The Woof        

The Woof

The 'Woof' is one of Carlton's great modern traditions. It involves the crowd deep-throating the word 'Woof!' at the instant of kicking by certain select individuals over the years.

Originally instituted for former Saint Val Perovic, the 'Woof!' has become a Carlton catch-cry. These little snippets provide some interesting history to the formation of the catchcry:

These days, when we don't have a 'Woof!' on the list, we eagerly anticipate the next player bestowed with the ability to kick 50 metres +. Carlton Greats, and not-so-Greats, to have enjoyed the call have included the following:

1981 to 1985: Val Perovic
Mid 1990's: Ang Christou
2005 - 2006: Chris Bryan

At times throughout Adam Hartlett's brief career you could hear the crowd try and support him with a similar call, but perhaps it was the arrival of Zach Tuohy or Matthew Watson for 2011 and beyond that would resuscitate this Carlton tradition...


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