1937 Reserves

Reserves Season 1937
Coach: Charlie Hardy
Captain: Gilby/E. Pollock*
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 3rd
Premier: Geelong

.* A report in the Argus June 30 said although he had received offers from other clubs, Pollock would remain captain of the Carlton Reserves.

Image Charlie Hardy (born April 01 1887) Played 221 games for North Melbourne (VFA) 1908-21, and 36 games with Essendon 1921-1925. Senior coach at Essendon1928-30 and St.Kilda 1931-32.


E. Green (Carlton Thirds), J. Jones (Speed), C. McInnes (Tyntynder), R. M. Butler (Tasmania), Gillespie-Jones (rover ex University & Melbourne), Pat Farrelly, Joe Askew (All Backs, Benalla)

P. S. Farrelly, Launceston City, follower/forward 6ft 1.5ins - solidy built, fast, and kicks either foot.


Miller (Melbourne junior), E. Probyn (South Sydney), Selwood (Geelong), A. Pye (South Ballarat), F. Glendenning, E. Dale, G. Crisp


W. Garvie (Oakleigh), R. F. Job (Preston), K. R. Rosewarne (Coburg), H. J. Garrick (Coburg), B. A. Treweek (Fitzroy), G. Thomas (South Australia), H. G. Warren (Warragul), G. Blizzard (Richmond), L. Stewart (Melbourne), Mutimer (Fitzroy)

March 27 Practice Match at 11.15pm

Blues vs Blue & Whites
Blues Team
Backs; Bentley, Rosewarne, Lovvett
Half backs; Arrell, Bourke, Treweek
Centres; B. Green, Schmidt, James
Half forwards; Parker, Glendenning, Harrison
Forwards; Smeddon, L. Williams, Gordon
Followers; Hitchcock, W. Mutimer,
Rover; R. Cooper (captain)

Blue & Whites
Backs; Millikin, Ellard, Bragge
Half backs; G. Mutimer, Miller, Hoskins
Centres; H. Williams, D. Walsh, Butler
Half forwards; McInnes, Redstone, Naylor
Forwards; Taylor, J. O'Neil, Lyford
Followers; Harley, Probyn,
Rover; Dempsey

Practice Match at 3pm

Blues vs Blue & Whites
Blues Team
Backs; McIntyre, Gill, Ayres
Half backs; Huxtable, Mackie, Francis (captain)
Centres; Carney, Anderson, Green
Half forwards; Shea, Wrout, Crisp
Forwards; Pollock, Vallence, H. Butler
Followers; Davey, McLean
Rover; Clarke

Blue & Whites
Backs; Boschen, Fields, Gilby
Half backs; Denning, Fox, Neeson
Centres; Askew, Moloney, F. Williams
Half forwards; Cameron, Shields, Hughson
Forwards; Roberts, Farrelly, Redstone
Followers; Kuhklen (captain), Dunn
Rover; Price

April 03 Practice Matches at 1 pm.

Blues vs Blue & Whites
Blues team;
Backs; Bateman, Lyons, Sneddon
Half backs; Richards, Arrell, Sheridan
Centres; B. Grenn, McGregor, Lyford
Half forwards; Dole, Fields, Redstone
Forwards; Hitchcock, Jones, Nicholson
Followers; Mutimer (Capt), Boschen
Rover; Parker

Blue & White team;
Backs; Probyn, Ellard, Mattingley
Half backs; Cahill, Taylor, Treweek
Centres; James, Hughson, Pye
Half forwards; G. Crisp (Capt.), Kimberley, Davidson
Forwards; O'Neill, O'Brien, Roberts
Followers; Glendenning, McElroy
Rover; Dempsey
Emergencies; Harrison, Bell, Gillespie, Durrant, Lovett, Thorp, Johns

Practice match at 3pm

Blues team;
Backs; Mclean, Park, McIntyre
Half backs; Francis (Capt.), Anderson, Neeson
Centres; Carney, Cashin, Williams
Half forwards; Shea, Wrout, Crisp
Forwards; Davey, Vallence, Schmidt
Followers; Bullen, Cooper
Rover; Clarke
Emergency; Denning

Blue & Whites team;
Backs; Manning, Gill, Collard
Half backs; Fox, Mackie, Gilby
Centres; Askew, Maloney, Edward
Half forwards; Jones, Shields, Cameron
Forwards; McInnes, Farrelly, Dunn
Followers; Kuhlken, Pollock (Capt.)
Rover; Price
Emergency; Ayers

