1978 U19s

1978 U/19's Season
Coach: Bryan Quirk
Team Manager: Brian Buckley
Captain: Frank Johnson
Vice Captain: TBD
Best and Fairest: Alan Hamilton
Leading Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 70 goals (2nd in the competition), Bruce Burns 38 goals (15th in the competition), and Mark Hegarty 36 goals (17th in the competition)
Position: 1st
Premier: Carlton

Best & Fairest

Best & Fairest Alan Hamilton
2nd Best & Fairest Geoff Hocking
3rd Best & Fairest Robert Hubbard
4th Best & Fairest Bruce Burns
5th Best & Fairest Mark Hegarty
6th Best & Fairest Stan Gilday

In 1978, Carlton won their 5th U19s (1946 - 1991) Premiership at the MCG. Below we summarise the Grand Final and then explain a little about the year itself...

The Grand Final

Carlton 2.3 15 5.7 37 10.9 69 20.15 135
Collingwood 6.0 36 11.4 70 12.8 80 14.11 95
Venue: MCG Date: September 30, 1978
Result: Win by 40 points Umpires: Peter Rees and Brian Bulluss Crowd:
Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 6, Bruce Burns 6, John Seipolt 2, Stephen Banbury 2, Stan Gilday 1, Alan Hamilton 1, Hocking 1 and Robert Hubbard 1.
Best: Bill Martin, Darren Linkins, Alan Hamilton, Robert Hubbard, Stephen Banbury, Bruce Burns and John Seipolt.
Reports: Nil Injuries: Nil

1978 U19s Premiership Team

B: 15 Kent Hetam 4 Warren Jarman 18 Doug Caruana
HB: 19 Bill Martin 8 Frank Johnson (C) 5 David Whillas
C: 22 Craig Clements 22 Mark Hegarty 11 Glenn Rohleder
HF: 16 Stephen Banbury 1 Russell Hocking 2 Alan Hamilton
F: 26 Ian McKie 7 Darren Linkins 24 Bruce Burns
Ruck: 30 Geoff Hocking 17 Stan Gilday 3 Robert Hubbard
Res: 9 Gary Park 22 John Seipolt
Coach: Bryan Quirk

Grand Final Review

Comments from the Win
“Carlton staged a great revival in the second half to win the under 19s premiership from Collingwood in the opening match at the MCG today. The young Blues looked a beaten side when they trailed by almost six goals at half time. However, with little Bruce Burns providing drive around the packs, they gradually cut Collingwood down and went away to win by 40 points. It was a personal triumph for ex-Carlton star Bryan Quirk who coached the team to victory. . . . Darren Linkins was an elusive player at full forward for Carlton and finished with six goals. Robert Hubbard, Bruce Burns and Alan Hamilton took over in the roving division and dominated after half time. The Blues played themselves back into calculations with a strong third quarter, when they outpaced the Magpies and five goals to one. Carlton hit the front for the first time early in the final quarter when Stephen Banbury kicked two glorious goals, one of which traveled almost 75 metres. Carlton can look to the future with confidence with such a promising batch of youngsters looming as stars of the future.” - From the Sporting Globe September 30, 1978.

“Finally, our congratulations and thanks to the coach, Mr. Bryan Quirk. It was Bryan’s first year at coaching the U/19 team at Carlton. During the season it was noticeable that Bryan’s methods and enthusiasm towards the players was receiving the rewards needed to be successful. Thanks Bryan.” - From the Under 19’s report in the 1978 Carlton Annual Report

Carlton reserve coach Serge Silvagni joked at the 1978 Carlton Annual General Meeting when he said "He could not understand how the Under 19s had won their premiership, as he was told by Bryan Quirk that none of his players were playing well enough, when he was chasing players to fill positions with the Carlton reserves".

