Geoff Ironmonger        

Geoff Ironmonger

Career: 1979-1981
Reserve Games: 43
Reserve Goals: 69
Guernsey No. 23
Height: 193cm (6'4")
Weight: 89kg (14.0)
DOB: 23 November, 1957

Although he was on Carlton's list between 1979 and 1980 he didn't play any football at Carlton during 1981. He played two night games for Carlton in 1979 and 1980 and is best remembered for going to court to obtain his clearance before the first game of the 1979 season along with Robbert Klomp (from Sturt) and Vin Catoggio (also from Subiaco but previously a Carlton player).

In the reserves during 1979 he scored 40 goals from his 23 games and in 1980 scored 29 goals from his 20 reserve games.

Career Highlights

1979 Reserves Leading Goalkicker 40 goals (8th in the competition).

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