April 10 Practice Matches

Carlton vs Coburg at Carlton 3pm.
Backs; McIntyre, Park, McLean
Half backs; Huxtable, Mackie, Francis (Capt.)
Centres; Carney, Anderson, Green
Half forwards; Shea, Wrout, Crisp
Forwards; Davey, Vallence, Butler
Followers; Cooper, Dunn
Rover; Clarke
Umpire; Blackburn
Carlton won by 54 points
Carl; 5.6 11.11 16.13 18.19.127
Cob; 2.3 5.4 9.8 10.13.73
Vallence 7, Davey 4, Dunn 2, Clarke, Bulter, Wrout, Shea, Green,

Blues vs Blue and Whites, at 1pm.
Blues team;
Backs; Boachen, Gill (Capt.), Gilby
Half backs; Arrell, Farrelly, Glendenning
Centres; Turner, Cashin, F. Williams
Half forwards; Maloney, Watt, McGregor
Forwards; Cameron, Jones, McInnes
Followers; Collard, Kuhlken
Rover; White

Blue and Whites team;
Backs; Kimberley, Lyons, Mann
Half backs; Denning, Fox, Neeson
Centres; Askew, Schmidt, Mooney
Half forwards; Davidson, Shields, Gillespie-Jones
Forwards; Ayres, Redstone, Mutimer
Followers; Bullen, Pollock (Capt.)
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Hitchcock, Probyn, Fields, Parker, James, B. Green, Lyford, Taylor, O'Neill

April 17 Practice Matches

Blues vs Green at 1.30pm
Blues team;
Backs; Richards, Lyons, Thorpe
Half backs; Mann, Cahill, Bignell
Centres; Turner, Moloney, Askew
Half forwards; McMahon, Taylor, Gillespie-Jones
Forwards; McLean, Redstone, Lyford
Followers; Glendenning, Cameron
Rover; Parker
Best; Lyons, Mann, Glendenning, Bignell, Parker

Green Team;
Backs; Bragge, Ellard, Bell
Half backs; Sheridan, Arrell, G. Crisp
Centres; B. Green, Hughson, Mooney
Half forwards; Vaughan, Hitchcock, McGregor
Forwards; Mackim, O'Brien, I.? Williams
Followers; Stuchberry, Quinn
Rover; James
Emergencies; Johns, Gillespie, O'Neill, Lunt, Durrant, Fogarty, Davidson, Morgan
Best; G. Crisp, Mooney, Ellard, McGregor

Blues vs Blue & Whites 3pm.
Shea (ill) and Hale (cricket duties) were not available, replaced in side by Mann (defender, Silvan) and Chitty (half forward, Sunshine, who had been training with Melbourne)
Mann played in the earlier game as well
Blues team;
Backs; Gilby, Gill, Kulhken
Half backs; Huxtable, Farrelly, Mann/Hale
Centres; Carney, Davidson, Green
Half forwards; Chitty /Shea, Wrout, Crisp
Forwards; Davey, Jones, Cooper
Followers; Mackie, Dunn
Rover; Clarke (Capt.)
Best; Farrelly

Blue & Whites team;
Backs; Collard, Park, McIntyre
Half backs; Fox, Anderson, Nelson
Centres; Cashin, Francis (Capt.), Williams
Half forwards; Price, Shields, McInnes
Forwards; Schmidt, Denning, Ayers
Followers; Pollock, Mutimer
Rover; Butler
Best; Butler, Shields

April 24
Opening round of the season.
Carlton played South Melbourne at the Lake Oval
The Blues were too good for the Southerners with their teamwork, marking, and positional play.
Carlton team;
Backs; Collard, McIntyre, Mutimer
Half backs; Chitty, Fox, Denning
Centres; Mooney, Cashin, F. Williams
Half forwards; Cameron, Shields, McInness
Forwards; Schmidt, Neeson, Redstone
Followers; Mackey, Ayers
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Jones, Glendenning, G. Crisp, Parker
Carlton won by 41 points
Carl; 1.5 6.10 12.12 15.17.107
S. M; 2.4 2.5 4.7 9.12.66