Carlton stormed home to capture the Under 19's premiership from Collingwood on Saturday. The Blues trailed by almost six goals at half time and looked a beaten side. But they improved dramatically in the second half to boot 15 goals to Collingwood's three and run out winners by 40 points. Rover Bruce Burns and forward Darren Linkins lifted the Blues and led the great revival. The pair kicked six goals a piece and had a hand in several others. Carlton didn't hit the front until the 10 minute mark of the last quarter, but after that it was a one-horse race as the young Blues careered away. Collingwood had many good players in the first half who were hardly sighted in the second half. The Magpies full forward Bill Sieler kicked four goals in the first half but did not add to his tally after that. - Tony Greenberg Inside Football.

Carlton stages a whirlwind second half, including 10 goals in the final term, to defeat Collingwood by 40 points in the VFL Under 19's Grand Final at the MCG. The Blues trailed by 33 points at half-time and looked a beaten side until little Bruce Burns provided the drive around the packs for his side to add 15.8 to the Magpies 3.7. Carlton's pace earned them superiority and they hit the front for the first time early in the final term with two superb goals to Stephen Banbury. The premiership victory - the first since for Carlton since 1963 - was a personal triumph for coach Bryan Quirk, a former Blues wing star. Collingwood failed to recapture the form which brought them within one point of Carlton in the second semi-final and could not maintain the style which gave them a 63 points victory over Richmond in the preliminary final. The Magpies Bill Sieler booted four goals in the Grand Final to give him a season's tally of 90 and Blues full-forward Darren Linkins kicked six goals for a season's total of 79. - Jim Robb AFL.

Season Review

Carlton Under 19s played their ‘home’ games at Glenferrie Oval and the Under 19s in their 1978 grand final were the last Carlton side to play a game not wearing a sponsor’s logo, only one player who would play senior football for Carlton was Geoff Hocking (6 games in 1981). His brother Russell also played in this 1978 grand final and they both were recruited from Mooroolbark in Carlton’s Eastern metropolitan zone. Collingwood was coach was Keith Burns and had eight players playing with their 1978 Under 19’s side, which would later play senior league football for Collingwood. In Peter Daicos (250 games, 549 goals, 1979-93), and Denis Banks (166 games and 111 goals between 1979 and 1991), Mark Dreher (15 games, 1979-82), Des Herbert (8 games, 5 goals, 1980-81 and Fitzroy 14 games and 5 goals between 1981-83), Mark Lawson (11 games, 1982-84), Andrew Smith (35 games, 8 goals, 1980-84 and Sydney 4 games and 1 goal in 1985), David Twomey (63 games, 14 goals, 1979-85) and Michael Warren (3 games between 1979 and 1980).

Carlton had finished the 1978 home and away season in first position and had won 17 from their 22 games with an average score of 114 points per game to 85 points against and a percentage of 134.03% and 2 games clear of second side Collingwood. They defeating Collingwood in both finals, with a one point result in the second semi final this final scores being Carlton 18 goals 10 behinds 118 points to 17 goals 15 behinds 117 points was better that the earlier 1 point defeat by Collingwood in round 7.

1978 U/19's Season.

Round 1 - April 1st 1978

Richmond 19.17.131
Carlton 13.08.86

Result: Lost by 45 points

Goalkickers: Tony Fennell 3, Alan Hamilton 3, Darren Linkins 2, Stephen Banbury 1, Bruce Burns 1, Galgleish 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Warren Jarman 1.

Best: Alan Hamilton, Glenn Rohleder, Ian McKie, Darren Linkins, Bruce Burns, Doug Caruana.

Round 2 - April 8th 1978

Carlton 22.12.144
Geelong 20.16.136

Result: Won by 8 points

Goalkickers: Bruce Burns 5, Mark Hegarty 5, Frank Johnson 3, Tony Fennell 2, Alan Hamilton 2, Stephen Banbury 1, Mark Buckley 1, Stan Gilday 1, Darren Linkins 1, Ian McKie 1.

Best: Mark Buckley, Alan Hamilton, Stan Gilday, Kent Hetam, Bruce Burns, Mark Hegarty.

