Carlton lost to St Kilda by 40 pts - Moorabbin Oval.

Round 22, 1978

St Kilda5.4347.64812.77916.10106
Venue: Moorabbin OvalDate: Saturday September 2, 1978
Result: Lose by 40 pointsUmpires: K.Quinn & I.Robinson Crowd: 35,850 Receipts: $47,330
Goalkickers: R.Galt 2, P.Jones 2, G.Southby 1, D.McKay 1, D.Collins 1, R.Ashman 1, P.McConville 1
Best: W.Harmes, P.Jones, G.Southby, K.Sheldon, G.Towns
Reports: R.Muir (St Kilda) by field umpire K.Quinn for deliberately striking D.Collins (Carlton) with the right forearm to the face in the last quarter.
Injuries: M.Maclure (bruised shoulder) replaced by J.Buckley in the third quarter, G.Southby (corked thigh)

Game Review

We needed a win in the final game against the Saints would have given us a berth in the Qualifying final rather than the Elimination final. Given our momentum, anything would have been possible from there. Sadly, it was not to be as we went down by 40 points against a St. Kilda team that had regained its early season form and needed to win to have any chance of making the Final Five (it turned out to be a forlorn hope as Geelong, as expected, easily accounted for Fitzroy).

The other thing that took the edge off the joy of Saint's supporters was that Robbie "Mad Dog" Muir had been reported right at the end of the game (for hitting Val Perovic?). He was furious, and he flung his mouthguard away and remonstrated with the umpire. As he was pushed away by a teammate, Denis bravely but unwisely decided to rub it in. He went up to him as he was just in front of the "Animal Enclosure" and ruffled his hair. Muir exploded and gave him a backhander that knocked Denis off his feet. Then for good measure Muir fixed up a supporter as well!

It was a blue, blue day for Carlton on Saturday as their premiership dreams nose-dived. But I doubt if the position is really as grim as it looks. The Blues still have a great chance of taking off the flag. As far as I'm concerned the standard of opposition standing between them and the flag is far below normal finals standards. So the path to the Grand Final shouldn't be too strewn with thorns. Geelong look comparatively easy pickings in their first clash. They don't have the muscle and power that the Saints used to shock the Carlton players off their game. There is no doubt in my mind Carlton caved in to the unorthodox vigor of the Saints. It was all too evident with the finals imminent that some players avoided collisions. The same wont be the case in the finals when every game is the last as far as the Blues are concerned - nor will they be confronted by any side that can apply vigor with thw same awesome ferocity as the "Patterson Raisers". Normally I do not rate a side to play in the Elimination final any chance at all. To win four straight games is a difficult task at the best of times, let alone in the finals. But Alex Jesaulenko is a single minded fellow. He's said from the outset that he would take each game as it comes. That's the attitude to still win the flag. And it wouldn't surprise me if if the Blues start favorite in every game they play in the finals series. First they are short odds indeed against Geelong. They'll certainly be favorites against the LOSER of the Collingwood Hawthorn clash. Then again they play a LOSER - probably of a clash between North and Hawthorn. With two straight up wins up their sleeves they would have to be favorites again. And should North be the side they meet in the Grand Final - how could you pick against them (they beat North both times this year by margins of 58 and 61 points)? There are big odds on offer about the Blues, yet if favorites win every match Carlton will win the flag. - Brian Hansen Inside Football.


B: 37 Wayne Harmes 20 Geoff Southby 15 Phil Pinnell
HB: 25 Alex Jesaulenko (cc) 43 David McKay (vc) 21 Rod Austin
C: 5 Ken Sheldon 12 Barry Armstrong 1 Denis Collins
HF: 11 Bruce Doull 36 Mark Maclure 9 Greg Towns
F: 17 Rod Galt 33 Peter McConville 4 Vin Catoggio
Ruck: 28 Peter Jones 8 Trevor Keogh 14 Rod Ashman
Interchange: 41 Peter Brown 16 Jim Buckley
Coach: Alex Jesaulenko

Game Footage



150 Games: Barry Armstrong

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