The Clash Blue Strip         Our alternate strip from Season 2011 onwards...

The Clash Blue Strip

From 2011 onwards, Carlton issued a new 'Clash Blue' strip to replace the white strip used since 2007:

Round 7, 2011St KildaWon by 3 points
Round 10, 2011MelbourneWon by 47 points
Round 11, 2011Port PowerWon by 62 points
Round 21, 2011FreoWin by 30 points
Round 5, 2012FreoWin by 8 points
Round 7, 2012St KildaLost by 24 points
Round 10, 2012PowerLost by 54 points

The Clash Blue Strip only lasted a couple of seasons before being replaced for the 2013 Season.

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