1910 Reserves



Practice Matches

April 09
Carlton District v St.Kilda at Junction Oval
Carlton team;
Backs; H. Gardner, Donday, C. Gardner
Half backs; Leahy, Rutter, Heath
Centre; Cater, Numa (capt), Evans
Half forwards; Ware, McColl, Graham
Forwads; Lang, Chalmers, Johnson
Followers; Kirkpatrick, Stephenson
Rover; White
Umpire; McGuire
Carlton District lost by 56 points
C.Dist; 2,3, 4.4, 6.8, 6.9.45
St. K; 2.3, 5.10, 9.11, 14.17.101

April 16
Carlton District v Carlton at Northcote Park.
Carlton District (21) team;
Backs; H. Gardner, Donbey, C. Gardner
Half backs; Ware, Ruttan, Gannon, Collins
Centres; Walker, Numa (capt), Penglase
Half forwards; White, McColl, Clarke, Heath
Forwards; Johnson, Wilkinson, Hall
Followers; Kirkpatrick, Stevenson
Rover; Chalmers, Carter
Umpire; Davidson
Carlton District lost by 28 points
C. D; 1.4, 4.5, 5.6, 9.9.63
Carl; 3.7, 7.10, 9.15, 12.19.91
Goals; Johnson 6, Carter 2 Stevenson

April 23
Carlton District v Essendon at East Melbourne
The weather was too hot for football.
Carlton District (20) team;
Backs; Ware, Donbey, Baxter
Half backs; McCasker, Heath, Rutter, C. Gardner
Centres; Penglase, Numa (capt), Minahan
Half forwards; McColl, Clarke, Chalmers
Forwards; Brown, Wilkinson Johnson, Triplett
Followers; Kirkpatrick, Stephenson
Rover; Rowe
Umpire; Beauchamp
Carlton lost by 57 points
C.D; 1.2, 2.5, 3.5, 6.5. 41
Ess; 3.2, 4.6, 10.14, 13.20.98
Best; Stephenson, Clarke, Wilkinson,Johnson, Minahan, Brown, Kirkpatrick, Numa, Rowe, Rutter,McColl, Triplitt.

After many years the Victorian Junior Football Association club Carlton Juniors are no more.

Last season they battled manfully playing all their “home” games away.

They had lost the patonage of the Carlton Football Club and subsquently the use of the Carlton Cricket Ground. (Carlton Oval)

This season the VJFA has rejigged their competition by amalgamating some of the clubs, Carlton Juniors fell into this group.

The Carlton Juniors were one of the oldest clubs in the VJFA, est. circa 1892.

April 29
Permit, L. A. Kirkpatrick, Richmond to Carlton District (returning player)

Round One - Metropolitan District Association

April 30
Carlton District v Beverley at Richmond Cricket Ground.
Beverley was runners-up last season.
A splendid game, goal for goal, open and fast.
Carlton team from; (31 named)
Numa (capt), Evans, Chalmers, Chalmers, Johnson, Minahan, Wilkinson, Clarke, Kirkpatrick, Donbey, Stevenson, Ware, Rutter, Gardner, Gardner, Heath, Triplett, Walker, Penglase, McColl, Allen, White, Rowe, Carter, Gannon, Thompson, Hall, Leahy, Brown, Sullivan, Baxter
In Saturday's Herald, the Carlton District team is unreadable, original copy needs to be read.
Umpire; F. Thompson
Carlton lost by 2 points
Carlton District 6.8.44 – 6.10.46
Best; Kirkpatrick (BOG), Stevenson, with two rovers Rowe and Carter (following), Gardner, Allen (defence), Numa, Johnson, Wilkinson played well.

May 06
Permit, Ernest W. Schunke, Richmond to Carlton District.
(Brother of Charles H. Schunke who played with Carlton)

May 07
Carlton District v South Yarra
There are no details of matches on May 07.
Perhaps the round was postponed a week because of the death of King Edward VII on Saturday morning, Melbourne time.

