1978 Reserves

Reserves Season 1978
Coach: Serge Silvagni
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Alex Marcou
Leading Goalkicker: Peter Francis 32 goals (equal 14th in the competition)
Position: 8th
Premier: North Melbourne

Best and Fairest

1st - Alex Marcou 86 votes
2nd - Russell Ohlsen 71 votes
3rd - Warren 'Wow' Jones 70 votes
4th - Vin Catoggio 63 votes
5th - Peter Halsall 59 votes

Round 1: 1st April 1978

Richmond 26.13.169
Carlton 14.20.104

Result: Lost by 65 points

Goalkickers; Renato Serafini 6, Jim Buckley 3, Peter Halsall 2, Peter Fitzpatrick 1, Peter Francis 1, Brendan O'Sullivan 1.

Best; John Tresize , Peter Brown, Peter Halsall, Ian Zeunert, Renato Serafini

Stephen Rae, playing his first competitive game for four years kicked six goals for Richmond against Carlton at the MCG on Saturday. Rae showed that he had recovered from his bad knee injury and it shouldn't be too long before he forces his way into the senior side. Michael Roach kicked four goals and at the other end of the ground Renato Serafini kicked six goals for Carlton.

Round 2: 8th April 1978

Carlton 25.28.178
Geelong 22.16.148

Result: Won by 30 points

Goalkickers; Peter Francis 4, Ken Sheldon 4, Peter Fitzpatrick 3, Peter Halsall 3, Greg Sharp 3, Denis Collins 1, Rod Galt 1, Scott Howell 1, Brendan O'Sullivan 1, Leigh McConnon 1, Greg Towns 1, John Tresize 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Peter Fitzpatrick, Rod Galt, Peter Halsall, John Tresize, Alex Marcou.

There were 47 goals kicked in the Carlton and Geelong clash, with the Blues running out winners - 25.28 to 22.16. Peter Fitzpatrick kicked three goals and was the best player while for Geelong Paul Sarah reacted quickly to his omission from the senior team, by kicking six goals, and being one of the Cats best players.

Round 3: 15th April 1978

Carlton 23.18.156
Melbourne 11.10.76

Result: Won by 80 points

Goalkickers; Ken Sheldon 4, Peter Jones 3, Michael Young 2, Mark Kerr 2, Peter Francis 2, Robert Walls 2, Phil Pinnell 2, Greg Towns 2, Ian Zeunert 1, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Danny Halloran 1, Peter Bedford 1.

Best; Ian Zeunert, Alex Marcou, Peter Francis, Peter Bedford, Mark Maclure, Michael Young.

Carlton had a massive 80 point win over Melbourne. Peter Bedford and Mark Maclure were good players for the Blues, and Graham Gaunt, playing his first game for new club Melbourne, performed creditably.

Round 4: 22nd April 1978

Essendon 24.12.156
Carlton 14.21.104

Result: Lost by 52 points

Goalkickers; Rod Ashman 3, Greg Sharp 3, Peter Bedford 2, Mark Kerr 2, Rod Austin 1, Scott Howell 1, Leigh McConnon 1, Greg Towns 1.

Best; Peter Bedford, Rod Ashman, Greg Towns, John Tresize, Alex Marcou, Scott Howell.

Essendon had a 52 point victory over Carlton with Robin Close kicking four goals. Peter Bedford, Rod Ashman and Greg Towns were Carlton's best players.

Round 5: 29th April 1978

Carlton 23.8.146
Sth Melbourne 17.8.110

Result: Won by 36 points

Goalkickers; Ken Sheldon 5, Peter Francis 4, Phil Pinnell 3, Vin Catoggio 2, Scott Howell 2, Russell Ohlsen 2, Ray Byrne 1, Bruce Hall 1, Peter Halsall 1, Peter Jones 1, Renato Serafini 1.

Best; Ken Sheldon, Phil Pinnell, Ray Byrne, Vin Catoggio, Peter Brown, Gary Conn.

Carlton rovers Ken Sheldon and Vin Catoggio paved the win for the Blues 36 point win against Sth Melbourne. Ken Sheldon booted five goals, while for South, forward Michael Smith kicked seven.

Round 6: 6th May 1978

Carlton 27.15.177
Hawthorn 19.10.124

Result: Won by 53 points

Goalkickers; Vin Catoggio 7, Tony Pickett 4, Mark Kerr 3, Russell Ohlsen 3, Stephen Buckley 2, Peter Francis 2, Peter Halsall 2, Phil Pinnell 2, Brendan O'Sullivan 1, Greg Towns 1.

