1938 Reserves

Reserves Season 1938
Coach: Charlie Hardy
Captain: Monty Brown
Best & Fairest: Fred Ayers
Best First Year Player: Ron Savage
Position: 4th
Premier: Geelong

Image Charlie Hardy (born April 01 1887)Played 224 games for North Melbourne (VFA) 1908-1921 and Essendon 36 games 1921-1925. Senior coach Essendon 1928-30 and St.Kilda 1931-32.


L. G. Gardiner (Berwick), R. A. Henry (Violet Town), J. H. Hollingshead (Kilmore), R. E. Savage (Seconds), Ken Collicoat (Carlton Methodists), A. Howard (Lancaster), T. R. Murfitt (Northern Suburbs), L. Hoarey (Carlton Thirds to Seconds), L. Vaughan (Carlton Thirds to Seconds), W. Durkin (Carlton Thirds to Seconds), J. O'Brien (Carlton Thirds to Seconds), R. Kennedy (Carlton Thirds to Seconds), P. McLean (Carlton Thirds), Ayers, Brown, H. Butler, Collard, Smith, Wrout, G. Crisp (seconds), Leo La Franchi (Coburg), Fred Pollard (State Savings Bank).

Supplementary List

Askew, Bavin, Bradley, Henry, J. Jones, Lyons, Mann, Parker, Watkins


J. McBeth (Richmond), P. Farrelly (South Melbourne), B. Green (Fitzroy), B. Durrant (Somerville), C. Denning (Fitzroy), R. Denmead (Carlton Seconds to Thirds), D. Davidson (Carlton Seconds to Thirds), F. Dunham (Emerald), A. Leifer (South Melbourne), N. Barker (Carlton Thirds to Melbourne), Shea (W.A.), Clarke (St.Kilda)


Cashin, Dunn, Gilby, Bullen

Practice Matches, April 02

Yellow & Blacks vs Green & Gold at 1.30pm
Yellow & Black team
Backs; Stewart, Wilkins, Vaughan
Half backs; Parker, Baxter, Brabender
Centres; Thonder, Howard, B. Green
Half forwards; McMahon, Glover, Higginbotham
Forwards; James, Henry, Dwyer
Followers; E. Pollock (Capt), McIntosh
Rover; Macklin
Emergencies; Cook, Clifford, Collicoat, Dobbinson, Durrant
Injuries; Pollock (head stitches)

Green & Gold team
Backs; Sneddon, J. Lyons (Capt), Leadham
Half backs; Bignall, Gavin, Gillespie
Centres; Saw, McGregor, Davidson
Half forwards; Bradley, Sandy, Barnard
Forwards; Duclos, Kennedy, Cahill
Followers; Mackie, Leiper
Rover; Redstone
Emergencies; Irving, Glendenning, Jackson, Robbie, Sullivan.

Blues vs Blue & Whites at 3pm
Blues team
Backs; McIntyre, Gill, Collard
Half backs; Mann, Francis, J. Hale
Centres; Parker, C. Crisp, Cashin
Half forwards; Wrout, A. Shields, P. Schmidt
Forwards; McInnes, Vallance, Gardiner
Followers; Diggins (Capt) La Franchi
Rover; R. Cooper
Injuries; Shields (dislocated thumb)

Blue & Whites team
Backs; Gilby, Park, R. Savage
Half backs; Pollard, Anderson (Capt), Denning
Centres; Williams, Huxtable, R. Green
Half forwards; Whelan, Harry Hollingshead, M. Brown
Forwards; Gordon Crisp, K. Fox, F. Ayres
Followers; Farrelly, J. McEIroy
Rover; A. Price

Practice Matches April 09, 1.30pm & 3pm.