Goals; Price 5, Schmidt 3, Redstone 2, Neeson 2, McInness, Ayres, Crisp
Best; Ayres, Price, Denning, Shields, McIntyre, Schmidt, Williams.
"Ayers (follower) was the best player, but great form was shown by Shields at centre-half forward. McIntyre was a brilliant full back who should regain his place in the senior side. Denning played just as well on the half-forward wing. Price roved excellently, and Williams did well on the wing." (Argus April 27)
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 107, Against 67, 159.7%, Points 4

May 01
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
After an even first quarter, the Blues "gave a polished exhibition of forceful and sparkling football."
Carlton team;
Backs; Gilby (Capt), Mutimer, Chitty
Half backs; Cashin, Fox, Denning
Centres; Mooney, Schmidt, Williams
Half forwards; Cameron, Shields, McGregor
Forwards; G. Crisp, Jones, Neeson
Followers; Collard, Glendenning
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Parker, Collard, McInnes (doubtful)
Carlton won; 19.21.135 - 11.12.78
Goals; Jones 5, Schimdt 3, Price 3, Collard 2, Shields 2, Crisp, McInnes, Cameron, Gilby
Best; Shields (BOG), Price, Jones, Neeson, Collard, Chitty, Schmidt, Mooney.
"Arch Shields, at centre-half forward was the best man on the ground. He was also amongst the best in the first match. Price, roving well and kicked three goals; Jones, a full forward from Speed played splendidly in kicking five goals in his first match; and Neeson, Collard, Chitty, Mooney and Schmidt also impressed." (Argus May 04)
Played 2, Won 2, Lost 1, For 242, Against 145, 166.89%, Points 8

May 08
Carlton played Melbourne
The Blues were without a number of their players, as three were required for the seniors, and four others were not available.
Despite this, Carlton put up some good resistance and scores were close up until three quarter time.
Carlton team;
Backs; Chitty, Park, Gilby
Half backs; Neeson, Fox, Cashin
Centres; Mooney, G. Crisp, Williams
Half forwards; Cameron, Wrout, McGregor or McInness
Forwards; Denning, Jones, Mann
Followers; Collard, Kuhlkin
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Parker, Bignell, Glendenning, Quinn.
Carlton lost; 10.8.68 - 13.11.89
Goals; Price 3, Quinn 2, Denning 2, Chitty, Mann, Wrout
Best; Price, Chitty, Denning, Collard, Fox, Mooney.
Carlton fourth
Played 3, Won 2, Lost 1, For 310, Against 234, 132.47%, Points 8

May 15
Carlton played North Melbourne
The Blues had an easy win against the Northerners.
Carlton team;
Backs; Mann, Quinn, Gilby
Half backs; Neeson, Fox, Green
Centres; Mooney, Schmidt, Cashin
Half forwards; G. Crisp, Wrout, McGregor
Forwards; McInnes, Denning
Followers; Dunn, Chitty
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Bignell, Parker, Richards, McIntosh, Fogarty
Carlton won; 16.19.115 - 13.4.82
Goals; Fox 6, Wrout 4, Kuhlkin 2, Gilby, Price, McInnes, Dunn
Best; Fox, Price, Dunn, Neeson, Green, Wrout, Schmidt
Carlton third
Played 4, Won 3, Lost 1, For 425, Against 316, 134.49%, Points 12.

May 22
Carlton played St.Kilda
The Blues were on top from the opening bounce, against the competition's cellar dwellers.
Their teamwork and polished skills were too good for the opposition, and thrashed the Saints by 148 points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Gilby, Crisp, Hale
Half backs; Chitty, Fox, Huxtable
Centres; Mooney, Schmidt, Askew
Half forwards; Quinn, Redstone, not named
Forwards; McInnes or Mann, Denning, Kuhlken
Followers; Bullen, Pollard
Rover; Cooper
Emergencies; Bignell, Fogarty, McGregor, Parker.
Carlton won; 25.26.176 - 4.4.28
Goals; Quinn 6, Denning 6, Redstone 3, Cooper 2, Kuhlken 2, Chitty, Schmidt, Parker, Collard, McInnes, Fox
Best; Fox, Cooper, Schmidt, Kuhlken, Huxtable, Gilby, Quinn, Chitty.
Carlton second
Played 5, won 4, Lost 1, For 601, Against 344, 174.7%, Points 16.

