1936 Reserves

This is believed to be the Rnd 8 June 20th. team that played North Melbourne, photographed in front of the Heatley Stand.
Maurie Johnson played two reserve games in 1936, Rnd 7 (at St.Kilda) and Rnd 8. He is pictured here back row second from the left next to one the players wearing a South Adelaide guernsey.
However the questions are, why are they wearing white shorts for a home game and why are two players wearing South Adelaide jumpers?

The elusive Wally Mutimer far left front row. Ted Pollock back row fifth from left. Possibly Kevin Fox on our right of Pollock. Possibly Clen Denning front far right.
Gordon Crisp ? middle row second from left.

Reserves Season 1936
Coach: Charlie Hardy
Captain: Ted Pollock
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 5th
Premier: Footscray

Reserves coach Charlie Hardy (born 01 April 1887) played 224 games with North Melbourne (VFA) 1908-21, and Essendon 36 games 1921-25.
Senior coach at Essendon 1928-30 and St. Kilda 1931-32.


F. Anderson, H. V. Butler, A. Clarke, G. Collard, C. Crisp, C. Davey, C. Denning, J. Dougherty, K. Dunn, J. Francis, F. Gilby, F. Gill, R. Green, J. Hale, H. Hollingshead, E. Huxtable, M. Johnson, G. Mackie, D. G. McIntyre, R. McLean, W. Mutimer, J. Park. F. Pollock, K. Shea, E. Treweek, C. Turner, H. Vallence

Carlton Recruits

Les Bartling (centre-half back Welshpool), R. J. Branchflower (forward, Old Melburnians), Harold Boschen (a promising recruit who sustained an injury early last year), J. Carney (Geelong), G. Davidson (centre, South Bendigo), Colin Boyd (back pocket, rover, Brunswick), H. Cameron (Wimmera), W. Cooney (rover Orbost), A. Gillespie (University Blacks), Berriman (Balnarring), Mackin (Fish Creek), Bill Hartney, centre -half forward (Deniliquin), Crawford (district), Bill Garvie (Richmond), Jack Guest (district), Glendenning (Flinders), F. McClintock (Ivanhoe), J.Patterson (rover, Noojee), M. Price (district), Don McIntyre (backman, seconds), A. McIntyre (Don's brother), C. Neeson (North Melbourne), A. L. Price (Carlton seconds to Carlton), A. Pye (South Ballarat), W. J. Redstone (Carlton Amateurs), Rietchel (forward Coburg), R. Savage (follower Mitcham), Laurie Shea (Bacchus Marsh, Keith Shea's brother), R. Sneddon (Korrumburra), L. Smith (W.A.), G. I. Stevenson (South Richmond), A. Woods (brother of Collingwood player), E. Dale (Sandhurst)

Ernie "Snowy" Dale, forward ex Deniliquin kicked 68 goals in 8 games in 1934

Permits Granted

K. Fox (South Brunswick), E. H. Weller (Carlton Amateurs), F. Dempsey (Carlton Amateurs)


J. Crowe (Collingwood), A. DeLuca (Hawthorn), T. H. Adams (Brighton), M. Condon (Carlton seconds to St. Kilda), A. G. Gilby (Williamstown), J. Boland (Coburg), Ray Quinn (Brunswick), A or W Crameri (Oakleigh), J. McBeth (Port Melbourne), N. S. Le Brun (Griffiths), T. Peterson (Collingwood), J. Cashman (W. Australia), K. Maskell (Brunswick), C. Jobe (Stawell)

Permits Granted

K. Brady (to Essendon) L. G. Peterson (Camberwell), R. J. Taylor (Carlton seconds to Brunswick), J. M. Cooper (Brunswick), C. Jobe (Stawell), K. Maskell (Brunswick),

Practice Matches, March 28 at Coburg, vs Coburg Recruits at 1.30pm.