Yellow and Blacks team
Backs; Baird, Wilkins, Vaughan
Half backs; Brooker, Baxter, Brobender
Centres; Thomber, Howard, B. Green
Half forwards; G. Cashin, Glover, L. Hovey
Forwards; Bavin, Henry, Collicoat
Followers; McIntosh, Cahill
Rover; Redstone (Capt)
Emergencies; Davidson, Crook, Dobinson, O'Brien, Law, Durrant.
Best: Henry (Violet Town)

Green & Gold team
Backs; Murfitt, Robbie, Kennedy
Half backs; Bignell, Sandy, Hoskin
Centres; G. Butler, Tuttle, E. James
Half forwards; Bradley, J. Green, N. Stone
Forwards; J. Taylor, J. Jones, McMahon
Followers; Sneddon, Leiter
Rover; McGregor (Capt)
Emergencies; Dwyer, Duclos, Gillespie, Jackson, Durkin, Dennear
Best; Bradley (Sylvan)

Blues team to play at 3pm.
Backs; McIntyre, Gill, Park
Half backs; Chitty, Anderson, Hale
Centres; N. Cashin, J. Francis, R. Green
Half forwards; Schmidt, Wrout, C. Crisp
Forwards; Price, Vallence, Collard
Followers; Diggins, La Franki
Rover; Cooper
Emergencies (to play later); Carney, Glendenning
Goals; Vallence 10
Best; Vallence, McIntyre, Gill, Chitty, Hale, Green, Crisp

Blue & Whites team
Backs; McInnes, Savage, Gardiner
Half backs; Pollard, Baxter, Mann
Centres; Williams, Huxtable (Capt), J. Crisp
Half forwards; Whelan, Hollingshead, Parker
Forwards; Farrelly, Fox, Denning
Followers; McElroy, Ayres
Rover; Butler
Emergencies (to play later); Brown, Gilby, Lyons
Best: Huxtable

Practice Match April 16 1.30pm

Yellow & Black v Green & Gold
Yellow & Black team
Backs; Murfitt, Robbie, Dobinson
Half backs; Baird, Unwins, Bignall
Centres; Saw, Tuttle, Thonder
Half forwards; Dwyer, Collicoat, Hoarey
Forwards; Duclos, Morgan, McMahon
Followers; Sneddon, J. Taylor
Rover; Durkin
Reserve; Pearson
Emergencies; L. Brown, J. Young
Best; Bignall (thirds), Robbie, Collicoat, McMahon, Thonder, Durkin

Green & Gold team
Backs; Leadham, Wilkins, Cook
Half backs; Kennedy, Sandy, Vaughan
Centres; Dunham, White, E. Jones
Half forwards; Bradley, Bavin, Westcott
Forwards; Clifford, Bayliss, S. Lloyd
Followers; McIntosh, Cahill
Rover; Redstone (Capt)
Emergencies; F. Smith, Ware, Barker, Weibye
Best; Cahill (thirds) following and half forward, Kennedy Wilkins, White, Lloyd, Dunham

Blues v Blue & Whites at 3pm.
Blues team
Backs; McIntyre, Gill, Park
Half backs; Chitty, Anderson, Hale
Centres; Carney, Francis, G. Crisp
Half forwards; Shields, Wrout, C. Crisp
Forwards; Price, Vallence, Hollingshead
Followers; Diggins (Capt), McElroy
Rover; Cooper
Goals; Vallence 10
Best; Diggins, Crisp, Cooper, McElroy, Price, Shields,Francis, Hollingshead, Vallence, Chitty, Anderson

Blue & Whites team
Backs; McInnes, Lyons, Pollard
Half backs; Huxtable (Capt), Baxter, Whelan
Centres; Cashin*, Schmidt, Watkins
Half forwards; Parker, Fox, Brown
Forwards; Mann, Henry, Ayres
Followers; Farrelly, Savage
Rover; H. Butler
Emergencies; Askew*, Denning, Hicks
Askew played instead of Cashin.
Best; McInnes, Butler, Baxter, Huxtable, Pollard, Watkins (Bacchus Marsh).

Practice Match, Monday April 18 at 2.45pm

Blues team
Backs; McIntyre, Robbie, Maloney
Half backs; Bavin, Sandy, Baird
Centres; Carney, Francis (Capt), G. Crisp
Half forwards; Mann, Wrout, Askew
Forwards; B. Green, Jones, Hoarey
Followers; Fox, Glendinning
Rover; Redstone
Emergencies; McMahon, Tuttle, Clifford
Injuries; J. Askew suspected broken collar bone.
Best; Askew (until injured in third term), Jones, Redstone, McIntyre, Carney, Fox

Blue & White team
Backs; Sneddon, Wilkins/Watson, McIntosh
Half backs; Bignell, Park (capt), Uwins
Centres; Green, Schmidt, Wilkins
Half forwards; Dunham, Hollingshead, Brown
Forwards; Collicoat, Henry, Thonder
Followers; Savage, Baxter
Rover; Durkin
Emergencies; Kennedy, J. Taylor, Duclos
Best; K. Baxter (Werribee), Durkin (Parkside Juniors), Watson, Brown

April 23

First match of the season.

