.
The muddy ground prevented a good display of football, however the many spills amused the crowd.
The locals put up a determined effort in the first half, but they were competely overwhelmed in the second.
Eddy Brookes/Brooks scored the only goal of the first half.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Brookes, Barrass, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, J. Gardiner (Capt), Henry, J. Melville, Murphy, Prevot, John Rickards, Rickards, G. Robertson (Vice capt), J. Robertson, Souter, Smith, Woods.
Umpire; O'Brien
Goal Umpires; Gillespie (Carlton), Glennon (Inglewood)
Carlton won; 7-0 (Half time 1-0)
Goals; Coulthard 3, Brooks 2, Murphy, John Rickards.
Best; Coulthard, Gunn, Gardiner, G. Robertson, Brookes, Murphy, Smith.

Carlton Reserves played Lincoln United on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (20 named plus emergencies)
Agg, Amess, Anderson, Bell, Clancy, Davies, Gilchrist, Gearan, Hart, Henry, Knowles, Kinnard, Lewis, Lewis, Lewellin, Roberston, Sutherland, Thornhill, Woods, Wilson.
Emergencies; Boyd, Bleasdale, Smith
Result; unknown

Image Image
2016 Celebrating Inglewood's 140th Anniversary, Carlton's Matthew Wright, Ciaran Byrne, Andrew Gallucci, Simon White and Dale Thomas with Inglewood Club official.
Courtesy Inglewood Historical Society, Inglewood Football Netball Club

May 30 Friday


In Wellington New Zealand a game of football was played under electric light at the Basin Reserve.
The match was played in accordance with the Victorian rules of football, ie. Australian Football.
A crowd of 2,000 paid to enter the arena with many more watching from outside the ground.
See www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/re-writing-of-australian-footballs-history.1040411/

The Reform Football Club (Wellington) presented a gold locket to "Mr. H. F. Smith the Government Electrican, in recognition of his services of the recent display of electric light on the Basin Reserve."
The inscription says;
"Presented to H. F. Smith, Esq, for kind assistance rendered to the Reform Football Club (Victoria rules), Wellington, 30th May. 1879."
(Papers Past (NZ) Evening Post, June 07 (p2) 1879)

134 years later on Anzac Day 2013, just 3.5km from the Basin Reserve, St. Kilda played Sydney at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, the first AFL game for premiership points to be played outside of Australia. The following year St. Kilda played Brisbane.
Round 4, 2015 Carlton played St. Kilda on Anzac Day at Westpac Stadium, Wellington at 1.10pm NZT. Carlton won by 40 points.

May 31
Carlton played Albert Park at the South Melbourne C. G.
Admission was 6d which was for the construction of the a fence around the Albert's ground near the railway.
"The 'atoms in blue' were on the ground sharp at three o'clock, and as lively as a swarm of new-fledged cockroaches, eager for the fray, whilst the 'striped toddlers' as usual straggled onto the convincing arena as if they were cogitating in their craniums whether it wouldn't have been as well to have taken a taste of the blues at home instead of the country; however, the opposing commanders at last found out each other's whereabouts and then palavered, the result being that at twenty minutes past three the general of the Carltonians (Gardiner) arranged his men with their noses pointing towards the south pole, whilist the commander-in-chief of the Hillites marshalled his 'score' with their dittoes turned towards the northern lattitudes."
Albert Park kicked with aid of the wind.
"The ball, on being kicked off, was at once rushed up to the Alberts' stronghold by a terrific charge of the forward blues, headed by Coulthard, who was just prevented from kicking a behind by the slashing defence of Thomas and Latchford."
Albert Park through their player Lorraine's long kick into their forward line managed to score a behind.
"A glimpse of the sunshine of success irradiated the countenaces of the Albertians, and made their hearts flutter with emotion; soon to be clouded and depressed by the shades of disappointment and defeat. On being kicked off by Gardiner, the sphere was at once caught by Coulthard, and carried along the Alberts right wing with extraordinary momentum, eluding the grasp of half-a-dozen red and whites, when he was at last overthrown with great violence, the ball meanwhile bouncing out of bounds. On being thrown in the Slatters* failed to stop it, a moment of hesititation, and the ' the object of contention' was picked by by Robertson and kicked over to Gunn, which never missed fire during the engagement, and whose shot on this occasion heralded the totoal demoralisation of the ill fated Albertians."
"The ball was now kicked off from the centre, and followed up by a desperate charge of the Alberts, but it was of no avail, owing to the wretched bungling of a new arrival named Petrie, who proved himself to be about as fit to play football as a monkey to play the fiddle. From this to the finish the game was made up principally of brilliant rushes by Coulthard, terminating either in goals or ungraceful overthrows, chiefly administered by Wain, who protected and worked the Alberts left wing with great success, determination and pluck. This player, by the way, wore a very fine suit of uniform knitted in one garment from neck to toe, the work, I believe, of a local manufacturer of hosiery. The game ended at last by Carlton kicking five goals to to the Alberts none."
"One of the most successful stratagems yet introduced for securing goals was admirably worked by Coulthard and Gunn, the goal-sneak, who at once made feint to run for goal but suddenly wheeled round and kicked the ball into Coulthard's hands, who was just waiting to recieve it, when, of course, there was a free shot for goal by Coulthard, the Alberts meanwhile standing looking on at the cool operation like a lot of demented geese. Coulthard kicked two goals, Gunn two, and Rickards one."
(Record & Emerald Hill, June 06)
The Parkites had few scoring opportunities.
.* The Slatter brothers (?) were a trio of Albert followers.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Brooks, Barrass, Coulthard, Coventry, Frazer/Frayne, Gardiner, Goer, Gunn, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Rudd/Nudd, Richards, Rickards, Rickards, J. Robertson, G. Robertson, Smith, Souter, Woods.
Umpire; Slight.
Carlton won 4-0. (The Record Emerald Hill, June 06, said result was 5-0 with goals Coulthard 2, Gunn 2, Rickards)
Goals; J. Rickards 2, Coulthard, Gunn.
Players mentioned; (7) Gardiner, Gunn, Coulthard, J. Rickards, Melville, G. Robertson, Frayne.
Best; Coulthard, G. Robertson, Melville, Frayne.

Carlton Reserves played Albert Park Reserves at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emergencies)
Amess, Anderson, Bell, Bleasdale, Clancy, Davies, Gilchrist, Henry, Hadfield, Knowles, Kinnard, Lewis, Lewis, Lewellin, Robertson, Sutherland, Thornhill, Walters, Woods, Wilson.
Emergencies; Hart, Turnbull, Agg.
Carlton won; 1-0

June 06



To the Editor of The Record.