Round 3 - April 15th 1978

Carlton 23.09.147
Melbourne 13.14.92

Result: Won by 53 points

Goalkickers: Stephen Buckley 5, Bruce Burns 3, Stan Gilday 3, Alan Hamilton 3, Mark Hegarty 3, Tony Fennell 2, Ian McKie 2, Garry Williams 2.

Best: Stephen Buckley, Stan Gilday, Warren Jarman, Alan Hamilton, Hocking, Kent Hetam.

Carlton's straight shooting for goal saw them run out winners by 55 points against Melbourne.

Round 4 - April 22nd 1978

Carlton 15.21.111
Essendon 13.14.92

Result: Won by 19 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 4, Mark Hegarty 3, Bruce Burns 2, David Whillas 2, Willas 2, Harry Van Koll 1, Ian McKie 1.

Best: Kent Hetam, Craig Clements, Willas, Glenn Rohleder, Warren Jarman, Ian McKie.

Round 5 - April 29th 1978

Carlton 17.16.118
Sth Melbourne 12.17.89

Result: Won by 29 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 6, Alan Hamilton 3, Bruce Burns 2, Mark Hegarty 1, Hocking 1, Paul Ludekins 1, Ian McKie 1, Harry Van Koll 1, Scales 1.

Best: Stephen Buckley, Craig Clements, Darren Linkins, Alan Hamilton, Harry Van Koll, David Whillas.

Round 6 - May 6th 1978

Hawthorn 18.11.119
Carlton 18.10.118

Result: Lost by 1 point

Goalkickers: Bruce Burns 4, Robert Hubbard 3, Mark Hegarty 3, Darren Linkins 3, Haag 2, Alan Hamilton 1, David Whillas 1, Willis 1.

Best: Bill Martin, Alan Hamilton, Scale, Paul Ludekins, Raleigh, Haag.

Round 7 - May 13th 1978

Carlton 14.08.92
Collingwood 11.21.87

Result: Won by 5 points

Goalkickers: Mark Hegarty 5, David Whillas 3, Dalgleish 2, Ian McKie 2, Bruce Burns 1, Alan Hamilton 1.

Best: Mark Hegarty, Bill Martin, Hocking, Frank Johnson, Alan Hamilton, Dalgleish.

Round 8 - May 20th 1978

Carlton 11.15.81
Fitzroy 9.08.62

Result: Won by 19 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 4, Bruce Burns 1, Craig Clements 1, Stan Gilday 1, Alan Hamilton 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Hocking 1, David Whillas 1.

Best: Paul Ludekins, Bruce Burns, Ian McKie, Craig Clements, Stan Gilday, Dalgleish.

Fitzroy suffered their first defeat of the season in the VFL U/19's competition on Saturday. The Lions went down by 19 points to Carlton, who moved to second place on the ladder after their victory.

Round 9 - May 27th 1978

Nth Melbourne 19.09.123
Carlton 12.14.86

Result: Lost by 37 points

Goalkickers: Mark Hegarty 4, Bruce Burns 2, Tony Fennell 2, Dalgleish 1, Stan Gilday 1, Glenn 1, Alan Hamilton 1.

Best: Warren Jarman, Bruce Burns, Mark Hegarty, Robert Hubbard, Frank Johnson, Ian McKie.

Round 10 - June 5th 1978

Footscray 12.13.85
Carlton 10.17.77

Result: Lost by 8 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 5, Bruce Burns 2, Mark Hegarty 1, Hocking 1, Robert Hubbard 1.

Best: Robert Hubbard, Paul Ludekins, Darren Linkins, Ian McKie, Hall, Glenn Rohleder.

Round 11 - June 17th 1978

Carlton 15.22.112
St Kilda 10.04.64

Result: Won by 48 points

Round 12 - June 24th 1978

Richmond 13.10.88
Carlton 12.14.86

Result: Lost by 2 points

Goalkickers: Mark Hegarty 3, Darren Linkins 3, Gary Park 2, Bruce Burns 1, Stan Gilday 1, Hocking 1, Robert Hubbard 1.

