Carlton kept St Kilda goalless in the last quarter to win by 2 points at Princes Park.

Round 2, 1963

St Kilda1.5115.8386.12486.1551
Venue: Princes Park Date: Saturday April 27, 1963
Result: Win by 2 pointsUmpire: Roland GrantCrowd: 39,490
Goalkickers: T.Carroll 3, J.Nicholls 2, M.Sankey 1, B.Williams 1.
Best: M.Sankey, J.Benetti, W.Lofts, J.Comben, B.Buckley, M.Kick.
Reports: Kevin Roberts (St. Kilda) reported for striking B.McMaster-Smith in last quarter. Guilty 4 weeks suspension.Injuries: B.Buckley (ankle) replaced by B.McMaster-Smith in last quarter.

Game Review

On a wet Saturday afternoon at Princes Park, Carlton trailed St Kilda by ten points at the last change. But inspired by their captain John Nicholls, the Blueboys kept the Saints to just three points in the last quarter and won by two.
After this round, the top four teams were Essendon, North Melbourne and Carlton (all undefeated) with Collingwood next.

"The low-scoring match was tough and exciting, although both sides were guilty of bad fumbling, spilled marks and misdirected kicking.
The Blues had some blank periods early, and the Saints looked a team with enough mobility and individual brilliance to take the points.
But, unfortunately for St.Kilda , its chances of success rested largely with one man - Darell Baldock - and he had a day of mixed fortunes.
His opponent Wesley Lofts, was beaten man in the first half.
Baldock roamed the forward line, marking unattended and creating opportunities with uncanny ball control.
Pressure applied by the strong, experienced Carlton defence forced the eager Saints into errors and inaccuracy, but they were still able to make up a first quarter leeway and go to 1.5 lead by half-time.
But, in the second half, Lofts made a brave comeback and, without Baldock's leadership, St.Kilda could manage only one more goal for the match.
The Saints still won their share of the ball, but they made the strong-marking Lofts's task easy by kicking high, haphazard punts into the forward line.
Carlton had wrested the initiative in the tense last quarter, and the battling Saints saw their last chance to score wasted when centreman Lance Oswald was penalised for running too far with the ball on the half-forward line.
Carlton's rovers were ineffective, but its powerful followers were well on top all day. Their fine marking and the weight they were able to throw into the packs had a wearing effect which more than made up for St.Kilda's greater sharpness in snapping up the crumbs.
Maurie Sankey and Brian Buckley were unbeatable in the air, and they were well supported by the tireless play of John Nicholls and Sergio Silvagni."
"Full forward Tom Carroll, although clearly eclipsed by Verdun Howell, still managed to bob up for three goals. The rest were provided by the resting rucks and rover Bruce Williams.
The centre-line duels were a highlight of the match. St.Kilda's Ian Stewart and Murray Kick had a fine struggle, spiced with spite, on one wing but the honors were even.
Saints centreman Lance Oswald had a good day against Berkley Cox, but his play was offset by the dominance of Carlton's Bruce/John Comben on the other wing." (The Age April 29 p10)

"Heading for a fall is St. Kilda's Carl Ditterich, who is "helped" through the air by Carlton's John Benetti at Carlton on Saturday.
Carlton defeated St.Kilda by Two points." (Age photo. April 27)
"Marlene" was an early nick name for St. Kilda's Carl Ditterich, like 1930's film star blonde, Marlene Dietrich.

(Age photo)

Roberts - McMaster-Smith

Kevin Roberts was found guilty of striking Bruce McMaster-Smith. Boundary umpire Kidd said; "Roberts had the ball. McMaster-Smith grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Roberts picked himself off the ground and hit McMaster-Smith with the rear of his forearm."
In answer to a question McMaster-Smith, who went onto the ground four minutes before the match ended, said he was 5ft. 6in. and 9st. 10lb.
(The Age May 01)


B: 8 John Benetti 18 Peter Barry 4 Brian Buckley
HB: 32 Vasil Varlamos 20 Wes Lofts 14 Bob Crowe
C: 25 John Comben 9 Berkley Cox 30 Murray Kick
HF: 10 John James 17 Gordon Collis 12 John Gill
F: 16 Maurie Sankey 22 Tom Carroll 15 Greg Hardie
Ruck: 2 John Nicholls (c) 1 Serge Silvagni (vc) 7 Bruce Williams
Res: 5 Ken Greenwood 40 Bruce McMaster-Smith
Coach: Ken Hands

In: B. McMaster-Smith, K. Greenwood
Out: P. Falconer, I. Collins

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