Peter Burns

Victorian Football Association
DOB: 05 January 1866
DOD: 11 October 1952
Career: circa 1885

1886 June 05
Two players with the surname Burns were selected in the Carlton Second Twenty 24 man squad to play Fitzroy Second Twenty on Princes Oval.
The other Burns was most likely T. Burns, a relation? Also there was a J. Burns


"The keystone of the arch of mighty South, however, was Peter Burns, undoubted champion of Victoria even in those days of champions. Over 6ft tall, loose and big limbed, moving huge bulk with electric rapidity, and handling the ball in air and on ground with the ease and certainty of a juggler, Burns was simply unapproached till past his best, when the incomparable Fred McGinis came to Melbourne from Tasmania." - See more at: http://australianfootball.com/articles/view/The%2Bgreat%2BSouth%2BMelbourne/1586#sthash.YS5qjc65.dpuf

1936 May 04
The Age ran a story on Peter Burns and it mentions that he has missed only 7 matches in the 54 years since he commenced playing football in 1882.

1939 July 15
The Sporting Globe (p5) mentions a Peter Burns, who was a Carlton player 54 years ago, and a long serving time keeper for Geelong. (see below)
According to the Geelong web site The Mighty Cats' article of April 20 2015 "New life for historic bell."
The former fire brigade bell is being installed at Simmon's Stadium. It was donated to the club in the 1930's and used by the timekeepers, it replaced a much smaller bell.

The article says, "The larger bell was much appreciated by the time keeper of the time, a man by the name of Peter Burns."
Burns was "one of the greatest players in the history of the game."
Peter was twice awarded the so called Champion of the Colony.
"Burns retired from playing in 1902, and after that had acted as our official time keeper for 39 years, until 1941."
The bell will be rung by a former club great before each home game at the Geelong ground.

Burns had played for South Melbourne 1885 - 1891. South won premierships in 1885, 1888, 1889, 1890.
He crossed to Geelong and played 1892 - 1902 captaining the Cats in 1896 and 1900

So this is the great Peter Burns and he had played for Carlton around 1885!
Certainly THE one that got away!

Trove; Sporting Globe July 15 p5 1939
Trove; Melbourne Punch June 29 1899

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