List of all Carlton Captains pre-VFL / AFL era

Pre VFL Captains

Pre-VFL Captains Of Carlton.

The Carlton Football Club has always played in the elite football competitions of the day.

Melbourne Rules 1864.
Challenge Cup Competition 1865-1876.
Victorian Football Association 1877-1896.

"In the Melbourne Sportsman 31st May there appears a very excellent portrait of Mr. Theophilis S. Marshall, the Secretary of the V.F.A., together with some highly eulogistic letterpress,
which that gentleman has fully and deservedly earned. At the same time the inditer thereof has fallen into error when he states that Mr. Marshall captained the Carlton Football Club
until Jack Conway assumed command.
Mr. Marshall may have been appointed captain in some odd match, when the regular captain was away; but prior to Jack Conway assuming command
the recognised captains of the Carlton Football Club were:-

Ben James, Henry Chadwick, Robert Richardson, James Byrne, James Horan, Frank Goodall, Dave Adamson, Robert McFarland, Frank Hillsden, J. C. Duncan, Thomas P. Power, "Lanty" O'Brien and Harry Guy.
(Mem, - In those days the captain was elected before each match - not for the season.)"

George F. Bowen former original Carlton player, writing as 'Olympus' in the Melbourne Punch June 09 1892 (p11)

No. of Years
Harry Chadwick* 1864 18652
Theophilis S. Marshall 18661
David Adamson 18671
Jack A. Conway 1868 1869 1870 18714
Jack Donovan 18721
George D. Kennedy 18731
Jack Donovan 18741 (2)
Harry Guy 18751
John Gardiner 1876 1877 1878 18794
George Robertson 1880 18812
William Goer 18821
R.H. "Dick" Frayne 18831
Jack Baker 1884 18852
Sam Bloomfield 18861
Tommy Leydin 1887 1888 18893
William "Billy" Strickland 18901
Jack Lorraine 18911
W."Bill" Walton 18921
Dan Hutchison 18931
Peter Williams 18941
Tom Blake 1895 18962

* In 1886 a newspaper article named Ben James as the first captain.
Click on his name or see 1886 August 21

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