Sir, - Any one who witnessed the football match, Albert Park v Carlton, which took place on Saturday last, and observed the crushing defeat our players sustains at the hands of their opponents, could not refrain from expressing their defeat at the 'erring' ability of our principal players, the result of the match, however, shows perceptibly the 'downward track' of our once premier club is pursuing. The Hill possesses two 'styled' senior clubs, the Albert Park and South Melbourne, the latter comparatively a young club to the former, and unless they amalgamate the two clubs will always remain in the lingering state as they have been for the past few years, beaten by every senior of note with whom they play.
From conversation with members of both clubs, I discover that an angry feeling exists between the two clubs, jealousy is the chief cause of this displeasure, which should be stamped out as soon as possible.
With the two clubs united I say without hesitation or fear of contradiction, that they could not be equalled by the Carlton, or other 'cracks,' that have continually beaten our senior, mainly owing to the scattered state of our best men.
I trust our footballers will take the matter in hand, work unitedly, and endeavor to bring about some settlement, that our senior may once regain it's lost laurels, and place themselves in a prominent position in the football field. If our players could accomplish this they would receive the thanks of non-players and others, and also from -
Yours, &c.
June 3, 1879. HILLITE.
(The Record, Emerald Hill, June 06 p3)
See March 31 1880

June 07
Peter Pindar writing in The Australasian ranks the various teams in order from the games played so far this season.
"I suppose Melbourne, Carlton and Hotham will occupy the first rank, West Melbourne, Essendon, Albert-park, and South Melbourne the second; and St.Kilda, as usual, make a graceful last."

June 07
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G.
Crowd one of the largest ever to assemble on the 'G, over 12,000.
6d (5c) admission, gate takings £340 ($680).
A perfect day for football, a cool day with little or no wind.
Many would have thought the game would have been a closer contest.
The Blues were the better team on the day.
"The play of the Carlton men was all that could be desired, and the club has rarely mustered such a complete, well balanced team-back, wing, following, and forward, as that on Saturday last, and their victory is more attributable to the thorough oneness of the team, than to any brilliant individual play."
The Age said; "Coulthard (who never played better)."
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Frayne, Gardiner (Capt.), Goer, Gunn, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Nudd, J. Robertson, G. Robertson, Rickards, Rickards, Smith, Souter, Turnbull, Woods and Ford.
Umpire; J. Slight.
Carlton won 4-0. (Half time 2-0)
Goals; Gunn 2, Coulthard, Brooks/J. Rickards.
Best; Gunn, Coulthard (BOG), Murphy, Frayne, Barrass, Nudd and Gardiner.
Players mentioned; (16) Coulthard, Brooks, Melville, Gardiner, Coventry, Gunn, Kelly, Goer, George Robertson, Frayne, Murphy, John Rickards, Souter, Woods, Barrass, Nudd.

June 14


Is football now becoming the M.C.C.'s "cash-cow"?
Not so long ago football was prohibited from being played on the "hallowed turf" of the cricket ground.
The Australasian's Peter Pindar reports the terms the M.C.C. and the East Melbourne C.C. will ask for holding the intercolonial match on their grounds.

"The M.C.C. offered to take £150 guaranteed, and allow the association the use of ground, booths, and grandstands, reserving ordinary members rights, and also specials for stand recently issued; or they will be willing to take 20 per cent of gross proceeds if they were over £400, 10 per cent if under £400 but over £150, and 5 per cent, if under £150; in the latter cases reserving the grandstand in toto, members rights &c."

"The E.M.C.C. offered to take 5 per cent on the net proceeds and give one half of the net takings of the stand, of course reserving members' rights, offering the same terms for a practice match.
I need hardly say which was accepted. The matches will therefore take place on the East Melbourne Cricket-ground on the 1st and 5th July."

June 12 Thursday


Members of the inaugaral Victorian team met and unanimously elected Carlton skipper John Gardiner as the first captain of a Victorian team.

June 14
Carlton played Geelong at the East Melbourne C.G.
Crowd; 13,000 at least, many not able to get in.
The newspapers mention that to have 12,000 plus people turn up for two matches in a row for contests between what is essentially suburban teams is quite remarkable.
The weather was fine, and the turf firm except for a patch in front of the grandstand.
Geelong had assembled it's best team and the Blues played the same 20 players as last week.
James Watt who had returned to Geelong was named in the Geelong team.
This match was one of the best games ever seen so far.
Geelong won the toss and Gardiner kicked off at 3pm. to the northern end goal.
The Blues forwards wasted many opportunities, especially early in the game.
One of the Rickards shots a goal was touched was it went through, by a Carlton player.
Henry (twice) and Gunn all missed very easy shots on goal.
George Coulthard missed a "sitter" minutes before scoring the Blues only goal.
When Coulthard kicked the Blues' only goal, the Geelong Advertiser said that 7 or 8 pigeons were released and flew off in the direction of Carlton. This would have been the only form of 'rapid' communication that existed apart from the telegraph. The pigeons probably flew to the city newspapers and to the Carlton Football Club.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Frayne, Goer, Gardiner (Capt.), Gunn, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Nudd, James Rickards, John Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Smith, Souter, Turnbull, Woods, Ford.
Umpire; James Slight.
Carlton's Gillespie was one of the goal umpires.
Carlton lost; 1.11 - 2.8 (Half time Carl. 0.5 - Geel. 1.4)
Goal; Coulthard 1.2, Henry 0.3, Gunn 0.1, Barrass 0.1 rushed 0.4.
Best; Coulthard, Coventry, Murphy, then G. Robertson, Goer, Barrass, then Gardiner, Gunn, and John Rickards.
Players mentioned; (15) Coulthard, Henry, Gunn, James Rickards, Coventry, Barrass, Murphy, J. Robertson, G. Robertson, John Rickards, Kelly, Goer, Frayne, Turnbull, Gardiner.

Carlton Reserves played Clifton on Princes Oval.
Carlton won; 1-0.

