Broken Father-Sons

Sometimes, due to the draft rules at the time, or the passing interests of recruiters and even a strong difference in opinion as to the quality of a young son, the Father/Son link is broken. Carlton has enjoyed and suffered in both respects; we've lost sons to opposition Clubs, and gained sons of opposition Champs and lesser lights. The first table tracks the sons lost to opposition Clubs:

Father Games Played Son Club
Bob Atkinson 44 John Atkinson Fitzroy
Jack Baker 147 approx Jack Baker Geelong
Edric Bickford 21 George Bickford Melbourne
Terry Board 41 Terry M Board Fitzroy
41 Jim Board Collingwood
Gerard Butts 3 Jordon Butts * Adelaide
Bill Carmody 1 Bill J. Carmody St. Kilda
David Clarke 9 Tim Clarke Hawthorn
Brent Crosswell 98 Tom Kavanagh Melbourne/Fitzroy
Craig Davis 42 Nick Davis Collingwood/Sydney
Wayne Deledio 1 Brett Deledio Richmond / GWS Giants
Matthew Dickson Nil Des Dickson Hawthorn
Alf Egan 36 Ted Lovett Fitzroy
Martin Gotz 106 Bruce Gotz St Kilda
Trent Hotton 61 Olli Hotton * St Kilda
Ken Hunter 147 Cameron Hunter Melbourne
Steve Leehane 82 Ted Leehane Essendon
John Lloyd 29 Brad Lloyd Hawthorn
29 Matthew Lloyd Essendon
Barry Mitchell 38 Tom Mitchell * Sydney Swans / Hawthorn / Collingwood
Warren McKenzie 67 Reece McKenzie Richmond
Michael Nash Unknown Robert H. Nash Collingwood
Jim Pender 15 Jim M Pender Geelong
Frank Pritchard 20 Bill Pritchard Geelong
Dean Rice 118 Bailey Rice St Kilda
Brett Sholl 35 Lachlan Sholl * Adelaide Crows
Tony Thiessen 13 James Thiessen Richmond/Adelaide
Bruce Reid 33 Ben Reid Collingwood
33 Sam Reid * Sydney
Ken Sheldon 132 Sam Sheldon Brisbane Lions
Stephen O'Reilly 12 Dillon O'Reilly Fremantle Dockers

In the second table, we note where the Blues have enjoyed the fruit of someone else's loins:

Son Games Played Father Club
Ron Barassi 50 Ronald J Barassi Melbourne
Peter Bedford 8 Bill Bedford Fitzroy
Bruce Bentley 1 Perc Bentley Richmond
Josh Bootsma 14 Brad Bootsma Fremantle
Brian Buckley 116 Jack Buckley Fitzroy
Chris Cameron 5 Bill Cameron St Kilda
Blake Campbell 11 Des Campbell Melbourne
Cameron Cloke 36 David Cloke Collingwood / Richmond
Denis Collins 30 Jack Cecil Collins Fitzroy/Essendon
Bruce Comben 188 Aubrey Comben Geelong
John Comben 38 Aubrey Comben Geelong
Sam Cranage 10 Paul Cranage Collingwood
Frazer Dale 2 Andrew Dale Melbourne
Tom de Koning * Refer to players Bio for current games tally Terry de Koning Footscray
Steve Easton 1 Kevin Easton North Melbourne
Jake Edwards 5 Allan 'Butch' Edwards Footscray, Richmond, Collingwood
Tom Fields 2 Neville Fields Essendon / Sth Melbourne
Jayden Foster Nil Peter Foster Fitzroy / Footscray
Billy Gowers Nil Andrew Gowers Hawthorn / Brisbane Lions
Danny Halloran 15 Frank Halloran Melbourne & Footscray
Jack Hardy 4 Charlie Hardy Nth Melbourne / Essendon
Elijah Hollands * Refer to players Bio for current games tally Ben Hollands Richmond
Oliver Hollands * Refer to players Bio for current games tally Ben Hollands Richmond
Jack Howell 137 Jack P Howell South Melbourne
Bill Huntington 3 Stan Huntington Melbourne
Chris Johnson 15 Alan Johnson Melbourne
Liam Jones 95 Bob Jones St Kilda
Kane Lucas 42 Jack Lucas Sydney Swans
Mitch McGovern * Refer to players Bio for current games tally Andrew McGovern * Sydney Swans / Fremantle
Mick Martyn 13 Bryan Martyn North Melbourne
Andrew Merrington 18 Gary Merrington Footscray
George Morrissey 9 George Morrissey Snr St Kilda
Jesse Motlop * Refer to players Bio for current games tally Daniel Motlop Nth Melbourne / Port Power
Marc Murphy 300 John Murphy Fitzroy / Sth Melb / Nth Melb
Fraser Phillips Nil Garry Phillips Geelong
Alan Rayson 2 Arthur Rayson Geelong
Bruce Reid 33 Bruce Reid Senior Footscray
Dave Rogers 7 Joe Rogers North Melbourne
Peter Smith 15 Norm Smith Melbourne
Billie Smedts 9 Alby Smedts Footscray / St Kilda
Tom Temay Nil Paul Temay St Kilda
Rohan Welsh 42 John Welsh Essendon

NB * denotes current player.

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