Carlton defeated South Melbourne by 1 point at Princes Park.

Round 12, 1946

Sth Melbourne4.3277.12549.136711.1884
Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday July 13, 1946
Result: Win by 1 pointUmpire: McMurrayCrowd: 26,000
Goalkickers: J.Howell 3, K.Baxter 2, K.Hands 2, A.Way 2, J.Baird 1, J.Conley 1, R.Garby 1.
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

Poor conversion in front of goal cost South Melbourne a chance to "avenge" last years Grand Final loss to the Blues.

Scores were level until Herb Turner, from a free kick straight in front, put it through for a behind as the bell rang.

After the game Jack Howell was taken to hospital for tetanus injections due to some nasty stop marks on his leg.


B: 18 Arthur Sanger 27 Ollie Grieve 6 Bob Chitty (c)
HB: 15 Vin Brown 23 Bert Deacon 26 Jim Clark
C: 11 Ron Hines 10 Clinton Wines 12 Doug Williams
HF: 4 Alec Way 1 Ken Hands 20 Ray Garby
F: 25 Jim Baird 21 Ken Baxter 7 Herb Turner
Ruck: 13 Jack Howell 3 Jack Bennett 35 Jack Conley
Res: 28 Fred Davies 17 Jim Clapton
Coach: Percy Bentley

Age July 15


A charity match for the Food for Britain Fund on Sunday drew a crowd of 15,000 to St.Kilda for a match between rival radio stations 3AW and 3XY.
AW won by 7points and a sum of £650 was raised.

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