As well as listing this match, The Argus says another Carlton second twenty (The Herald June 13 p3 said Carlton third twenty) will play against the Cremorne Club at Royal Park and names the squad of players;
Atkinson, Blackham, Bismire x2 (Dismore?), Cody ( J. Coade?), Clark, Drake, Duffus, Ellis, Fisher, Goodwin, Grey, Gunn, Hadley, Howitson, Hoey, Moore, Morgan, Oxborough, Purcell, Sleight, Shine, Smith, Turnbull, Wellard, Webb, Woods.
(An A. Bismire played cricket for Carlton in October this year.)
No result details of this match.
Perhaps this list of players belongs to one of the many junior teams from the Carlton area;
Carlton Imperial, Carlton United, Star of Carlton, Carlton Victory, Carlton Alma, Carlton Juniors, North Carlton, etc.
Occasionally Carlton Imperial are referred to as "Carlton" in their match reports.

June 16 Monday


The Mercury, Hobart, reports that the Tasmanian Football Association held their first meeting last Thursday and it has adopted the Victorian Code of Rules.
However, they have made two changes.
These are the prohibition of pushing and slinging which was approved by the majority of delegates.
The second and most controversial and also passed by the majority were,
"to these (goal) posts shall be attached a horizontal bar, 10ft. from the ground, over which the ball must be kicked to secure a goal" - words which make the so-called adoption of the Victorian code a mockery and delusion, the innovation being of so glaring a character as to entirely change the form of the play, and to rob it of it's principal points of interest. The post of goal-keeper, to which is one of the coolest and steadiest was ever appointed, and which has been an object of aspiration as a place of trust, is at once swept away, while the occupation of the goal-sneak - the quickest, sturdiest, and most alert of the forward players - is also gone."

June 21
Carlton played the Wimmera District 25 at the East Melbourne C.G.
Wimmera players from Horsham, Murtoa, Warracknabeal, Sheephills, and Ararat clubs.
On the rail journey the players became a bit bored and raised a subscription to buy a concertina to accompany their singing. At Ballarat railway station a telegram was sent to a Geelong music store and arranged to purchase a concertina which was awaiting them when they arrived at Geelong station!
The visitors were disadvantaged in that they hadn't practiced together before the match.
Weather fine, but the ground was slippery.
Crowd; 3500 approx.
Murphy in a clash of players hurt his shin just before half time, he could not run, and spent the reminder of the match on the back line.
A very creditable effort from the Wimmera team especially in the first half. Their lack of conditioning and practice told after half time.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brookes, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gardiner, Goer, Gunn, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, James Rickards, John Rickards, Souter, Turnbull, Woods and Nudd.
Umpire; McClure.
Carlton won; 3-0. (Half time 0-0)
Goals; Gunn 2, Goer.
Players mentioned; (14) Gardiner, Coulthard, Frayne, Turnbull, Melville, Gunn, Murphy, Barrass, Geo. Robertson, Woods, Goer, Coventry, Henry, Souter.
Best; Coulthard, Goer, Gunn, Frayne, Barrass, Henry, Souter, Gardiner, Coventry.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played East St.Kilda (24) at Prince's Oval.
Not long after the Blues kicked off proceedings it was clear that they were out of the game.
East St.Kilda missed many scoring opportunities.
Carlton lost; 0.1 - 4.29 (Half time 0.0 - 1.13)

June 24 Tuesday
The South Australian team gathered at Jackman's restaurant prior to departing by steamer for Melbourne.
Former Carlton player A. S. McMichael captained the Croweaters.
A toast by former Blues to the South Australian Football Association was proposed by Sam A. Wallace and resonded to by W. H. Dedman.

June 28


Peter Pindar of The Australasian writes about an earler article in the paper about money from outdoor sports being donated to charity.

I thoroughly agree with the substance of an article in last week's issue anent the diversion of a proportion of the takings at outdoor sports into charitable channels.
It will, doubtless, be urged by some that no individual is one penny the richer by the money taken - that it goes to improve the grounds and promote the convienence and comfort of the public, who are, therefore, really the gainers, and that the lack of generosity on the part of clubs, after all, furnishes small occasion for grumbling, as their needs have been so great that they could not, in justice to their own pockets, afford to "remember the poor and fatherless," or "deliver the poor and needy."
Be that as it may, my object in naming the subject is not to weigh the pros and cons, but simply to give "honour to whom honour is due," as the copybooks say, in this matter of charity, and it certainly is due to the football clubs.
"From all that I have ever heard, have ever read in book or history," cricket in Victoria - and racing, too, for the matter of that, - has scarcely ever given a solitary dime to charity, but football is certainly not open to the same charge, for in the year of grace, 1875 the sum of £97 3s 4d ($194. 35) - nothing like being particular - the proceeds of a Carlton and Melbourne match, was handed over to E. Jackson, who was injured in a mine at Sandhurst; the sum of £120 ($240) from the same source, in September, 1876, was handed over to the Melbourne Hospital; £62 2s 9d ($124.30) in September, 1877, and in the following October the Carlton Football Club augmented the Indian Famine Fund to the extent of £42 ($84).
Now, three hundred odd pounds may not seem a large sum absolutely, but when it is borne in mind that it is only within the last few years, and at a very limited number of matches, that any charge has been made at all, it will readily be understood that relatively it is a very considerable sum, and forms a very repectable percentage on the gross takings.
It is intended to place the offertory boxes at the gates on the occasion of the last match of the season, between Carlton and Melbourne, on the Prince's Oval; but as I understand the Melbourne Cricket Club are willing to give - and I hope give is meant without any grandstand deductions or nonsense of that kind - the use of their ground for a gand match on behalf of the Melbourne Hospital, I would suggest that the match between Melbourne and Carlton, arranged for the 23rd. August, should be played there, and I have little doubt that the funds of that deserving insitution would be sensibly increased.

June 28
Carlton played South Melbourne at the South Melbourne C. G.
This is the first time the two clubs have met on equal terms.
Carlton were without Gardiner, Coulthard, Goer, and Murphy who were playing the the Victorian team practice match.
The Blues kicked aginst the wind in the first half.
The Blues missed so many opportunities with poor kicking for goal.
On one of the few times South Melbourne had the ball on their forward line they received a free kick from which they scored the only goal of the day. South did not have the ball in their half after the half time break. Unbelievably the Blues could not put the ball through for a goal.
The Blues were not happy with some of the umpire's decisions.
On one occasion a Carlton player took a mark close in front of goal, spectators rushed the ground, and play was terminated for 15 minutes.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gunn, Henry, Kelly, Melville, Nudd, James Rickards, John Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Robertson, Smith, Souter, Turnbull, Woods and Riley.
Carlton lost, 0-1. (Half time 0-1)
Best; Gunn, Robertson, Kelly, Barrass, Turnbull.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Royal Park on Prince's oval.