Carlton played Hawthorn.
Carlton team;
Backs; Mcinnes, Savage, Gardiner
Half backs; Fred Pollard, Baxter, Mann
Centres; Gordon Crisp, Schmidt, Watkins
Half forwards; Parker, Wrout, Brown
Forwards; Ayers, Jones, Fox
Followers; Collard, Leo La Franchi
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; McGregor, Thonder, Cahill.

Carlton won by 38 points
Carl; 4.5 9.10 15.12 20.21.141
Haw; 6.5 7.7 12.9 15.13.103
Goals; Henry 4, Butler 3, Leo La Franchi 2, Ayers 2, Brown 2, Schmidt 2, Wrout, Collard, Parker, Savage, Jones 1.
Best; Baxter, Brown, Schmidt, Henry, Crisp, Fred Pollard, Parker, Leo La Franchi.
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 141, Against 103, 136.9%, Points 4.

April 30
Carlton played Richmond
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, Wilkins, Gardiner
Half backs; Fred Pollard, Baxter, Mann
Centres; Carter, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; G. Crisp, Wrout, D. Schmidt
Forwards; Ayers, Jones, Henry
Followers; Collard, Leo La Franchi
Rover; Butler
Reserve; Savage
Emergencies; McGregor, Cahill, Sneddon, Bavin.

Carlton won; 18.12.120 - 10.17.77
Goals; Wrout 3, Ayers 3, Schmidt 3, Jones 2, Savage 2, Henry 2, Brown, Parker, Collard
Best; Collard, Ayers, Baxter, Crisp, Brown, Schmidt, Watkins, Wrout, Parker
Played 2, Won 2, Lost 0, For 261, Against 180, 145.0%, Points 8

May 07
Carlton played Essendon
The Dons were the faster team and headed the Blues during the third quarter.
Carlton's ruck play and stamina saw them through.
Full back Wilkins (injured ribs) was replaced in the last quarter by Cahill.
Carlton team;
Backs; Fred Pollard, Wilkins, Gardiner
Half backs; McInnes, Mann, Chitty
Centres; G. Crisp, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; Bradley, Shields, Parker
Forwards; Savage, Jones, Fox
Followers; McElroy, Ayers
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Bavin, Dunham, McGregor, Leiper

Carlton won; 14.9.93 - 9.13.67
Goals; McElroy 4, Jones 4, Shields 2, Butler, McInnes, Savage, Bavin
Best; Fox, Shields, Ayers, Parker, Brown, Crisp, McElroy, Butler
Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0, For 354, Against 247, 143.3%, Points 12.

May 14
Carlton played Fitzroy
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, G. Crisp, Fricker
Half backs; Gardiner, H. Anderson, Mann
Centres; McGregor, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; Fred Pollard, Shields, Parker
Forwards; Jones, Wrout, Henry
Followers; Collard, Ayers
Rover; Butler
Reserve; Cahill
Emergencies; Howard, Leiper, Bavin, Dunbar

Carlton won; 18.15.123 - 11.17.83
Goals; Wrout 7, Collard 3, Mann 3, Shields 2, Butler 2, Parker
Best; Shields, Ayers, Watkins, Parker, Wrout, Fricker, Collard.
Played 4, Lost 0, For 477, Against 330, 144.5%, Points 16.

May 21
Carlton played Collingwood
The Blues were too strong, and are now the only undefeated team in the competition.
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, G. Crisp, Cahill
Half backs; Bignell, Fox, Mann
Centres; McGregor, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; Schmidt, Shields, Parker
Forwards; Howard, Jones, Fred Pollard
Followers; Collard, Ayers
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Henry, Bradley, McIntosh, Bavin, Leiper, Dunham

Carlton won; 11.13.79 - 8.17.65
Goals; Ayers 5, Bavin, Collard, Parker, Cahill, Shields, Butler
Best; Ayers, Fred Pollard, Collard, Fox, Parker, Butler, McInnes
Carlton first
Played 5, Won 5, Lost 0, For 556, Against 395, 140.75%, Points 20.

