Carlton lost to Melbourne by 38 pts - VFL Park.

Round 19, 1975

Venue: VFL Park - WaverleyDate: Saturday August 9, 1975
Result: Lose by 38 pointsUmpire: Kevin SmithCrowd: 30,328 Receipts: $28,922
Goalkickers: R.Walls 2, P.Jones 1, R.Byrne 1, A.Jesaulenko 1, T.Keogh 1, (1 goal short)
Best: P.Pinnell, J.O'Connell, B.Doull, R.Austin, A.Mangels
Reports: NilInjuries: Nil

Game Review

Oh, how things can change from the heights of the Essendon and Hawthorn games. It was not so much the loss, but the deplorable standard offootball on offer. Even Melbourne played terribly. Only Big Carl Ditterich's presence livened things up.

Melbourne played a superior brand of football to completely outclass what was thought to be the best Carlton side for the season and record their first win over the Blues in the last nine games - 1971. It was only Melbourne's fifth win at VFL Park in 19 games, while the Blues suffered defeat for the fifth time in their last seven games at the ground. - Football Record.


B: 19 John O'Connell 20 Geoff Southby 15 Phil Pinnell
HB: 25 Alex Jesaulenko (c) 36 Mark Maclure 11 Bruce Doull
C: 26 Ray Byrne 5 Syd Jackson 10 Alan Mangels
HF: 8 Trevor Keogh 42 Robert Walls (vc) 43 David McKay
F: 28 Peter Jones (dvc) 16 Greg Kennedy 14 Rod Ashman
Ruck: 3 Mike Fitzpatrick 21 Rod Austin 12 Barry Armstrong
Res: 24 Russell Ohlsen 13 Eric Pascoe
Coach: John Nicholls

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