Best; Vin Catoggio, Greg Towns, Phil Pinnell, Tony Pickett, Leigh McConnon, Bruce Hall.

Carlton had a big win against Hawthorn. Rover Vin Catoggio, with seven goals, and Tony Pickett with four goals, both being instrumental in their team's 53 point win.

Round 7: 13th May 1978

Carlton 15.12.102
Collingwood 13.13.91

Result: Won by 11 points

Goalkickers; Vin Catoggio 3, Peter Francis 3, David.B McKay 3, Greg Sharp 2, Mark Kerr 2, Peter Halsall 1, Graeme Whitnall 1.

Best; Peter Brown, Graeme Whitnall, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Ray Byrne, Peter Francis, Ian Zeunert

Carlton defeated Collingwood by 11 points with rover Vin Catoggio starring for the Blues. Wayne Gordon turned in a good game for the Magpies and senior rover Ray Shaw's brother Tony, performed well, booting four goals.

Round 8: 20th May 1978

Fitzroy 15.19.109
Carlton 11.20.86

Result: Lost by 23 points

Goalkickers; Vin Catoggio 3, Brendan O'Sullivan 3, Mark Kerr 2, Jim Buckley 1, Peter Halsall 1, Graeme Whitnall 1.

Best; Vin Catoggio, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Peter Halsall, Greg Sharp, Brendan O'Sullivan, Graeme Whitnall.

Fitzroy scored a 23 point win against Carlton with former Sth Melbourne player John Blair being one of the Lions best.

Round 9: 27th May 1978

Nth Melbourne 19.13.127
Carlton 13.11.89

Result: Lost by 38 points

Goalkickers; Peter Fitzpatrick 3, Vin Catoggio 2, Peter Francis 2, Murray Ablitt 1, Wayne Harmes 1, Mark Kerr 1, David.B McKay 1, Brendan O'Sullivan 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Vin Catoggio, Ian Zeunert, Gary Conn, Alex Marcou, Peter Fitzpatrick, Wayne Harmes.

North Melbourne maintained their unbeaten run this season, where they comfortably defeated Carlton at Princes Park by 38 points. First-year player Roger Podolczak starred for the Roos, booting six goals. Ruckman Terry Moore kicked two goals. Carlton forward Peter Fitzpatrick booted three goals and was one of the best players for the Blues.

Round 10: 5th June 1978

Carlton 12.11.83
Footscray 10.19.79

Result: Won by 4 points

Goalkickers; Peter Halsall 3, David Wharton 1, Vin Catoggio 1, Peter McConville 1, Brendan O'Sullivan 1, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Peter Francis 1, Russell Ohlsen 1, Scott Howell 1, Alex Marcou 1.

Best; Warren 'Wow' Jones, Vin Catoggio, Peter Halsall, Russell Ohlsen, Scott Howell, Alex Marcou,

A six goal burst in the final quarter enabled Carlton to get up and defeat Footscray by four points. The Blues were 20 points down at three quarter time but came home strongly in the last term. Warren 'Wow' Jones and Vin Catoggio were good players for Carlton while Philip Bradmore showed good form for Footscray.

Round 11: 17th June 1978

Carlton 21.18.144
St Kilda 12.5.77

Result: Won by 67 points

Goalkickers; Peter McConville 9, Russell Ohlsen 3, Michael Young 3, Peter Francis 2, Ray Byrne 1, Vin Catoggio 1, Peter Fitzpatrick 1, G.Hodder 1.

Best; Vin Catoggio, Gary Conn, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Michael Young, Peter McConville, Ian Zeunert.

Young gun Peter McConville spearheaded Carlton reserves to a big 67 point victory against St Kilda on Saturday. Peter McConville booted nine goals at full forward for the Blues and it shouldn't be too long before the talented young player regains the senior berth he held earlier in the season.

Round 12: 24th June 1978

Richmond 21.12.138
Carlton 18.18.126

Result: Won by 12 points

Goalkickers; Peter Halsall 4, Scott Howell 3, Russell Ohlsen 2, Graeme Whitnall 2, Rod Ashman 1, Peter Fitzpatrick 1, Peter Francis 1, Bruce Hall 1, Wayne Harmes 1, Renato Serafini 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Ian Zeunert, Gary Conn, Scott Howell, Russell Ohlsen, Rod Ashman, Alex Marcou.