May 14
Carlton District v South Yarra on the Carlton Oval
South Yarra were last season's premiers.
Carlton with the aid of the wind was 4 goals up at quarter time.
First time in 3 years the Yarra had 10 goals or more scored against them.
Carlton team; (18 named Saturday's Herald)
Allen, Carter, Rutter, Evans, Minahan, Chalmers,Clarke, McColl, Triplett, Johnson, Schunke, Numa (capt), Gardiner, Sullivan, Tucker, Kirkpatrick, Stevenson, Rowe.
Umpire; Palling A. Noseda
Carlton lost by 2 points
C.D; 5.1 6.1, 7.1, 11.4.70
S.Y; 1.2, 5.6, 7.8, 10.12.72
Goals; E. Schunke 4, Johnson 3, Sullivan, Triplett, McColl, Chalmers
Carlton District full back Tucker suffered a knee injury, will be missing for a while.
Best; Kilpatrick, Stevenson, Gardner, Allen, Minaham, Evans, Rowe, Schunke, Numa, Chalmers, Triplett, Johnson, Rutter.

MDA Ladder
Carlton District eighth, Played 2, Won 0, Lost 2, Drawn 0, Points 0

May 20
Former forward, Joe A. Hodgkins is returning to Carlton District

May 21
Carlton District v Caulfield at Carlton
Carlton team from;
Carter, Sullivan, Carter, Allen, Evans, Rutter, Gardner, Gardner, Numa, Minahan, Chalmers, Clarke, McColl, Triplett, Johnson, Schunke, Kirkpatrick, Stevenson, Rowe, Jackson, Wilkinson, Brown, Hodgkins
Carlton team; (Saturday's Herald)
Allen, Carter, Johnson, Hodgkins, Numa, Evans, Minahan, ?, McGan?, Wilkinson, Clarke, Gardner, Schunke, Kirkpatrick. Copy difficult to read.
Umpire; Lyon
Carlton won by 77 points
C.D; 4.4; 9.9. 14.12, 15.14.104
Caul; 0.0, 0.0, 0.6, 3.9.27
Goals; Johnson 3, Clarke 3, Hodgkins 2, Carter 2, Wilkinson 2, Schunke 2, Ware
Best; Kirkpatrick, Stevenson, McGan, Minahan, Hodgkins, Clarke, Johnson, Gardner, Allen.

MDA Ladder
Carlton District sixth, Played 3, Won 1, Lost 2, Drawn 0, Points 4

May 28
Carlton District v Leopold at the South Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Captain “Tracker” Numa was missing with a knee injury, will miss a few weeks.
Tom Brown made his debut, he did a good job as ruck/follower.
Leopold were very confident coming off two big wins.
Carlton team from; (24 named)
Numa, Evans, Clarke, Kirkpatrick, Minahan, Stevenson, Rowe, Triplett, Johnson, Jackson, McGann, McColl, Ware, Hodgkins, Gardner, Heath, Rutter, Wilkinson, Brown, Sullivan, Schunke, Carter, Allen, Chalmers.
Carlton team; 18 named, difficult to read the Herald
Allen, Tucker, Heath, Gardner, Jackson, McGan, Evans, Triplett (a/capt), Lineham/Minahan?, McColl, Hodgkins, Clarke, Schunke, Johnson, Chalmers, Kirkpatrick, Stephenson, Rowe.

Line - up (Record Emerald Hill, June 04 p3)
Backs; Allen, Tucker, Heath
Half backs; McGan, Gardner, Jackson
Centres; Evans, Triplett, Lineham
Half forwards; Clarke, Hodgkins, McColl
Forwards, Schunke, Johnson, Chalmers
Followers; Kirkpatrick, Stevenson
Rover; Rowe
Umpire; W. E. Connor
Carlton won by 32 points
C.D; 1.1, 3.2, 7.3, 8.5.53
Leo; 0.2, 1.3,1.8, 2.9.21
Goals; Johnson 3, McColl 2, Triplett, Hodgkins, Schunke
1st Qtr. Johnson, 2nd Qtr. McColl, Triplett, 3rd. Qtr. Hodgkins, McColl, Johnson, Johnson 4th. Qtr. Schunke
Best; Kirkpatrick (BOG), Gardner, Allen, Minahan or Lineham, Evans, Hodgkins, Chalmers, Stevenson, McGan, Jackson , Rowe.

