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The 1930's: A Summary

After years and years of being thereabouts, starting in 1927 with our third place, and extending almost entirely the whole way through the 1930's, Carlton would strike it rich with their first Premiership since 1915 - 1938, our 6th Flag.

But we would break so many hearts through the 1930's, being 3rd in 1930 and 1931, 2nd in 1932, 4th in 1933, 1935 and 1936 and 5th in 1937. So close, but it took until 1938 for the gold to be won.

Poor Dan Minogue - who took over in 1929 but was Coach for 6 years with his worst finish the 5th - who never tasted Premiership Glory. After Frank Maher and Percy Rowe were given the role as Coach for 1935-1937, the glory would fall to Brighton Diggins who would succeed as Captain / Coach in his first year in the gig.

The 1938 Premiership would finally allow Chamption Full Forward Harry Vallence to taste success, which incidentally was his last year as our leading goal-kicker with a massive 81 goals. Vallence was a Champion in his era, and our leading Goal-kicker in 1929, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1935, 1936, 1937 and then 1938.

The Carlton Cockatoo
Off field in the 1930's, a cockatoo named 'Cocky Marr' and owned by Mr Bob St.Marr became something of a symbol of the Blues. The cockatoo stood week after week behind the goalposts, greeting each Carlton goal with wildly flapping wings and squawks!

For more on Cocky Marr, click here.

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