Best: Hocking, Mark Hegarty, Doug Caruana, Frank Johnson, Alan Hamilton, Kent Hetam.

Last years Under 19's premiers Richmond scored a two-point victory against Carlton in a thrilling match on Saturday. The Tigers consolidated their position in the five and are now third on the ladder. The Blues have now slipped to sixth position due to an inferior percentage to that of Collingwood.

Round 13 - July 1st 1978

Carlton 24.07.151
Geelong 11.11.77

Result: Won by 74 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 11, Stephen Banbury 3, Bruce Burns 3, Stan Gilday 2, Catoggio 1, Godsell 1, Alan Hamilton 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Ian McKie 1.

Best: Darren Linkins, Stephen Banbury, Hocking, Kent Hetam, Robert Hubbard, Frank Johnson.

Round 14 - July 8th 1978

Carlton 18.12.120
Essendon 14.15.99

Result: Won by 21 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 4, Stan Gilday 3, Alan Hamilton 3, Bruce Burns 2, Robert Hubbard 2, Stephen Banbury 1, Geoff Hocking 1, Russell Hocking 1, Ian McKie 1.

Best: Robert Hubbard, Alan Hamilton, Gary Park, Stephen Banbury, Paul Ludekins, Hocking.

After the Blues soild 21 point win against Essendon, they have now moved back into the top five into fourth spot. Ahead of fith team Hawthorn by percentage and two points clear of Richmond in 6th spot.

Round 15 - July 15th 1978

Carlton 14.17.101
Melbourne 10.13.73

Result: Won by 28 points

Goalkickers: David Whillas 3, Stan Gilday 2, Alan Hamilton 2, Ian McKie 2, John Seipolt 2, Hocking 1, Darren Linkins 1, Gary Park 1.

Best: Hocking, Alan Hamilton, Stan Gilday, Paul Ludekins, Craig Clements, David Whillas.

Round 16 - July 22nd 1978

Carlton 21.26.152
Sth Melb 7.13.55

Result: Won by 97 points

Goalkickers: Alan Hamilton 3, Mark Hegarty 3, John Seipolt 3, David Whillas 3, Stan Gilday 2, Russell Hocking 2, Ian McKie 2, Geoff Hocking 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Darren Linkins 1.

Best: Geoff Hocking, John Seipolt, Paul Ludekins, Mark Hegarty, Alan Hamilton, Russell Hocking.

Carlton moved into second place with a mammoth 97 point victory against South Melbourne. It was only three weeks ago, the Blues were out of the five sitting in sixth place on the ladder.

Round 17 - July 29th 1978

Carlton 23.19.157
Hawthorn 9.11.65

Result: Won by 92 points

Goalkickers: David Whillas 6, Darren Linkins 5, Gary Park 3, Stephen Banbury 2, Robert Hubbard 2, Hocking 2, Alan Hamilton 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Ian McKie 1.

Best: Mark Hegarty, Hocking, David Whillas, Alan Hamilton, Frank Johnson, Glenn Rohleder.

Round 18 - August 5th 1978

Carlton 13.18.96
Collingwood 12.17.89

Result: Won by 7 points

Goalkickers: Stan Gilday 2, Robert Hubbard 2, Bill Martin 2, John Seipolt 2, Hocking 1, Darren Linkins 1, Gary Park 1, Glenn Rohleder 1, David Whillas 1

Best: Glenn Rohleder, Gary Park, Alan Hamilton, David Whillas, Robert Hubbard, Craig Clements.

The battle of the top two sides saw Carlton defeat Collingwood by seven points. This win put Carlton on top and one game clear but with an inferior percentage. This match was a dress rehearsal for the Grand Final between these two fierce rivals.