June 28
The Victorian team played a combined Essendon and Hotham side on the East Melbourne C. G.
This was a practice match for the team prior to the intercolonial match on Tuesday.
The combine played with 21 men in the second half.
Four of the Melbourne players in the Victorian team were absent and substitutes were found.
Crowd; 1,000.
Gardiner captained the Vics.
Victoria won; 1-0 (Half time 0-0)
The only Carlton players mentioned were Gardiner and Coulthard.



July 01 Tuesday, Separation Day holiday.


Victoria played South Australia on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground at 2.40pm.
Around the East Melbourne ground there is plenty of high ground nearby where the public can view the match without having to enter the turnstiles. Many people made use of this advantage today.
The weather was fine and cool.
Crowd; at least 10,000.
The above sketch of this match shows clearly that the playing field was oval.
The view is from the Northwest looking towards Jolimont Road (M.C.G./Richmond) with the goals running North - South towards the Flinders Street Station - Richmond railway line.
Victoria, Red, white and blue jerseys, cap, and hose, blue knickerbockers.
Sth. Aust, All dark blue.
Carlton captain J. Gardiner inaugural captain of the Vics.
Former Blue, Alf McMichael captained the Croweaters.
Carlton reps. Gardiner, Coulthard, Goer, Gunn and Murphy?
Umpire; J. Slight
W. 'Billy' Bracken played for South Australia.
Victorian Team;
Bryant, J. V. Cook, Coulthard, Cussens, Downes, Gardiner (Capt.), Gibson, Goer, Gunn, Ley, Lording, McKenzie, Miller, Murphy, Minchin, McLean, Rannard, J. Robertson, Sillet (Vice Capt.), Thomas.
Emergencies; Young, Lamrock, G. Robertson.
Goal Umpire; Chas Wynne.
South Australian Team;
Absalom, W. 'Billy' Bracken, Blinman, Considine, Colby, Coonan, Downes, Davis, Green, Giffen, Harrison (Vice Capt.), Hughes, Kirk Kennedy, Alf McMichael (Capt.), Pollock, Pettinger, Subard, Traynor, Turner, J. E. Woods.
Emergencies; Merthens, Kauffmann.
Goal Umpire; George Kennedy.(Former Carlton Captain)
Coulthard's second goal was a magnificent 70 yard kick.
Victoria won; 7.12? - 0.6 (Half time 4.? - 0.2)
Goals; Coulthard 2, Gunn, Gibson, Lording, McKenzie, Young.
Carlton players mentioned; Goer, Coulthard (BOG), Gunn, Murphy, Gardiner.

Former Carlton player Alf McMichael

July 04 Friday
"A youth named Monteith had his nose broken whilst playing football on the Carlton ground, Melbourne.
This announcement ought surely to be a warning to those wicked footballers who are constantly kicking the ball in all directions but the right one. The next thing we shall hear of will be somebody's head taken off at this lively game."
(Bunyip, Gawler S.A. p3)

July 05
Carlton played a combined 25 from the Canning and the Battery United clubs at Prince's Oval.
A rather motley crew of a Carlton team gathered to play the visitors.
Many players preferred to watch the intercolonial match.
This team was made up about 8 members of the senior team, the rest being second twenty and substitutes.
Old timers to pull on their boots were; Lanty O'Brien, J. McGibbon/Macgibbon, Harry Guy and Kennedy/George Kennedy?
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Guy, Henry, Kelly, Kennedy, Melville, McGibbon, Billy Monie, O'Brien, John Rickards, James Rickards, Robertson, Robertson, T. Souter, Souter, Woods.
Carlton won; 2-0
Goals; James Rickards, Page.

Carlton Reserves played Rising Sun on Prince's Oval.
(Monday's Argus mentions vs Fitzroy, a drawn game, Rising Sun a local Fitzroy team?)

Victoria played South Australia on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Crowd: 8,000
This match was played under South Australian rules.
The only difference between the two sets of rules is that slinging is allowed.
The Age; "... that players are permitted to sieze an opponent who has the ball in possession round the neck and throw him down. This provokes very rough play, and it would be well for South Australians to follow the example of Victoria, and abolish the dangerous practice of slinging."
J. Gardiner captained Victoria.
A. S. McMichael captained South Australia.
Carlton's Coulthard, Goer, Gunn, and Murphy played for the Vics.
G. Robertson was named as an emergency.
Umpire; Jas. Slight
Victoria won; 4-1
Goals; Cooper 2 (Ballarat), Coulthard, Minchin (Albert Park).
W. 'Billy' Bracken scored the South Australian's only goal.

July 12
Carlton played Melbourne at the East Melbourne C. G.
Crowd; At least 6,000.
The ground was examined on Friday and was in good condition, however the rain on Friday night and Saturday morning meant that by the 3pm start time, it was utterly unfit to play on. But play they did.
The Weekly Times July 12 (p5) mentioned that one of Carlton's old timers Monie would make an appearance.
Melbourne completely dominated, but did not make the most of their many scoring chances.
"Carlton then made a rally, and out of a scrimmage in the wing, Ford, in splendid style, kicked a goal, admist great excitement." - The Age.
An unnamed Melbourne player was reported for having nails protruding from his boots. At the Association's meeting on the following Wednesday he was found guilty and severely reprimanded.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gardiner, Goer, Gunn, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, James Rickards, John Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Souter, Smith, Turnbull, Nudd.
Umpire; James Slight.
Game drawn 1.6 - 1.17 (Half time Carl. 0.4 - Melb. 1.5)
Goal; Ford.
Best; Coulthard, Ford, Goer, Robertson, Frayne.
Players mentioned; (13) Gardiner, Coulthard, Murphy, Brooks, Barrass, George Robertson, John Rickards, Henry, Coventry, Goer, Ford, Frayne, Smith.