Carlton Recruits; 41 named, players rotated throughout the match.
Backs; Mackin, L. Shea, C. Jones, Bartling, McCabe.
Half Backs; A. McIntyre, H. Anderson, Boachen, Gravenall, Booth, Jack Guest.
Centres; Branchflower, E. James, Quinn, P. Smith, Branson, Mathieson.
Half forwards; Redstone, G. Crisp, Field, Hunter, Treweek, R. McGregor.
Forwards; Denning, Glendenning, G. Thomas, T. Standfield, Hartney, Prendergast.
Followers, Savige, K. Fox, C. Boyd, R. Stevenson.
Rover; Clarke (captain), Lamb
To be included during the game; Crameri, L. Smith, Sneddon, Williams, Woods, Jackson.
Umpires; Chapman & G. Murphy

Carlton vs Coburg at Coburg 3pm.
32 named;
Backs; Anderson, Kirkby, Gill, Park, Gilby, Cleary
Half backs; Gillespie, Chitty, Mackie, Hollingshead, Francis, Arrell
Centres; Norman McDermott, Turner, K. Shea, Green, Pye
Half forwards; Collard, McLean, Crawford, Dunn, Le Brun, J. Patterson
Forwards; Dale, McElroy, Vallence, Cooper, Dougherty, M. Johnson
Followers; Davey, Pollock
Rover, J. Doherty
Umpires; Boyd & Rooney

Carlton v Brunswick Monday 1.30pm March 30

Carlton and Brunswick recruits played at Brunswick
The 'Wicks supporters were jubillant as their recruits team had a good win and their senior team put up a good show against the Blues.
Carlton team;
Backs; Macken, Booth, Jack Guest
Half backs; McGregor, Boschen, Gunn
Centres; Branchflower, P. Smith, Branson
Half forwards; Redstone, Thomas, Paterson
Forwards; Glendenning, Stanfield, Hartney
Followers; Fox, Stevenson
Rover; Lamb
Carl; 2.6 4.7 4.9 5.10.40
Bruns; 1.1 4.2 5.4 8.7.55
Best; Booth, Stanfield, Fox, Anderson, Jones.

Carlton v Brunswick

This match followed the recruits game. Conditions had somewhat improved.
Harry Vallence kicked the first three goals for the Blues.
Players were changed during the match, Denning and Pollock were mentioned in one report..
McGregor had played in the earlier match and came on after half time.
Carlton team;
Backs; Anderson, Gill, Park
Half backs; Huxtable, Francis, Chitty
Centres; Turner, Shea, Green
Half forwards; Collard, Dunn, McGregor
Forwards; Dale, Vallence, Johnson
Followers; Davey, McLean
Rover; Quinn
Carlton won by 11 points.
Carl; 3.3 6.10 8.14 10.18.78
Bruns; 2.4 5.4 8.7 10.7.67
Best; Johnson, Davey, K. Shea, Quinn, Francis, Gilby, Vallence, Dougherty, Park, McLean
Goals; Vallence at least 3, rest unknown

Practice Matches, April 04

Carlton v Ivanhoe Amateur Assocation at Ivanhoe at 3pm
Players met at the Garton Street entrance of Princes Park at 2pm (37 named)
Dunn,G. Crisp, Savage, Hunter, Prendergast, Stevenson, C. Jones, Anderson, P. Smith, James, A. Pierce, W. Pierce, Rodgers, Johns, B. Green, P. Williams, A. Williams, Walker, Macklin, Miller, Westcott, Sollory, Stuchberry, Job, Viney, Nicholas, Boland, Shinnick, Lovett, Mooney, Dawson, Richards, Stephen, Swain, Burke, Mateer, Dempsey.

