1927 Reserves

show_image.php?id=19868Reserves Season 1927
Coach: Jimmy Goonan
Captain: Jimmy Goonan
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 1st
Premier: Premiers

Head Trainer:Ted Leslie
Trainers:T. Poog, H. Gillard, George Harrison.

23 players took part in the final series. Seems to be 23 players plus officals in this picture. Can anyone name them?
Charlie Davey is the tallest back row, Maybe Harry Vallence is back row 3 from Davey on the right.
Jimmy Goonan standing back row to the immeadiate left of Davey. Could be Frank Brody reserves secretary, standing second front row far right.


Left: Reserves Secretary, Frank Brody

Carlton Final List


Beasy, Bell, Blackmore, Brewis, Brew, Carter, Collins, Connell, Donohue, Duncan, Dunn, Gilby, S. Irwin, Kelly, McSwain, Morrissey, Mullens, Outram, Robertson, Styles, Vallence, Watson.

New Players

Davey (forward, Chelsea), W. Donald (halfback/follower Hume Weir), T. Downs (rover, Northcote), T. Fitzgerald (Grong Grong), Hawkings (halfback/follower, Rushworth), Hugheson (follower/back, Northcote Juniors), L. Johnson (follower/half forward, Maryborough), M. Johnson (wing/half forward, Brunswick), D. Kelleher (folower/half back, Wangaratta), P. A. Kennedy (Hawthorn and University), T. M. Kennedy (Chelsea), Mount, (wing, seconds), Parkhill (follower/back, seconds), Seymour (half forward, Mulwala), Stone(rover/forward, seconds), Skehan (half forward, Wangaratta), Walsh (rover/forward, Elsternwick), Way (half forward, seconds)

Horrie Clover (coach) had said he has no desire to play, but by late April he had changed his mind.


V. Davis (N.S.W.), Williamson, E. C. Uren (Port Melbourne)
Permits granted to W. Koop (N.S.W.), R. Muir (Warracknabeal), J. Parkhill (Brunswick), A. Marchesi (Coburg), J. Robertson (Brunswick), J. Dee (St.Kilda)

In 1927, Carlton won our second Reserves Premiership in a row.

The 1927 Grand Final

Carlton 1.4 10 3.13 31 8.14 62 12.22 94
South Melbourne 3.5 23 6.6 42 10.7 67 11.9 75
Venue: MCG Date: October 8, 1927
Result: Win by 19 points Umpire: Petrie Crowd: 4,200
Goalkickers: Outram (5), Vallence (2), Davey (1), Stone (1), Skehan (1), Mount (1) and Robertson (1).
Best: Kelleher, Davey, Mount, Robertson, Fitzgerald, Outram, Vallence and Skehan.
Reports: Davey (elbowing Hogg), Fitzgerald (striking Wildie) and Murphy -South Melb. ( charging Robertson) Injuries: Nil

Carlton team;
Backs; 5 J. Parkhill, 1 Jack Way, 29 Jack Cahill
Half backs; 11 Jim Crowe, 10 Denis Kelleher, 32 George Robbins
Centres; 23 Frank Mount, 3 Jimmy Goonan (c.c.), 15 T. Fitzgerald
Half forwards; 21 Pat Kennedy, 22 Harry Vallence, 7 Jimmy Robertson (v.c)
Forwards, 17 Charlie Davey, 24 Percy Outram, 25 Billy Stone
Followers; 30 Johnny Davies, 12 Allan Skehan
Rover; 19 George Styles

Ad football1.jpgImage Note; black/blue numbers on white backing. #29 Jack Cahill

1927 2nds Premiership Squad

1 Jack Way
3 Jimmy Goonan (cc)
4 Bill Downie
5 J Parkhill
7 Jimmy Robertson (vc)
10 Denis Kelleher
30 Johnny Davies
11 Jim Crowe
12 Allan Skehan
13 H Simmonds
14 M Watson
15 T Fitzgerald
17 Charlie Davey
19 George Styles
21 Pat Kennedy
22 Harry Vallence
23 Frank Mount
24 Percy Outram
25 Billy Stone
28 Albert 'Jack' Williamson
29 Jack Cahill
31 L Lewshing
32 George Robbins
Captain coach: Jimmy Goonan

