All Australian         The list of our proud All Australian nominations

All Australian

2019: Patrick Cripps

2018: Patrick Cripps

2017: Sam Docherty

2011: Chris Judd (Vice Captain), Marc Murphy

2010: Chris Judd

2009: Chris Judd (Vice Captain), Brendan Fevola

2008: Chris Judd (Captain), Brendan Fevola

2006: Brendan Fevola

2004: Matthew Lappin

2001: Andrew McKay, Brett Ratten

2000: Scott Camporeale, Anthony Koutoufides, Andrew McKay, Brett Ratten, Lance Whitnall

1999: Matthew Allan, Andrew McKay, Stephen Silvagni

1997: Craig Bradley, Michael Sexton, Stephen Silvagni

1996: Michael Sexton, Stephen Silvagni

1995: Craig Bradley, Ang Christou, Anthony Koutoufides, Justin Madden, Stephen Silvagni, David Parkin (Coach)

1994: Greg Williams (Captain), Craig Bradley, Stephen Kernahan, Stephen Silvagni

1993: Craig Bradley, Andrew McKay, Greg Williams

1992: Mil Hanna, Stephen Kernahan

1990: Stephen Kernahan, Stephen Silvagni

1989: Stephen Kernahan

1988: Stephen Kernahan

1987: Mark Naley

1986: Stephen Kernahan, Craig Bradley

1984: Bruce Doull, Rod Ashman

1983: Des English, Ken Hunter

1982: Rod Ashman, Jim Buckley , Mike Fitzpatrick, Ken Hunter, David Parkin (Coach)

1980: Geoff Southby, Robbert Klomp

1979: Bruce Doull

1972: Alex Jesaulenko

1969: John Nicholls (Captain), Alex Jesaulenko

1966: John Nicholls, John Goold

1956: John Chick

1953: Jack Howell

NB From seasons 1953 to 1985, All-Australian selection was not awarded in most seasons.

Most Times All-Australian as Carlton Player

1. Stephen Kernahan, Stephen Silvagni: 6

3. Craig Bradley: 5

4. Chris Judd, Andrew McKay: 4

6. Brendan Fevola: 3

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