Carlton lost to the Kangaroos by 17 points - Gold Coast

Round 8, 2007

Carlton5.43412.6 7814.99320.10130
Kangaroos4.5298.105815.14 10422.15147
Venue: Gold Coast Stadium
Date: Sat 19 May 2007, 7:10pm Result: Loss by 17 points
Umpires: S McLaren C Kamolins S Meredith Crowd: 11,649
Goalkickers: Fevola 5; Fisher, Simpson, Whitnall 3; Lappin 2; Ackland, Bentick, Betts, Koutoufides
Reports: - Injuries: Betts (hamstring), Fevola (corked thigh), Saddington (ankle)

Game Review

Another high-scoring entertaining goalfest, which in comparison to some of the flooding games on in the AFL this week is to be commended, but yet another close loss - an honourable loss perhaps - that followed the game story of the week before almost to the letter. The Blues began well with drive from the middle and an accurate and composed forward line to take the lead in the first half by 20, before succumbing in the second half to a more desperate and skilled team.

But as always, there's more to that story. The Blues forward line in the first half was dynamic, with Brad Fisher continuing his fine 2007 with 3 majors, Fevola 2 and a good spread elsewhere. The experiment of Setanta in the ruck continued, leaving 150-gamer Jason Saddington to man the key defensive post with Thornton and Waite alongside him. The Blues looked powerful with substantial drive from Carrazzo in the middle. The Kangaroos at times only appeared to be in the game because of a rash of some very soft frees with 3 goals from frees in the first quarter. But it was that sort of game - lots of frees for infringements only seemingly paid in this era of football. Two goals in a row to frees against Houlihan for the slightest of hands in the back infuriated Carlton masses across the country. Nevertheless, the stats counts were similar and the Kangaroos were always within reach.

In the second half, the 'Roos rucking powerhouse Hamish McIntosh got on top and North kicked 7 goals to our 2 in the third. They began the last quarter well to get up to 30 points out but the Blues kept on coming; first to two quick goals from Kade Simpson, before another North surge, and then to two goals to Brendan Fevola, at this stage limping heavily due to a corked thigh. We continued to threaten, but the Kangaroos would continue to power away when it mattered, particularly through Brent Harvey who managed to evade Jordan Russell and Shannon Grant who, despite limited possessions, kept on bobbing up for goals against a variety of opponents.

Overall, another entertaining game with high scoring and no flooding, but one of extreme disappointment after being up by 20 points and having a forward line both threatening and accurate.

On the stats sheet, Andrew Carrazzo topped the table for the second week in a row with 28 possessions, followed again by Heath Scotland with 27. Adam Bentick laid a game high 13 tackles and Luke Blackwell, in only his second game for the year after a brief appearance in Round 6 (before losing his place for a week), racked up 21 stats with 6 Inside 50's.


B:29 Heath Scotland 9 Jason Saddington 1 Andrew Walker
HB: 4 Bryce Gibbs 32 Bret Thornton 2 Jordan Russell
C: 6 Kade Simpson 7 Adam Bentick 12 Matthew Lappin
HF:14 Brad Fisher 8 Lance Whitnall (c) 3 Marc Murphy
F: 30 Jarrad Waite 25 Brendan Fevola 19 Eddie Betts
Ruck: 17 Setanta Ó hAilpín 44 Andrew Carrazzo 33 Ryan Houlihan
Interchange:11 Cain Ackland 13 Luke Blackwell 41 Ross Young
43 Anthony Koutoufides
Coach: Denis Pagan
Emg: 26 Joe Anderson 31 Jordon Bannister 23 Adam Hartlett
In: Luke Blackwell, Bret Thornton
Out: Paul Bower (omitted), Josh Kennedy (omitted)


150 Games (AFL): Jason Saddington

Brownlow Votes

3. Brent Harvey, Kangaroos
2. Shannon Grant, Kangaroos
1. Lindsay Thomas, Kangaroos

Best and Fairest Votes

Andrew Carrazzo 25, Adam Bentick 17, Heath Scotland 11, Anthony Koutoufides 9, Brendan Fevola 7, Luke Blackwell 4, Kade Simpson & Lance Whitnall 1

Mike and Dan

Play of the Week: Whitnall’s tackle and torp

Another riveting, pulsating game – another 20 goals to the Blues – but, unfortunately, another close loss after giving up the lead. But yes, on the plus side… another Play of the Week! This one goes to a senior Blue, Captain Whitnall, for a couple of great plays and goals against the Kangaroos at Carrara.