1927 September 03: "Success of Carlton's Second Eighteen Due to Coaching and Organisation."

W. S. "Jumbo" Sharland of the Sporting Globe looks at Carlton's winning reserves teams.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article184860189


The Carlton Football club decided to appoint the committee of the Second Eighteen or Reserves.

April 31
Opening round of the season
Carlton played South Melbourne at South Melbourne
A scrambling type of game. South lead by 2 points at quarter time, Carlton then lead throughout and had an 8 point advantage at the last beak, going on to win by 26 points.
Carlton won; 11.13.79 - 6.17.53
Goals; Davis/Davey? 6, Mullens 3, Johnson, Manger
Best; Simmons, Davis, Downie, Robinson, Brewis
Carlton fifth
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 79, Against 53, 149.05%, Points 4

May 07
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park
Before the game the 1926 Reserves premiership flag was unfurled by the wife of the president, Mrs. Reyment.
The visitors got off to a good start to lead 4.3 - 1.0 at quarter time. The Blues hit back to trail by 4 points at half time. A very even second half followed. Recruit C. Davey from Chelsea was put on the ball and his high marking and play around the ground was a feature of the remaining quarters. The lead changed hands with the Blues winning by 6 points.
Carlton won; 10.6.66 - 8.12.60
Goals; Mullens 4, P. Kennedy 3, Vallence 2, Byrne
Best; Robertson, Vallence, Davey, Robbins, McAlpine, Mullens, T. Kennedy
Played 2, Won 2, Lost 0, For 145, Against 113, 128.31%, Points 12

May 14
Carlton played Essendon at Essendon
An even game for three quarters with the scores being level at the last break. Early in the final term the Blues kicked 3 quick goals to give the visitors a commanding lead.
Carlton won; 10.11.71 - 7.12.54
Goals; Outram 3, Vallence 2, Stone 2, Johnson, Davey, Shanahan
Best; Johnson, Mount, Shanahan, Goonan, Simmons, Kelleher, Smith
Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0, For 216, Against 167, 129.34%, Points 16

May 21
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
Crowd; 600
Geelong led at the first break due to Carlton playing the man instead of the ball. The coach got stuck into the Carlton players and at half time scores were level. The Blues got on top and in the last term and outclassed the visitors.
18 year old Charlie Davey showed all the poise of a much more experienced player.
Carlton team;
Backs; Peterson, McKay, Rennins
Half backs; Downie, Donoghue, Fitzgerald
Centres; Mount, Goonan, M. Johnson
Half forwards; P. Kennedy, Williamson, Skehan
Forwards; Walsh, Davey. T. Kennedy
Followers; Simmons, Manger
Rover; Stone
Carlton won by 25 points
Carl; 3.3 5.5 9.5 14.10.94
Geel; 2.4 5.5 9.5 10.9.69
Goals; Davey 6, P. Kennedy 2, Stone 2, Peterson 2, Walsh, Skehan
Best; Davey, P. Kennedy, Goonan, Johnson, Mount, Simmons, Stone, Downie, T. Kennedy
Carlton first
Played 4, Won 4, Lost 0, For 310, Against 236, 131.35%, Points 16

May 28
Carlton played Hawthorn at Glenferrie
Carlton won; 8.11.59 - 3.4.22
No details
Carlton first
Played 5, Won 5, Lost 0, For 369, Against 258, 143.02%, Points 20


Argus June 03

June 04
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
After this match the Carlton Reserve team travelled to Euroa to play a match there.

