1966 Reserves

show_image.php?id=19868Reserves Season 1966
Coach: Jack Carney
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Paul Constance
Position: 11th
Premier: Richmond

Final List (Age April 18 p14)

Old Players

G. Anderson, J. Comben, A. Gallagher, J. Gill, J. Nicholls, B. Quirk, S. Silvagni, R. Barassi, T. Board, G. Crane, J. Goold, K. Greenwood, W. Lofts, D. O'Sullivan, J. Reilly, C. Stewart, I. Collins, B. Gill, K. Hall, J. Lloyd, I. Nankervis, J. Pleydell.

New Players

N. Bishop (Maryborough), P. Kerr (St.Kevins), R. Vandenberg (Robinvale), R. McLean (Reserves), V. Waite (Morwell), W. Bennett (Maffra), M. Fowler (Reserves), I. Robertson (Dalyston), M. Thomas (Traralgon)

On List (when available)

P. Jones (North Hobart), P. McLean (Melbourne), G. Collis (retired)

To Be Considered (when available)

G. Field (Avoca), D. Fox (supplementary list, 1965 ), R. Lane (Kerang)


S. Cap (Healesville), P. Constable (U19's), J. Kemp (1965 list), P. McCarthy (Reserves), Tom Traill (1965 list), D. Collins (Melbourne reserves), B. D'Orsa (U19's), G. Lockhart (U19's), M. Montgomery (Urana), R. Collins (Ulverston Tas.), P. Greaves (Rosebud), R. Stone (1965 list).


J. Benetti (Oakleigh), B. Buckley (Port Melbourne), B. Cox (Tasmania), G. Hardie (National Service), S. Harrison (Tasmania), R. Hoggett (NSW), M. Kick (Shepparton), J. Miller (Garfield), B. Schmidt (Reserves), R. Stone, T. Traill, K. Kemp (Supplementary), M. Sankey (Deceased).

April 09 Carlton Practice Match
Tom Traill (ex Portland)
Bob Lane (ex Terang) 6ft 1.5 ins 12st 10lbs
Richard Vandenberg (ex Robinvale)
Max Thomas (ex Traralgon)
(Vin Waite (ex Morwell)
Ian Robertson (ex Dalyston)

Red & Black team;
Backs; Carroll, Reilly, Cesair,
Half backs; Anderson, J. Gill, Turner
Centres; Pleydell, Collins, Comben
Half forwards; Bennett, Hall, Rockhardt/Lockhardt
Forwards; Waite, Tom Traill, Gallagher
Followers; Nicholls, Silvagni
Rover; Fowler

Carlton team;
Backs; Vanderberg, Lofts, Stone
Half backs; Cap, Goold, Lloyd
Centres; Stewart, O'Sullivan, Crane
Half forwards; Barassi, Robertson, Quirk
Forwards; Thomas, Bob Lane, Nankervis
Follower; Greenwood, D'Orsa
Rover; Board
Reserve; B. Gill
Bob Lane was unavailable and Noel Bishop replaced him in the side.
Bishop kicked 7 goals.

April 17
Red & Black team
Backs; B. Gill, D. Collins, Reilly
Half backs; Lloyd, P. McLean, Capp
Centre; Pleydell, O'Sullivan, Comben
Half forwards; Kemp, Hall, Bennett
Forwards; Waite, Tom Traill, Fowler
Followers; Stone, R. McLean
Rover; Nankervis
Reserves; Lockhart, D'Orsa, R. Collins

Blue team
Backs; Vandenberg, Lofts,Thomas
Half backs; J. Gill, Goold, Anderson
Centres; Stewart, I. Collins, Crane
Half forwards; Barassi, Robertson, Quirk
Forwards; Greenwood, Bishop, Gallagher
Followers; Nicholls, Silvagni
Rover; Board
Reserves; P. Kerr, Constance

Round 1: 23rd April 1966

Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park?
Players to be at the ground by 1.15 pm tomorrow. (Saturday) Seniors played on ANZAC DAY Monday..
Carlton team from; (24 named)
Vandenberg, D. Collins, D'Orea, Cap, Llocd/Lloyd?, Stewart, O'Sullivan, Kemp, Lockhart, Bennett, Bishop, R. McLean, Tom Traill, P. McLean, Kerr, Waite, Stone, Nankervis, Montgomery, McArthy, Cesari, Constance, Kirkman, Gilbert

Result: Carlton lost by 26 points

Carlton 13.11.89
Richmond 17.13.115

Goalkickers: Waite 3, Kerr 3, Nankervis 2, Bennett 2, Tom Traill, D'Orea, McCarthy/McArthy

Best: Kerr, Bennett, R. McLean, Stewart, Nankervis, Waite.

