John A. Turnbull

Challenge Cup Competition - VIctorian Football Association
DOB: 1855
DOD: May 02 1895
Games:40 - 47
Goals: 13
Honorary Secretary: 1878 - 79
Vice President: 1884
Career: 1876 - 1879 1880

Jack/John Alexander Turnbull

Recruited from Carlton Imperials.

John Turnbull is one of the many players of whom we do not have an image.


1879 Membership Ticket with Hon-sec J. A. Turnbull's signature.

1875 Turnbull named in The Argus as playing in a Carlton 25 against a Carlton First Twenty in a scratch match at Royal Park on Saturday 8th. May.
(same player?)

1876 July 8
Played in the Carlton team that lost to Melbourne 2-1 in front of 10,000 spectators at the Melbourne ground.

1876 July 22
Turnbull also played in the 5-1 victory over Geelong at the Arglye Street ground in Geelong.
(The Argus)

1876 His first season at the Club, a neat effective forward, wants rousing at times to become determined.
(The Footballer. 1876. p35)

1877 As a forward may be complemented on his improved play and kicking powers, has conduced not a little to the Club's success.
(The Footballer 1877 p36)

1878 None surer at a mark, and improving in speed and at the science of the game, should be invaluable as a forward, if perfected in place- kicking.
(The Footballer. 1878. p31)

J. A. Turnbull scored 2 goals during the 1878 season.
(The Footballer. 1878. p75)

J. Turnbull played in both the Carlton-Waratah
(Rugby) game on June 29 and the (Australian Football) match on July 1 1878.

J. A. Turnbull attended the Mayor's Fancy Dress Ball at the Melbourne Town Hall dressed as a Carlton Footballer.
Between 800-900 people attended the ball on September 19.

1879 After showing such fair promise, fell off in a most unexpected manner. May still realise expectations.
(The Footballer 1897. p29)

1879 Was among six or seven top line players who retired at end of 1879.
(The Carlton Story, H.Buggy and H.Bell p48)

1880 J. Turnbull played in a few matches now and again throughout the season.
(The Footballer. 1880. p23)

1880 Competed in the goal kicking competition held at Princes Park on Saturday 9th. September.
Kicked two goals to go into the kick off which was won by Charlie Donovan, J. Turnbull was second.

1895 May 03 Friday
The Herald reported the death of John Turnbull aged 40 years who died the previous evening at his residence "Homeville" on Sydney Road, Royal Park.
He had a drapery business called Turnbull and Maguire, "The Hall" Smith Street. He was buried on Saturday 04 at the Melbourne General Cemetery.


"Footballers, and more especially those who had played the game many years ago, will read with feelings of regret of the death of Mr. John Alexander Turnbull, of Turnbull and McGuire, "The Hall," Smith street. The sad event took place last night at Homeville, Royal Park. The deceased was forty years of age, and in the early days of the Carlton Club was one of their foremost players. At one time he held the office as secretary of the club, after Mr. T. P. Power.
For several years he was one of the club's vice presidents. He was most popular amongst the members, and by his death footballers will lose a staunch and warm hearted supporter." (Herald May 03 p3)

1895 June 07
" A sale offering special inducments to the economically inclined is going on at "The Hall," Smith Street, Collingwood. The old established business of Messrs Turnbull and Maguire is henceforth to be carried on by Mr. Maguire. Owing to the death of the other partner, the executors of the will have ordered a sale of the stock." (Herald p4)

Sheet music for a popular 1875 song. Sold by Turnbull & McGuire


Age May 03/04 1895

The Age November 16 1929 (p8) has an article called "Old Collingwood."
The writer mentions a Samuel Turnbull, a Turnbull street in the area, and "a busy dapery firm, Turnbull and Maguire, when Mark Foy was in business."
Are these "Turnbulls" in some way related?
Foy and Gibson had a large emporium on the north east corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets in the city. At Xmas time, a huge Father Christmas on the building's facade beckoned people into the store and the roof top amusement park was a childhood favourite.

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