Carlton defeated Collingwood by 10 points - VFL Park Waverley.

Round 3, 1983

Venue: VFL Park WaverleyDate: Saturday April 9, 1983
Result: Win by 10 pointsUmpires: G.Morrow & K.Smith. Crowd: 69,596 Receipts: $243,768
Goalkickers: P.Bosustow 6, K.Hunter 3, M.Buckley 2, W.Johnston 1, R.Austin 1
Best: P.Bosustow, B.Doull, K.Hunter, P.McConville, W.Jones, W.Harmes.
Reports: Nil Injuries: D.Glascott (suspected concussion) & G.Southby (calf muscle)

Game Review

This game belonged to Peter Bosustow, kicking 6 goals in a low scoring match and taking one of the Marks of the Year with a big leap across half-forward at the main scoreboard end.

In the clash at VFL Park, Carlton and Collingwood turned on a wonderful spectacle for the 70,000 fans in attendance - what was the difference in the end?? THE BUZZ!! Yes, that great Carlton opportunist Peter Bosustow, was back with a vengance on Saturday, kicking six goals for the Blues. He was easily too skilled and talented for his Magpies opponents and did what he pleased with a matter of ease. - Inside Football Player of the Year.

Carlton - Collingwood games always attract a lot of interest and last week's match out at Waverley was no different. The VIP boxes were absolutely overflowing with guests who were anticipating a great match. Carlton had a few players out, but was fairly close to full strength, so it was a good opportunity to see what stage we are at in our Magpie revival. There were a number of mistakes and fumbles in the game, but that is because of the tremendous pressure both sides were under. One area the Blues are without doubt masters in, is the short pass from a kick-in after a point has been scored. At no stage were we able to stop them getting that first kick in, which is where they start a loose man time and time again. In man-to-man contests Peter Bosustow was sensational and earned him a number of goals. In the final analysis that was the difference between the two sides. Carlton was able to get easy goals from time-to-time, while we battled for every one. - Graham Teasdale Inside Football.


B: 24 Brendan Hartney 20 Geoff Southby (a/c) 17 Bruce Reid
HB: 11 Bruce Doull 15 Val Perovic 33 Peter McConville
C: 37 Wayne Harmes 13 Phil Maylin 32 David Glascott
HF: 9 Ken Hunter 12 Scott Howell 7 Wayne Johnston
F: 36 Mark Maclure 4 Peter Bosustow 5 Ken Sheldon
Ruck: 2 Warren 'Wow' Jones 21 Rod Austin 14 Rod Ashman
Interchange: 10 Mark Buckley 25 Frank Marchesani
Coach: David Parkin


100 Games: Ken Sheldon


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