June 04
Carlton District v Collegians at Carlton Cricket Ground
Played in front of a fair crowd, the game was fast.
Carlton team from; (23 named)
Kirkpatrick, Minahan, Triplett, Rowe, Jackson, Johnson, Carter, Schunke, Hodgkins, Heath, Allen, Wilkinson, Clarke, McColl, Chalmers, Brown, Gardiner, Gardiner, Tucker, McGann, Stevenson, Ware, Rutter.
Carlton team;
Allen, Tucker, Heath, McGann, Evans, Triplett, Minahan, Hodgkin, McColl, Chalmers, Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Stephenson, Rowe. 4 names unreadable
Umpire; G. McCall
Carlton District won by 34 points
Carlton 12.9.81 - 7.5.47
Goals; Clarke 4, Schunke 2, Johnson 2, McColl 2, Chalmers, Hodgkins
Best; Kirkpatrick, Stephenson, Jackson, Allen, Gardner, Evans, Minahan, Hodgkins, Clarke, J. McColl, Chalmers.

Image Argus June 06

June 06 Monday
Carlton District journied to Seymour on Saturday evening by train, departed Spencer Street (Southern Cross) at 6pm.
Carlton won; 10.5.65 – 4.6.30
On Sunday the Seymour Club entertained Carlton District at dinner, then the team was driven to Trawool Falls.

June 11
Carlton District v Collingwood District on Victoria Park
Carlton team; 16/18 named (Herald)
Heath, Ware, Carter, ?, Allen, Stevenson, Evans, Triplett, ?, Hodgkins, Schunke, Chalmers, Wilkinson, Clarke, Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Rowe
Umpire; P. Devine
Carlton won by 28 points
Carl. D; 3.3, 3.11, 8.15, 10.17.77
Coll. D; 3.1, 3.6, 5.6, 7.7.49
Goals; Johnson 6, Wilkinson 2, McColl, Clarke
Best; Kilpatrick (follower), Schunke (wing), Hodgkins and Johnson (forward), Stevenson (defence), Jackson, McGan, Rowe (roving), Triplett (centre), Wilkinson (forward), Allen (back)

MDA Ladder
Carlton third, Played 6, Won 4, Lost 2, Drawn 0, Points 16

June 18
Carlton District v University on the Carlton Cricket Ground
Vice captain Triplett did not play
Carlton team; (17 named)
Heath, Ware, Allen, Gardner, Stephenson, Minahan, Schunke, Evans, McColl, Hodgkins, Clarke, Chalmers, Johnson, Wilkinson, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Rowe
Umpire; H. Coombes
Carlton won by 9 points
C.D; ----, 7.6, 8.9 8.13.61
Uni; ----, 2.3, 5.4, 8.4.52
Goals; Clarke 3, Johnson 2, Schunke, Hodgkins, Wilkinson
Best; Hodgkins (BOG), Stevenson, Ware, Schunke, Kilpatrick, Chalmers, Clarke

MDA Ladder
Carlton District second, Played 5, Won 5, Lost 2, Drawn 0, Points 20
South Yarra are undefeated with 28 points.

June 25
Carlton District v Hawthorn at Glenferrie
Carlton team;
Gardner, Ware, Allen, McGan, Stephenson, Jackson, Evans, Schunke, Minahan, Clarke, Hodgkins, Triplett, Chalmers, Carter, Wilkinson, Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Rutter
Umpire; Devine
Carlton won by 64 points
C. D; --, --, 10.13, 11.21.87
Haw; --, --, 2.3, 3.5.23
Goals; Johnson 4, Chalmers 2, Minahan, Jackson, Wilkinson, Carter, Hodgkins
Best; Chalmers, Stevenson, Evans, Triplett, Minahan, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, McGann, Allen, Gardner, Rutter, Ware

