1898 Reserves

1898 Reserves VJFA Trove; No Herald final editions on Saturdays.
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Victorian Junior Football Association
April 16 Carlton played Melbourne Juniors in a practice match on Carlton Oval, Princes Park.
(Herald April 15 p3 1898)

Royal Park Crescent have been renamed Fitzroy Crescent.
Fitzroy Juniors have disbanded and the renamed Royal Park Crescent will take their place. (Herald 10 May p3)
Royal Park Crescent were Carlton's junior team last year.

Carlton have taken Melbourne Juniors a under their wing and will play on the Carlton ground.
Mr. Knopp is their president and Mr. Towers secretary. The Juniors have been premiers of their division the last two seasons and have now joined the ranks of the first-rate juniors.

Montague a Port Melbourne club, due to a dispute, will play on the Brunswick Cricket ground this season.
Preston, West Melbourne, Collingwood Juniors, Albert Park.
Albion United will not compete this season as their ground (North Melbourne) will not be available until late in the season.

Fixture Age April 21

May 13 Herald (p3)
Melbourne Juniors have joined the ranks of the first-rate juniors, and will make a start on Saturday.
Carlton have taken them under their wing and granted them the use of their ground.
Mr. Knopp ex Essendon player president, Mr. Towers secretary, Towers and Welsh delegates.
Melbourne Juniors had won successive premierships in their division.
Albion United players will be at their disposal to pick from. United are not playing this season for lack of a suitable ground. They intend to resume in 1899.

Carlton has thrown up embankments around the ground and covered it in ashes.

Albert Park v Fitzroy Crescent at SMCG, West Melbourne v Richmond City at Richmond City ground, Preston v Hawthorn at Preston, , Montague v Melbourne Juniors at Montague ground, umpire Dick..
Collingwood Juniors – bye

May 14 (Herald May 13)
Montague v Melbourne Juniors,
Umpire; Jago.
Junior Association

Kendall played a nice game against Montague, Goonan played well as did Lawrence. A misundertanding on where the match was to played resulted in Melb. Jnrs were missing some players.
Melbourne Juniors lost by 20 points. (P.Melb. Standard May 21)
Melb Jnrs; 2.6.18 – 5.8.38

May 21 (Herald May 20)
Hawthorn v Melbourne Juniors at Princes Park (Carlton Oval) umpire Naughton
Game closer then the scores indicated.
Kenny and Kendall played well. Jack Tyrell follower from Stanley.
Melb. Jnrs have secured most of Fitzroy Jnrs, Kendall, Lovell, Tyrell, Kenny, Poole, Reilly and Elder. (Herald May 27)
Melbourne Juniors won, details unavailable

May 28
West Melbourne v Melb. Jnrs at Friendly Societies Gardens, umpire J. C. Smith
O'Brien from Collingwwod will play for Melb. Jnrs
Kenny brilliant, but hampered by being captain. Blundell was one of the best.
“Buck” Kelly ( Fitzroy) Tyrell, Lovell and Kendall (Fitzroy Jnrs), Ross (Collingwood), Dunn, Sigmont (Albion), Churchyard.
Melbourne Juniors lost by 63 points.
Melb Jnrs; 0.6.6 – 10.9.69

June 04 (Herald June 3)
Albert Park v Melbourne Juniors at Lake Oval ?, umpire M. Ryan
Permit, C. Youden Parkville to Melb Jnrs, W. O'Brien Collingwood to Melb. Jnrs.
The Carlton ground was a bit heavy for the juniors. (Herald June 10)
Late start at 3.30pm
Poole, Oliver and Welsh good for Melb Junrs. Power an old Albion United player played for Melb Jnrs.
Park walked round the Melbourne Juniors like a hungry man around a counter-lunch. Melb Jnrs were never in it. The captain of Melb Jnrs should exercise more more control over his team. Players seem to roam all over the ground at their own sweet will.
Melbourne Juniors lost by 21 points
Melb. Jnrs; 0.1.1 - 2.10.22
Melb Jnrs. Seventh; Won 1, Lost 3, Goals Won 5, Goals Lost 21, Points 4

June 11
Melbourne Jnrs v Fitzroy Crescent at Carlton, umpire Dick.
Best Rooke, Goonan, Morgan and Kelly
Melbourne Juniors won by 10 points.
Melb. Jnrs; 5.9.39 – 4.5.29

June 18
Melbourne Juniors v Richmond City at Richmond Recreation Reserve,umpire Dick
Permit, Lyons (Carlton) to Melb Jnrs.
Anderson played well Kendall kicked 3 goals
Melbourne Juniors won by 20 points.
Melb. Jnrs. 7.8.50 – 4.6.30

June 25
Melbourne Juniors v Preston
Preston lodged a protest claiming the time keeper rang the bell early.
Lawrie, Oliver.
Melbourne Juniors won by 11 points
Melb. Jnrs. 3.12.30 – 3.1.19

July 02

July 09
Melb. Juniors v Collingwood Juniors at Richmond C. R. (Recreation Reserve?), umpire Dick
Melbourne Juniors won by 14 points.
Melb. Jnrs. 4.10.34 – 2.8.20

July 16
Melbourne Juniors played Montague, umpire Dick
Match resulted in a surprise for Montague.
The Standard said Melbourne Juniors second goal was from a free kick.
Best Dunn.
Melbourne Juniors won by 10 points
Melb Jnrs; 2.8.20 – 1.4.10

July 23
Melbourne Juniors v Hawthorn at Hawthorn C.G.
Melb. Jnrs had a pretty good go with the Hawthorn.

July 30
Melbourne Juniors v West Melbourne Juniors, umpire Teirnan
Lovell mentioned.
Melbourne Juniors lost by 16 points.
Melb Jnrs 3.2.20 - 5.6.36
Albert Park undefeated so far this season.
The North Melbourne Gazette (Aug 05 p3) said the game was played at Collingwood.

August 06
Melbourne Juniors v Albert Park at Carlton Football Ground.
Melb. Juniors had a lucky win against Albert Park. Albert Park have entered a protest.
The decision given by the goal umpire created a lot of argument.
Lovell, Cooper, Delagana, Duggan
Melbourne Juniors won by 4 points.
Melb. Jnrs. 1.6.12 – 1.2.8

August 13
Melbourne Juniors v Fiztroy Crescent at Fitzroy C.G.
Melbourne Jnrs won in good style.
Duddan, Delagana, Jeffery
Melbourne Juniors won by 17 points
Melb. Jnrs; 3.7.25 – 1.2.8

August 20
Melbourne Juniors v Richmond City at Carlton C. G. umpire Ryan
Melbourne Jnrs had to forfiet the match against City for the lack of an enclosed ground. (Herald Aug 26 p3)

August 27
Melbourne Jnrs v Preston at Preston
A close and exciting game.
Melbourne Juniors won by 13 points
Melb. Jnrs; 8.8.56 – 6.7.43
Melb Jnrs Fourth, Played 16, Won 11; Lost 5; Goals For 46; Goals Against 51; Points 44.

September 02
Melb Jnrs Bye

September 10
Melbourne Juniors v Collingwood Juniors
Melbourne Juniors had a walk over.

VJFA played Ballarat
Melbourne Junior representatives, Sigmont, Kenny, Dunn, Armstrong, Caffeny

West Melbourne won the premiership

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