Mark C. Nuttall

Victorian Football Association
Games: 8
Career: 1893

Mark Cyril 'Cyril' Nuttall

Little is known about this player, we have included his details from Volume 5 "Origins of Australian Football, "

1893 August 12
Although not named in the initial team squad, Saturday's night's Herald had Nuttall in the Carlton team line-up on the half forward flank for the match against Melbourne on the MCG.
Nuttall is named in the remaining seven Carlton line-ups for this season.

Could this be the bloke we are looking for?

1878 March 09
The Age (p8);
Lost, Tyne street Carlton, MARK CYRIL NUTTALL, 6 years, dark hair, large dark eyes, pale face. Had on tweed knickerbocker suit, white straw hat.

Pvt. Mark Cyril Nuttall, No. 733, 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles (VMR) served in South Africa during the Boer War. He served 1 year and 118 days on active service in S.A.
Back in Australia he remained in the Royal Australian Artillery (R.A.A.) for ten years. This may have been a permanent as well as a part time militia.
Soon after the outbreak of WW1 the Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force (ANMEF) engaged the Germans in New Guinea in September of 1914 and took control of the entire German held territory. New Britain's Rabual had a deep water port with coaling facilities and a radio station, this was a primary objective. In October of 1915 Nuttall now aged 43 and 9 months enlisted, and was sent to Rabual. He returned to Australia in 1917 as a Warrant Officer.
In 1918 Mark Cyril Nuttall, now aged 46 and 9 months (born 5 Jan 1872) re-enlisted, he joined the AIF on October 07. Height: 5 foot 7 and three quarter inches. (172cm) Weight: 143 lbs. (65kg)
A month after re-enlisting Armistace was declared on 11th November 1918, bringing an end to Nuttall's military career.
(further research is required)

1947 July 26
Death notice in The Herald (p3)
On July 25 at Heidelberg Military Hospital, Mark Cyril Nuttall. Aged 75 years.
He had spent some time in Cobram (Vic) but later moved to his sister-in-law's home at 5 Service Street Coburg. Mark was a Totally and Permanently Disabled Soldier Pensioner (TPI).
He was interred at the Fawkner Cemetery. " A patient sufferer at rest."
(Herald July 26, Age July 28, Argus August 06)
According to his military records, he was diagnosed to have contracted tropical oedema, a painfull swelling of the feet, as well he suffered from insomnia.
On the page of his military records with this diagnosis, it gives his name as Marle Cyril Nuttall.

If a family member could provide Blueseum with a photo of Nuttall it would be appreciated.
There is a couple of group photos of the VMR troops with some readable names in Trove, The Weekly Times Feburary 09 (p9) 1901, if he is there, perhaps he can be identified?

He would have been about the right footballing age, 21 in 1893.


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