May 29
Carlton played Collingwood
Carlton team;
Backs; Gilby, Lyons, Kuhlken
Half backs; Neeson* or Mann, Huxtable, Denning
Centres; Mooney, Schmidt, Williams
Half forwards; McInnes, Quinn, Askew
Forwards; G. Crisp, Jones, Fox
Followers; Bullen, Chitty
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Maloney, Redstone, Parker, Fogarty
.*Neeson was 19th man for the seniors this week.
Carlton won; 13.17.95 - 5.6.36
Goals; Jones 4, Fox 2, Price 2, Maloney, Askew, McInnes, Bullen, Schmidt
Best; Kuhlken, Chitty, Huxtable, Gilby, Schmidt, Fox, McInnes, Price
Carlton second
Played 6, Won 5, Lost 1, For 696, Against 380, 183.15%, Points 20.

June 05
Carlton played Footscray at the Western Oval
The team caught the train to West Footscray.
With 12 players with senior form, the Blues were too experienced for the young Dogs.
Carlton team;
Backs; Gilby, Lyons, Collard
Half backs; Denning, Huxtable, Neeson or Mann
Centres; Crisp, Schmidt, Williams
Half forwards; Askew, Ayres, Maloney
Forwards; Bullen, Jones, McInnes
Followers; Dunn, Davie/Davey
Rover; Cooper
Emergencies; Quinn, Redstone, Parker, McGregor
Carlton won; 13.11.89 - 8.9.57
Goals; Davey 4, Jones 3, Cooper 3, Redstone 2, McInnes
Best; Gilby, Bullen, Davey, Cooper, Denning, Mann, Lyons, Schmidt
Carlton first
Played 7, Won 6, Lost 1, For 785, Against 438, 179.2%, Points 24.

June 14 Monday
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
A large crowd attended the holiday match.
Charlie Hardy gave an inspirational speech at half time and a complete turn around resulted.
The Age;
"Positional changes were made after half time, when Carlton overwhelmed all opposition and scored 13 goals to Richmond's one goal.
Mann who came to Carlton from the Lilydale District, and played centre half-forward, was the best man on the ground. He is aged only 18 1/2 years.
Jones from Speed, who also is aged only 18 years, kicked 6 goals in the third quarter.
Others who did well for Carlton were Cooper, McInnes, Chitty, and Denning."
Carlton team;
Backs; Gilby, Lyons, Chitty or Crisp
Half backs; Denning, Nelson, Mann
Centres; Mooney, Schmidt, Williams
Half forwards; Moloney, Pollock, Askew
Forwards; McInnes, Jones, Dunn
Followers; Davey, Collard
Rover; Cooper
Emergencies; Redstone, Quinn.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.1 3.6 13.7 16.12.108
Rich. 4.4 7.9 ----- 8.13.61
Goals; Jones 7, Davey 2, Redstone 2, Gilby 2, Cooper, Chitty, Dunn
Best; Mann, Chitty, Lyons, Denning, Davey, Jones, Collard, Cooper
Cyril Mann won the Dave Crone trophy for the best Carlton player.
Carlton first
Played 8, Won 7, Lost 1, For 893, Against 499, 178.95%, Points 28.

June 19
Carlton played Hawthorn
The result was in doubt up until the final 10 minutes.
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, Lyons, Lister
Half backs; Denning or G. Crisp, Dunn, Mann
Centres; Mooney, Schmidt or Moloney, Williams
Half forwards; Askew, Pollock, Redstone
Forwards; Gilby, Jones, Kuhlken
Followers; Davey, Chitty
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; Ernie Dunham ex Emerald, Quinn, Durrant, Bignell, Fogarty.
Carlton won; 16.19.115 - 14.13.97
Goals; Davey 5, Gilby 4, Dunn 3, Chitty, Pollock, Moloney, Jones
Best; Davey, Chitty, Parker, McInnes, Gilby, Dunn.
Carlton first
Played 9, Won 8, Lost 1, For 1008, Against 596, 169.1%, Points 32.

June 26
Carlton played Essendon
The Dons got out to a 3 goal lead early in the match, but once the Blues got into gear they went on to win by 23 points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Mackie, Ryan, McInnes
Half backs; Crisp, Farrelly, Mann
Centres; Maloney, Schmidt, Askew
Half forwards; Pollock, Vallence, Neeson
Forwards; Redstone, Dunn, Jones
Followers; Davey or Chitty, Ayers
Rover; Barker
Emergencies; Dunham, Anderson, Leifer, Mason
Carlton won; by 23 points.
Carl; 3.2 9.11 14.13 16.15.111
Ess; 4.2 6.6 9.7 13.10.88
Goals; (16) Vallence 5, Parker 4, Jones 2, Redstone, Neeson, Pollock, Dunn, McInnes
Best; Dunn, Parker, Schmidt, Lyons, Crisp, Chitty, Pollock.
Carlton first
Played 10, Won 9, Lost 1, For , Against , Points 36.

