The first full season in which players wore numbers on their guernseys.


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1912 Summary

The VFL Record (now AFL Record) was introduced for the first time for the first round of the 1912 season. Another introduction was player numbers on the back of player guernseys. The idea had been trialled the previous year in the Semi Final between Carlton and Essendon and also in the Grand Final. Numbers and positions of players were then published in the VFL record so that the crowd could more easily follow the game.

On the field, it wasn't a year for faint hearted Blues supporters with 10 of the 20 matches decided by less than 10 points, including 3 losses in a row between Rounds 3 and 5. Carlton managed a 14 win 4 loss record in the home and away season to finish second on the ladder, only percentage behind South Melbourne in first.

A strong win against Geelong in the Semi Final by 28 points was followed by another close game with Essendon in the Preliminary Final, this time unfortunately resulting in a 4 point loss ending the Blues season. The Bombers ran out eventual premiers beating South Melbourne in the Grand Final.


1Sth Melbourne140456157.218.116096.163.739157
8St Kilda701128148.206.1094145.220.1090100.4

Blues vs Blue & Whites at Princes Park

April 06
Practice match
Mainly a try-out of juniors as so many senior players were away.
Argus April 08; "Challis a half forward, who can kick with either foot, and for whom it is claimed that 'he passes better than Valentine.' He comes from Tasmania. Moore, a ruck man of weight from Preston. Stearnes (half back) and Mills (half back and ruck) from Tasmania, via Adelaide where they have been playing for a couple of years, are the best of those with reputations who played on Saturday. In addition, there are a number of most promising juniors afield, but they have not been fully tried out yet.
Blue & White team;
Backs; Clarke, Bowen?, Tucker
Half backs; Cazaly, Williamson, Burton
Centre; Smith, Challis, Wilson
Half forward; Spring, Petheridge, James
Forwards; Stearne, Moss Haughton
Followers; Schuncke, Dowling
Rover, Stripp
Parts of The Herald copy is very difficult to read.
Blue team
Backs; McDonald, Dowling, Mathieson?
Half backs; Evans, Wilson, Stewart
Centre; Barningham? Mills, Fayne
Half forwards; James, unknown, Morgan
Forwards; Cail, Bruce, Wise
Followers; Topping, Joull,
Rover; Oliver
Umpire; Norman
Blues; 4.4 12.7
B&W; 1.3 3.4
no further details

Practice Match held in Royal Park, April 13

An advert in Friday's Herald (p8);
"Carlton play a practice match to-morrow on the Royal Park lands - Blues v Blue and Whites
Intending players are requested to meet at the pavilion, Carlton, not later than 2.30 p.m."

Blues vs Blue & Whites at the old Brunswick Recreation Ground

April 20
Ten old players took part; Topping, Bruce, Barmingham, McDonald (rover), Clarke, Valentine, McDonald (forward), Payne, Bowen, Mathieson.
Others, Challis, Mills, Roy Stearne(s), Cazaly, and Jim Stewart (from St.Kilda).
Champion footballer Dave McNamara rumoured to be this years' Carlton coach and who was training with the Blues has decided to remain with Essendon A in the VFA.

vs Beverley at Princes Park

April 22 Monday Holiday
Ten senior players took part; McGregor, Dick, Gardiner, Harris, Gotz, Marchbanks, Jamieson, Wilson, Clancy.

vs Port Adelaide on the Adelaide Oval

October 05
Traditionally the two premiers met, however, on this occasion the Victorian premier could not make the trip and Port Adelaide, S.A. runner-up invited it's Victorian counterpart Carlton, over for a match.
Carlton's average height 5ft. 9in. & weight 11st. 11lb
Umpire Carter was accidently knocked unconscious during the last quarter and was carried from the ground.
Crowd; 2,500
Umpire; Carter
Carlton team;
Backs; A. C. Ford (28), W. S. Johnson (29), F. J. McDonald (5)
Half backs; A. J. McDonald (14), W. J. Dick 18), H. L. Houghton (26)
Centre; G. Bruce (19), E. M. Jamieson (10), T. Clancy (4)
Half forwards; A. S. Barmingham (1), A. M. Baud (30), G. Challis (12)
Forward; R. Moran (7), V. G. Gardiner (13), F. A. Triplett (20)
Followers; J. Wells (3), E. Cochran (27), J. A. Bacquie (25)
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.1 4.4 5.7 7.8.50
P.A. 0.2 1.3 5.5 9.6.60
Goals; Challis 2, Moran 2, Gardiner, Wells, Dick.
Best: Cochrane, Wells, Barmingham, Dick, A. McDonald, Moran, Triplett, Bruce, Bacquie.

The Carlton Football Club players along with South Australian players attended the play "The Sins of Society" at Theatre Royal on Monday night October 07.

People of 1912

Coach: Norman Clark
Captain: Jack Wells
Vice Captain: Billy Dick (William)
Leading Goal-scorer: Vin Gardiner - 47 goals


Debuts: Paddy Mills, Eric Cochran, Charles Rauber, Jack Loughnan, Richard Moran, Herman Bartlett, Alf Williamson, Bill Johnson, Harry Haughton, Jim Stewart, Frank Triplett, George Challis

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