Carlton v Preston Recruits at Preston at1.30pm.
Backs; Chitty, Rosewarne, De Luca
Half backs; Gillespie, Boschen, Kirkby
Centres; McDermot, Treweek, Branchflower
Half forwards; McElroy, J. Cooper, Redstone
Forwards; Denning, Thomas, G. Dougherty
Followers; Hollingshead, Pollock
Rover; Le Brun
Emergencies; (11) Fox, Hartney, Crawford, Glendenning, Garvie, Patterson, Mackint, Cleary, Jack Guest,Pye, L. Shea (to change at half time)
Umpire; C. S. White
Carlton won easily.
Best; McElroy, McDermott, Hollingshead, Dougherty, Fox

Carlton v Preston at Preston at 3pm.
Jim Francis captained the team after Charlie Davey announced he was stepping down as the burden of captaincy was affecting his game.
Crowd; 2,500
Backs; Anderson, Gill, Park
Half backs; Huxtable, Mackie, Francis (Capt)
Centres; Carney, Hughson, Green
Half forwards; George Collard, Fields, J. Doherty
Forwards; Dale, Vallence, Colin Boyd
Followers; Davey, McLean
Rover; Clarke
Emergencies; Dunn, Crowe, Turner, Gilby (to change at half time)
Changes at half time; Dunn, Crowe, Turner, Gilby, Hale for Anderson, Carney, Fields, Doherty, De Luca
Jack Hale hurried to the Preston ground after batting in a district cricket semi final.
Umpire; S. A. Scott
Carlton won by 45 points
Carl; 2.6 5.9 10.14 11.16.82
Pres; 2.1 4.4 4.7 5.7.37
Goals; Clarke 3, Dunn 2, Davey 2, Dale 2, Doherty, De Luca.
Best; Davey, Francis, Clarke, Carney, Doherty (brother of Collingwood player Vin), Gill, Fields.

Practice Matches April 11

More than 30 senior players turned up for training on Tuesday evening in pouring rain. The Southern (city) wing of Princes Park was under water.
This weekend is the first time Carlton could use Princes Park due to cricket requirements.

Carlton Seconds and Thirds vs East Brunswick at Fleming Park
Backs; W. Rogers, Mackin, Fox
Half backs; Jack Guest, neeson, Savage
Centres; Branchflower, P. Smith, Tye
Half forwards; G. Crisp, Glendenning, Dempsey
Forwards; A. Williams, Boland, Stevenson
Followers; Hunter, Hartney
Rover; Bourke
Emergencies; Job, Cleary, James, Johns, B. Green, Macklin, Richards, Nickless, Lovett, L. Shea, Weller (to be included during the game.)

Blues played Blue & Whites at Princes Park
Blues team
Backs; Collard, Gill, Park
Half backs; Anderson, Mackie, Francis (Capt)
Centres; Carney, Shea, Green
Half forwards; Johnson, Dunn, Crisp
Forwards; Dale, Vallence, Butler
Followers; Davey, McLean
Rover; McDermott

Blue & Whites team
Backs; Deluca, Rosewarne, Kirkby
Half backs; Treweek, Gillespie, Gilby (Capt)
Centres; Turner, Hughson, Garvie
Half forwards; Hale, Hollingshead, Quinn
Forwards; Le Brun, Denning, Pollock
Followers; Dougherty, Mutimer
Rover; Clarke
Emergencies; Chitty, Arrell, J.Dougherty, McIntyre, McGregor, Price, Warren, Redstone, Thomas, Guthrie, Crawford.

Practice Match at Princes Park, Monday April 13

Blues played Blue & Whites
Blues team
Backs; Johnson, Gill, Park
Half backs; Anderson, Francis, McIntyre
Centres; Carney, Shea, Green
Half forwards; Bulter, Dunn, J. Doherty
Forwards; Dale, Vallence, Thomas
Followers; Davey, McLean
Rover; Norman McDermott
Goals; Vallence 10 up to three quarter time.
Best; Vallence, Gill, Davey, Francis, R. Green, Dunn, Butler, McDermott, Carney, Doherty, Dale (Deniliquin), Park, Johnson

Blue & White team
Backs; DeLuca, Rosewarne, Kirkby
Half backs; Treweek, Gillespie, Gilby
Centres; Warren, Hughson, Bill Garvie
Half forwards; Hale, Hollingshead, Ray Quinn
Forwards; LeBrun, Denning, Guthrie
Followers; Dougherty, Mutimer
Rover; Clarke
Others to be included during the game are; Turner, Cross, Crawford, Chitty, Farrell, Collard, and C. Crisp
Best; Gilby, Garvie, Gillespie (University Blacks), Price, Crawford, Quinn, Warren, Gutherie (Collingwood), Le Brun, Denning