June 30
Carlton cleared Kuhlken to Kyneton, Neeson cleared to St.Kilda, Williams had rejoined Old Paradians in the Metropolitan Amateur League.
A reunion of past Reserve players will take place at half time in the Fitzroy match.

July 03
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy
Friday's Herald (p18); "Carlton have made six changes.
Huxtable and Collard are down from the seniors, and Frank Stammers, of Romsey, will be given a run in the back pocket.
Dunham, James, and Butler, three juniors will be tried out. Butler came from Tasmania this season."
The Roys got off to a good start with a 6 goal lead in the first term.
The Blues hit back and took the lead, but Fitzroy snatched victory by kicking the winning goal on the final bell.
Carlton team;
Backs; Stammers, Crisp, Collard*
Half backs; Jennings, Huxtable, Mann
Centre; Maloney, Schmidt, Mason
Half forwards; Askew or James; Pollock, Dunham
Forwards; Jones, Butler, Dunn
Followers; Farrelly, Chitty
Rover; Parker
Emergencies; Anderson, Redstone, Connell, Cameron, Lieper, Quinn
.* There was no 19th man named in the senior team on Friday Collard, one of three emegencies, got the call up..
Umpire; Peatt
Carlton lost by 4 points
Carl. 0.3 4.8 5.9 8.11.59
Fitz. 6.3 6.3 7.6 9.9.63
Goals; Jones 2, Parker, Schmidt, Butler, Denning, Pollock, Dunn
Best; Maloney, Huxtable, Pollock, Dunn, Parker, Schmidt.
Carlton second
Played 11, Won 9, Lost 2, Points 36.

July 10
Carlton played South Melbourne
A strong northerly wind was blowing across the ground.
The Blues playing better football led by 6 goals at three quarter time.
South then turned that tables and scored 6.4 - 0.3 to win by 1 point.
W. "Billy" Nunn from the Brisbane club Taringa (Telelgraph Bris July 09 p9)
Carlton team;
Backs; Crisp, Lyons, Lieper
Half backs; McInnes, Huxtable or Denning, Mann or H. Anderson
Centres; Moloney, Schmidt, James
Half forwards; Parker, Pollock, Brown
Forwards; Jones, R. Butter, Vallence
Followers; Davey or Mason, Collard
Rover; B. Butter
Emergencies; Nunn, Dunham, Cahill
Carlton lost; 10.12.72 - 10.13.73
Goals; Davey 3, Butler 2, Schmidt 2, Collard 2, Jones
Best; C. Davey (BOG), Schmidt
Played 12, Won 9, Lost 3, Points 36.

July 17
Carlton played Geelong at Corio Oval, Geelong
The team met at Spencer Street station at 12.15pm.
A strong cross wind was blowing which made playing difficult.
The Blues kicked with the wind in the first quarter and led by 4.2 at the first break.
Geelong hit back and led at half time 6.4 - 5.3
Carlton had plenty of the ball, but broke down in attack and the forwards were well beaten.
Carlton team;
Backs; Crisp, Lyons, McInnes
Half backs; Munn, Vallence, Mann
Centres; Jones, Schmidt, James
Half forwards; Parker, Butler, Brown
Forwards; Clark, Dunn, Moloney
Followers; Pollock, Collard
Rover; Bert Butler
Emergencies; Sneddon, Anderson, Dunham
Carlton lost; 7.7.49 - 11.11.77
Goals; B. Butler 3, Dunn, Vallence, Pollock, Clarke
Best; B. Butler, Clarke, Dunn, Brown, Lyons, Schmidt.
Carlton third
Played 13, Won 9, Lost 4, Points 36.

July 24
Carlton played Melbourne on the Albert Ground, St.Kilda Road
The Blues kept Melbourne on the defensive, but the Redlegs were inaccurate.
Ernie Dunham ex Emerald, was named as an emergency in a few earlier games, this maybe his first game in the Reserves. Dunham would turn out for Preston in 1939.
Carlton team;
Backs; Crisp, Lyons, Lieper
Half backs; McInnes, Mann, Redstone
Centres; Carney, Schmidt, Ernie Dunham
Half forwards; Brown, Dunn, B. Butler
Forwards; Maloney, Denning, Clark
Followers; Pollock, Collard
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Askew, Jones, Parker, Anderson, R. Butler
Carlton won; 18.9.117 - 10.17.77
Goals; Price 4, Schmidt 3, Redstone 3, Butler 2, Clarke 2, Brown 2, Pollock, Lieper
Best; McInnes, Schmidt, Dunn, Collard, Price, Pollock, Lieper
Carlton second
Played 14, Won 10, Lost 4, Points 40

July 31
Carlton played North Melbourne
Carlton were the better team despite the gusty cross wind.
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, Lyons, G, Crisp
Half backs; H. Anderson or Leiper, Mann, Gilby
Centres; Cashin, Brown, Askew
Half forwards; Redstone, Dunn, H. Butler
Forwards; Clarke, Shields, Jones
Followers; Pollock, Collard
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Ayers, Dunham, Parker, Bavin, R. Butler, Sneddon
Carlton won by 62 points
Carl; 1.5 4.15 9.17 13.19.97
NM; 1.1 2.4 2.5 5.5.35
Goals; Dunn 3, Bavin 3, Jones 2, Price 2, Parker, Pollock, Butler
Best; Price, Brown, Dunn, Pollock, Mann, Lyons
Carlton second
Played 15, Won 11, Lost 4, Points 44.

August 07
No matches

August 14
Carlton played St. Kilda
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, Lyons, Crisp
Half backs; H. Anderson, Mann, Gilby or Cashin
Centres; Mooney, Schmidt, Dunham
Half forwards; Askew, Dunn, H. Butler
Forwards; Brown, Jones, Denning
Followers; Pollock, Leiper
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Ayers, Bavin, Parker, Redstone, Cahill
Carlton won; 18.21.129 - 7.9.51
Goals; Jones 8, Schmidt 2, Price 2, Denning 2, Butler, Dunn, Redstone, Brown
Best; Brown, Jones, Lyons, Mann, Gilby Price.
Carlton second
Played 16, Won 12, Lost 4, Points 48.

August 21
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park
Both teams put on an excellent display of fast and exciting football.
The Blues got out to a two goal lead in the final term, but Collingwood hit back and got to within one point with a few minutes remaining.
Andrews a Collingwood player marked just before the bell rang, his shot for goal went out of bounds just near the behind post leaving the Blues the victors.
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, Lyon, G. Crisp
Half backs; Gilby, Mann, Cashin
Centres; Dunham, Brown, Askew
Half forwards; Schmidt, Dunn, H. Butler
Forwards; Vallence, Jones, Denning
Followers; Pollock, Leiper
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Bavin, Ayers, Parker, H. Anderson, Cahill
Carlton won; 11.10.76 - 10.15.75
Goals; Price 4, Vallence 2, Jones 2, Bavin, Schmidt (only 10 goals noted)
Best; Brown, Price, Mann, McInnes, Lyons, Dunn, Pollock
Carlton second
Played 17, Won 13, Lost 4, Points 52.

August 28
Final round of the season.
Carlton played Footscray
Carlton won in all departments and gave a briliant display of football.
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, Lyons, G. Crisp
Half backs; Cashin, Mann, H. Anderson
Centres; Askew, Denning, Williams
Half forwards; Dunham, Bavin, H. Butler
Forwards; Schmidt, Fox, Parker
Followers; Ayers, Leiper
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Sneddon, Redstone, Moloney, Cahill
Carlton won; 19.21.135 - 7.13.55
Goals; Denning 7, Fox 3, Price 3, Schmidt 2, Bavin 2, Anderson, Dunham
Best; Price, Denning, Fox, Schmidt, Mann, Crisp, Parker
Carlton second
Played 18, Won 14, Lost 4, Points 56.

1937 Reserves Ladder

1. Geelong 66 Points, 2. Carlton 56, 3. Melbourne 52. 4. Collingwood 48, 5. Fitzroy 44, 6. Footscray 40, 7. Essendon 40, 8. South Melbourne 28, 9. Richmond 24. 10. Hawthorn 20, 11. St. Kilda 16, 12. North Melbourne 8.