Richmond reserves full-forward Geoff McMillan is on the verge of selection after his second succesive top goalkicking performance for the Tigers. McMillan booted six goals in Richmond's 12 point win against Carlton. Rod Ashman was omitted from the Carlton seniors last week, was one of the Blues best.

Round 13: 1st July 1978

Geelong 20.15.135
Carlton 11.12.78

Result: Lost by 57 points

Goalkickers; Peter Fitzpatrick 3, Nick Clark 2, Rod Ashman 1, Peter Francis 1, Wayne Harmes 1, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Alex Marcou 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Phil Pinnell, Alex Marcou, Rod Ashman, Peter Fitzpatrick, Mark Kerr.

Kelvin Matthews made an impressive debut with new club Geelong, against Carlton reserves. The former Hawk booted four goals and was instrumental in several others. Rod Ashman was one of Carlton's best players for the Blues on Saturday.

Round 14: 8th July 1978

Essendon 21.13.139
Carlton 13.17.95

Result: Lost by 44 points

Goalkickers; Vin Catoggio 5, Stephen Buckley 2, Peter Francis 1, Mike Fitzpatrick 1, Peter Halsall 1, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Alex Marcou 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Vin Catoggio, Alex Marcou, Ian Zeunert, Graeme Whitnall, Mike Fitzpatrick, Warren 'Wow' Jones.

In this game Carlton ruckman Mike Fitzpatrick made his comeback. Mike Fitzpatrick, who has been studying at Oxford University in England, played an excellent game and it shouldn't be too long before he makes his way into the Blues' senior line-up.

Round 15: 15th July 1978

Carlton 17.19.121
Melbourne 15.3.93

Result: Won by 28 points

Goalkickers; Peter Francis 4, Russell Ohlsen 4, Renato Serafini 3, Robert Hubbard 2, Greg Sharp 2, Peter Halsall 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Russell Ohlsen, Jim Buckley, Peter Francis, Stephen Buckley, Mike Fitzpatrick, Peter Halsall.

Only Melbourne's accurate kicking for goal, kept them in the match against Carlton. The Demons booted 15.3 but failed by 28 points. Ray Biffin kicked two goals for the Demons and Barry Norsworthy picked up a heap of kicks. Carlton were best served by Russell Ohlsen who booted four goals and rover Jim Buckley.

Round 16: 22nd July 1978

Carlton 17.20.122
Sth Melb 6.8.44

Result: Won by 78 points

Goalkickers; Russell Ohlsen 4, Peter Francis 3, Peter Halsall 3, Phil Pinnell 3, Scott Howell 2, Greg Fisher 1, Peter Fitzpatrick 1.

Best; Phil Pinnell, Russell Ohlsen, Peter Francis, Gary Conn, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Peter Fitzpatrick.

Carlton crushed South Melbourne by 78 points in a one sided match. Phillip Pinnell gave the Blues great drive and capped off his fine game with three goals.

Round 17: 29th July 1978

Carlton 22.16.148
Hawthorn 20.7.127

Result: Won by 21 points

Goalkickers; Ken Sheldon 6, Greg Fisher 3, Mike Fitzpatrick 3, Renato Serafini 3, Peter Fitzpatrick 2, Peter Halsall 2, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Phil Pinnell 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Ian Zeunert, Alex Marcou, Phil Pinnell, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Ken Sheldon, Peter Halsall.

Carlton defeated Hawthorn by 21 points in a high-scoring game, with the Blues rover Ken Sheldon booting six goals. Mike Fitzpatrick kicked three goals for the Blues and gave a sound display of ruck work. Hawthorn was best served by Peter Welsh who booted three goals and was instrumental in several others.

Round 18: 5th August 1978

Collingwood 16.13.109
Carlton 11.14.80

Result: Lost by 29 points

Goalkickers; Russell Ohlsen 3, Peter Halsall 2, Geoff Hocking 2, Jim Buckley 1, Nick Clark 1, Peter Fitzpatrick 1, Bruce Hall 1.

Best; Warren 'Wow' Jones, Scott Howell, Alex Marcou, Graeme Whitnall, Peter Fitzpatrick, Mark Kerr.

