2016 Pre-Season

NAB Challenge, Round 1

Carlton 0.2.2 14 0.3.3 21 0.3.5 23 0.4.8 32
Hawthorn 0.1.1 7 0.4.2 26 0.7.3 45 0.8.5 53
Venue: Launceston
Date: Thursday February 18, 2016
Result: Lost by 21 points
Crowd: 9,181
Goalkickers: Graham 2, Casboult, Everitt
Reports: Nil
Umpires: R. Findlay, S. Hay, S. Meredith, B. Rosebury
Injuries: Nil

Game Review

A raft of new players and a brand new Coaching team - in his town and against his old Club - provided particular interest to Carlton and football fans in this pre-season opener in Launceston. The Blues, coming off a Wooden Spoon the prior year, had traded and drafted heavily and were focussed on improvement. The mighty Hawks were reigning triple premiers and were playing in their second home.

A bright start to the game followed, with the Blues showing dash both-ways and a concerted effort. The Hawks began to get their groove in the second and third, before the spirit returned in the last.

Down by 21, but a lot of interest and a completely different game plan. Of the new boys, draftee Charlie Curnow played, whilst new Blue Sam Kerridge was clearly our best.


B: 17 Sam Rowe 40 Michael Jamison 42 Zach Tuohy
HB: 15 Sam Docherty 43 Simon White 6 Kade Simpson (a/c)
C: 39 Dale Thomas 4 Bryce Gibbs 33 Andrejs Everitt
HF: 32 Nick Graham 37 Daniel Gorringe 22 Jason Tutt
F: 13 Jed Lamb 41 Levi Casboult 46 Matthew Wright
Ruck: 8 Matthew Kreuzer 11 Sam Kerridge 24 Mark Whiley
Interchange: 35 Ed Curnow 34 Andrew D Phillips 12 Blaine Boekhorst
Interchange: 31 Matthew Dick 14 Liam Jones 30 Charlie Curnow
Interchange: 38 'Casey' Byrne 45 Andrew Gallucci
Coach: Brendon Bolton

Carlton used 22 players in the first half with Jones, C. Curnow, Byrne, Docherty & Gallucci not playing and used 24 in the 2nd half with Dick and Gorringe not playing in the 2nd half.


First Game for the Blues: Sam Kerridge, Jed Lamb, Charlie Curnow, Andrew D Phillips , Daniel Gorringe, Andrew Gallucci , Matthew Wright
First Game as Coach: Brendon Bolton

NAB Challenge, Round 2

Carlton 0.1.1 7 0.1.2 8 1.3.4 31 1.3.8 35
Essendon 0.1.3 9 1.7.3 54 1.10.5 74 1.13.8 95
Venue: Ikon Park (Carlton / Princes Park)
Date: Sunday February 28, 2016
Result: Lost by 60 points
Crowd: 18,718
Goalkickers: Super goal E. Curnow goals McKay, Smith, Gallucci
Reports: Nil
Umpires: E. Glouftsis*, S. Jeffery, R. O'Gorman, J. Schmitt *First female field umpire
Injuries: Nil

Game Review

An even opening fell away for a poor second quarter, setting the tone for this game and depressing Carlton fans everywhere.

At selection the Blues were without any recognised mids, with Cripps, Gibbs, Kerridge and Murphy all out - instead Graham led the mids and a number of our new draftees were selected. Harry McKay in particular looked useful.

In the end Essendon fans were buoyed (having regard to their suspensions for pharmacological experimentation) and Carlton fans bemused. This seemed to extend to Footy Operations Manager Andrew McKay who noted that at selection we thought we were in with a show...


B: 38 'Casey' Byrne 40 Michael Jamison 42 Zach Tuohy
HB: 23 Jacob Weitering 17 Sam Rowe 6 Kade Simpson (a/c)
C: 12 Blaine Boekhorst 35 Ed Curnow 33 Andrejs Everitt
HF: 30 Charlie Curnow 14 Liam Jones 22 Jason Tutt
F: 13 Jed Lamb 41 Levi Casboult 25 Clem Smith
Ruck: 37 Daniel Gorringe 24 Mark Whiley 28 David Cuningham
Interchange:7 Dylan Buckley 32 Nick Graham 34 Andrew D Phillips
Interchange: 45 Andrew Gallucci 2 Jack Silvagni 10 Harry McKay
Interchange: 15 Sam Docherty 31 Matthew Dick
Coach: Brendon Bolton

Carlton used 22 players in each half with Silvagni, McKay, Docherty & Dick replaced Simpson, Jamison, Cuningham & Casboult in the 2nd half.


First Game for the Blues: Harry McKay, Jack Silvagni, Jacob Weitering, David Cuningham

NAB Challenge, Round 3

Carlton 0.2.5 17 0.5.8 38 0.7.12 54 1.8.12 69
Sydney 0.4.3 27 0.10.3 63 0.10.6 66 0.14.7 91
Venue: Dome
Date: Friday March 11, 2016
Result: Lost by 22 points
Crowd: 6,804
Goalkickers: Kerridge 3, E Curnow, Graham, Boekhorst, Cripps, Buckley
Reports: N/A
Umpires: Chamberlain, Donlon, Wallace
Injuries: None mentioned

Game Review

Carlton impressed with a sprightly showing in this pre-season fixture, with a strong and defensive second half almost catching up on a second quarter filled with forward turnovers that led to Swan goals.

At selection the Blues bulked up from earlier pre-season rounds with Cripps playing his first for the year, and Gibbs and Kerridge recalled.

Our second half was indeed strong, with great defensive cover and some good forward entries. Alas, some poor forward entries in to what seems to be a confused forward line was the difference. Every time the Swans went forward they seemed to have a plan....

Now, it's for the main season and the Tigers in Round 1.


B: 15 Sam Docherty 40 Michael Jamison 17 Sam Rowe
HB: 42 Zach Tuohy 23 Jacob Weitering 6 Kade Simpson (a/c)
C: 39 Dale Thomas 4 Bryce Gibbs 12 Blaine Boekhorst
HF: 7 Dylan Buckley 41 Levi Casboult 32 Nick Graham
F: 37 Daniel Gorringe 1 Andrew Walker 13 Jed Lamb
Ruck: 8 Matthew Kreuzer 9 Patrick Cripps 35 Ed Curnow
Interchange: 11 Sam Kerridge 43 Simon White 46 Matthew Wright
Interchange:34 Andrew D Phillips 33 Andrejs Everitt 24 Mark Whiley
Coach: Brendon Bolton


First game at Carlton: N/A

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