MDA Ladder
Carlton District fourth, Played 8, Won 6, Lost 2, Drawn 0, Points 24

July 02
Carlton District v South Yarra on the Albert Ground
Numa re injured his knee, Triplett still injured.
Carlton team;
Allen, Ware, Jackson, McGan, Rutter, Gardner, Minahan, Schunke, Evans, Clarke, Hodgkins, Numa, Chalmers, Johnson, Wilkinson, Kirkpatrick, Stephenson, Rowe.
Umpire; Martin
Carlton lost by 30 points
Carlton District 6.7.43 – 10.13.73
Goals; Johnson 2, Numa 2, Wilkinson, Hodgkins
Best; Kirkpatrick, McGan, Rutter, Stevenson, Chalmers, Rowe, Hodgkins,

MDA Ladder
Carlton District fourth, Played 9, Won 6, Lost 3, Drawn 0, Points, 24

July 09
Carlton District v Collegians on the Albert Ground.
Carlton team; (18 named Herald)
Rutter, C. Gardner, Gardner, Heath, McGann, McCasker, Evans, Schunke, Minahan, Chalmers, Hodgkins, Clarke, McColl, Johnson, Carter, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Ronald.
Umpire; P. H. Devine
Carlton won by 32 points
Carlton District 11.12.78 – 6.10.46
Goals; McColl 6, Johnson 2, Schunke, Rowe, Chalmers
Best; Rutter and C. Gardner defended well, Evans and Chalmers (centre), Clarke, McColl and Carter (forwards), Jackson, Kirkpatrick and Rowe (ruck).

MDA Ladder
Carlton District fourth, Played 10, Won 7, Lost 3, Drawn 0, Points 28

July 16
Carlton District v Collingwood Juniors at Victoria Park
Attendance was large.
Both teams are equal with a 7-3 win-loss record.
Joe Hodgkins was ill.
Carlton team; (18 named, Herald)
Allen, Ware, Rutter, Gardner, McGann, Evans, Triplett, Minahan, Clarke, Chalmers, Schunke, Johnson, Wilkinson, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Rowe, O'Connor, Tucker
Carlton won by 18 points
Carl. D; 1.7, 6.11, 6.13, 8.16.64
Coll. D; 2.1, 3.4, 4.7, 6.10.46
Umpire; P. H. Devine
Best; Jackson, Kirkpatrick, Rowe, Chalmers, Rutter, Ware, Allen, Gardner, Triplett, Evans, O'Connor, Wilkinson, Johnson

July 23
Carlton district v Leopold at Carlton Oval
No team details found
Large crowd.
Carlton won by 20 points
Goals; Wilkinson 3, Johnson, Clarke, McColl
Best; Evans, Triplett, Minahan (centre line), Kirkpatrick and Jackson (ruck), Rowe and Chalmers (roving), Wilkinson, Johnson, McColl (forward), Rutter, Gardner, Allen (defence)

MDA Ladder
Carlton District second, Played 12, Won 9, Lost 3, Drawn 0, Points 36

July 30
Carlton District v University on the University Ground
An even tussle with the District getting on top.
Carlton team; (18 named Herald)
Chalmers, Allen, Jackson, Gardiner/Gardner, Schunke, McColl, Triplett, Carter, Johnson, McGan, Minahan, Evans, Rutter, Hamilton, Heath, Kirkpatrick, Ware, Wilkinson
Umpire; H. Coombes
Carlton won by 11 points
Carlton District 9.7.61 – 7.8.50
Goals; Chalmers 2, Curtin/Carter? 2, McColl 2, Shunke, Hamilton, Johnson
Best; Jackson, Kirkpatrick, Chalmers, Evans, Triplett, Rutter, Allen, Hamilton, Carter, McColl

MDA Ladder
Carlton District second, Played 13, Won 10, Lost 3, Drawn 0, Points 40