May 02
Opening round of the 1936 season.
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park
The Blues combined well and were too strong for Fitzroy
Carlton ran away with the game in the final quarter booting 9.3 to 1.1.
Carlton team;
Backs; Hollingshead, McIntyre, Turner
Half backs; Gillespie, Neeson, Treweek
Centres; McDermott, Hughson, Garvie
Half forwards; G. Crisp (VC), Gunn/Dunn, Butler
Forwards; Gale, Denning, Stevenson
Followers; Pollock, Job (C)
Rover; Price
19th. Cleary
Emergencies; Cameron, Jack Guest, A. Williams
Umpire; Sellers

Carlton won; 17.16.118 - 5.7.37
Goals; Dunn 5, Butler 3, Hollingshead 2, Gillespie, Pollock, Stevenson, Dale, Bill Garvie, Crisp, Price 1.
Best; Neeson, Butler, Dunn, Pollock, Hughson, Hollingshead
"With the Carlton Seconds, the three best among the senior reserves were Dunn who kicked five goals and missed a few opportunities, Butler, who gave a polished display as a rover; and Neeson who played so well at centre-half back that he may soon be promoted. More than 1,000 Carlton tickets were sold on Saturday." (Argus May 05)
Carlton second
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 118, Against 37, 318.9%, Points 4.

May 09
Carlton played Essendon
A fairly even game up until three quarter time.
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, Hollingshead, McIntyre
Half backs; Gilby, Neeson, Turner
Centres; Norman McDermott, Hughson, Bill Garvie
Half forwards; G. Crisp, Rosewarne, Cameron
Forwards; Dale, Dunn, Price
Followers; Pollock, Job
Rover; Butler
Reserve; Stevenson
Emergencies; Redstone, Fogarty, Saw.

Carlton lost; 7.16.58 - 11.9.75
Goals; Crisp 3, Price 3, Butler
Best; Butler, McIntyre, Hollingshead, Pollock, Neeson, Price
"Butler, the young rover, was again the best player for Carlton seconds on Saturday. He played several games last year, and is worthy of inclusion in the seniors. With Clarke and Cooper doing well, however, he will have difficulty in gaining promotion at the moment. Cameron (Stawell), Price, Pollock, and McIntyre were the best of the others." (Argus May 12)
Carlton fifth
Played 2, Won 1, Lost 1, For 176, Against 112, 157.1%, Points 4.

May 16
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
A one sided match that was well and truly over at half time when the Blues led by 100 points! (101-1)
Carlton team;
Backs; Anderson, Rosewarne, Cleary or Stevenson
Half backs; McIntyre, Neeson, Gillespie
Centres; Stokes, G. Crisp (Capt.), Bill Garvie
Half forwards; Hughson, Dougherty, Cameron
Forwards; Fox, Denning, Norman McDermott
Followers; Hollingshead, Dunn
Rover; Price
Emergencies; McGregor, Fogarty, Redstone
Umpire; McAlpine

Carlton won; 24.24.168 - 8.6.54
Goals; Denning 8, Dunn 5, Norman McDermott 4, Anderson 2, Fox 2, Dougherty 2, Price.
Best; Hughson (BOG), McIntyre, Bill Garvie, Denning, Price, Neeson
"Hughson and McIntyre were the best of the reserves in the Carlton seconds match. Garvie was very useful on the wing. Dunn kicked five goals and H. Nesson and Cameron (who kicks well with either foot) were others who distinguished themselves." (Argus May 20)
Carlton fifth
Played 3, Won 2, Lost 1, For 344, Against 166, 207.2%, Points 8.

