Round 5, 1959         Carlton defeated Melbourne by 12 points at Princes Park

Round 5, 1959

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday May 23, 1959
Result: Win by 12 pointsUmpire: Alan Nash Crowd: 36,120
Goalkickers: J.Heathcote 3, P.Barry 2, G.Burke 2, L.Brereton 2, B.Williams 1.
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

What the umpire said to the player
Umpires have been doing a bit of talking lately. In the Carlton and Melbourne game, a Blues victory, goal umpire Jack Lee was the kookaburra. Carlton's Bruce Comben was knocked over by Melbourne's Ian Ridley after Comben had kicked the football. Umpire Alan Nash paid a free down field, and the two players exchanged words. Then umpire Lee ran out and had words with them - but after the game there were no reports. It seems Umpire Lee works for a cash register company and one had just been installed at Comben's Laverton shop. Comben said that Lee wanted to know how he liked it - a likely story. Two weeks before, when Carlton beat Collingwood 14.10(94) to 9.8.(62), an irate Magpie fan jumped the fence and had threatening words with umpire Bob Nunn. A policeman rushed to the ump's aid, saying "Hit him and I'II knock your block off". Then an umpire's trainer chipped in "and I'II be in it too". This was Al Basten, former Australian middleweight champ. The barracker wisely fled the scene. - 100 Years of Australian Rules Football.


B: 15 Bruce Comben (c) 25 George Ferry 2 John Nicholls
HB: 19 Denis Zeunert 14 Bob Crowe 10 John James
C: 28 Graham Gilchrist 12 Don Nicholls 23 John Chick (vc)
HF: 9 Berkley Cox 18 Peter Barry 7 Bruce Williams
F: 5 Gerald Burke 1 Serge Silvagni 6 Leo Brereton
Ruck: 13 Graham Donaldson (dvc) 16 Kevin Clarke 37 John Heathcote
Res: 32 Len Cottrell 38 Allan White
Coach: Ken Hands

50 VFL Games: Kevin Clarke

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