Carlton defeated Geelong by 15 points at Princes Park.

Round 12, 1930

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday July 19, 1930
Result: Win by 15 pointsUmpire: RodwellCrowd: 23,000
Goalkickers: L.Allen 5, A.Clarke 4, H.Clover 3, C.Davey 2, J.Green 1.
Reports: Injuries: C. Martyn (injured) replaced by M.Johnson during second quarter

Game Review

"Although that it had been officially declared yesterday that the old law relating to a player dropping the ball when held would not be applied until next week it was decided last night that it would be reverted to in today's games. The umpires were notified to this effect and before play started the players were also told." (Herald July 19)

Carlton kicked with the wind to the outer end. The Blues were immediately into attack and Harry Vallence soon bought up the first score, a behind. Geelong went forward but was turned by Frank Gill, and Fred Williams drove the ball to Clover whose long place kick for goal was marked by Geelong's Hickey. His kick was in turn marked by Jack Green who kicked the Blues' second minor score. Carlton were playing better football and Les Allan soon snapped the first major. Horrie Clover then scored the second goal. Geelong bought up their first behind, then dashing play from Alec Doyle, to Jim Crowe and onto Horrie Clover who scored another goal. Geelong managed their first major, but the Blues swept down on the Geelong defenders with Horrie Clover marking a kick from Harry Vallence, and quickly replied. The visitors not to out done scored two late goals.
At quarter time Carlton led by 9 points, 4.5 - 3.2
Geelong attacked from the start, and missed one sitter, and then added another three points. Ray Brew defending well could not stop the visitors adding their fourth goal. Blue to be, Kuhlken added their fitth and they led by 6 points. Soon that lead was extended with another goal. Horrie Clover had another long place kick but missed the goal adding a minor. Les Allen then hit the post. Good play by Fred Gilby got the ball to Ansell Clarke and his running shot bought up full points.
At half time Carlton trailled by 8 points 5.7 - 6.9
Alec Duncan, Charlie Davey, and Harry Vallence combined to get the ball to Jack Green who scored the Blues' sixth goal. Geelong went forward but was met by Ray Brew and the Blues were off down the right wing where Charlie Parsons kicked the ball to Maurie Johnson who ran in to goal, but missed. Play was exciting with defences on both sides racing the ball up and down the ground. The Blues attacked and twice hit the post through Jack Green and Jim Crowe. Then Les Allen broke the drought and booted Carlton's seventh and Ansell Clarke added another point. Geelong then added their seventh and the Blues led by just 2 points. This lead soon vanished when Geelong added two quick goals. Ansell Clarke to Charlie Davey and Davey reduced the margin by 6 points. Harry Vallence was moved to full forward and Horrie Clover to centre half forward. Ansell Clarke received a free right in front and made no mistake and the Blues regained the lead by 4 points. Ray Brew kicked into the forward line and the ball was marked by Les Allen and he added the Blues' tenth goal.
At three quarter time the Blues led by 10 points. 10.14 - 9.10
Carlton went forward but was stopped by Hickey. His kick was intercepted by Denis Kelleher and his kick in turn was marked by Ansell Clarke but his shot was a point. Geelong added a goal. Les Allen soon replied and the Blues were out to a 12 point lead. Geelong added a point, a goal, and then another hit the post. Full back Frank Gill sent a beautiful kick to the centre of the ground where Denis Kelleher gathered it, he kicked it to Ansell Clarke who was slung and received a free, Clarke goaled. More goals followed to Charlie Davey and to Ansell Clarke. In time-on Geelong added another goal, then Les Allen marking from Ansell Clarke scored a running goal.
Carlton won by 15 points. 15.16 - 13.13

Future Blues, Will Kuhlken and Jack Carney both played for Geelong in this match.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 1st spot on the ladder with a percentage of 141.2.


B: 9 Eric Huxtable 21 Frank Gill 26 Ray Brew (c)
HB: 27 Charlie Parsons 32 Alex Duncan 6 Fred Gilby
C: 7 Joe Kelly 2 Colin Martyn 29 Fred Williams
HF: 14 Jack Green 22 Harry Vallence 19 Alec Doyle
F: 20 Les Allen 1 Horrie Clover (vc) 31 Ansell Clarke
Ruck: 17 Charlie Davey 10 Denis Kelleher 23 Jim Crowe
19th Man: 15 Maurie Johnson
Coach: Dan Minogue

Amazing Climax - Gas Released In Bar.

Melbourne July 21
Judging from a remarkable incident which occurred in one of the liquor bars at the Carlton football ground, the use of noxious gas is to play an important part in the rivalry between hotel keepers in Melbourne.
The bar was crowded during the half-time interval of the Carlton-Geelong match, when nauseating gas was released in such quantities as to speedily clear it of occupants. The licensee, Mr. Charles Orr, is President of the newly formed Hotelkeepers' Association of Victoria, which embraces 200 licensees, all of whom sell Richmond beer. He stated to-day that he believed it was done to injure his business. All the barmen were effected by the fumes. One of them shortly before the occurrence noticed three men with a bottle, the contents of which were poured on the ground. The nature of the liquid or the gas is not known.
(Queensland Times July 22 p7)

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