Play of the Week for two of those goals, Lance - which one was your favourite - the tackle and roost or the inside outside torp?
I think I’ll go the inside outside torp – that one was a bit more flukey than the goal. I was going for a backwards banana, but it was purely accidental the way it came out – it sort of floated through just near the right hand goal post, but swung in late.

What sort of kick was that - a drop punt, torp or banana?
Inside outside torp works for me!

For the other goal, as captain, why didn’t you kick to the top of the square?
Haha, I didn’t see anything on offer and they had a lot of players back at that point in time. So I thought, it was right on my distance range, I knew I could get it if I kicked it sweetly. And it came off.

We noticed on the weekend at the end of a couple of quarters you went into defence for the last 5 minutes. Is that a set strategy or does Denis give you scope to do that if it's necessary?
A bit of both actually – it started from the Coaches Box as they had noticed that we’ve been giving up goals late in quarters recently. So I was asked to look at it and go down there if needed – it didn’t work this time though.

Do you work on forward set-ups that create space for Fevola? We've noticedyourself and Fish often push up to the wing to present.
Definitely, but not just for Fevola – we work on a lot of set-ups to create space for each other. At Half-Forward we’re likely to push up to the wings at times to create space behind us, for all the other guys up forward.

Are the players & coaching staff having regular discussions/practice sessions to try to learn how best to deal with the push in the back rule?
At the start of the year, yes, but we haven’t gone over it again – we all know the rule. It is a little frustrating, some get paid and some don’t, some umpires are harder on it than others, but it should work itself out.

Earlier in the year, we were coming back from large deficits to win by running out the game in the 2nd half. It has been the reverse recently. What has happened?
We’ve been spending a lot of energy in the first halves, but it’s just us making mistakes out there. I don’t think fitness is the issue – it’s making mistakes at important times and then that can cost you. Making mistakes and seeing the ball fly back over your head can sometimes get the players down.

How is Denis Pagan responding to the recent losses. We have led at half time only to be overrun? What's the message he has to turn it around?
I think he’s a little frustrated by it, but also he recognises that we’re playing good footy which is a good positive for all of us. We’re playing good footy more often, and eventually 4 points will come.

Where do you think you can add most value to the team and b) Where do you prefer to line up? Are they always the same thing?
Centre Half Forward, especially these days with Jason Saddington standing up at Centre Half Back and Thornton back on the Full Back line. Once the back line is settled and set-up my spot has to be in the forward line.

Being put into the ruck just before half time in the Essendon game appears to have been the turning point in your season...would you agree?
Yes, you could say that. I had a few quiet weeks to start with…didn’t I? ... but then in that game I got my hand on the ball as an around-the-ground ruckman. It was great to get to run around a bit – any chance to get on to the ball.

You were ready to play senior footy at a young age. Players like Josh Kennedy, Hartlett, etc, should they be played in the AFL or blooded in the VFL?
I was lucky at the time I think, coming in to a team with lots of senior players around me. It’s hard for young players to play at this level at 17 or 18 these days. The old saying of ‘doing an apprenticeship’ works for some young guys – a year or 2 in the Reserves is sometimes required.

How has the game changed for you since your debut?
A lot quicker, a lot quicker for sure.

As a father-son draftee, would you encourage your kids to play footy? Will you take them down to Auskick or take them straight down to Cramer St and give them to Barry Mitchell to develop?
Haha, it’s their choice but they’ve picked up Auskick now and it’s great for them.

Back in our VFL writing days, we used to see you down at Cramer St a lot. Who's impressing you in the Bullants & do you go & watch when you can?
Yeah, I like to go whenever I can – it’s good to see the young players play but also, it’s probably good for them to see the senior players around showing an interest in them.

I think its Hartlett and Kennedy, 2 guys you’ll see this week. I guess I pay more of an interest in the key position guys, because that’s where I play, but these 2 guys impress me. Kennedy had a stint in the ruck last weekend, which is good for him, but he’s still growing so we’ll see how big he gets.