August 06
Carlton District v Beverley on the Carlton Oval
Crowd of 1,000
Carlton team (Herald)
Allen, Ware, Rutter, Gardner, Stephens, Evans, Triplett, Minahan, Chalmers, Hamilton, Hodgkins, Wilkinson, McColl, Johnson, Schunke, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Ronald.
Umpire; G. Martin
Carlton won by 33 points
C.D; 2.3, 4.5, ----, 10.12.72
Bev; 0.3, 1.5, ----, 5.9.39
Goals; Johnson 4, Schunke 2,, Hodgkinson 2, Kirkpatrick, McColl
Best; Kirkpatrick, Jackson (ruck), Ronald and Chalmers (roving), Triplett, Evans, Minahan (centre), Allen, Ware, Rutter (defence), Hodgkins, Schunke, McColl, Wilkinson (forwards)

MDA Ladder
Carlton District second, Played 14, Won 11, Lost 3, Drawn 0, Points 44
District are second two games behind South Yarra, and one game ahead of Leopold and Collingwood

August 13
Carlton District v Oakleigh at Wesley College
The Oakleigh ground is under going improvements.
Carlton team; (18 named Herald)
Pitcher, Tucker, Ware, Rutter, Hamilton, Moffat, Evans, Triplett, Minahan, Wilkinson, Hoskins/Hodgkins, Carter, McColl, Johnson, Schunke, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Rowe
Umpire; G. Hastings
Carlton won by 131
C,D; 3.4, 10.6, ----, 22.21.153
Oak; 1,2, 1.4, ----, 2.10.22
Goals; Johnson 9, McColl 3, Wilkinson 3, Evans 2, Hodgkins, Schunke, Carter, Pitcher, Jackson.
Best; Not a weak player in the team, Ware, Hamilton, Rutter (back), Evans, Triplett, Minahan (centre), Johnson, McColl, Wilkinson (forwards), Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Carter (ruck) New players Pitcher and Moffat played well.
Johnson has kicked 48 goals so far this season. (Herald Aug 19)

MDA Ladder
Carlton District second, Played 15, Won 12, lost 3, Drawn 0, Points 48

August 20
Carlton District v Hawthorn on the Carlton Cricket ground (Carlton Oval)
Carlton team;
Rutter, Tucker, Ware, Moffat, Stevenson, Pitcher, Evans, Triplett, Minahan, McColl, Hodgkins, Chalmers.
Schunke, Johnson, Wilkinson,Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Carter.
Umpire; W. A. Hunt
Carlton won by 70 points
C .D; 3.3, 6.7, 9.13, 12.18.90
Haw; 1.3, 2.5, 2.7, 2.8.20
Goals; Johnson 3, rest unknown

MDA Ladder
Carlton District second, Played 16, Won 13, Lost 3, Drawn 0, Points 52
District are one game behind South Yarra, one game ahead of Leopold and two games ahead of Collingwood District and Beverley equal fourth

August 27
Carlton District v Caulfield at the Caulfield Cricket Ground
Caulfield played well till half time when the margin was 14 points in favour of District.
The Carlton team dominated in the second half
Carlton team;
Tucker, Numa, McGann, Ware, Allen, Pitcher, Evans, Triplett, Minahan, Carter, McColl, Wilkinson, Hodgkins, Johnson, Schunke, Kirkpatrick, Atkinson, Chalmers.
Umpire; Devine
Carlton won by 94 points
Three quarter time; Carlton District 12.13.75 – 4.13.37
Final; Carlton District 19.17.131 – 4.13.37
Goals; Johnson 9, McColl 3, Wilkinson 3, Carter, Triplett, Minahan, Chalmers
Best; Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Chalmers, Carter, Pitcher, Allen, Ware, Minahan, Triplett, Evans, Wilkinson, McColl
Johnson has now kicked 60 goals.