Round 2: 30th April 1966

Carlton played St.Kilda at Moorabbin

Carlton team;
Backs; Vandenberg, D. Collins, Cesari
Half backs; P. McLean, R. McLean, Kirkham
Centres; Tom Traill, P. Kerr, Stewart
Half forwards; Lockhart, Bennett, Bishop
Forwards; Greaves, McCarthy, Constance
Followers; Waite, Montgomery
Rover; Nankervis
19th. Morrison, 20th. Gilbert
Emergencies; Brian Pollard, Snow, Turner

Carlton lost by 36 points

Carlton 10.5.65
St.Kilda 15.11.101

Goalkickers: Lockhart 2, Nankervis 2, McCarthy 2, Turner 2, Cesari, Kerr

Best: Tom Traill, P. McLean, Nankervis, Stewart, Waite, Kirkman.

Round 3: 7th May 1966

Carlton played Fitzroy on the Brunswick Steet Oval
Fitzroy would play its home games at Princes Park next season. (1967)

Fitzroy 7.10.52
Carlton 6.14.50

Result: Lost by 2 Points.

Goalkickers: Vin Waite 3, Peter Kerr 1, P.Cesari 1, John Morrison 1.

Best: Tom Traill, Vin Waite, Dick Vandenberg, Gil Lockhart, John Morrison, Peter Kerr, Vincent, Kirkman.

Round 4 May 14 1966

Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park

Carlton lost by 30 points

Carlton 6.6.42
Essendon 10.12.72

Goalkickers: Kerr 3, Morrison, Waite, Baird,

Best: Waite, Constance, Cap, Walls, Vandenberg, Greaves.

Round 5: 21st May 1966

Melbourne 10.06.66
Carlton 8.14.62

Result: Lost by 4 Points.

Goalkickers: Peter Greaves 2, Maurie Fowler 2, N.O'Keefe 1, Doug Baird 1, John Comben 1, Graham Vincent 1.

Best: Peter McLean, Gil Lockhart, Dick Vandenberg, John Comben, Peter Kerr, John Morrison.

Round 6: 28th May 1966

Footscray 17.17.119
Carlton 7.15.57

Result: Lost by 62 Points.

Goalkickers: Terry Board 2, Ken Greenwood 1, S.Capp 1, Bob Lane 1, John Comben 1, Peter Gilbert 1.

Best: Jim Pleydell, Kevin Hall, John Comben, Paul Constance, Ken Greenwood, Terry Board

Round 7 June 04 1966

Carlton played Geelong at Kardinia Park

Carlton lost by 48 points

Carlton 10.8.68
Geelong 17.14.116

Goalkickers: Morrison 3, Vincent 2, McLean, Collins, Lane, McCarthy, Rinaldi.

Best: Hall, Kerr, Comben, Morrison, McLean, Vincent.

Ricky McLean (Carlton) reported by boundary umpire Lee for striking John Johnston (Geelong) in the third quarter.
Not Guilty
Ricky McLean (Carlton) reported by boundary umpire Lee for striking Ian Hampshire (Geelong) in the last quarter.
Not Guilty
The tribunal chairman said there was an element of doubt of how the evidence was produced at the tribunal.

Paul Cesari (Carlton) reported by goal umpire Chandler for deliberately striking G. Andrews (Geelong) with an elbow in the last quarter.
Guilty: 2 weeks
R. Taylor (Geelong) reported by field umpire Andrews for deliberately striking J. Morrison (Carlton) with a clenched fist in the third quarter.
Guilty: 2 weeks

Round 8: 11th June 1966

Carlton 8.12.60
Sth Melb. 7.14.56

Result: Won by 4 Points.

Goalkickers: Terry Board 3, Doug Baird 2, Ian Nankervis 1, Robert Kirkman 1, Peter Kerr 1.