May 28
Carlton played Melbourne
The Blues were too quick and their teamwork too slick for the Redlegs
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, Jones, Leo La Franchi
Half backs; Lyons, Fox, Mann
Centres; White, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; G. Crisp, Shields, Parker
Forwards; Schmidt, Wrout, Fred Pollard
Followers; Collard, McLean
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Bignall, Savage, McGregor, Henry, Howard
Carlton won;
Carl: 4.4 8.12 12.15 20.17.137
Melb: 0.2 1.5 5.7 6.11.47
Goals; Schmidt 11, Butler 4, Pollard, Jones, Savage, Mann, Parker
Best; Schmidt, Collard, Butler, Fox, Brown, Lyons, Parker, Watkins
Carlton first
Played 6, Won 6, Lost 0, For 693, Against 442, 156.78%, Points 24.

June 04
Carlton played St.Kilda
The Blues continued on their winning way and are now the only undefeated team in the competition.
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, G. Crisp, McLean
Half backs; Bignall, Jones, Mann
Centres; White, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; McGregor, Shields, Parker
Forwards; Savage, Lyons, Schmidt
Followers; Collard, Fred Pollard
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Bradley, Howard, Bavin, Durkin, Gardiner, Henry

Carlton won; 21.15.141 - 10.9.69
Goals; Schmidt 8, Jones 5, McGregor 2, Durkin 2, Parker 2, Shields, Savage
Best; Watkins, McInnes, Parker, Schmidt, Collard, Savage, McLean, Bignell
Carlton first
Played 7, Won 7, Lost 0, For 834, Against 511, 163.20%, Points 28.

June 11
Carlton played Footscray
Crowd; 8,000 Gate Receipts; £50
The Blues lost their first match for the season.
The Dogs got out to a good lead early and playing top football easily remained in front.
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, G. Crisp, Cahill
Half backs; Lyons, Fred Pollard, Mann
Centres; White, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; McGregor, Shields, Durkin
Forwards; Savage, Jones, Schmidt
Followers; Collard, McIntosh
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; Howard, Henry, Bradley, H. Anderson, Gardiner

Carlton lost; 5.17.47 - 12.18.90
Goals; Brown 2, Schmidt, McInnes, Pollard
Best; Savage, Shields, Mann, McIntosh
Carlton first, now equal on points with Collingwood, Geelong 26, and Footscray 24
Played 8, Won 7, Lost 1, For 881, Against 601, 146.58%, Points 28.

June 18
Carlton played North Melbourne
The Blues nearly lost their second game of the season, but they managed to hang on for a narrow win.
Carlton team;
Backs; Howard, Lyons, Fred Pollard
Half backs; Savage, Jones, Mann
Centres; Parker, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; Bradley, Wrout, White
Forwards; Henry, Shields, Schmidt
Followers; Fox, Ayers
Rover; G. Crisp
Emergencies; McIntosh, McGregor, Bavin, Anderson, Gardiner, Cahill

Carlton won; 10.7 67 - 9.11.65
Goals; White 2, Bradley 2, Henry, Crisp, Wrout, Fox, Shields, Mann
Best; Savage, Crisp, White, Howard, Parker, Ayers, Fox
Carlton first
Played 9, Won 8, Lost 1, For 948, Against 666, 142.34%, Points 32.

June 25
Carlton played South Melbourne
South surprised Carlton and had a good lead at half time.
The Blues fought back, got back in front and won going away.
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignall, Lyons, Fricker
Half backs; Chitty, Collard, Savage
Centres; Parker, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; Askew, Shields, White
Forwards; Mann, Wrout, Fox
Followers; Ayers, Fred Pollard
Rover; G. Crisp
Emergencies; Jones, McGregor, Howard, H. Anderson, McIntosh

Carlton won; 12.26.98 - 9.19.73
Goals; Wrout 6, Ayers 3, Watkins 2, Shields
Best; Fox, Ayers, Savage, Jones, Chitty, Brown, Wrout, Parker, Collard
Carlton first
Played 10, Won 9, Lost 1, For 1046, Against 739, 141.54%, Points 36.

