Year to Year: 2005 to 2006

In Season 2006, the Blues appeared to employ a more possession-based game plan, particularly from defence. This form of game plan was prevalent across the competition in 2006, and was one potential plan in 'breaking' the flood, a defensive technique also used at the time.

As a result, the average possessions won by the Blues exploded in 2006, with an 18% increase year on year (Average of 12.8 per player per game in 2005 to 15.3). In total disposal terms, the Blues possessed the ball over 7,300 times in 2006, up from approximately 6,200 in 2005.

In particular, a number of players experienced a dramatic increase in ball-winning ability - potentially at least due to this phenomenon. Of course, natural improvement may have had a lot to do with this.

Year to Year Stats Comparison
Player 2005 2006 Percentage Change
Heath Scotland 19.7 27.1 38%
Bret Thornton 11.8 16.4 39%
Andrew Walker 9.8 17.4 78%
Lance Whitnall 15.4 18.8 22%
Simon Wiggins 8.6 17.2 100%

The above selection of players is mainly comprised of those who played predominantly in defence in 2006. The exception is Wiggins who would have a stand-out year as a lead-up half forward.

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