MDA Ladder
Carlton District first, Played 17, Won 14, Lost 3, Drawn 0, Points 56
Carlton and South Yarra equal on 56, Leopold 52, Beverley 48, Collingwood District 44

September 02
Carlton District has lost the services of Stephenson who has gone to New Zealand on business.
Rowe, Hamilton, J. Hodgkins and Gardner should return to the side tomorrow. (Herald)

September 03
Final Home & Away Match
Carlton District v Oakleigh on Carlton Oval
Carlton team; (18 Herald, difficult to read)
Rutter, Ware, Allen, Pitcher, Gardner, Hamilton, Triplett, Schunke, Lowe, Hodgkins, McColl, Wilkinson, Johnson, Carter, Kirkpatrick, Stevenson, Chalmers, Minahan,
Umpire; G. Hastings
Carlton won by 152 points
Qtr. Time; Carlton District 7.3.45 – Nil
Final; Carlton District 24.27.171 – 3.1.19
Goals; Johnson 7, Wilkinson 6, Stevenson 3, Hodgkins 3, Chalmers 2, McColl, Carter, Kirkpatrick.
Best; “the whole 18 displaying good form.” (Argus Sept 05)
Carlton District has won the minor premiership in only its second season in this competition.


Image; Argus September 03
Carlton District's percentage would have been 207.8%

MDA Semi-Final

September 10
Carlton District v Beverley at the North Melbourne Cricket Ground (Arden Street)
A few fans braved the teeming rain.
District was behind most of the day until the last quarter.
Carlton District's sheer determination after half time turned the game.
A sudden rally by the Blue and Whites stunned Beverley and they hit the front with 10 minutes to go.
Carlton team;
Backs; Allen, Ware, Rutter
Half backs; Gardner, Stevenson, Pitcher
Centres; Evans, H. Triplett (capt), Minahan
Half forwards; McColl, Hodgkins, Chalmers
Forwards; Schunke, Johnson, Wilkinson
Followers; Kirkpatrick, Jackson
Rover; Rowe
Umpire; Coombes
Carlton won by 7 points
C. D; 1.2, 1.7, 2.10, 4.13.37
Bev; 2.1, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6.30
Goals; Schunke 2, Chalmers, Jackson.
Best; Kilpatrick and Jackson ruck,“nothing finer has been seen this season than the play in this department”, Rowe and Chalmers (BOG) (roving), Evans, Triplett and Minahan (centre), Hodgkins, Wilkinson, McColl (forwards), Pitcher, Allen, Stevenson and Rutter (defence) these four were mainly responsible for keeping Beverley's second half score to 3 points (Argus Sept.12 p5)

Carlton District v Leopold as a curtain-raiser to the VFL Semi Final on the MCG.
If District lose, they have the right as minor premiers to a replay, and the winner of that match is premiers

MDA Final Match.

September 17
Carlton District v Leopold
As both team's uniforms were very similar, Carlton wore a white band round the waist.
Backs; Allen, Ware, Rutter
Half backs; Gardner, Stevenson, Pitcher
Centre; Evans, Triplett (capt), Minahan
Half forwards; McColl, Hodgkins, Chalmers
Forwards; Wilkinson, Johnson, Carter
Followers; Kirkpatrick, Jackson
Rover; Rowe
Umpire; Coombes
Carlton lost by 18 points
C.D; 1.0, 2.2, 3.3, 5.3.33
Leo; 1.5, 3.6, 6.12, 6.15.51
Goals; Triplett, Kirkpatrick, Johnson, Carter, Chalmers
Best; Allen, Ware, Stevenson, Triplett, Evans, Hodgkins, Kirkpatrick, Jackson
Free Kicks;
Carlton, 19, 19, 18, 14. total 70
Leopold, 20, 13, 10, 12. total 55

MDA Grand Final

September 24
Carlton District v Leopold
Carlton team;
Backs; Allen, Ware, Rutter
Half backs; Pitcher, Gardner, Hamilton
Centres; Evans, Triplett (capt), Schunke
Half forwards; Carter, Hodgkins, Chalmers
Forwards; Wilkinson, Johnson, McColl
Followers; Kirkpatrick, Johnson
Rover; Rowe
Umpire; Coombes
Carlton lost by 39 points
C.D; 3.0, 4.1, 4.3, 4.6.30
Leo; 1.2, 4.5, 8.6, 10.9.69
Goals; Johnson 2, Hodgkins, Rowe.
Best; Allen, Rutter, Evans, Rowe, Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Johnson

Trove; Argus September 26 p5

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