1991 Little League

1991 Hungry Jack's Little League.

Round 1 - Bye

Round 2 - 31st March 1991

Crows d Blues

Goalkickers: Nil

Best: R.Saumi, D.McGuire, R.Woodrow, T.Lemm, D.Mason.

Round 3 - 6th April 1991

Bears d Blues

Goalkickers: Nil

Best: A.Drago, C.Abbott, R.Campagna, A.Thompson, T.Patterson.

Round 4 - 13th April 1991

Blues d Demons

Goalkickers: D.Talarico 1, D.Maydon 1, Payne 1, Martin 1.

Best: G.McCully, P.Sherry, M.Mehmet, D.Talarico, G.Maydon.

Round 5 - Bye

Round 6: 27th April, 1991.

Blues d Saints

Goalkickers: D.Nicholson 1, S.Hale 1.

Best: T.Fleming, S.Hale, A.Hunter, D.Nicholson, S.Shelton.

Round 7: 4th May, 1991.

No details of results

Goalkickers: Not available

Best: G.Durkin, J.Duff, D.Crawford, G.Born.

Round 8: 11th May, 1991.

Hawks d Blues

Goalkickers: Nil

Best: B.Leonard, S.Goldsworthy, D.Hansby, M.Lowisin, B.Fletcher.

Round 9: 18th May, 1991.

Tigers d Blues

Goalkickers: Nil.

Best: P.Boyd, J.Flett, D.Groten, N.Bargue, J.Anderson.

Round 10: 25th May, 1991.


Round 11: 2nd June, 1991.

Blues d Bulldogs

Goalkickers: J.Clayton 1, M.Saunders 1, T.Inkster.

Best: T.Inkster, M.Saunders, J.Clayton, L.Hutchinson, P.Smith.

Round 12: 8th June

No Details

Round 13: 16th June, 1991.

Swans d Blues

Goalkickers: W.Hare 1.

Best: J.Abbott, D.Bury, B.Griffiths, S.Kidd, M.Crigg.

Round 14: 22nd April, 1991.

Blues d Eagles

Goalkickers: R.Barbuscio 1, C.Davis 1.

Best: A.Persi, J.Kavanagh, K.Keady, M.Smith, D.Grant.

Round 15: 29th June, 1991.

Lions d Blues

Goalkickers: Nil.

Best: S.Dann, A.Juricevich, M.Sapupas, N.Juricevich, S.Archer.

Round 16: 6th July, 1991.

Blues d Saints

Goalkickers: L.Vivian-Taylor 1.

Best: N.McCulloch, A.Lowe, J.Bandy, J.Edwards, J.Ward.

Round 17: 13th July, 1991.

Crows d Blues

Goalkickers: Nil.

Best: K.Chapman, R.Court, A.Bower, M.Willingham, B.Miller.

Round 18: 20th July, 1991.


Round 19: 27th July, 1991.

Demons d Blues

Goalkickers: Nil.

Best: W.Robinson, D.Brennar, L.Thornton, M.Doxall, M.Smith.

Round 20: 3rd August, 1991.

Cats d Blues

Goalkickers: D.Bremmer 1.

Best: M.Smith, L.Thornton, T.Gramely, R.Simpson, M.Boxhall.

Round 21: 10th August, 1991.

Saints d Blues

Goalkickers: Nil.

Best: L.Turner, A.Robertson, C.Fews, D.McCell, H.Trievett.

Round 22: 17th August, 1991.

No Results

Round 21: 24th August, 1991.

Blues d Hawks

Goalkickers: Nil.

Best: S.Forbes, C.Blight, A.Austin, C.William, R.Pearse.

Round 22: 31st August, 1991.

Tigers d Blues

Goalkickers: S.Dann 1, J.Kavanaugh 1.

Best: B.Booth, S.Dann, J.Kavanaugh, N.McCullock, T.Inkster.

Finals - Week 1.
Hawks d Bulldogs

Saints d Cats

Kangas d Tigers

Semi Finals
Kangas d Hawks

Lions d Saints

Grand Final
Kangas 1.3.9 d Lions 0.0.0

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