May 23
Carlton played Richmond
The Blues set up the win in the first quarter when they scored 6.4 to 3.0.
Carlton team;
Backs; Gillespie, Rosewarne, Dougherty
Half backs; McIntyre, Neeson, Stokes
Centres; Turner, G. Crisp, Bill Garvie
Half forwards; Price, Mutimer, Cameron
Forwards; Norman McDermott, Denning, Fox
Followers; Dunn, Stevenson
Rover; Butler
Reserve; Treweek
Emergencies; Glendenning, H. Quinn

Carlton won; 13.13.91 - 11.11.77
Goals; Denning 4, Dougherty 3, Mutimer 2, Stevenson, Norman McDermott, Turner, Price
Best; Dougherty, Price, McIntyre, Mutimer, Neeson, Stevenson, Turner
Carlton third
Played 4, Won 3, Lost 1, For 435, Against 243, 179.0%, Points 12.

May 30
Carlton played Footscray
An even game until mid-way through the second quarter, then Carlton broke away to have a handy lead at half time.
All Carlton players played well.
Carlton team;
Backs; Stokes, Gill, Hollingshead
Half backs; Huxtable, Mackie, McIntyre
Centres; Turner, G. Crisp, Bill Garvie
Half Forwards; Price, Thomas, Cameron
Forwards; Redstone, Denning, Fox
Followers; Dunn, Stevenson
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Glendenning, Gillespie, Cleary, Quinn.

Carlton won; 16.13.109 - 9.11.65
Redstone 6, Denning 4, Price 2, Dunn 2, Fox, Thomas
Best; McIntyre, Price, Gill, Redstone, Huxtable, Dunn, Hollingshead, Cameron
Carlton third
Played 5, Won 4, Lost 1, For 544, Against 308, 176.6%, Points 16.

June 06
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park
The Blues were comprehensively beaten all over the ground.
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, Mutimer, Collard
Half backs; Crisp, Thomas or Quinn, Stoke
Centres; Turner, Hughson, Bill Garvie
Half forwards; Butler, Mackie, Cameron
Forwards; Fox, Denning, Redstone
Followers; Hollingshead, Stevenson
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Glendenning, Fogarty, Schmidt

Carlton lost; 7.11.53 - 14.18.102
Goals; Denning 2, Fox, Hollingshead, Redstone, Crisp, Hughson
Best; Price, Hollingshead, Denning, Fox, Mutimer, Mackie
Carlton fourth
Played 6, Won 4, Lost 2, For 597, Against 410, 145.6%, Points 16.

June 13
Carlton played St.Kilda at the Junction Oval.
Kicking with the wind, the Blues kicked 9.3 - 2.1 in the first quarter.
However the Saints out scored Carlton to be 20 points behind at half time. Carlton then added 9.7 - 1.0 in the third. St.Kilda had the better of the play in the final term, but the Blues ran out winners by 39 points.
At half time the Victorian Railways Institute Club held a two mile handicap running race on the ground.
Carlton team;
Backs; Cameron, Cleary, Stokes
Half backs; Thomas, Pollock, Crisp
Centres; Bear, Butler, Hughson
Half forwards; Turner, Mutimer, Johnson
Forwards; Fox, Redstone, Denning
Followers; Collard, Stevenson
Rover; Price
Reserve; Bill Garvie
Emergencies; Quinn, Dale.
Umpire: Grove

Carl. 9.7 10.4 19.11 19.15.129
St.K. 2.1 6.8 7.8 12.18.90
Goals; Redstone 4, Fox 3, Denning 3, Price 3, Hughson 2, Pollock, Mutimer, Stevenson, Turner
Best; Butler, Mutimer, Price, Bill Garvie, Cleary, Redstone
Carlton fourth
Played 7, Won 5, Lost 2, For 726, Against 500, 145.2%, Points 20.

June 20
Carlton played North Melbourne at Princes Park
The game was fairly even up until half time.
Despite not being at full strength, Carlton won the game in the third quarter.
The photo at the top of the page could be this team. Maurie Johnson played two Reserves games this year. He played last week and in this match. He appears in the the team photo.
Carlton team;
Backs; Stokes, Cleary, Turner
Half backs; Treweek, Collard, Cameron
Centres; Read, G. Crisp, Bill Garvie
Half forwards; Hughson, Mutimer, Johnson
Forwards; Fox, Redstone, Denning
Followers; Pollock, Stevenson
Rover; Price (late replacement debuted in senior team, Schmidt named in Reserves goal scorers)
Could be Paul Schmidt ex Princes Hill who made his senior debut next season, Schmidt was named in most of the Reserves remaining matches this year.
Emergencies; Glendenning, Thomas, McGregor, Walsh.