Best: John Kemp, Peter McLean, Paul Constance, John Morrison, Terry Board, Ron Auchettl.

Round 9: 18th June 1966

Carlton played Hawthorn

Carlton team;
Backs; Gilbert, Walls, Auchettl
Half backs; Vandenberg, Kemp, George
Centres; Vincent, Kirkman, Constance
Half forwards; Morrison, R. Collins, Kerr
Forwards; McCarthy, Baird, Nankervis
Followers; R. Lane, Rinaldi
Rover; Board
19th. O'Keefe, 20th. Curley
Emergencies; Drying, Peter-Budge, Lawson, Curley

Hawthorn 10.22.82
Carlton 10.11.71

Result: Lost by 11 Points.

Goalkickers: Doug Baird 3, John Morrison 2, Paul Constance 1, R.Collins 1, B.Curley 1, Graham Vincent 1, Ian Nankervis 1.

Best: John Kemp, Bob Lane, Paul Constance, Ron Auchettl, John Morrison, Ian Nankervis.

Round 10: 24th June 1966

Carlton played North Melbourne at Arden Street

Carlton team;
Backs; Gilbert, Walls, Auchettl
Half backs; Vandenberg, Kemp, Anderson
Centres; Constance, Kerr, Comben
Half forwards; R. Collins, Robertson, Fowler
Forwards; McCarthy, Baird, Morrison
Followers; R. Lane, Cesari
Rover; Nankervis
19th. Vincent, 20th. Lawson
Emergencies; Gale, Peter-Budge, O'Keefe

Carlton lost by 56 points.

North Melbourne: 12.15.87
Carlton: 5.1.31

Goalkickers: Nankervis 2, McCarthy 2, Vincent.

Best: Gilbert, Constance, Walls, Anderson, McCarthy, Kemp

Round 11: 9th July 1966

Carlton played Collingwood

Carlton team;
Backs; Gilbert, Walls, Auchettl
Half backs; Vandenberg, Williamson, O'Sullivan
Centres; Pleydell, Kerr, Comben
Half forwards; Vincent, Robertson, Fowler
Forwards; Lane, McCarthy, Morrison
Followers; P. Jones, R. Collins
Rover; Nankervis
19th. Cesari, 20th. Christie
Emergencies; Baird, Gale, Lawson

Collingwood 14.7.91
Carlton 9.9.63

Result: Lost by 28 Points.

Goalkickers: John Morrison 3, Peter McCarthy 2, Graham Vincent 2, Bob Lane 1, Ian Robertson.

Best: Jim Pleydell, Peter Jones, John Morrison, Robert Walls, John Comben, Bob Lane.

Carlton 12th, Won 1, Lost 10, For 658, Against 955, 68.8%, Points 4

Round 12: 16th July 1966

Carlton played Richmond at the MCG
Carlton team;
Backs; Gilbert, Walls, Lane
Half backs; Auchettl, Williamson, O'Sullivan
Centres; Fowler, Nankervis, Comben
Half forwards; Vincent, George, Kerr
Forwards; Waite, McCarthy, Vandenberg
Followers; Jones, R. McLean
Rover; Morrison
19th. R. Colins, 20th. D'Orsa
Emergencies; Cesari, Kirkman, Baird

Richmond 12.21.93
Carlton 9.06.60

Result: Lost by 33 Points.

Goalkickers: Peter McCarthy 3, Ian Nankervis 3, Dick Vandenberg 2, Bob Lane 1.

Best: Robert Walls, John Comben, Peter Gilbert, T. Williamson, Ian Nankervis, Dick Vandenberg.

Round 13: 23rd July 1966

St Kilda 10.21.81
Carlton 5.11.41

Result: Lost by 40 Points.

Goalkickers: Peter Jones 2, Paul Constance 1, Ian Nankervis 1, Doug Baird 1.

Best: Ken Greenwood, Robert Walls, Paul Constance, Peter Gilbert, Ian Robertson, Peter Jones.