Collingwood led by experienced players Doug Gott, Robert Hyde, Ted Carroll and Ross Dunne beat Carlton by 29 points. Hyde and Carroll booted three goals apiece for the Magpies and Dunne in his second match for the year, kicked two. Russell Ohlsen kicked three goals for the Blues (ironically, the following season Ohlsen would be playing for Collingwood against the Blues in the senior Grand Final).

Round 19: 12th August 1978

Fitzroy 10.14.74
Carlton 8.20.68

Result: Lost by 6 points

Goalkickers; Mark Hegarty 2, Renato Serafini 2, Nick Clark 1, Peter Fitzpatrick 1, Graeme Whitnall 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Mike Fitzpatrick, Ian Zeunert, Peter Fitzpatrick, Stephen Buckley, Peter Halsall, Warren 'Wow' Jones.

Poor kicking for goal cost Carlton the match against Fitzroy. The Blues had 28 scoring shots, but could manage only eight goals and they went down by four points to the Lions. Former North Melbourne full-forward John Frazer, booted four goals for Fitzroy. Barry Padley and Geoff Austen gave the Lions great drive throughout the match. Carlton's ruckman Mike Fitzpatrick gave a sound display.

Round 20: 19th August 1978

Nth Melbourne 33.16.214
Carlton 7.10.52

Result: Lost by 162 points

Goalkickers; Robert Hubbard 2, Gary Conn 1, Jim Buckley 1, Peter Fitzpatrick 1, Peter Halsall 1, Scott Howell 1.

Best; Russell Ohlsen, Peter Fitzpatrick, Mike Fitzpatrick, Robert Hubbard, Peter Halsall, Gary Conn.

Top reserves side North Melbourne went on a goalkicking spree against Carlton on Saturday. The Roos kicked 33 goals and won by a mammoth 162 points. Ex Blue Craig Davis booted eight goals for the Roos, John Byrne five and Steve McCann four. Other good players for North Melbourne were Ray Huppatz, Peter Keenan, John Cassin and Stan Alves. The Blues were best served by Russell Ohlsen, Peter Fitzpatrick and Mike Fitzpatrick.

Round 21: 26th August 1978

Footscray 13.14.92
Carlton 9.14.68

Result: Lost by 24 points

Goalkickers; Jim Buckley 3, Scott Howell 2, Peter Francis 1, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Renato Serafini 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Warren 'Wow' Jones, Mike Fitzpatrick, Graeme Whitnall, Jim Buckley, Kevin Heath, Glenn Rohleder.

Footscray were too strong for Carlton and won by 24 points. Grant Simmons booted three goals for the Bulldogs while for Carlton Jim Buckley kicked three goals.

Round 22: 2nd September 1978

Carlton 13.12.90
St Kilda 12.16.88

Result: Won by 2 points

Goalkickers; Russell Ohlsen 4, Peter Halsall 2, Renato Serafini 2, Stephen Buckley 1, Scott Howell 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Russell Ohlsen, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Mike Fitzpatrick, Mark Kerr, Alan Mangels, Bruce Hall.

Carlton beat St Kilda by two points in a thrilling finish. The Saints trailed by 28 points at half time but finished strongly in the second half to just fail. Mordecai Bromberg and captain coach John Northey turned in top performances for the Saints. Carlton's best players were Russell Ohlsen and Warren 'Wow' Jones.

1978 Reserves End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Nth Melb.1903 762996 1658 180.7
2Geelong1705 682768 1967140.7
3Hawthorn1408 562490 2166 114.9
4Richmond1408 562634 2320 113.5
5Fitzroy1408 56 2339 2160 108.3
6Essendon11110 462321 2252 103.1
7Footscray11011 442268 2282 99.4
8Carlton11011 442417 2589 96.3
9Collingwood9013 362359 2454 96.1
10Sth Melb.4117 181997 2569 77.3
11Melbourne4018 161957 3165 61.8
12St Kilda3019 121706 2750 62.0

1978 Reserves Finals Series

Saturday 9th September 1978

Elimination Final - Richmond 23.19.157 d Fitzroy 14.14.98

Qualifying Final - Hawthorn 18.14.122 d Geelong 14.12.96

16th September 1978

1st Semi Final - Richmond 18.20.128 d Geelong 18.15.123

2nd Semi Final - North Melbourne 20.17.137 d Hawthorn 6.6.42

23rd September 1978

Preliminary Final - Hawthorn 13.9.87 d Richmond 11.14.80

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