2010: The Year That Was

A 25 question quiz for the 2010 Season
Chris Judd won the John Nicholls Medal in 2010. How many such awards in a row was this?
Chris Judd won the 2010 Brownlow Medal. What number was this in terms of Brownlows won at Carlton?
Judd would of course poll the most Brownlow Votes of any Carlton player in 2010. Who polled the second most?
Bryce Gibbs
Kade Simpson
Marc Murphy
Rhys O'Keeffe
Who was the only Blue to play their 150th match in Carlton colours for the year?
Bret Thornton
Heath Scotland
Marc Murphy
Ryan Houlihan
Which 4 Blues moved into the Top 10 of the 2010 Best and Fairest Count from the prior year?
Garlett, Kreuzer, Betts, Carrazzo
Garlett, Kreuzer, Betts, Joseph
Garlett, Scotland, Betts, Carrazzo
Garlett, Scotland, Betts, Joseph
Which 4 Blues fell out of the Top 10 of the 2010 Best and Fairest Count from 2009?
Fevola, Kreuzer, Bower, Thornton
Fevola, Kreuzer, Johnson, Thornton
Fevola, Stevens, Bower, Thornton
Fevola, Stevens, Cloke, Bower
During 2010, which Blue would get to act as Captain in his 100th match?
Andrew Carrazzo
Andrew Walker
Brock McLean
Marc Murphy
Which 3 players played their first games for Carlton in Round 1, 2010?
Brock McLean, Jeffery Garlett, Robert Warnock
Brock McLean, Kane Lucas, Robert Warnock
Brock McLean, Lachlan Henderson, Robert Warnock
Brock McLean, Mitch Robinson, Lachlan Henderson
Captain Chris Judd's first game for Carlton in the year was in which fixture?
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Of the 6 players who played their first AFL games for Carlton in 2010, including AFL debutants, who was the only Blue to debut in a losing match?
Chris Yarran
Kane Lucas
Marcus Davies
Simon White
Who were Carlton's two Rising Star Nominees for the year?
Chris Yarran, Jeffery Garlett
Chris Yarran, Kane Lucas
Jeffery Garlett, Kane Lucas
Kane Lucas, Simon White
After 4 rounds, what was our Win Loss position?
1 win, 3 losses
2 wins, 2 losses
3 wins, 1 loss
4 wins
Which 3 Blues each kicked 3 goals in Carlton's Round 4 win over Adelaide, our first over them since 2004?
Betts, Yarran, Garlett
Henderson, Yarran, Garlett
Houlihan, Yarran, Garlett
Judd, Yarran, Garlett
After resuming from suspension, how many '3 Vote Games' did Chris Judd get in a row to streak ahead of the competition?
5 Games
6 Games
7 Games
8 Games
Carlton would defeat St Kilda in Round 7, the first time since 2001. How many consecutive wins had St Kilda managed against us before this game?
After 11 rounds, what was our Win Loss position?
4 wins, 7 losses
5 wins, 6 losses
6 wins, 5 losses
7 wins, 4 losses
Carlton played our second consecutive losing Elimination Final. Who was our opponent and what was the margin?
Brisbane 5 points
Brisbane 7 points
Sydney 5 points
Sydney 7 points
In the absence of Brendan Fevola, who would win Carlton's Leading Goalkicker award?
Eddie Betts
Jarrad Waite
Jeffery Garlett
Lachlan Henderson
After the home and away rounds, what was our Win Loss position?
10/11 and a draw
Carlton's Jeffery Garlett would kick 6 majors in one game in 2010, the first time someone other than Fevola had managed more than 5 since 2002. Who was the opponent?
West Coast
After Round 11, Carlton fell apart, winning only 2 of our next 7 matches. Who did we defeat in this period?
Brisbane, Geelong
Brisbane, WCE
Port, Brisbane
Port, WCE
Carlton would have 4 defeats by 8 goals or more through the year, highlighting our inconsistency. Who would inflict our biggest defeat for the year?
4 Blues would play their 100th game for Carlton in 2010. Who were they?
Carrazzo, Betts, Murphy, Walker
Carrazzo, McLean, Murphy, Walker
Carrazzo, Warnock, Murphy, Simpson
Carrazzo, Warnock, Murphy, Walker
Jordan Russell would have a standout year, coming 2nd in the Club Best and Fairest. But how many Brownlow Votes did he win?
Irishman Setanta O'hAilpin would break the Irish Goal-kicking record by kicking 5 goals in a single game of AFL football. Who was the opponent?

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