The Blues lose another semi-final - this time to Melbourne.


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Semi Final
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1936 Summary

Two thumping wins to start the season, over Fitzroy by 76 points and Essendon by 102 points. Another win in round 3 saw Carlton in second place on the ladder, the entire top 4 being unbeaten after three rounds. The early season form deserted the club through the middle of the season, the team winning only 3 out of 8 games between rounds 4 and 11. This dropped the Blues to fifth place, two games out of the top 4. While Carlton was struggling to win games, one positive was that they were competitive, the losses five losses to date being by only 10, 6, 19, 15 and 7 points.

The teams fortunes improves from round 12 with 6 straight wins bringing the Blues back into finals contention. A 1 point loss to St Kilda in round 18 rounded out the home and away season, the team finishing in third place with a 12 win, 6 loss record. Amazingly 7 out of the 18 wins had margins of 10 points or less, with the Blues winning 3 of these close games.

Carlton would start poorly in the first Semi Final against Melbourne, giving Melbourne a 22 point half time lead. The Blues endeavour couldn't be faulted in the second half, outscoring the Demons 19 scoring shots to 11. Inaccurracy cost the team dearly, after kicking 3.7 in the third quarter and 3.6 in the final term, Carlton would lose the final by only 9 points despite having 6 more scoring shots.


1Sth Melbourne160264248.318.1806214.240.1524118.5
7St Kilda90936271.219.1845276.263.191996.1
11Nth Melbourne401416177.212.1274235.269.167975.9

People of 1936

Coach: Frank Maher
Captain: Jim Francis
Leading Goal-kicker: Harry Vallence - 86 goals
Best & Fairest: Ansell Clarke


Debuts: Frank P Williams, Jack Wrout, Norm Cashin, Will Kuhlken, Gordon Crisp, Albert 'Mick' Price, Harry Hollingshead, Clem Neeson, Jack Carney


A total of 1,538,000 attended V.F.L. home and away matches this season.
This is down on season 1935 by 125,867

Carlton played Coburg at Coburg, March 28

One of Carlton's better players was Francis who played a great game in defence.
Carlton team;
Backs; Anderson, Gill, Gilby
Half backs; Gillespie, Mackie, Francis
Centres; McDermott, Green, Pye
Half forwards; Pollard, De Luca, Le Brun
Forwards; Dale, Vallence, G. Doherty
Followers; Davey, Pollock
Rover; Doherty
No reserves named
Umpire; Blackburn
Carlton won by 1 point
Carl; 2.4 4.7 5.8 7.13. 55
Cob; 2.1 4.4 4.12 7.12.54
Goals; Vallence 5, Dale 2
Best; Vallence, Davey, Francis, Shea, Green

Carlton played Preston at Preston, April 04

First appearance by former Geelong player Jack Carney
Three new players made up the half forward line
Gilby, Turner, Dunn, Crowe, Hale replaced Anderson, Carney, Fields, Doherty and De Luca at half time.
Carlton team;
Backs; Anderson, Gill, Park
Half backs; Huxtable, Mackie, Francis
Centres; Carney, Hughson, Green
Half forwards; Collard, Fields, J. Doherty
Forwards; De Luca, Dale, Boyd
Followers; Davey, McLean
Rover; Clarke
Carlton won by 45 points
Carl; 2.6 5.9 10.14 11.16.82
Pres; 2.1 4.4 4.7 5.7.37
Goals; Clarke 3, Dunn 2, Davey 2, Dale 2, Doherty, De Luca
Best; Sporting Globe named McDermott, Doherty, McElroy, Hollingshead

Practice Match April 11

Blue v Blue & White Practice Match April 18

"Carlton recruits were tried out in an earlier game at Princes Oval. Notable in a bright and interesting game were;
Fogarty (outstanding rover), Neeson, Johns, Mooney, Weller (half back), G. Crisp, P. Smith (centre), Cameron (Stawell half forward), Glendenning (forward), Branchflower (wing), Stevenson and Job (ruck)"
(Sporting Globe April 18 p4)
Blue Team;
Backs; Collard, Gill, Park
Half backs; Anderson, Mackie, Francis (Capt)
Centers; Carney, Shea, Green
Half forwards; Butler, Dunn, Crisp
Forwards; Hale, Denning, Johnson
Followers; Doughtery, McLean
Rover; Clarke

Blue & White Team
Backs; McIntyre, Rosewarne, Quinn
Half backs; Trweek, Gillespie, Gilby (Capt)
Centres; Garvie, Hughson, Turner
Half forwards; J. Doherty, De Luca, Warren
Forwards; Price, Dale, Hollingshead
Followers; Pollock, Guthrie
Rover; McDermott

Blues won by 29 points
Blues; 16.8.104
B&W; 11.9.75
Better players; Warren, and Hollingshead (Kilmore) Garvie played well as winger. , Rosewarne a splendid full back, Doherty and Collard resting rucks played when resting on the forward line, Price, Butler Crisp, Shea, Gilby and Francis.
Goals; unknown

Carlton vs North Hobart, at North Hobart October 10

North Hobart were the Tasmanian premiers by defeating North Launceston the previous week.
Attendance; 2,900
Carlton team;
Backs; