Carlton lost to Geelong by 1 point at Princes Park

Round 9, 1956

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday June 9, 1956
Result: Lose by 1 pointUmpire: Bill Barbour.Crowd: 33,254
Goalkickers: V.Garra 2, L.Kerr 2, J.Mills 2, K.Clark 1, B.Crowe 1, G.Donaldson 1, G.Gilchrist 1, K.Hamilton 1.
Reports: Injuries: Bob Crowe (cartilage) replaced with Vic Garra in first quarter. K.Hamilton (thigh) replaced in last quarter by J.Sullivan.

Game Review

A crowd thriller. Geelong looked the better side because it made fewer mistakes, won in the air, and had two champion rovers in Pianto and Trezise. The Blues lost the game in the first quarter with their fumbling of the ball and they failed to capitalise with the strong wind, scoring only 2 goals. The wind then died and that early advantage was lost. Carlton hit back and regained the lead a couple of times during the match.

"In a nerve tingling last quarter Geelong seemed to have the game well in hand when Carlton launched attack after attack, and made the leeway eight points. Then came a goal out of the pack by Laurie Kerr, and a behind by John Chick made the difference one point. Again Carlton stormed the attack, and the ball was in the forward zone once again when the siren sounded."

Carlton coach Jim Francis

"I was pleased with the way we fought out this match, as we came back with plenty of pace and fighting spirit. We were beaten around the packs because we could not counter the roving of Peter Pianto and Neil Tresize. I thought we won well on the wings, but the loss of our full forward in the first quarter upset our side. Costly mistakes were made by our chaps, and Geelong had the happy knack of capitalising on those errors."

Best; Chick, Zeunert, Hands, James, Beasy, Nicholls, Kerr.
Scorers; Mills 2.3, Kerr 2.1, Garra 2.0, Hamilton 1.2, Donaldson 1.0, Clarke 1.2, Gilchrist 1.0, Crowe 1.0, Beasy 0.3, Nicholls 0.1, Chick 0.1.


B: 15 Bruce Comben 25 George Ferry 14 Vin English
HB: 19 Denis Zeunert 3 Peter Webster 10 John James
C: 28 Graham Gilchrist 12 Don Nicholls 23 John Chick
HF: 17 Doug Beasy 2 Bill Milroy 11 Laurie Kerr (vc)
F: 13 Graham Donaldson 34 Bob Crowe 9 Jack Mills
Ruck: 1 Ken Hands (c) 16 Kevin Clarke 5 Kevan Hamilton
Res: 24 Vic Garra 30 Jack Sullivan
Coach: Jim Francis

In front of the old scoreboard Ken Hands has a headlock on an unknown Geelong player, watched on by umpire Bill Barbour.
Possibly first quarter action as there are no other games' scores shown. - Age June 11

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