Round 19 - August 12th 1978

Carlton 12.14.86
Fitzroy 3.06.24

Result: Won by 62 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 4, Stan Gilday 3, Alan Hamilton 2, Bill Martin 2, Gary Park 1.

Best: Stan Gilday, Hocking, C.Caruana, Stephen Banbury, David Whillas, Robert Hubbard.

Top side Carlton pushed Fitzroy out of the five when they thrashed them by 62 points.

Round 20 - August 19th 1978

Carlton 14.19.103
Nth Melb 15.07.97

Result: Won by 6 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 4, Stephen Banbury 3, Stan Gilday 2, John Seipolt 2, David Whillas 2, Ian McKie 1.

Best: Stephen Banbury, Stan Gilday, Warren Jarman, David Whillas, Glenn Rohleder, Hocking.

Round 21 - August 26th 1978

Carlton 17.19.121
Footscray 7.12.54

Result: Won by 67 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 5, Bruce Burns 2, Stan Gilday 2, Ian McKie 2, Alan Hamilton 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Gary Park 1, David Whillas 1, John Seipolt 1.

Best: Robert Hubbard, Ian McKie, Hocking, Alan Hamilton, Frank Johnson, Kent Hetam.

Carlton consolidated their position on top of the ladder with a convincing 67 point victory against Footscray.

Round 22 - September 2nd 1978

Carlton 25.14.164
St Kilda 11.05.71

Result: Won by 93 points

Top side Carlton scored a crushing victory, the Blues defeated St Kilda by 93 points. They now have the weeks rest and await the winner of the Qualifying final between Collingwood and Nth Melbourne.

1978 U/19's End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Carlton1705 682509 1872 134.0
2Collingwood1507 602595 1809143.4
3Nth Melb.1417 582617 1982 132.0
4Richmond1417 582559 2188 110.9
5Geelong1408 56 2283 2176 104.9
6Hawthorn12010 482014 2122 94.9
7Essendon11011 442385 2319 102.8
8Fitzroy11011 441944 2003 97.0
9Melbourne7213 322120 2410 88.0
10St Kilda5215 241822 2461 74.0
11Footscray6016 241879 2542 73.9
12Sth Melb.3019 121651 2494 66.2

1978 U/19's Finals Series

Saturday September 9th 1978

Elimination Final - Richmond 24.10.154 d Geelong 18.10.118

Qualifying Final

Collingwood 18.19.127 d North Melbourne 18.9.117

Saturday September 16th 1978

1st Semi Final - Richmond 16.21.117 d North Melbourne 10.16.76

2nd Semi Final

Carlton 18.10.118
Collingwood 17.15.117

Result: Won by 1 point

Goalkickers: Alan Hamilton 4, Darren Linkins 3, Robert Hubbard 3, David Whillas 3, Ian McKie 3, Russell Hocking 1, Stan Gilday 1.

Best: Warren Jarman, Alan Hamilton, Mark Hegarty, Geoff Hocking, David Whillas, Stan Gilday, Craig Clements, Bruce Burns, Bill Martin.

Carlton advanced to the Under 19's Grand Final, with a thrilling one point victory against Collingwood, in the second semi final on Saturday. Alan Hamilton booted four goals for the Blues and Anderson gave the Magpies great drive, with five goals. Carlton went to a handy 21 point lead early in the final quarter, but Collingwood fought back well and hit the front at the 24 minute mark. However the Blues strength enabled them to snatch the lead back and hang on to win narrowly.

Collingwood U/19's narrowly lost their second semi-final to Carlton in the first of three exciting contests at the MCG. The Magpies had their chances in the closing minutes but Kevin Williams could only boot a behind from easy goalscoring range. Carlton turned a half-time deficit of eight points into a three-quarter time lead of 13 points and held off the determined finish by Collingwood to win by one point. - Football Record.

Saturday September 23rd 1978

Preliminary Final - Collingwood 27.12.174 d Richmond 16.15.111

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