1928 Reserves

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Reserves Season 1928
Coach: Jimmy Goonan
Captain: Jimmy Goonan
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 1st
Premier: Premiers

In 1928, the Blues racked up their third Reserves Premiership in succession. Jimmy Goonan was the captain coach in all three of these premierships.

Old: Senior List

Arthur, Beasy, Brew, Brewis, Carter, Clover, Connell, C. Davey, Donoghue, Downs, Duncan, Dunn, Fitzgerald, Gilbey, Gough, L. Johnson, M. Johnson, Kelleher, Kelly, McSwain, Mount, Outram, Seymour, Skehan, Styles, Vallence, Watson


L. Conlan, half back (South Melbourne), Jack Cunningham*, wing (Nar Nar Goon), Davis/Davie, forward (Melbourne), W. A. Freeman, wing/centre (Horsham), W. Koop, follower (Culcairn), C. Martyn, centre (Coburg), R? Ross, defender (Carlton Juniors), H. Ross, rover (Collingwood), Walsh (South Melbourne), W. Whitburn, follower (Williamstown), W. Woods, wing (Northcote), H. J. Plant (Richmond), L. Crone (St. Arnaud)

Supplementary List

E. A. Atkinson, follower (Port Melbourne Jnrs), Colliver, half forward (Rushworth), J. Crowe, wing (Carlton Juniors), H. Everett, centre (Carlton Juniors), J. H. McAnuff/McNuff*, defender (Ivanhoe), W. Mithen centre (Thornbury), E. Shiels, fullback (University), L. Stevens, defender (Kingsville), Whelan? half back (Wonthaggi), N.A. Graco (Keilor), C. Ward (Metro. Amateurs)


J. Morrissey (North Melbourne), J. J. Vale (Fitzroy or North Melbourne), J. F. Way (Essendon), W. Downie (Preston), H. Blackman (South Melbourne), R. Petersen (Port Melbourne), G. Styles (North Melbourne), A. J. Williamson (Essendon), R. A. Smith (St.Kilda), J. J. Smith (Port Melbourne), T. Letcher (Prahran), Jack Cunningham* permit granted to Nar-Nar-Goon, May 26, P. D. Outram (St.Kilda), J. H. McAnuf/McNuff* (Fitzroy), L. D. Hutton (N.S.W.), W. E. Brown (Hawthorn)

Wednesday 27 February 1929


Carlton Hall, Princes Street Carlton
President: A. N. Reyment
Coach: J. Goonan
Treasurer: J. Owens
Vice treasurer: F. Chappell
Assistant Secretary: T. Henry
Representative on the Victoria Second Eighteen League: T. Henry, F. B. Brody
Secretary of the Social Committee: F. O'Keefe
For winning three successive premierships the club was presented with and became the outright holders of the Rosen Cup.
Honorary Life Members: J. Goonan & J. McCormick. - S. O'Brien, J. Parkhill, J. Newbold, G. Harrison, J. Davies - all completed six years service.
Long Service Certificates: W. Watson, R. Faust
Awards for season 1927
President's Trophy: (Best and Fairest - umpire's vote) H. Simmons
Mrs. A. N. Reyment Trophy (Goalkicking) A. Clarke
P. Cain's Trophy (Best first year player) J. Goater
H. Brown's Trophy (Most improvd player) H. Everett
G. Millsom's Trophy (Best all-round player) J. Crowe
D. Crone's Trophy (Most consistant player) T. McVay
H. Parr's Trophy (Best old player) J. Parkhill
G. Evan's Trophy (Most deterimed player) J. Davies
From The Age (p7)

The 1928 Grand Final

Carlton 3.4 22 10.9 69 11.10 76 18.18 126
Geelong 2.3 15 5.5 35 10.11 71 14.11 95
Venue: MCG Date: Show Day Thursday September 27, 1928
Result: Win by 31 points Umpire: Petrie Crowd: over 8,000
Goalkickers: Clarke (6), Vallence (3), Skehan (3), Davey (2), Robertson (2), Koop (1) and Ross (1).
Best: Vallence, Kelleher, Skehan, Davey, Wood, Parkhill, Goonan, Koop, Clarke, Ross and McVay.
Reports: Mulroyan (Geelong) reported by goal umpire for striking C.Davey (Carlton) during third quarter. Injuries: Nil

This game was played on the Thursday Showday holiday and Carlton won their third Reserve's Premiership in a row and won the Rosen Cup, which can be viewed in the Trophy Cabinet in the Gaming Room on the ground floor of the Carlton Social Club. Jimmy Goonan was the captain coach in all three of these premierships.
"The Rosen Cup was donated seven years ago by Mr. Rosen who is an ex president of the Second Eighteens League." (Geelong Advertiser August 24 1928)
The team that won the Cup three times had the right to retain the trophy. At the start of this years' Second Eighteen final series three clubs were in the running to retain the Cup, Geelong, Carlton and Collingwood.

Carlton defeat Geelong Seconds

Read the Geelong Advertiser's match report, courtesy of Trove.
Click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article232420702
Note: The Advertiser's line-up included Robbins for McPherson and Goater for Everett.
None of these players were mentioned in the Advertiser's match report. (Geelong had a player named McPherson.)

1928 2nds Premiership Team

B: 26 J Parkhill 18 T McVay Harry McPherson
HB: 23 Jim Crowe 10 Denis Kelleher 6 H Simmonds
C: 1 Bert Everett 31 Jimmy Goonan (cc) 21 Billy Wood
HF: 7 Jimmy Robertson 22 Harry Vallence 35 Len Crone
F: 4 Bill Koop 13 Ansell Clarke 12 Allan Skehan
Ruck: 30 Johnny Davies (vc) 17 Charlie Davey 9 Hector Ross
Coach: Jimmy Goonan

Carlton Club

"The Carlton players and officials will be entertained at a picnic at Somerville on Sunday to wind up the season. The committee is anxious that all who have promised to lend motor-cars, and any supporters who would care to do so, as well as the players and officials should meet at the Mutual Store at half-past 10 0'clock on Sunday morning."
(The Argus 28 September p17)

1928 Reserves Ladder

Pos TeamPlayed WinsLosses DrawsPoints
1 Carlton 1816 2 0 64
2Geelong 181431 58
3Essendon 181341 54
4Collingwood 181350 52
5South Melbourne 181080 40
6North Melbourne 181080 40
7Fitzroy 187101 30
8Richmond 187110 28
9St.Kilda 184131 18
10Footscray 184140 16
11Melbourne 184140 16
12Hawthorn 184140 16

April 09
Before the practice match between the Carlton First 18 and the Reserves at Princes Park, there was a ceremony for 1927 Reserves Premiership.
Mrs Reyment the wife of the President of the Carlton Reserves unfurled the flag while the two teams lined up.
Approximately 5,000 supporters attended the match.

April 21
Opening round of the season
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park
Carlton team; (23 named)
Goonan, Davies, Mortimer, Clarke, Crowe, Letcher, Petersen, Smith, Everett, Ward, Graigo/Graco?, Skehan, Davie, Styles, Brewis, Vallence, Outram, Seymour, Fitzgerald, Robbins, Plant, Atkinson, McAnuff.
(Team squads from Friday's Herald)
Three quarter time; Carl; 9.6 - 8.5
Carlton won; 11.9.75 - 10.6.66
Davie 8, no further details.
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 75, Against 66, 113.63%, Points 4

April 28
Carlton played Richmond at Punt Road
Players to be at the Richmond ground not later than 2.15pm
A even game up until the last quarter when the speedy Blues got on top and ran out easy winners.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Goonan, Davies, Everett, Graigo, Parkhill, Walsh, Plant, Kelly, Robbins, Mortimer, Mithen, Cunningham, Simmons, Peterson, Outram, Vallence, Crowe, Clarke, Ward, Styles, Skehan, McAnuff, Lewshing, Smith, Letcher
Three quarter time, Carl; 11.6 - 8.6
Carlton won; 19.11.125 - 9.7.61
Goals; Vallence 8, others unknown
Best; Vallence, Parkhill, Robbins, Outram, Plant
Umpire; Thompson
Played 2, Won 2, Lost 0, For 200, Against 136, 147.05%, Points 8

May 05
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
Players to be at the ground by 2.15pm. Carlton to wear white shorts.
The Blues' speed and systematic teamwork as too good for the visitors.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Parkhill, Walsh, Robbins, Goonan, Mount, Clarke, Outram, Skehan, Styles, Ward, Lewshing, Peterson, Coulson, Kelly, Cunningham, Seymour, Simmons, Crowe, Davies, Everett, Mortimer, Smith, Kelleher, Letcher.
Carlton won; 14.8.92 - 4.5.29
Goals; Outram 6, Crowe 2, Cunningham 2, Styles, Ward, Clarke, Davies
Best; Kelly, Robbins, Goonan, Crowe, Simmons, Outram, Peterson
Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0, For 292, Against 165, 176.96%, Points 12

May 12
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda
Apart from the second quarter the Blues had an easy win.
The Carlton team work was too good for the Saints who relied on a few individuals.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Goonan, Vallence, Parkhill, Mount, Robertson, Seymour, Peterson, Gough, Conlan, McSwain, Davies, Mortimer, Plant, Clarke, Robbins, McVay, Simmons, Letcher, Kelly, Koop, Goonan, Skehan, Everett, Crowe, Outtram.
Carlton won; 20.17.137 - 7.10.52
Goals; Vallence 5, Outram 5, Gough 3, Crowe 3, Robertson 2, Seymour, Kelly
Best; Conlan, Kelly, Vallence, Crowe, Robbins, Simmons, Seymour, Parkhill
Played 4, Won 4, Lost 0, For 429, Against 217, 197.69%, Points 16

May 19
Carlton played North Melbourne at Princes Park
Large crowd attended a fast game played with plenty of vigor and the ground was in good condition.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Parkhill, Peterson, Simmons, Robbins, Plant, Conlan, Everett, Gorman, Mortimer, Robertson, Vallence, Seymour, Davies, Gough, Mount, Koop, McSwain, Crowe, Walsh, McVay, Lewshing, Letcher, Clarke.
Carlton won; 10.21.81 - 5.13.43
Goals; Gough 4, Vallence 2, Lewshing 2, Seymour, Davies
Best; Goonan, Seymour, Walsh, Conlan, McNay/McVay, Crowe, Simmons, Robertson.
Carlton first.
Played 5, Won 5, Lost 0, For 510, Against 260, 196.15%, Points 20

May 26
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park
A large crowd went to see the two undefeated teams clash. It was a high standard game with the Blues holding a 23 point lead at half time. South rallied and hit the front with the lead changing hands in the third term. In the final quarter one team dominated, then the other. McVay at full back did all he could to hold South out to enable the Blues to win by 7 points. The home side badly missed their captain-coach Jimmy Goonan who left the field with a foot injury during the third term.
Carlton team; (25 named) (poor reproduction - original Herald edition at SLV would need to sourced)
Goonan, Davies, Skehan, Ca/Crone?, McSwain, Parkhill, McVay, Davey, Free/Freeman?, Woods, Vallence, Gough, Walsh, Seymour, Robbins, Plant, Simmons, Robertson, Koop, Cr/Crowe?, Paterson, Mortimer, Conlan, Lew Shing, Cl/Clarke?
Three quarter time, Carlton 10.9 - 8.14
Carlton won; 12.13.85 - 10.18.78
Goals; Vallence 4, Gough 3, Seymour, Carter, Skehan, McSwain, Davey
Best; Woods, Vallence, McVay, Gough, Seymour, Robertson, Simmons
Carlton first
Played 6, Won 6, Lost 0, For 595, Against 338, 176.03%, Points 24

June 02
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park
The match start was delayed as Collingwood had trouble in fielding 18 men, as a result the game ended in near darkness.
A very even match throughout with the 'Woods getting on top in the last few minutes.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Goonan, Davies, Simmons, Walsh, Freeman, Robertson, Parkhill, Seymour, Koop, Vallence, Wood, Gough, Davey, Crowe, Mortimer, Robbins, Ward, Crone, Plant, Skehan, McKay/McVay?, Lewshing.
Carlton lost; 6.12.48 - 8.8.56
Goals; unknown
Best; unknown
Carlton first
Played 7, Won 6, Lost 1, For 643, Against 394, 163.20%, Points 24

June 04 Monday Public Holiday
Carlton played Melbourne at Princes Park
No match details
Carlton won; 22.28.160 - 11.16.82
Goals; unknown
Best; unknown
Played 8, Won 7, Lost 1, For 803, Against 476, 168.69%, Points 28

June 09
Carlton played Footscray
The Blues slammed on 6 quick unanswered goals during the third term for match winning lead in what was otherwise a very even game.
McVay was a tower of strength at full back.
Carlton team; (18 named plus reserves/emergencies.)
Walsh, McVay, Brewis, Crone, Kelleher, Simmons, Everett, Goonan, Robertson, Plant, Skehan, Crowe, Davie, Gough, Davey, Parkhill, Connell, Ross
Reserves; Ward, Mortimer, Graico?, Rowe (Alec)
Carlton won; 12.18.90 - 8.8.56
Goals; Ross 5, Plant 3, Davie 2, Parkhill, Connell
Best; Kelleher, Skehan, Brewis, McVay, Ross, Connell
Carlton first
Played 9, Won 8 Lost 1 For 893, Against 532, 167.85%, Points 32

June 16
No matches - State games.

June 23
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park
A low standard game with little team work shown. Both teams relied on individual efforts.
Carlton won; 10.17.77 - 8.17.55
Goals; Clarke 3, Carter 3, Koop 2, Robertson, Davey
Best; Parkhill, Clarke, Skehan, Simmons, Davey, Davies
Carlton first
Played 10, Won 9, Lost 1, For 970 Against 587, 165.24%, Points 36

June 30
Carlton played Geelong at Corio Oval.
The Blues' team travelled to Geelong in a specially chartered rail motor.
They returned to Melbourne on the regular train departing at 9pm.
Crowd; 2,000 - the largest home crowd so far this year for the Geelong Reserves.
Geelong lead by 5 goals at the first break and were never challenged.
A letter to the Geelong Advertiser (July 02) commented on the the darknesss that fell towards the end of the match.
"The concluding stages of the game were played in a light that was about half daylight and half moonlight. It was impossible to see the ball a few yards away from the arena fence and players too were for the most part indistinguishable, particularly in any crowded play.
An experience probably unique in a football match occurred. On three occasions during the match a player marked the ball just as the bell rung for the end of the term. On each occasion the player had his kick and a goal was scored. Another feature about the three kicks was that none of them was within easy distance, and the players responsible - Mills (Geelong) and Ross and Clarke (Carlton) - might well be congratulated on their splendid kicks."
Carlton team;
Backs; Parkhill, McVay, Lewshing
Half backs; Bloomer, Kelleher, Simmons
Centres; Crowe, Rowe, Everett
Half forwards; Mortimer, Davey, Yoemans
Forwards; Henry, Clarke, Jones
Followers; Davies, Koop
Rover; Ross
Carlton lost by 54 points
Carl; 1.1 2.1 5.4 9.7.61
Geel; 5.8 6.14 11.18 16.19.115
Goals; Ross 3, Koop 2, Clarke 2, Davey, Yeomans
Best; Everett, Koop, Ross, Parkhill, Davie, Clarke, Rowe
Carlton first
Played 11, Won 9, Lost 2, For 1031, Against 702, 146.86%, Points 36

July 07
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy
Both sides were on top during the match, but Carlton's strength allowed them to win in the air.
Carlton won; 13.12.90 - 9.13.67
Goals; Clark 3, Yeomans 3, Goonan 2, Davey 2, Haley, James, Ferguson
Best; Rowe, Crone, Parkhill, Haley, Clark, Ferguson
Carlton first
Played 12, Won 10, Lost 2, For 1121, Against 769, 145.77%, Points 40

July 14
Carlton played Richmond
A match played in good spirits which was fairly even game up until half time, then the Blues ran away with the game.
Carlton won; 13.14.92 - 8.11.59
Goals; Clarke 3, Davie 3, Davey 2, Yeomans 2, Cameron, Koop, Ferguson
Best; Crone, Parkhill, Davey, Everett, Goonan, Clarke, Simmons
Carlton first
Played 13, Won 11, Lost 2, For 1212, Against 828, 146.37%, Points 44

