1993 Pre-Season

Fosters Cup - 1993 'Night' Series First Round

Venue: Waverley Park (Night)Date: Saturday, March 13, 1993
Result: Lose by 2 pointsUmpires: D.Agnew & G.ScroopCrowd: 20,919
Goalkickers: J.Dorotich 3, R.De Iulio 3, A.Gleeson 1, L.O'Sullivan 1 & R.Welsh 1.
Best: Bradley, Christou, Koutoufides, De Iulio, Dorotich & Gleeson.
Reports: Nil. Injuries: L.O'Sullivan (right knee) - season ending.

Game Review

Footscray, coming off a successful 1992, took control early in this match and had a comfortable lead of 20 points going into half-time. The switch of Jon Dorotich from defence into attack in the third quarter, coupled with the goal smarts of Ron De Iulio, saw the Blues back in the game by the final change. But the Bulldogs were able to hang on for a win, Chris Grant slotting the winning goal a couple of minutes before the final siren.

The match was unfortunately also notable for the serious knee injury suffered by Luke O'Sullivan. His right knee buckled under the shifting surface of the ground and he had to undergo reconstructive surgery as a result. The surface of Waverley Park came in for fierce criticism at the time because of the incident and the rest of the matches there were moved to other grounds including Princes Park. Thankfully the injury did not result in the end of his career at the Blues, but it did ultimately see O'Sullivan suing both the AFL and Carlton in February, 1999 on the basis that the ground surface was unsatisfactory.

Team 1993 'Night' Series First Round

B: 25 Mark Athorn 14 Michael Sexton 31 Tom Alvin
HB: 35 Peter Dean 6 Jon Dorotich 39 Ang Christou
C: 22 Tim Powell 20 Fraser Brown 43 Anthony Koutoufides
HF: 60 Luke O'Sullivan 11 Earl Spalding 55 Brent Heaver
F: 38 Rohan Welsh 4 Stephen Kernahan 19 Andrew Phillips
Ruck: 44 Justin Madden 21 Craig Bradley 12 Adrian Gleeson
Interchange: 3 Stephen Oliver 7 Brett Ratten 5 Andrew McKay
34 Ron De Iulio
Coach: David Parkin

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