Carl; 3.4 7.9 9.16 13.23.101
N.M; 3.4 3.7 5.7 7.7.49
Carlton won by 52 points
Goals; Johnson 3, Denning 2, Fox 2, Mutimer, Hughson, Crisp, Stevenson, Schmidt, Redstone
Best; Bill Garvie, G. Crisp, Fox, Mutimer, Pollock, Cleary, Denning.
Carlton fifth
Played 8, Won 6, Lost 2, For 821, Against 549, 149.5%, Points 24.

June 27
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G.
Playing on a heavy ground, the Blues wasted many scoring opportunities.
Carlton team;
Backs; Stokes, Cleary, Pollock
Half backs; Treweek, Dougherty, Cameron
Centres; Turner, Williams, Bear
Half forwards; Butler, Shields, Hughson
Forwards; Fox, Redstone, Denning
Followers; Hollingshead, Stevenson
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Glendenning, Fogarty, Schmidt

Carlton lost; 9.10.64 - 17.19.121
Goals; Butler 3, Redstone 2, Price 2, Fox, Fields
Best; Schmidt, Cleary, Stokes, Price, Butler, Fox
Carlton fifth
Played 9, Won 6, Lost 3, For 885, Against 670, 132.0%, Points 24

July 04
All senior and reserve grade matches cancelled because of adverse weather.
This round's matches were played next Saturday, and the season extended by one week.
Carlton were to play Geelong at Geelong
Carlton team as selected;
Backs; Glendenning, Cleary, Bullen
Half backs; Schmidt, Mackie, Cameron
Centres; Bill Garvie, G. Crisp, Bear
Half forwards; Fogarty, Fields, Turner
Forwards; Fox, Redstone, Denning
Followers; Collard, Kuhlken
Rover; Butler
Reserve; Mooney
Emergencies; G. Mutimer, Dempsey, Richards

July 11
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong
Carlton met at Spencer Street Railway Station at 12.15pm.
An even game up until three quarter time.
Geelong led by 3 points at the first break, then Carlton led by 3 points at half time.
The home team then outscored the Blues by 3.6 - 1.4, and in the final term they scored 3.7 to Carlton's 2.2
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, Mutimer, Ayers
Half backs; Schmidt, Fox, Cashen
Centres;Williams, G. Crisp, Bill Garvie
Half forwards; Redstone, Wrout, Warren
Forwards; Bullen, Fields, Denning
Followers; Collard, Hollingshead
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Cameron, Turner, Glendenning, Fogarty

Carlton lost; 8.9.57 - 10.19.79
Goals; Bullen 2, Denning 2, Redstone, Wrout, Fields, Hollingshead
Best; Cashen, Mutimer, Williams, Bullen, Collard, Redstone
Carlton fifth
Played 10, Won 6, Lost 4, For 942, Against 749, 125.7%, Points 24.

July 18
Carlton played South Melbourne
A vital game for the Blues to get into the top four.
Carlton had first use of the fairly strong wind and led by 34points at the first change.
They then held out South in the second term and set up a match winning lead after half time.
Carlton team;
Backs; Sherran, Fields, Cameron
Half backs; McLean, Mackie, Denning
Centres; Williams, Cashen, Bill Garvie
Half forwards; G. Crisp, Wrout, Butler
Forwards; Fox, Neeson, Redstone
Followers; Pollock, Hollingshead
Rover; Price
Reserve; Ayers
Emergencies; Cleary, Glendenning, Turner