June 25
Carlton played Collingwood at Princes Park
Monday's Argus said it was about the 20th. game in a row the Blues had won.
A even game throughout with the visitors holding a 3 point advantage at half time. At three quarter time the Magpies had extended the lead to 15 points. Carlton goaled immediately at the start of the final term. The Blues then overpowered Collingwood and were led brilliantly by J. Goonan.
Carlton won;
Carl; 11.9.75
Coll; 10.9.69
Goals; Way 3, Mortimer 2, Davey 2, Skehan, Kelleher, P. Kennedy, Styles
Best; Goonan, Mount, Kelleher, Downie, P. Kennedy, Mortimer, Styles, Davey
Carlton first
Played 9, Won 9, Lost 0, Drawn 0, For, Against, %, Points 36

July 09
Carlton played St.Kilda at Carlton.
A very similar scoreline to the seniors match on the Junction Oval, 21.9.135 - 6.8.44
Carlton Reserves won by 82 points, it's twenty-first consecutive victory.
Carlton; 21.10.136
St.Kilda; 7.12.54
Best; Robeins/Robbins?, Goonan, Kennedy, Mount, Styles, Outram, Letcher
Goals; Outram 5, Way 4, Davey 3, Kennedy 3, Styles 3, Letcher, Lee Ching/Lewshing, Petersen
Carlton First; Played 11, Won 11, Lost 0, Drawn 0, Points 44

July 16
Carlton played South Melbourne
Carlton won 11.11.77 - 7.12.54
Best; Davis/Davey?, Lew Ching, Crowe, Letcher, Styles, Robbins, Mount.
Goals; Davey 3, Styles 3, Lew Ching 2, Kennedy, Letcher, Crowe
Carlton First; Played 12, Won 12, Lost 0, Drawn 0, Points 48

July 23
Carlton played Fitzroy at Brunswick Street.
The Roys were by far the better side all day, but poor kicking is poor football.
Carlton won by 7 points
Carlton 5.2.32
Fitzroy 2.13.25
Best; Lew Shing, Kelleher, Goonan,Cahill, Robbins, Parkhill
Goal kickers; Outram 2, Petersen, Davey, Seymour
Carlton First, Played 13, Won 13, Lost 0, Drawn 0

July 30
Carlton played Essendon
Carlton won 15 points
Carlton 8.12.60
Essendon 6.9.45

August 06
Carlton played Geelong at the Corio Oval
Carlton Reserves secretary Mr. Brody organized a special train to take their supporters to Geelong.
Carlton Reserves have won their last 24 games, the last 10 matches of season 1926 and the first 14 of this season.
Attendance; It was larger than normal and the Geelong Advertiser estimated a crowd of 1,500.
Geelong won the toss and kicked with the aid of the wind.
In the evening the Carlton Reserves' committee entertained players, officials, and supporters at the Prince of Wales Hotel before their 8.30pm train left for Melbourne.
Carlton team;
Backs; Parkhill, Blackmore, Peterson
Half backs; Downie, Cahill, Fitzgerald
Centres; Mount, Goonan, Mortimer
Half forwards; Outram, Davey, Kennedy
Forwards; Collins, Way, Lewshing
Folowers; Davies, Letcher
Rover; Robertson
Umpire; Rodwell
Boundary; Lawler, Sprague
Carlton lost by 41 points.
Carl; 0.1 1.2 6.4 8.6.54
Geel; 3.1 7.6 11.10 14.11.95
Goals; Collins 2, Way 2, Outram, Davey, Kennedy, Mortimer
Best; Goonan, Davey, Kennedy, Davies, Outram, Parkhill, Lewshing.