July 02
Carlton bye

July 09
Carlton played Hawthorn
The Mayblooms got out to an early lead during the first quarter, but the Blues soon overcame the deficit and had an easy win.
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Jones, Fred Pollard
Half backs; G. Crisp, Huxtable, Mann
Centres; White, Sanger, Watkins
Half forwards; Parker, Fox, Shields
Forwards; McElroy, Wrout, Brown
Followers; Ayers, Savage
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Fricker, McGregor, Howard, McIntosh, Bavin

Carlton won; 19.17.131 - 8.11.59
Goals; Wrout 7, Price 5, Brown 3, Parker 2, Shields, Crisp
Best; Ayers, Fox, Wrout, Brown, Parker, Price
Carlton first
Played 11, Won 10, Lost 1, For 1177, Against 798, 147.45%, Points 40.

July 16
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong
The team met at Spencer Street Station at 12.10pm.
The Argus described it as "One of the finest exhibitions of football ever seen on the Corio Oval."
Carlton won in the air and played smart football, but Geelong's defence was resolute.
The Blues were behind at the last change and started the last quarter in sensational style. Dominating in the ruck they slammed on two goals in less than two minutes. Geelong appeared rattled when the Blues added two more goals and trailled by only two points. Just as game seemed in Carlton's grasp, the home team steadied and scored two goals and won by 7 points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, G. Crisp, Fred Pollard
Half backs; Huxtable, Jones, Mann
Centres; McGregor, Sanger, Watkins
Half forwards; Hale, Shields, Parker
Forwards; Fox, Wrout, Brown
Followers; Ayers, Savage
Rover; Price
Emergencies; White, Fricker, Howard, McIntosh

Carlton lost; 10.12.72 - 11.13.79
Goals; Mann 4, Brown 3, Price, Wrout, Shields
Best; Parker, Fox, Price, Shields, Huxtable, Mann
Carlton first
Played 12, Won 10, Lost 2, For 1249, Against 877, 142.41%, Points 40.

July 23
Carlton played Richmond
A fairly even game throughout, but the Blues were stronger at the finish.
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Howard, Fred Pollard
Half backs; Huxtable, Jones, Sanger
Centres; White, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; Shields, Hollingshead, G. Crisp
Forwards; McIntosh, Wrout, Mann
Followers; Ayers, Savage
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; McGregor, Fricker, Bavin, Henry

Carlton won; 14.14.98 - 11.15.81
Goals; Mann 4, Wrout 3, Parker 2, Ayers, Watkins, McIntosh, Shields, Hollingshead
Best; Savage, Shields, Ayers, Sanger, Crisp, Howard
Carlton first
Played 13, Won 11, Lost 2, For 1347, Against 958, 140.6%, Points 44.

July 30
Carlton played Essendon
The Blues increased their lead in each quarter.
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Howard, Fred Pollard
Half backs; Huxtable, Jones, Sanger
Centres; McGregor, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; White, Wrout, G. Crisp
Forwards; Fox, Hollingshead, Mann
Followers; Myers, McElroy
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; Fricker, McIntosh, Bavin, Hoarey

Carlton won; 18.14.122 - 11.13.79
Goals; Fox 5, Wrout 4, Mann 2, Ayers 2, Parker 2, McElroy 2, Hollingshead
Best; Fox, Brown, Bignell, Parker, McElroy, Ayers
Carlton first
Played 14, Won 12, Lost 2, For 1469, Against 1037, 141.65%, Points 48.

August 06
Carlton played Fitzroy
"Carlton were well behind at half time, but it's splendid recovery in the second half overwhelmed Fitzroy."
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Howard, Fred Pollard
Half backs; Huxtable, Jones, Sanger
Centres; McGregor, Brown, Watkins
Half forwards; White, Wrout, Hoarey
Forwards; Merrick, Ayers, Mann
Followers; McIntosh, McElroy
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; Fricker, Denmeade, Cahill, Henderson, Bavin

Carlton won; 11.12.78 - 6.11.47
Goals; Brown 3, Parker 2, Wrout 2, Huxtable, McIntosh, Mann, Watkins
Best; McGregor, McElroy, Huxtable, Ayers, Fred Pollard, Sanger, Parker
Carlton first
Played 15, Won 13, Lost 2, For 1547, Against 1084, 142.71%, Points 52.

