Crowd Calls

Some players have had their own unique calls from the Crowd - it could be the great Carlton Woof! or alternatively some of the following:

1982-1985 Val Perovic - Woof

1994-2000 Ang Christou - Woof

2022? Adam Saad - Woof

1983 - 1985: Bruce Reid - Reeeeiiiddddd

2008 - 2020: Matthew Kreuzer - Krrooooozzzzeee!

Battlecry - Who Shook The Sheep

Not a crowd call, but a battlecry from the team was "Who Shook The Sheep"
Carlton were in Adelaide in the 1890's, and late at night after a club function one of the players decided to unhook a sheep carcass hanging from a butcher's shop and take it back to the team's hotel. Unfortunately the player was seen by a policeman who arrested him. The next day at the court house the butcher dropped the charges and the sheep carcass was handed back to the butcher.
The Daily Mail in Perth March 15 1928, mentioned this under "Football Memories" it said;
"Interesting personalities at the scoring books were Jack Sells and Billy Watson/Walton, two champion footballers of the old Victorian school. Thirty-three years ago Jack captained Essendon, and 35 years ago Billy led the Carlton forces, in the days when "Who shook the sheep" was the blue and whites battle cry.
When Carlton were visiting Adelaide a side of mutton mysteriously disappeared from a butcher's shop, and for years afterwards when the team trooped out it was reminded of the affair."

Emblems and Tradition
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