Carlton defeated Footscray by 22 points at Western Oval.

Round 18, 1937

Venue: Western OvalDate: Saturday August 28, 1937
Result: Win by 22 pointsUmpire: BlackburnCrowd: 8,000
Goalkickers: H.Vallence 5, K.Shea 3, J.Wrout 3, A.Clarke 2, A.Shields 2, R.Cooper 1, B.Green 1.
Reports: Injuries: C.Crisp (leg) replaced by H.Vallence at half time

Game Review

Carlton finished off the season on a high with five straight wins, but a tardy start to the year (that produced only three wins in our first eight games) meant that we were always going to be battling to reach the finals. Eleven wins, seven losses, percentage of 110.9 and fifth position on the ladder - two points shy of Richmond - was a disappointing result.

The Dogs kicked with the wind and soon had the first goal on the board. The Blues went forward and Jack Wrout had a shot, but it was only a point. Footscray soon settled and attacked with Jim Park and Frank Anderson were prominant in the Blues' defence. The Dogs then rattled on three goals before they bought up their first minor score. Keth Shea passed to Jack Wrout and he scored the Blues onlyy goal for the term.
At quarter time the Carlton trailled by 25 points 1.4 - 5.5
In the second quarter Footscray stacked the back line with only three of their players forward of the centre. Carlton were forced to kick long and a clever snap from Keith Shea bought up full points while a long kick by Arch Shields just carried over the outstrecthed fingers of the defenders and went through for a goal. The wind advantaged had dropped and the Dogs added a couple of goals.
At half time the Blues trailled by 1 point, 6.11 - 7.6
Harry Vallence replaced Cresswell 'Mickey' Crisp on the half forward flank had an immediate impact and scored a goal. Keith Shea then dribbled the ball through for a goal.
At three quarter time the Blues trailled by 4 points, 10.11 - 10.15
Two quick goals to Keith Shea and Harry Vallence put the Blues ahead and restored its confidence. Harry Vallence gave the forward line a much needed target and drive. Jim Francis and Eric Huxtable were playing well in defence as Carlton got on top.
Carlton won by 12 points, 17.16 - 13.16

Blues stalwart Fred Gilby's career finished up after 179 games in Navy Blue, a guernsey record that would last for almost 80 years ...


B: 2 Don McIntyre 26 Jim Park 1 Frank Anderson
HB: 9 Eric Huxtable 10 Jim Francis (vc) 6 Fred Gilby
C: 7 Jack Carney 18 Monty Brown 32 Bob Green
HF: 8 Keith Shea 25 Arch Shields 12 Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp
F: 20 Pat Farrelly 28 Jack Wrout 31 Ansell Clarke (c)
Ruck: 14 Rod McLean 16 Ted Pollock 19 Ron Cooper
19th Man: 22 Harry Vallence
Coach: Percy Rowe


Debut and Only Game: Monty Brown
Last Games: Ansell Clarke, Fred Gilby, Pat Farrelly, Ted Pollock
Last Game and 100th Goal (Carlton): Keith Shea

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