August 13
Carlton played Collingwood
The Blues could not overcome Collingwood's solid defence and they won easily.
Carlton lost top spot which they had held for most of the season.
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Howard, Fricker
Half backs; Huxtable, Jones, Sanger
Centres; McGregor, Brown, White
Half forwards; Merrick, Mann, Watkins
Forwards; Fred Pollard, Wrout, Cahill
Followers; McElroy, Ayers
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; McIntosh, Hoarey, Henry, Henderson

Carlton lost; 8.18.66 - 14.13.97
Goals; no details
Best; Watkins, Ayers, McElroy, Bignell, White, Pollard
Carlton third; Top four; Collingwood 56, Geelong 54, Carlton 52, Footscray 44.
Played 16, Won 13, Lost 3, For 1613, Against 1181, 136.57%, Points 52.

August 20
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Howard, Fred Pollard
Half backs; Huxtable, Jones, Sanger
Centres; McGregor, Schmidt, White
Half forwards; G. Crisp, Mann, Watkins
Forwards; Denmeade, Wrout, Brown
Followers; Savage, McElroy
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; Merrick, Davidson, Cahill, McIntosh

Carlton won; 20.19.139 - 13.11.89
Goals; Wrout 8, Watkins 3, Brown 2, Schmidt 2, Denmeade 2, Mann, Crisp, Pollard
Best; Wrout, Fred Pollard, Watkins, McElroy, Bignell, Jones, Savage, Sanger
Carlton third
Played 17, Won 14, Lost 3 For 1752, Against 1270, 137.95%, Points 56.

August 27
Final round of the season.
Carlton played St. Kilda
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Howard, McIntyre
Half backs; Huxtable, Chitty, McInnes
Centres; McGregor, Schmidt, White
Half forwards; Denmeade, Mann, G. Crisp
Forwards; Savage, Fred Pollard, Brown
Followers; Ayres, McElroy
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; Davidson, Merrick, Bavin, Hoarey

Carlton won; 20.15.135 - 14.16.100
Carlton third
Played 18, Won 15, Lost 3, For, Against, %, Points 60.

1938 Reserves Ladder

Collingwood 64, Geelong 62, Carlton 60, Footscray 52, Richmond 38, Melbourne 34, Essendon 32, Fitzroy 28, South Melbourne 20, Hawthorn 16, North Melbourne 16, St. Kilda 10.

Reserves First Semi Final

September 10
Carlton vs Footscray M.C.G. 12.15pm.
Sanger who played for the seniors last week returned, Brown took the centreman role of Smith/Schmidt who is with the seniors, Bavin took over Brown's place at centre half forward. Watkins returned from the seniors, and Henry was from the thirds.
The Blues led at quarter time by 4 points thanks to their accurate kicking of 5 goals straight. Long kicks, accurate passing and clever position play was displayed by both teams. However, Footscray took a 10 point lead at half time.
The Dogs were soon out to a lead of 17 points early in the third, then Carlton slammed on 5 goals to lead by 19 points at the last break.
Carlton's Hoarey scored within 10 seconds of the ball being bounced pushing the Blues lead out to 25 points.
Footscray's Standfield was moved to centre-half forward and began dominating with the Dog's small forwards feeding off him. Four goals were kicked to level the scores. A rushed a behind gave Carlton the narrowest of leads, then Footscray scored another 5 goals in seven minutes to run out winners by 39 points.

Carlton team;
Backs: Bignall, Howard, Fred Pollard.
Half-backs: G. Crisp, Jones, Sanger.
Centres: McGregor, Brown (Capt.), White.
Half-forwards: Mann, Bavin, Watkins.
Forwards: Merrick, Henry, Hoarey.
Followers: Ayers, Savage.
Rover: Parker.
19th. Denmeade.
Saturday night's Sporting Globe's Carlton line-up had Pollard not selected, Wilkins as 19th. Denmeade HFF, Merrick BP, Mann FP.
Emergencies:Wilkins, Gardiner, Cahill, McIntosh, Durkin.
Umpire; Batt

Carlton lost:
Carl: 5.0 6.4 12.10 13.12.90
Geel: 4.2 7.8 9.9 19.15.129
Goals: Mann 4, Parker 2, Hoarey 2, Bavin 2, Henry, Watkins, Denmeade.
Best: Ayers, Mann, Savage, Bavin, Watkins, McIntosh, Brown, G. Crisp

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