The Mighty 'CFC'

Club Monogram

Over the years as Carlton's guernsey has evolved, the CFC monogram has changed;

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1909 .... 1910 -> 1927 -> 1998 -> 2006 ... and today

1909 "Owing to similarity in uniforms of several League teams, and the consequent difficulty of distinguishing one footballer from another in close play, Carlton will have a large "C" worked on the front of their jerseys." (Referee April 07)

The 1909 monogram has two smaller "C"'s at the top; this is a link with the Carlton Cricket Club. Therefore the mongram reads 'the Carlton Football Club Cricket Club.'

Since 1998 readers can see that the monogram has 'lost the notches', a common discussion point in the Outer. So what looks better; notches or not?

2015 After a vote of the members the monogram reverted back to the much loved 1927 - 1998 style.

All monograms provided from pictures supplied with kind permission from www.footyjumpers.com.

Other clubs have used the CFC monogram. These of course are mainly country teams whose names start with the letter "C."
In the W.A.F.L. Claremont still wear a yellow CFC on their navy blue jumper.

In England in 1952 the Chelsea soccer club adopted the CFC (for one year) a stylized copy of Carlton's 1927 monogram.
Their CFC appeared on a badge. Was this badge ever worn on their shirts?

At the 2018 AFLW match vs Collingwood a couple were wearing coach's shirts of the Newcastle City Australian Football Club (est 1883).
The club has been using the CFC monogram (for City Football Club) for 80 years. They play for the Black Diamond Challenge Cup (1887), 'the oldest sporting trophy competed for in Australia'.

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