We guess that's why they call us the Blues...

Club Nickname

The Carlton Football Club is proudly referred to as the Blues, paying homage to our guernsey colour.

Originally (1864), Carlton players wore an orange cap, which acquired a blue band in or around 1865 in part to clarify our uniform against that of South Yarra. According to "The Carlton Story" by Hugh Buggy and Harry Bell, a uniform cap of blue and white was proposed at the 1866 Annual General Meeting, but the question appears to have been shelved in that year. (page 11)

The Blues nickname can be traced as far back to 1872, when the club first wore blue stockings. Larry Bell, a member of the Melbourne club, went to England and returned with four pairs of stockings. He gave the red ones to Melbourne, and the blue pairs to Carlton. Both clubs quickly adopted them for general use. - Football Life (Aug 1971).

Carlton has fleetingly gone by other names in our illustrious history too.

Emblems and Tradition
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