A depleted Carlton lost to Geelong by 20 points at the MCG. Captain Ray Brew played injured.

Semi Final, 1930

Venue: MCGDate: Saturday September 20, 1930
Result: Lose by 20 pointsUmpire: Scott. Crowd: 47,985
Goalkickers: H.Vallence 2.1, L.Allen 2.6, A.Clarke 1.1, H.Clover 1.3, A.Doyle 1.0, J.Green 1.5* Davey 0.3, Crowe 0.2.
Best: F.Gill, C.Davey, C.Martyn, A.Clarke, F.Gilby, V.Arthur.
Reports: Injuries: R.Brew (torn muscles) replaced by L.Crone at half time.

Game Review

The Carlton team had been weakened by injury and suspension and this forced Captain Ray Brew to take the field even though he had torn rib muscles. He eventually was replaced at half-time. Geelong kicked with the wind in the first quarter, but Carlton played well to kick 3 goals to none in the first term and led by 17 points at the first break. The Blues were dominant with the wind in the second quarter, but kicked atrociously scoring 1 goal and 13 behinds. Geelong scored 3 goals into the wind, and the Blues took a 15 point lead into half-time, but it should have been much more.

Geelong kicked 7 goals with the wind in the third term, with Jack Collins kicking 4 goals for the quarter. Carlton managed three goals into the wind, but the damage was done and the Blues were 19 points behind at the last break. The Blues couldn't make the most of the wind in the final term, and eventually lost by 20 points.

"With the game swinging against Carlton both Allen and Davey missed with shots, and bought the behind tally up to the 16 mark. Collins (Geelong) electrified the crowd with a wonderful running drop kick to the goal. Tremendous excitement followed a Carlton rally. In the Carlton goal base Davey, surrounded by bustling defenders, tried to kick the ball over his head. It fell near Crowe, who also shot it straight upwards; it fell again, and this time Vallence secured it near the behind post, and from there twisted it over his head, and through the goal." (The Age September 22 p4)

The club had been in the match and should have been more competitive, but had kicked an absolutely atrocious 2 goals 18 behinds with its two quarters with the wind, with Geelong kicking 6 goals into the wind.

How Carlton came to be playing Geelong when the Blues finished 2nd and Geelong 4th (and 4 games behind) in a knock-out semi is unfathomable. Suffice to say that the Page-McIntyre finals system was in place for 1931.

.* Green may have kicked 1.3, the newspaper reproduction is difficult to read could be a 3 or 5


Marks: 3.9
Snaps: 3.11
Frees: 2.1
Total: 8.21
Marks: 7.5
Snaps: 6.5
Frees: 0.1
Total: 13.11


Carlton: 88 65 68 76 - Total 297
Geelong: 64 75 69 90 - Total 298

Free Kicks

Carlton: 19 11 12 12 - Total 54
Geelong: 14 11 7 7 - Total 37
Gill 9 (5 OOB), A. Martyn 6 (4 OOB), F. Williams 5 (4 OOB), Duncan 5, Vallence 4, Huxtable 4, Davey 4, Doyle 3, Scharp 3, Arthur 2, Green 2, Clarke 2, Gilby 2, Clover 1, Brew 1, C.Martyn 1. Total 54 (OOB - out of bounds)


Carlton: 92
Geelong: 81
Vallence 13, Davey 12, Crowe 8, Arthur 6, Clover 6, C. Martyn 6, Allen 5, Doyle 5, Duncan 5, Gill 4, A. Martyn 4, Williams 4, Clarke 3, Green 3, Gilby 2, Huxtable 2, Crone 2, Brew 1, Scharp 1. Total 92


Blue to be Will Kuhlken had 8 marks, and scored 3.2 for Geelong.


B: 4 Aubrey Martyn 21 Frank Gill 33 Bruce Scharp
HB: 9 Eric Huxtable 32 Alex Duncan 6 Fred Gilby
C: 30 Vin Arthur 2 Colin Martyn 29 Fred Williams
HF: 14 Jack Green 19 Alec Doyle 22 Harry Vallence
F: 20 Les Allen 1 Horrie Clover (vc) 31 Ansell Clarke
Ruck: 17 Charlie Davey 26 Ray Brew (c) 23 Jim Crowe
19th Man: 34 Len Crone
Coach: Dan Minogue


Photo: Age Sept. 22


Last Game: Alex Duncan

Round 18 | 1931
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