July 19
Carlton played Essendon at Prince's Oval.
Crowd; 6,000 approx.
The game was 15 minutes late in starting on a cold damp day.
A remarkable match where Essendon had the better of the play.
Just after half time they had scored 1.9 to the Blues 1.3.
Then an incredible change came over the match, the Blues were spurred into action.
Carlton then rammed on 10 goals to none!
The ball was rarely in Essendon's half for the remainder of the day.
The crowd was astonished when the fifth goal was scored, but as goal blitz continued, even the Essendon barrackers joined in the laughter.
This is "the greatest number ever kicked in a match here between two senior clubs."
The Age; "The Essendon men appeared to become paralysed, and the easy manner in which all their exertions to get the ball away from goal were foiled by little marks, chiefly exchanged between Coulthard and Gunn, caused roars of laughter."
Carlton team; (22 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gardiner (Capt.), Goer, Gunn, Guy, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Monie, Rickards, Rickards, G. Robertson, Smith, Souter, Kennedy, Nudd.
Umpire; J. Turnbull.
Carlton won; 11 - 1 (1 - 1 half time scores from the Albury Banner)
Goals; Coulthard 4, Gunn 2, J. Rickards 2, Ford, Murphy, Frayne.
Players mentioned; (14) A. Ford, Coulthard, Gunn, Goer, Coventry, Monie, Brooks, Barrass, Frayne, George Robertson, John Rickards, Murphy, Smith, Gardiner.
Best; Coulthard, G. Robertson, Goer, Gunn (BOG), Monie.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon Reserves at Essendon.
Carlton won; 1-0

Former Blue Billy Lacey (Champion of the Colony in 1874) captained the Maryborough team against Albert Park on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.

July 26
The Ovens Register in Beechworth wrote about a thashing handed out to Albury by the Corowa team.
In reply The Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (p9) said;
"Apropos of the "thrashing" business, I notice that a club of more pretensions than Albury collapsed in a precisely similiar manner.
I allude to our Essendon friends.
This club up to Saturday last held first rank amongst the metropolitian clubs, having made a draw with Melbourne and kicked two goals to three with Geelong;
but on the occasion I refer to they played Carlton, and during the first half the play was slightly in favor of Essendon, both sides obtaining a goal. However, during the second half Carlton kicked nine goals to nil !"
This score line does not tally with the published details, perhaps a misprinted result or the half time scores are incorrect.

July 26
Carlton played a East Melbourne 25 at Princes Oval.
The Blues were missing four good players in Monie, Henry, (?) Robertson and Jas. Rickards
An exciting drawn game.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gardiner, Gunn, Henry, Kelly, Kennedy, Murphy, Melville, Monie, Rickards, Rickards, G. Robertson, Smith, Souter, Nudd and Woods.
Game drawn, 1-1.
Goal; Ford.
Players mentioned; (8) Coulthard, Ford, Gardiner, G. Robertson, Goer, Murphy, Smith and Barrass.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Melbourne Reserves on the Fitzroy C.G.
Match drawn; 4-4

August 02
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda.
This weekends round of matches' takings donated to Melbourne charities, £10 was raised at this match.
A fairly even game up until half time. In the second half the ball was rarely in St.Kilda's forward line.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gardiner, Goer, Gunn, Green, Henry, Kelly, Kennedy, Melville, Nudd, James Rickards, Rickards, G. Robertson, Smith, Souter.
Carlton won 2-0. (Half time 0-0)
Goals; Gunn, James Rickards.
Best; Frayne, Gunn, Gardiner, Goer.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Sandridge.
Carlton lost; 0-2

August 04 Monday


The Age;
"Arrangements for the display of the electric light on a grand scale on the M.C.C. ground to-morrow evening are almost complete. The engines and machines are on the ground and in position, and the stands from which the lights will be shown, about twenty-five feet above the ground, are all erected. One lamp will be placed at each end of the grandstand, and three others will divide the space equally around the playing circle, and a diffused light will be thrown over the whole area of six and a half acres.
At the first football match played by the electric light in England last winter over 20,000 people attended at the Kennington oval, and it is said that at Sheffield a short time afterwards over 30,000 were present, and the light was so perfect that it was almost possible to play cricket by it.
Preparations have been made for the accommodation of a large number of people to-morrow evening, but as they generally all present themselves within about fifteen minutes from the time of commencing the play, it happens that from 8,000 to 10,000 or more pass through the gates in the short space of twenty five or thirty minutes. The new pay boxes will prevent any crush, but it would be well for visitors to provide themselves in town with tickets, at places where they are advertised for sale.
Arrangements are made by which, in case of bad weather and postponement, these tickets will still be available for the following evening."

August 05 Tuesday 9.30pm


The first game of Australian Football played under lights between the East Melbourne Artillery Corps and the Collingwood Rifles, at the M.C.G.
Just 10 months after electricity was used for the first time to floodlight a soccer match in England.
Crowd; 10,000 paid at the gates, while at least another 5,000 jumped the fence, and another 5,000 watched from high ground near the arena.
Those who attended witnessed a wonderful scene, and all agreed it was a great success.
East Melbourne Artillery won 2.8 - 0.?

August 07 Thursday
At a general meeting of the Carlton Football Club, Illuminated addresses were presented to Nudd, James Robertson, and McGill.
" The addresses were expressive of the appreciation in which the services of the recipients as players were held, and, in the case of McGill, expressed the sorrow of the members at the accident which was the cause of terminating a most brilliant footballing career." (Weekly Times August 09 p16)

August 09
Carlton played West Melbourne at Princes Oval.
An easy victory for the Blues.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Nudd, Robertson, Robertson, James Rickards, Rickards, Souter, Smith, Kennedy.
Umpire; Gibbons
Carlton won 6-1.
Goals; Brooks 2, Henry, Kelly, Goer, James Rickards.
Best; Coulthard, Goer, Frayne, Smith, Gunn.
Players mentioned; (14) Coulthard, Ford, George Roberston, Henry, Barrass, Goer, Frayne, Smith, Kennedy, Gardiner, Gunn, Brooks, Kelly, James Rickards.

Carlton Reserves played Clifton at Clifton Hill.

Image: Out of the Blue, Tony De Bolfo

August 13 Wednesday


"Another match under the electric light will be played by the Melbourne and Carlton on Monday, when there will be 50 per cent more light on the circle." (Evening News Sydney August 13 p2)

August 13 Wednesday


Carlton played Melbourne on the M. C. G.
The second match to be played under electric light, the first by senior clubs.

Crowd; around 6,000, about 12,000 attended the first match.
Wednesday night was a cold, damp evening.
Played as a 15 a side match.
Play commenced at 8.30pm, one hour late.
Additional lights were used but it made little difference, and the white ball burst after 5 minutes and a regular one was used until the white ball could be repaired. The shadows were so dark that the ball could only be seen when it crossed in front of the lights. Some of the battery powered lights failed.
The players uniforms made it difficult to indentify the players. A more distinctive uniform would be required for future night matches.
Carlton team; (16 named plus emerg)
Brooks, Coulthard, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Nudd, Rickards, Rickards, Smith, Souter, and Maloney.
Emergencies; E. Coventry, McWilliams.
Carlton won; 3-0 (Half time Carl. 2 - 0)
Goals; Coulthard 2, Brooks.


