Debuts 1900 to 1904

Round 17: Billy Payne
Round 15: Ernie Ashton
Round 8: Eddie Prescott, Albert Gourlay
Round 5: Sam Marron
Round 4: Bob Boyle, Pat Pelly, Jimmy Gaynor
Round 3: Rupe Bradley
Round 2: Percy Pitt, Henry Newbound, Henry Whight
Round 1: Arthur Ryan, Jim Cullen, Ted Kennedy

Round 17: Jim Marchbank, John T Stephenson
Round 16: Alex Prentice, Bert Lithgow
Round 15: Norm Hogg
Round 14: Alf Gough, Matt Crowe
Round 7: Frank Hince
Round 5: George Bruce
Round 4: Billy Orr
Round 3: Mick Grace
Round 1: Jim Flynn, Arthur Ford, Bob Jacobson, Billy Leeds, Albert Trim

Round 17: Sam Stivey
Round 16: Pat McNulty
Round 15: Wal McKenzie
Round 12: Charlie O'Connor
Round 11: Andrew Dougall
Round 10: George Topping and Herb Hainsworth
Round 8: Fred Webber, Jim Martin, Barney Lazarus
Round 7: Jim Opie
Round 6: Gordon Ross
Round 4: Chris Ryan and Fred Scott
Round 3: Charlie Tough, Paddy Leahy, Tom Fox, Rob Dashwood
Round 2: George Wickens, Archie Snell, John McFarlane
Round 1: Tom Watson, Joe McShane, Henry Crisfield

Round 17: Jack Todd, Billy Spears
Round 16: Bill Dodds
Round 14: Frank Field, Alex Barlow
Round 13: Simon Roberts, George McGann
Round 12: Charlie Schunke
Round 8: Frank Gomez
Round 6: Harry Powell, Rhoda McDonald, George Cornelius
Round 5: Jimmy Robinson, Charlie Stewart
Round 2: Jack Gardiner
Round 1: Jim Loriot, Paddy Noonan, Bill Pettit, Harry Pye and Charles Raff

Round 16: Charlie Maplestone
Round 14: Jim Matthews
Round 11: Ned Bennett
Round 10: Charlie Oliver
Round 6: Charlie Ross
Round 5: Bill Strickland, Joe Marr, Peter Campbell
Round 1: Fred Elliott, Bill Lewis, Gerald O'Dwyer, Wally Powell, Harry Rigby, Charlie Roland and Joe Sullivan

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