Carlton defeated Hawthorn by 31 points - VFL Park Waverley.

Preliminary Final, 1982

Venue: VFL Park WaverleyDate: Saturday September 18, 1982
Result: Win by 31 pointsUmpires: Nash, CameronCrowd: 61,307
Goalkickers: R.Ditchburn 3, A.Marcou 3, D.Clarke 2, P.Bosustow 2, R.Ashman 2, W.Harmes 1
Best: R.Austin, A.Marcou, P.McConville, D.English, V.Perovic, R.Ashman, M.Bortolotto, B.Doull
Reports: Nil
Injuries: M.Maclure (bruised thigh), replaced in selected side, J.Buckley (bruised thigh & broken thumb) replaced in selected side

Game Review

Rod Austin was Leigh Matthews shadow and was best on the ground, Hawthorn would make a plan to stop Curly in the 1984 finals and let their match winner be free of these close checking tactics. A shame for Curly Austin that his leg blew up during the week and he could not take his place in the Grand Final.

But the performance appeared diabolical. Hawthorn threw away numerous chances in the 3rd quarter (Buckenara missed a couple of sitters) to draw ahead of the Blues. And late in the quarter, ex-Geelong champion David Clarke used his unique goal kicking skills to score 2 that accentuated Hawthorn's earlier misses and deflated them completely.

Whilst Clarke was dropped the week after, his efforts in the game should not go unnoticed.

Coaches, Allan Jeans and David Parkin, both masterminded coutermoves in the first half which closed up the game and made skillful passages a rarity. At half time, only four goals from 24 shots exemplified the pressure applied by the co-tenants of Princes Park. Immediately after the long interval, Alex Marcou, the fleet footed Blues rover, notched two goals. Carlton looked in trouble, which prompted Parkin to release captain Mike Fitzpatrick, from forward pocket to ruck duties. The game changed complexion immediately with the introduction of David Clarke, who interchanged "Wow" Jones. Clarke's success was instantaneous, with two goals, and Fitzpatrick exerted his superiority at centre bounces and throw-ins. The Blues looked a vastly superior side with Fitzpatrick in the ruck and Clarke adding flexibility to the forward line. Leigh Matthews was harrassed, blocked, tackled and, eventually frustrated out of the game by talented stopper Rod "Curly" Austin. Mario Bortolotto, the physically aggressive Blue, wrestled his way on top of Michael Tuck before the game and then proceeded to upset him with applied vigor. Carlton's place is now to find places for both Clarke and Bortolotto. - Peter Hogan Inside Football.

Hawthorn skipper, Leigh Matthews, now must hate the very mention of the name Rod Austin, the man who has the knack of putting the Hawk dynamo out of action. Austin not only stopped Matthews in Saturday's preliminary final but managed to pick up enough possessions himself to be awarded Carlton's "man of the match". Austin was best on ground, with rover, Alex Marcou, not far behind - and they deserve the highest praise. One of Carlton's forgotten heroes on Saturday, however, was winger Frank Marchesani. Earlier this season, it appeared that Marchesani had been thumped out of the game, rival teams putting him under extreme pressure. Marchesani grabbing his chance on Saturday with both hands, however, was largely responsible for getting Carlton on top in the second half. Marchesani, who has great skills, now might have turned the corner as a League footballer and his efforts on Saturday showed he does have real spirit - Jim Main Inside Football.

Carlton coach David Parkin, is a wily customer, as his post-match comments on Saturday indicate. Parkin spoke at length about how teams try to impede each other, especially with deliberate 15-metre penalties to stop the flow of the game. Parkin was making sure that everyone, especially the umpires, was aware of Richmond's tactics in the second semi final. The Tigers in that match, dragged a Carlton player to the ground as soon as a mark was taken. Richmond forwards also blocked the Carlton defenders from running to take a handpass. They were excellent tactics and Carlton have had to come up with a ploy to counter these tactics. After all, the Blues rely tremendously on their running skill, Richmond nullifying these in the second semi. You can be sure that the umpires will be right onto the Richmond tactics early on Saturday in the Grand Final and it could help Carlton. But Richmond has done nothing wrong by adopting these tactics. They are merely stretching the rules to make sure they win the ultimate football prize - the VFL premierhip. Regardless of what happens on Saturday, and who wins, there should be changes next season. If a team persists in giving away 15 metre penalties the umpire should have the power of giving a free shot for goal to the other team. That would cut out the nonsense and make football a good spectator sport again. - Jim Main Inside Football

''15 metre penalty talk is fast gaining ground
There has been quite a bit of comment over the past couple of weeks regarding the 15 metre penalty. David Parkin expressed his concern in the media last week and suggested the penalty be made more severe. Everyone is aware that Carlton's attacking backline is the key to its success and the way to beat them is to stop their backline running. Richmond came up with the answer a couple of weeks ago out at Waverley. When a Carlton backman got a free kick, he was held or even tackled to make sure he didn't play on. As it is now, umpires tend to make it a 30 or 40 metre penalty. Yet, some coaches are still happy to give away that sort of ground rather than see a backman dashing off downfield and creating a loose man. I really don't know what can be done to stop the 15 metre rule being exploited but it will be interesting to see how or if they can overcome the problem in this week's Grand Final - Graham Teasdale Inside Football ''


B: 27 Des English 22 Robbert Klomp 11 Bruce Doull
HB: 33 Peter McConville 15 Val Perovic 9 Ken Hunter
C: 25 Frank Marchesani 13 Phil Maylin 32 David Glascott
HF: 37 Wayne Harmes 3 Mike Fitzpatrick (c) 4 Peter Bosustow
F: 5 Ken Sheldon 8 Ross Ditchburn 34 Alex Marcou
Ruck: 2 Warren 'Wow' Jones 21 Rod Austin 14 Rod Ashman
Interchange: 26 David Clarke 6 Mario Bortolotto
Coach: David Parkin



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