The Wagga Wagga Advertiser 16 August (p4) carried a report on the night match.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article101915202

August 16
Carlton played Essendon at Essendon. The Flemington Hill ground?
The first Essendon home ground was the McCracken brewery family owned ground at Flemington Hill.
Their ground runs east-west and is very open and with the wind blowing a gale from the north-west, made playing very difficult.
The Carlton players met at the Athletic Clubs Hotel, Swanston Street at 2pm.
The Blues won the toss and kicked with the wind.
Windy conditions and heavy rain in the second half marred the game which had to be abandoned.
The players had trouble keeping their feet on the muddy ground, the match may as well have been over at half time.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gardiner, Green, Henry, Kelly, Kennedy, Melville, Murphy, Maloney, Nudd, G. Robertson, Rickards, Rickards, Smith, McWilliams.
Carlton won 3-0. (Half time 3-0)
Goals; Henry, Kennedy, Coulthard.
Players mentioned; (9) Ford, Henry, Coulthard, G. Robertson, Robertson, Kennedy, Barrass, Gardiner, Goer.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon Reserves on Prince's Oval.
Essendon claimed this match as the Carlton team left the field at half time and did not return. (possibly due to the weather)

August 23
Carlton played Melbourne on the Melbourne Football Ground.
Crowd; 15,000.
The weather was fine and the ground rough and hard.
The Blues were very confident of beating the Metropolitans.
The game began late at 3.20pm. with Gardiner kicking to the east.
This was one of the roughest games played for some time.
The Blues had the better of the play in the first half and a certain goal by Murphy was disallowed by the goal umpire.
The two teams are very close although the playing styles remain different.
"Melbourne's the same brilliant individual play as of old, and Carlton's the sterling playing together they have always shown."
The Australasian's Peter Pindar says this of the Metropolitan ground.
"The game was fast and hard all through, and at times rough, owing, no doubt, largely to the unsuitable state of the ground, and the numerous "spills" against the fences, which do not intend to improve the temper.
And this leads me to remark that the ground, in it's present rough, unformed condition, is not condusive to a good friendly game, while the system of playing right up to the fences is positively dangerous, and should be discontinued at once.
It has been urged that, as the ground forms a kind of natural watershed to the north, east, and west portions of the Richmond-paddock, any filling up, levelling, or forming would be of no effect, as the first heavy rain would wash away the surface, and leave the ground in it's present gravel pit condition.
I think, however, this could be prevented by a trench round the outside to carry off the paddock drainage, and I scarcely suppose, if proper representations were made to the Lands department, it would offer any objections to this course, nor to the enclosure of a little more ground nothwards, so the boundary poles could be placed round the playing space without unnecessarily limiting it."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gunn, Gardiner, Green, Goer, Henry, Murphy, Melville, Rylah, G. Robertson, James Robertson, James Rickards, John Rickards, Smith, Souter, Kelly, Nudd, Kennedy.
Umpire; J. Slight
Carlton lost, 1.10 - 2.4 (Half time Carl. 0.6 - 0.3)
Goal; John Rickards.
Players mentioned; Brooks, Ford, Coventry, Murphy, Gardiner, Melville, Monie, James Robertson, Henry, John Rickards, Frayne, Coulthard, George Robertson, Goer, Barrass, Souter, Gunn.
Best; Murphy, Melville, Gardiner, Coulthard.
Scores as in The Argus; quarter by quarter?
Carl. 0.2 0.6 1.8 1.10.
Melb.0.2 0.3 2.3 2.4
Melbourne scored 2.4 to Carlton 1.10, if behinds counted, then the game would have been drawn.
Not until the formation of V.F.L. in 1897 would behinds be counted in the score.

August 30


An "Old Players Match" on the Melbourne Football Ground.
Crowd; 6,000
£20 was raised for The Children's Hospital.
Takings donated to charity and to the players.
Melbourne captained by H.C.A. Harrison and Carlton by John Conway.
The veterans from both teams came from far and wide to play this game.
An amusing game due to the lack of fitness of some of the old players.
Carlton team; (28 named)
R. Amess, T. Aram, J. Armytage, Bannister, Bell, Blanshard, J. Conway (Capt.), J. Clarke, Donovan, Dr. Duncan (from Albury), T. Gorman (from Hamilton), Goodall, Guy, A. Johnson, T. Kennedy, A. Kennedy, J. Kendall, W. Lacey (from Maryborough), J. McGibbon, C. McFarland, T. Marshall (from Chiltern), O. O'Brien, T. P. Power, Reilly, Turnbull, Todd, J. Williams, W. Williams.
Saturday's Argus (listed 25, omitting T. Aram, J. Armytage, Williams)
Match drawn 1-1 (Half time 0.1 - 0.6)
Goal; Kennedy.
Players mentioned; Guy, Turnbull, Conway, Kennedy, Donovan, Bell.

August 30
Carlton played Hotham Hill (23) at Prince's Oval.
The Blues were to play St.Kilda but the Saints couldn't muster a team.
An easy victory for the Blues, who allowed the juniors in for one goal.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Green, Goer, Gardiner, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Nudd, Rylah, Robertson, Rickards, Rickards, Smith, Souter.
Emergency; Kennedy.
Carlton won 6-1.
Goals; Coulthard 3, Smith, Frayne, Henry.

September 06
Carlton played Albert Park at Princes Oval.
Crowd 5,500.
The Weekly Times (September 13 p4) said Carlton played two players from the now defunct East St.Kilda team.
The Albert Park team arrived late at 3.30pm and then wasted more time trying to force the Carlton captain to agree to allow the Alberts to play prominent players from other clubs.
Peter Pindar in The Australasian said it was one of the poorest displays of football he had ever seen between senior clubs.
Every player was on the ball, and in the second half thanks to the tactics of the Albert-park captain, the ball was constantly kicked out of bounds, and it hardly left the north west corner of the ground. Marks were fumbled and the kicking for goal was substandard.
In the second half the Blues did try to score goals, but were unable to score one.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gardiner, Goer, Gunn, Henry, Hatch, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Robertson, Robertson, Rickards, Rickards, Smith, Wilson, Souter, Nudd.
Umpire; J. Slight
Carlton won 1.12 - 0.6 (Half time 1.4- 0.5)
Goal; Henry.
Best; Coulthard, Murphy, Barrass, J. Robertson and Smith.
Players mentioned; (13) George Robertson, Coulthard, Murphy, Henry, Ford, James Rickards, Smith, Wilson, Kelly, Brooks, John Rickards, Barrass, James Robertson.