Round 15: 6th August 1966

Carlton played Essendon
Carlton team;
Backs; Gilbert, Lockhart, D'Orsa
Half backs; O'Sullivan, Walls, Kirkman
Centres; Pleydell, Robertson, Gay
Half forwards; Kerr, Auchettl, Fowler
Forwards; Lane, R. Collins, Morrison
Followers; Jones, O'Keefe
Rover; Nankervis
19th. Vincent 20th. Christie
Emergencies; Cesari, Lawson, Curley, George

Carlton 12.11.83
Essendon 9.12.66

Result: Won by 17 Points.

Goalkickers: Ian Robertson 3, Peter Jones 3, Ian Nankervis 2, Bob Lane 1, John Morrison 1, N.O'Keefe 1, Ron Auchettl 1.

Best: Peter Jones, Robert Walls, Ian Nankervis, Peter Gilbert, Bob Lane, Ian Robertson.

Round 16: 13th August 1966

Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; O'Sullivan, Gardiner, D'Orsa
Half backs; Cesari, Lockhart, Kirkman
Centres; Vincent, Vandenberg, Gay
Half forwards; Kerr, Auchettl, Fowler
Forwards; McCarthy, R. Collins, Constance
Followers; Lane, O'Keefe
Rover; Morrison
19th. Lawson, 20th. Powell
Emergencies; Christie, Curly, Peter-Budge, Drying

Melbourne 16.14.110
Carlton 11.10.76

Result: Lost by 34 Points.

Goalkickers: Graham Vincent 3, R.Collins 3, John Morrison 2, N.O'Keefe 1, Ron Auchettl 1, Dick Vandenberg 1.

Best: Graham Vincent, Robert Kirkman, John Morrison, A.Gay, Bob Lane, R.Collins.

Round 17: 20th August 1966

Carlton played Footscray at the Western Oval
Carlton team;
Backs; O'Sullivan, Lockhart, D'Orsa
Half backs; Drying, Walls, Kirkman
Centres; Powell, Vandenberg, Gay
Half forward; Kerr, Auchettl, Vincent
Forwards; McCarthy, Collins, Nankervis
Followers; Lane, O'Keefe
Rover; Board
19th. Fowler, 20th. Lawson
Emergencies; Gardiner, Curly, Cesari

Footscray 12.12.84
Carlton 10.08.68

Result: Lost by 16 Points.

Goalkickers: Terry Board 3, Peter McCarthy 3, Ron Auchettl 1, R.Collins 1, Ian Nankervis 1, Graham Vincent 1.

Best: Terry Board, Bob Lane, A.Gay, F.Powell, Peter Dyring, Ron Auchettl.

Round 18: 27th August 1966

Carlton played Geelong
Carlton team;
Backs; Drying, Lockhardt, D'Orsa
Half backs; O'Sullivan, Kemp, Kirkman
Centres; Constance, Vandenberg, Gay
Half forwards; Vincent, Walls, Kerr
Forwards; Jarick, R. Collins, Nankervis
Followers; Lane, O'Keefe
Rover; Board
19th. Fowler, 20th. Powell
Emergencies; Rinaldi, Cesari, Lawson

Geelong 17.14.116
Carlton 13.12.90

Result: Lost by 26 Points

Goalkickers: I.Nankervis 4, G.Vincent 3, Collins 2, Jarcik, T.Board, Fowler, Kerr.

Best: Nankervis, Board, Constance, Lockhart, O'Keefe, Kerr.

Reported; V. Ruth (Geelong) reported by field umpire R. Murray for striking Lockhart (Carlton) in the last quarter.

1966 Reserves - End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Collingwood1503 601896 1090 173.9
2Richmond1503 601941 1279 151.8
3St Kilda1305 521438 1047 137.3
4Sth Melbourne1107 441488 1315 113.2
5Geelong1107 44 1428 1391 102.7
6Nth Melbourne1008 401341 1068 125.6
7Footscray8010 321202 1369 87.8
8Melbourne8010 321374 1616 85.0
9Fitzroy5013 201200 1853 64.8
10Hawthorn4014 161145 1461 78.4
11Carlton4014 161210 1633 74.1
12Essendon4014 161190 1731 68.7

1966 Reserves Finals Series

1st Semi Final: Sth Melbourne 12.9.81 d St Kilda 9.17.71

2nd Semi Final: Richmond 8.12.60 d Collingwood 6.11.47

Preliminary Final: Collingwood 8.9.57 d Sth Melbourne 8.7.55

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