August 27
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
Carlton won by 149 points
Carlton; 25.26.178
Hawthorn; 4.5.29
Best; Stone, Parkhill, Styles, Outram, Robertson, Seymour, Donoghue.
Goals; Outram 9, Vallence 6, Seymour 3, Kennedy 2, Letcher, Collins, Davey, Robertson, Parkhill or Cahill. (newspapers unsure)
Carlton First Played 16, Won 15 Lost 1, Drawn 0, Points 60

September 03
Carlton played Richmond
Carlton lost by 16 points
Carlton; 7.18.60
Richmond; 10.16.76

September 10
Final home and away match
Carlton played St.Kilda
Age, Argus and Sporting Globe, no score mentioned, just St.Kilda gave Carlton a walk-over.
Perhaps they did not have enough players to field a team.
Carlton First, Played 18, Won 16, Lost 2, Drawn 0, Points 64


September 22 Thursday, Show Day
Carlton played Collingwood in the Reserves Second Semi Final on the MCG
Attendance; 8,349 (record) Gate takings £300 also a record.
Carlton captain Jimmy Goonan was injured and did not play.
The Blues were on the back foot from the opening bounce. Collingwood were contantly attacking, were quicker and held sway in the air. The Carlton defenders had to work over time with Denis Kelleher, Robbins, Bill Downie and Parkhill the best of them. At half time the Blues were 19 points in arrears.
On resumption Collingwood goaled and and it looked grim for the Blues. However once again the defence stood up and the 'Woods only managed 5 behinds for the rest of the third term. Carlton very rarely were able to get the ball into their forward line. Twice they went forward, both times through the good play of Frank Mount which resulted in goals to Jack Way and Harry Vallence. At three quarter time the Blues trailled by 18 points.
Charlie Davey was swung into the ruck and immediately started taking marks around the ground. When both Allan Skehan and George Styles goaled the crowd was up on its feet. Collingwood were tiring and Denis Kelleher repulsed many of their attacks. Carlton crept closer through adding several behinds. Two points separated the teams when Frank Mount brilliantly ran down from the wing and threaded an angled goal to give the Blues the lead with six minutes to go. Both sides were trying to attack when Parkhill pulled down a mark in a pack of players in front of the goals. Parkhill kicked truly to give the Blues a 10 point win.
Carlton team;
Backs; Downie, Way, Parkhill
Half backs; Simmons, Kelleher, Robbins
Centre; Mount, Robertson, Fitzgerald
Half forwards; Outram, Vallence, Stone
Forwards; Cahill, Davey, Crowe
Followers; Davies, Skehan
Rover; Styles
Carlton won by 10 points
Carl; 0.3 3.5 ---- 9.10.64
Coll; 3.3 6.6 ---- 7.12.54
Goals; Vallence 2, Way 2, Skehan 2, Styles, Mount, Parkhill.
Best; Mount, Kelleher, Robbins, Downie, Davey, Parkhill, Skehan, Styles, Vallence

October 01
Carlton played South Melbourne in the Preliminary Final on the M.C.G.
South had use of the strong wind in the first quarter. Driving rain midway through the second term turned the ground into a quagmire.
Carlton did most of the attacking but they could not break through. The sodden, leaden ball made marking impossible and 'soccering' was the order of the day.
South led by 15 points at the last change.
If Carlton had won the match they would have been premiers. However as they lost, they had the right to challenge South Melbourne because the Blues had finished on top of the ladder at the end of the home and away season.
Carlton team;
Backs; Parkhill, Robertson, Downie
Half backs; Fitzgerald, Kelleher, Robbins
Centres; Mount, Goonan, Crowe
Half forwards; Outram, Vallence, Way
Forwards; Cahill, Davey, Stone
Followers; Skehan, Davies
Rover; Styles
Umpire; Petrie
Carlton lost by 7 points.
Carl; 1.1 7.5 8.6 9.10.64
S.M. 8.5 8.7 10.9 10.11.71
Goals; Vallence 3, Davey 2, Kelleher, Skehan, Outram, Parkhill
Best; Vallence (half forward), Mount (wing), Goonan (centre), Kelleher (half back), Skehan (following).

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