September 06
The greatest number of goals kicked so far in a match in Victoria by one team was by Geelong Grammar which scored 18 against Wesley College.

September 13


The Australasian;
"I understand the St.Kilda club have cancelled it's engagements for the current season, and in view of it's chronically moribund condition for some time past, many who have suffered through it's defections will be inclined to wish it had cancelled itself long ago."

September 13
Carlton played Geelong on the Corio Cricket Ground, Geelong.
More than 700 Blues fans travelled on the special train from Spencer Street which arrived in Geelong at 2.30pm. Many people came down from Ballarat.
A warm day with hardly any breeze, and the ground was in good condition.
Crowd; 5,000 Takings ; 100 pounds
The Blues lost the toss and Gardiner kicked off to the northern goal.
Reid of Geelong was injured after 15 minutes, and home team had to play the game out with 19 men.
The Pivots were very confident and the Blues missed easy chances.
George Robertson kicked the ball through the goals and the ball was stopped 2 feet behind the goal line, but the goal umpire said it was stopped before the goal line.
Carlton wasted many goal scoring opportunities with poor kicking, Geelong on the other hand made the most of it's chances.
Australian Illustrated News; (October 01)
"After a highly interesting game the Geelong men were left the winners, with five goals to one; but this is not a fair comparison of the relative merits of the two teams, as the play was well divided throughout, the majority of goals in favor of Geelong being slightly accelerated by good luck.
Both teams are magnificent exponents of the Victorian game, and the exhibition of play was certainly the most scientific ever witnessed in the colonies."
Souter and Nudd did not play.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gardiner, Goer, Gunn, Green, Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, John Rickards, Rickards, Smith, Wilson, Souter, Nudd.
Umpire; G. O. Thomas
Carlton lost; 1.11 - 5.12 (Half Time 0.4 - 2.5)
Goal; Gunn.
Players mentioned; (20) J. Gardiner, Coulthard, Gunn, Goer, J. Henry, Kelly, Murphy, Ford, Rickards, John Rickards, Brookes, Coventry, George Robertson, Monie, Barrass, James Robertson, Frayne, Melville, Smith, Wilson.

September 15 Monday
Ninth annual Carlton F. C. Concert and Ball held at the Athenaeum Hall, Collins Street.
The concert was well attended and the crowd entertained by singers and choir.
"An address, written expressly for the occasion by Mr. Edmund Finn, was delivered by the author. The address, which referred to the football characteristics of the best known members of the Carlton Football Club, was well received." (The Age September 16)
A dance followed.

September 20
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Oval.
The day was fine and calm.
Crowd; 5000.
South won the earlier game this year, but from the start it was all Carlton, who were out for revenge and to slaughter the opposition.
South hardly had the ball in their forward line and failed to register any score, and if it wasn't for the work of their backmen the score would have been more one-sided.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Gardiner, Goer, Gunn, Henry, Hatch, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Nudd, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, James Rickards, Souter, Smith, and Williams.
Umpire; James Slight.
Carlton won 7.12 - 0.0 (Half time 2.6 - 0.0)
Goals; Coulthard 4, Gunn 2, Nudd.
Best; Coulthard, Gunn, Kelly, Rickards, Melville.
Players mentioned; (14) Frayne, Gunn, Murphy, Coulthard, Barrass, Smith, Ford, Nudd, George Robertson, Kelly, Henry, Melville, Goer, James Rickards.

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played Sandridge at Sandrige Cricket Ground
No details

The Age Friday (p3) said Carlton Second Twenty would play Clunes at Clunes.
The players would gather at Spencer Street station at 6am Saturday morning.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Anderson, Bleasdale, Coade, Clarke, Gilchrist, Hambly, Hart, Henry, Hadfield, Hughes, McLean, McIntee, McNaughton, McWilliams, O'Heare, Oxborough, Robertson, Sutherland, Smith, Thornhill, Walters.
No match details

September 27
Carlton was to play Melbourne at Princes Oval.
The Weekly Times (p5) writer "Follower" in his football preview said;
"Carlton and Melbourne meet to-day for the fourth and last time this season.
The match will take place on Prince's Oval, and will unique, inasmuch as it will be the first time that the Blues and the Reds have met on a ground of regulation size."
What does "Follower" mean? Matches between these two clubs have been played on the M.C.G.; the Melbourne Football Ground, Royal Park and the Madeline Street ground.
Crowd; 10,000
An embarassing fracas developed over who could play, with the V.F.A.'s ruling that a player can only play with one club unless he changes his address.
Goer, Ford, Rickards, Monie, Henry, and the two Robertsons were not available.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Frayne, Gardiner, Goer, Gunn, Kelly, Murphy, Melville, Monie, Moloney, Nudd, J. Robertson, James Rickards, Souter, Smith, Wilson, McWilliams, Hatch.
This match did not go ahead.
Melbourne included in their team Sandilands from Geelong.
Carlton included Moloney from their Second Twenty (another report said Star of Carlton), and Wilson from Geelong, although Gardiner said he had no intention of playing him. (Wilson)
Moloney had permission from the V.F.A. to play.
These three players were objected to as they were players from other clubs.
Melbourne offered to play under protest with Sandilands, and Moloney playing for Carlton, but excluding Wilson.
Melbourne claimed Sandilands had changed address to Melbourne, but Gardiner said he was enroute to another colony.
Sillet the Melbourne captain then produced a letter from Sandilands to the V.F.A. secretary, but the Carlton captain pointed out the letter had been only noted by the V.F.A. and permission for him to play had not been granted.
Sillet finding he could not play Sandilands then took his team from the field.
The Australasian said Sandilands returned to Geelong that evening and will be in New Zealand within the fortnight.

September 27


The Weekly Times (p5) in its football section mentions former Carlton player Billy Dedman now in Adelaide.
Quoting an Adelaide newspaper;
"Dedman has this season attained the century in goals. He has kicked 123, of which 103 have been in first-class matches."