Your family, especially your Dad, were/are Diamond Valley football icons. How do you feel about the DVFL becoming the Northern Football League, and what do you make of your old club the Lalor Bloods? They've gone backward in recent years haven't they?
I heard about that the other day actually – I didn’t know about the name change. At the moment though, Lalor aren’t doing too well – they’re down in second division. I like to get back down to watch them when I can.

And you play cricket still?
Yes, I still play some cricket – I go back on weekends and play with friends over summer – I played 6 games last year. You see, cricket is on Saturdays and in the pre-season we don’t train on weekends, so it’s a free day. I play more as a batsman these days – I’ve given up the bowling.

Lance’s return to form has been welcomed by Blues fans across the country, and if he can pull out party tricks like he did last weekend, we’re hoping he’s not too far away from his next feat of magic – 4 POINTS!

Einstein on the Wing

Things to do in Sydney when you’re mad as hell

Sorry we are so late this week, Digs and Bluebelles. Einstein flew to Sydney to see the Baggers take on the Shinbonners at Homebush, Canberra, Albury and other parts north of the Murray only to find that the Northerners had shifted their digs to Carrara which, apparently, is north of northern NSW. So I was bushed somewhere in Sydney and it took me a while to make my way home.

It doesn’t matter because it seemed to be that story we are hearing a bit of: “Oh Gee, the boys played really well for the first three-quarters…then they got tired…and were overrun in the last quarter. I’m proud of them though.”

Well I’m not. I’m sick of it and I’m mad as hell. We are now 2/6. In the old currency, if you were 2/6 in the Pound, it meant that you had the brains of a moron because even an idiot had a full quarter of his faculties (5/-) left to negotiate the vagaries of life. Not only did we not have our normal quota of 20 shillings in the Pound – but there is a kangaroo loose in our top paddock…

Yet they say we are playing bonza. We are kicking lots of goals. It was a “respectable loss”. You don’t have to be Einstein to know that there is no such thing as a respectable loss. It is an oxymoron and an anathema to all the men and women of Carlton on this planet and others. It is what distinguishes us from the lower life forms at all other AFL clubs.

If “the plan” is to lose every week from a winning position, we are indeed traveling extremely well. But one of the definitions of madness is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different outcome. Einstein learnt to recognise this virulent form of insanity from his 12-step program at drunks’ school.

The silly old man landed in drunks’ school while trying to solve the scientific dilemma of the half full/empty glass. To me the glass was neither half-full nor half-empty… Just full, then empty then full, then empty again ad infinitum. The method in my madness was that I kept repeating the same mistake and expecting different results. Just like Carlton.

Those of you with linguistic roots will notice that this problem is systemic to the Carlton environment. The club motto is "mens sana in corpore sano" and it refers to a "healthy mind in a healthy body". When I was a boy we thought it said “the men’s sauna is in the corporate area,” but what did we know of such things. In English, the word “sane” shares the Latin adjective “sanus” meaning healthy.

The health of both your correspondent’s mind and body were in great danger in Sydney on Saturday night when he walked into the Riverview Hotel at Balmain and suggested a switch from Fox Sports 3 (it was showing the league mobile wrestling) to Fox Sports 1 (where the Old Dark Navies ruled the roost).

After much swearing and gnashing of teeth, I was taken to a back bar where I was allowed to watch the game in silence while some young musos strutted their stuff to an audience of three drunks and the back of my head. Carlton started the second half three pints full but ended the game three pints empty.

From this perspective, it is easy to see that Carlton’s mind’s eye was not in a healthy place at that time. Sanity was restored to your correspondent a few hours later when his beloved Chelsea Blues won the FA Cup and they sang “Blue is the colour” all over London and the known world. Sanity was restored and once again I was "compos mentis" (lit. "of composed mind") and I felt very, very healthy.

Gold yamulka to Simmo again with silvers to Carraz, Blackers, Bench, Scotto and Kouta.

“Hour-late” is the go next Saturday at the Optus Dome. And don’t forget last drinks at Rhys-Jones’ pub on Saturday arvo. Carna Blues! – TERRY MAHER

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