Reserves Second Semi Final

September 11
Carlton played Geelong at M.C.G. 12.15pm
For two quarters the Blues were on top with playing to position, marking, and winning in the ruck.
However, they constantly broke down in attack and easy shots at goal were frequently missed.
Geelong first hit the lead in the third quarter but Carlton retaliated and led by 4 points at three quarter time. Geelong added quick goals early in the final term.
The Blues fought back to be 3 points down and play flowed between the backlines without any scoring. Geelong scored 2 late goals to seal the match.
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, Lyons, Crisp.
Half Backs; Ayers, Fox, Mann.
Centres; Askew, Brown, Williams.
Half forwards; Maloney, Denning, Parker.
Forwards; Schmidt, Jones, Dunn.
Followers; Pollock, Collard.
Rover; Price.
Emergencies; Bavin, Anderson, Dunham, Leiper, Redstone.
Carlton lost;
Carl: 4.8 6.13 9.14 10.15.75
Geel: 3.4 6.8 9.10 13.14.92
Goals; Schmidt 3, Pollock 2, Jones 2, Moloney 2, Denning.
Best; Schmidt, Fox, Mann, Price, Lieper, McInnes, Dunn, Maloney, Collard, Jones.

Reserves Preliminary Final

September 25
Carlton played Collingwood on the M.C.G. as a curtain raiser to the VFL Grand Final.
The Reserves Grand Final (Geelong - Collingwood) was played on the following Thursday (Show Day) on the M.C.G.
"Although the seniors in the League football grand final showed how the game should be played, the seconds final, which was the "curtain raiser" at the Melbourne Cricket-ground, provided one of the worst exhibitions ever seen on the ground.
All through the game there were nasty incidents, but the worst trouble occurred early in the third quarter, when there was one all-in fight, players of both sides joining in and hurling blows recklessly at each other.
At the end of the match surprise was expressed when it was found that only three men had been reported. Some of the incidents occurred in the open, yet the offenders were not penalised, and play was allowed to go on."
"Playing a steadier game Collingwood added six goals to two in the last quarter to win 19.12 to Carlton's 12.4 Adopting it's senior side's short passing and position play, but lacking a little of it's accuracy, Collingwood made many spectacular moves. It led by six goals to two at one stage, but Carlton added three goals in a few minutes, and it was only six points down at half-time. Collingwood, after the third quarter melee, played the stronger and steadier game." (Argus Sept. 27)
Carlton team;
Backs; McInnes, G. Crisp, Ayres/Fox*
Half backs; Chitty, Mann, Redstone
Centres; Askew, Brown, Williams
Half forwards; Schmidt, Denning, Parker
Forwards; Maloney, Jones, Dunn
Followers; Pollock, Collard
Rover; Price
19th. Man; Bavin
Emergencies; Ayers, H. Anderson, Durham, Sneddon
(.*Ayers replaced Fox in selected side who was unable to play)
Umpire; W. Cheers
Carlton lost by 50 points
Carl; 1.0 6.1 10.2 12.4.76
Coll; 3.4 6.7 11.10 19.12.126
Goals; Pollock 3, Denning 2, Chitty 2, Dunn 2, Schmidt, Jones, Price
Best; McInnes (best for Carlton), Askew, Mann, Schmidt, Denning, Dunn, Crisp, Chitty, Price, Moloney

"Disgraceful Matter" said Chairman

In what was described as "a disgraceful match" Field Umpire Cheers reported Collingwood's captain W. Fitzgerald, who was suspended for 4 weeks, for charging Carlton's R. Chitty.
Boundary Umpire Smith & Goal Umpire Gibbons reported K. Dunn (Carlton) who received 4 weeks for striking J. Crowe (Collingwood), and A. Ryan (Collingwood) 10 weeks for striking K. Dunn (Carlton).
All incidents happened during the third quarter.
"The chairman of the tribunal Mr. D. C. Gardiner said: - I was at this match and I do not remember anything so disgraceful. I expected to have about 14 players here to-night, and I was amazed when I found out there were only to be three. This sort of thing has got to be put down. It is bringing our good game into disgrace. In one instance I saw I saw two players fighting. Neither was reported. I cannot understand that. It was the most disgraceful exhibition I have ever seen a second 18 put up." (Argus Sept. 29 p30)
To read part one of the tribunal's findings click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article11104086

"Never Bitten a Man In My Life" - J. Crowe

The second part of the tribunal's findings.

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