Compare this with Dedman when he topped Carlton's goal kicking for three seasons. In 1876 his highest tally for one season was18 goals
In 1879 George Coulthard, at the time arguably the best player ever seen in Victorian football, top scored for Carlton with 21 goals. He would again score that same tally next year.

September 29 Tuesday


Carlton Football Club Sports Day will take place on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground on October 11*.
This day, The Age (p5) published the names of the 34 Carlton players entered into running events.
Also listed are the names of 9 Second Twenty players in a drop kicking contest.
Players entered into Playing Members Handicaps; (34 named)
T. Anderson, E. Barrass, George Bell, E. Brooks, G. Burrows, G. Coulthard, Alick Coventry, E. Elliott, A. Ford, R. Frayne, J. Gardiner, W. Goer, R. Grey, F. W. Gunn, E. T. Hart, W. Hatch, J. H. Henry, A. Henry, T. Kelly, R. Knowles, A. Lewis, J. Lewis, J. Melville, B. Murphy, H. Nudd, J. E. Petherick, Jas. Rickards, G. Robertson, Jas. Robertson, G. Smith, T. Souter, J. Turnbull, W. Welshman, H. Wilson.
Second Twenty Drop Kick; (9 named)
T. Anderson, A. Hadfield, W. Henry, P. Hughes, J. McWilliams, W. Robertson, J. Sutherland, J. Thornhill, W. Woods.
-*This event was postponed until November 10.

October 04
Carlton played West Melbourne at Princes Oval.
Crowd; 2,000
Carlton won the toss, there was little advantage as the breeze was very slight.
Carlton team from; (22 named)
Barrass, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Frayne, Gardiner, Gunn, Kelly, Hatch, Murphy, Melville, Moloney, McWilliams, Nudd, J. Robertson, J. Rickards, Smith, Souter, Turnbull, Wilson, O'Donnell, W. Henry.
Umpire; George O'Neill
Carlton won 8-1.
Goals; Turnbull 3, Coulthard 2, Hatch, Nudd, James Rickards.
Players mentioned; Coulthard, Gardiner, Murphy, Frayne, Wilson, Gunn, Hatch, Turnbull, Nudd, Coventry, James Rickards, McWilliams.
Best; Coulthard (BOG), Gunn, Frayne, Murphy, and Wilson.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played the Geelong Juniors at Geelong.
The Ovens and Murray Advertiser (October 11) said that they played Ashby, a local suburban team on the Argyle ground.
The team met at Spencer Street station at 6am.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Bleasdale, Coade, Gilchrist, Hadfield, Hambly, E. T. Hart, Hughes, Knowles (Capt), A. Lewes/Lewis, Morgan, McLean, McNaughton, Nudd, Oxborough, O'Heare, Robertson, Rylah, Smith, Sutherland, Thornhill, Waters.
The Geelong Advertiser named Coulthard instead of Oxborough.
Umpire; Britter
Carlton lost; 0.5 - 3.25

October 11
The Carlton Football Club Sports Day was postponed, and will now be held on Monday November 10.

October 18


The Australasian's 1879 season review;
£120 was raised for charity.
The matches played under electric light were not viewed as a great success, although they were well patronised by the public. Unless great improvements are made to the lighting system then these games will only be seen as side shows.
"The advantage of playing on enclosed grounds has been made very apparent this season, owing to most of the important matches being played on the cricket grounds, where everyone could get an uninterrupted view. (And, by the way, I see by the records the cricketing community have benefited to the tune of £600 by the business.)
The large paying attendances-sometimes ten to twelve thousand and frequently four to five-is also a sufficient answer to those who have frequently assigned the "free, gratis, for nothing" character of the footballing entertainment as the cause of the large crowds that assembled to witness it.
The general opinion also seemed to be that the additional comfort and convienence were cheaply purchased at the money charged for enterance-fee.
The popularity of the game continues undiminished, both with public and players, crowds thronging every senior match near the metropolis from Saturday to Saturday, and the players themselves going into the play with the greatest avidity."
"And now before going into club details, a word or two regarding players who have been conspicious during the season may not be out of place, and there can be no two opinions as to who is entitled to first mention - George Coulthard, of Carlton.
Back, forward, or following, and nowhere out of place, the grandest player of the day, it is doubtful if for general excellence his equal has ever been seen in Victoria."
Other Carlton players mentioned were Goer, a good general player, backmen George Robertson, and Murphy, and forward, Gunn.
Geelong was ranked first, then Carlton;
"Carlton, therefore, comes second having played a very successful season, winning eight senior matches as against four lost, and altogether securing the unprecedented number of 82 goals as against 17 to the bad.
The fine ground which the club has the permissive occupancy from the City Council is now in splendid order and this only regret has been, that it has not been more frequently used during the season.
Coulthard, though generally following, secured the extraordinary number of 21 goals - more than one of the seniors got altogether - for the club, while Gunn got 12, Henry and Brooks eight apiece, and the two Rickardses six apiece.
Gardiner still captains the team satisfactorily, and he has had some good new material in men like Frayne and Coventry, and also the usual efficient work from veterans like Smith, Barrass, Kelly, Melville, Jas. Robertson, Ford, and Nudd, in addition to those already named."

November 10 Monday


Seventh Annual Carlton Football Club Sports Day at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.
The weather was perfect and the "attendance was exceedingly large"
Crowd; 1,000.
The Carlton District Band provided the musical entertainment.
100 Yard Handicap Flat Race. (for members) 1. E. Barrass, 2. R. Frayne, 3. Elliot.
150 Yard Handicap Flat Race. (for playing members) 1. J. Rickards, 2. E. Barrass.
200 Yard Handicap Flat Race. (First 20 Members) 1. James Rickards, 2. G. Coulthard, 3. A. Coventry.
Drop Kick. (Reserves) 1. W. Robertson, 2. W. Henry.
Drop Kick. (First 20) 1. H. Nudd, 2. R. Frayne.
Drop Kick. Open to all comers;
Senior club competitors from Geelong, West Melbourne, Melbourne, St.Kilda, Carlton, Essendon, South Melbourne and Hotham.
1. G. Browning (West Melbourne) 65 yards, 2. A. Neely (Hotham) 64 yards, 3. F. Norris (Hotham ) 62 yards.
See September 29 for a list of Carlton players entered in events.

November 12
The Sydney Daily Telegraph (p3) reports;
"George Coulthard, the footballer, is to presented with a testimonial, in recognition of his prowess during the late football season."

November 15


The Carlton Football Club entered a team to compete in the tug-of-war contests to be held on the Melbourne ground.

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