July 21
State game, only one Reserves match played as a curtain raiser. (Melbourne v Hawthorn)

July 28
Carlton played Hawthorn at Glenferrie
The team met at Hawthorn's ground at 2.15pm.
Carlton team from; (21 named)
Cameron, Clarke, Crowe, Davies, H. Davie, C. Davey, Everett, Ferguson, Goater, Goonan, Graigo/Graco?, James, Kelleher, Koop, Lew Shing, Mcvay, Parkhill, Ross, Rowe, Simmons, Yeomans
Umpire; Thompson
Carlton won by 100 points
Carl; 7.6 -- 20.15 27.18.180
Haw; 4.1 -- 9.7 11.14.80
Goals; No details
Best; No details
Carlton first
Played 14, Won 12, Lost 2, For 1392, Against 908, 153.30%, Points 48

August 04
Carlton played St.Kilda at Princes Park
The Blues were too strong and were never troubled.
Carlton won; 16.28.124 - 3.6.24
Goals; Cameron 5, Clarke 4, Davey 2, Goater 2, Kennedy, Yeomans, Ferguson
Best; Ross, Cameron, Woods, Ferguson, Simmons, James
Carlton first
Played 15, Won 13, Lost 2, For 1516, Against 932, 162.66%, Points 52

August 11
Carlton played North Melbourne
The Blues can thank the win to the accuaracy of the forwards in the first quarter 7.1 to 0.1 North played well especially in the last term.
Carlton won; 13.6.84 - 8.10.58
Goals; Clarke 6, rest unknown
Best; Everett, Ross, Crowe, Simmons, Vallence, Clarke
Carlton first
Played 16, Won 14, Lost 2, For 1610, Against 990, 162.62%, Points 56

Trove; Age August 13

August 18
Carlton played South Melbourne at South Melbourne
An even match up until half time, then the Blues got on top.
Carlton won; 14.12.96 - 5.8.38 (Half time 5.7.37 - 3.3.21)
Goals; Crowe 4, H. Davie 3, Clarke 2, McSwain 2, Cameron 2, Ross
Best; Woods, Robertson, Goonan, Parkhill, Lew Shing, Clarke
Carlton first
Played 17, Won 15, Lost 2, For 1706, Against 1028, 165.95%, Points 60

August 25
No matches, State games.
Carlton Second Eighteen ventured to Daylesford
F. Brody was the team manager.
25 players will make the journey leaving Friday afternoon and returning Monday evening.
"Carlton Seconds had a holiday to Daylesford and Ballarat last week-end, and were among the spectators at the charity match between Geelong and Ballarat teams."

September 01
Carlton played Collingwood at Princes Park
Carlton won; 25.30.180 - 16.14.110
Goals; Clarke 10, Davie 4, McSwain 3, Yeomans 3, Woods, Crowe, Ross, Goonan, McVay, Rowe
Best; Crowe, Woods, Lewshing, Clarke
Carlton first
Played 18, Won 16, Lost 2, For 1886, Against 1138, 165.72%, Points 64

September 15

Reserves Second Semi Final

Carlton played Essendon on the M.C.G.
The Blues were too strong, fast, and marked better than the Dons.
The scores could have been closer had Essendon made the most of their opportunities.
Umpire; Woosnam
Carlton won;
Carl. 3.1 6.3 10.11 11.11.77
Ess. 1.2 1.7 3.7 6.14.50
Goals; Vallence 3, Robertson 2, Clarke 2, Rose/Ross, Davey, Koop, Goonan
Best; Simmons, Rose/Ross, Kelleher (back and following), Clarke (forward), Davey, Woods (wing), Vallence

November 05 1928
A meeting at Carlton Hall was held by the Carlton Second Eighteen Football Club.
The Seconds premiership pennant was presented.
Mr. A. N. Reyment president of the Seconds presided.
President pf the Seconds League F. Gardiner presented the Rosen Cup. As a three time winner Carlton gets to keep the cup.
Dave Crone Vice President of the seniors presented gold medals to the premiership players.
(The Age Nov 06 p4/Nov 13 p15)

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