Carlton won;
Carl. 6.7 8.10 14.22 17.23.125
S.M. 1.3 3.7 4.7 9.15.69
Goals; Wrout 5, Neeson 5, Butler 3, Crisp, Job, Cameron, Denning
Best; Wrout, Neeson, Fox, Turner, Butler, Williams, Fields
"Wrout the former North Melbourne and interstate player, was the best player for Carlton seconds on Saturday. He was centre-half forward, and then had a turn in the ruck. Neeson also played well, he and Wrout kicking five goals each. Fields, who is 6ft. 2in. in height played brilliantly in goal. He is regarded as a second Regan. F. Williams, Butler, and Fox were the best of the others in an even team." (Argus July 21)
Carlton fourth
Played 11, Won 7, Lost 4, For 1067, Against 818, 130.4%, Points 28

July 25
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy
The Blues adapted to the wet weather conditions better than their opponents and ran out easy winners.
Carlton team;
Backs; Turner, Fields, Park
Half backs; Ayers, Fox, Denning
Centres; Williams, Schmidt, Bill Garvie
Half forwards; Hughson, Mackie, Price
Forwards; Redstone, Neeson, Cameron
Followers; Pollock, Hollinghead
Rover; Butler
Reserve; Cleary
Emergencies; Mooney, Thomas
Umpire; Woosnan

Carlton won; 23.22.160 - 6.4.28
Goals; Redstone 4, Neeson 4, Butler 3, Price 3, Pollock 2, Hughson 2, Hollingshead 2, Cameron, Schmidt, Thomas
"Butler (roving), Schmidt (centre), Hughson (half forward flank), Denning, Hollingshead, Price, Park, and Pollock were the best of the others. Denning usually forward, was played in defence, and showed exceptional promise. The captaincy of Pollock was a feature."
Carlton fourth
Played 12, Won 8, Lost 4, For 1227, Against 846, 145.03%, Points 32

August 01
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park
The Blues were too quick for the Dons and led 10.6 to 1.2 at half time.
Carlton team;
Backs; Mooney, Gill, Collard
Half backs; Ayres, Fox, Denning
Centres; Williams, Schmidt, Hughson
Half forwards; Redstone, Fields, Warren
Forwards; Cameron, Neeson, Bill Garvie
Followers; McLean, Hollingshead
Rover; Price
Reserve; Cleary
Emergencies; Glendenning, Cahill

Carlton won; 12.12.84 - 4.7.31
Goals; Bill Garvie 6, Redstone, Cameron, Neeson, Warren, Hollingshead, Gill 1.
Best; Denning, Williams, Schmidt, Fields, Hollingshead, Bill Garvie, Price.
"Playing excellently on the half-back wing, Denning was the best player for Carlton seconds he demonstrated that his right place is in defence. F. Williams (wing), Schmidt (centre), Fields usually full back, but stationed centre-half forward, Bill Garvie (forward), and Hollingshead (follower) were the best of the others." (Argus August 04)
Carlton fourth
Played 13, Won 9, Lost 4, For 1311, Against 877, 149.48%, Points 36.

August 08
Carlton played Hawthorn
Carlton team;
Backs; Turner, Gill, Collard
Half backs; Mackie, Fox, Kuhlken
Centres; Hughson, Schmidt, Warren
Half forwards; Redstone, Fields, Butler
Forwards; Cameron, Neeson, Bill Garvie
Followers; McLean, Hollingshead
Rover; Price
Reserve; Ayers
Emergencies; Quinn, Bear, Job
Carlton won by 19 points
Carl: 5.1 6.5 6.7 8.15.63
Haw: 1.4 1.8 2.12 5.14.44
Goals; unknown
Carlton fourth
Played 14, Won 10, Lost 4, For 1374, Against 921, 149.18%, Points 40

August 15
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
Both half back lines were on top throughout the match.
Carlton's accuracy in the early part of the game enabled them to maintain the lead.
Carlton team;
Backs; H. Quinn, Gill, Turner
Half backs; Cashin, Mackie, McLean
Centres; Williams, Schmidt, Mooney
Half forwards; Cameron, Fields, Warren
Forwards; Kuhlken, Neeson, Bill Garvie
Followers; Hollingshead, Collard
Rover; Price
Reserve; Fox
Emergencies; Redstone, Hughson, Ayers.

Carlton won; 12.14.86 - 8.12.60
Goals; Bill Garvie 4, Neeson 3, Fox 2, Hollingshead, Price, Fields 1.
Best; Gill, Bill Garvie, Williams, Price, Warren, Schmidt, Fox
"Carlton seconds were best served by Gill (full back), Williams (back), Garvie (half forward), Price (rover), Warren (wing & rover), and Schmidt (centre)." (Argus August 18)
Carlton fourth
Played 15, Won 11, Lost 4, For 1460, Against 981, 148.8%, Points 44

August 22
Carlton played Footscray
Footscray maintained the lead from the first quarter, this win assured them a place in the final four.
The Blues slipped out of the four to be replaced by Geelong, one game clear.
Carlton team;
Backs; Quinn, Gill, Turner
Half backs; Cashen, Mackie, Fox
Centres; Mooney, Schmidt, Warren
Half forwards; Kuhlken, Fields, Price
Forwards; Cameron, Neeson, Bill Garvie
Followers; Hollingsjead, Collard
Rover; Butler or Denning
Emergencies; Redstone, Crisp, Bear, Ayers.

Carlton lost; 10.9.69 - 12.15.87
Goals; Bill Garvie 3, Neeson 3, Price 2, Cameron, Butler 1.
Best; Turner, Price, Kuhlken, Gill, Bill Garvie, Bullen/Butler.
"Turner, in a back pocket, was the most promising of the Carlton reserves, Gill played his usual sound game, and Kuhlken stood out as a follower. Both rovers, Butler and Price, did particularly well." (Argus August 26)
Carlton fifth
Played 16, Won 11, Lost 5, For 1529, Against 1068, 143.16%, Points 44

August 29
Carlton played Collingwood at Princes Park
A fast and even game up until three quarter time, then the Blues showed their superiority and won the match comfortably.
Carlton team;
Backs; Mooney, Gill, Ayers
Half backs; Redstone, Fox, Denning
Centres; Williams, Schmidt, Turner
Half forwards; Warren, Fields, Price
Forwards; Cameron, Neeson, Bill Garvie
Followers; Collard, Quinn
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Hart, Dale, G. Crisp, Thomas
Carlton won; 12.17.89 - 11.6.72
Goals; Butler 4, Neeson 2, Price 2, Warren, Bill Garvie, Fields, Ayers 1.
Best; Butler, Schmidt, Fox, Williams, Warren, Gill, Collard
Carlton fifth
Played 17, Won 12, Lost 5, For 1618, Against 1140, 141.9%, Points 48.

September 05
Final round of the home and away season.
Carlton played St.Kilda at Princes Park
The Blues made an all out effort to gain percentage on Footscray (fourth) in a bid to make the final four.
Incredibly they gained a huge percentage boost of 9.62%!
Unfortunately the Dogs won their match, and Carlton just missed out on the final four by a small amount of percentage.
Carlton team;
Backs; Mooney, Gill, Quinn
Half backs; Turner, Fox, Denning
Centres; Cashin, Schmidt, Williams
Half forwards; Price, Fields, Warren
Forwards; Cameron, Neeson, Bill Garvie
Followers; Collard, Ayers
Rover; Butler
Reserve; Redstone
Emergencies; G. Crisp, Dale, Cleary.
Carlton won by 132 points
Carl: 7.4 16.7 19.10 27.14.176
St.K: 3.3 3.6 5.8 6.8.44
Goals; Neeson 8, Price 5, Ayers 4, Butler 3, Bill Garvie 3, Crisp 2, Collard, Cleary
Best; Denning, Cashen, Butler, Schmidt, Williams, Price, Neeson.
Carlton fifth
Played 18, Won 13, Lost 5, For 1794, Against 1184, 151.52%, Points 52

1936 Major Goal Scorers*

Denning 25, Neeson 22, Redstone 21, Butler 21, Bill Garvie 18, Price 15.
.* August 8, Hawthorn match details unavailable.

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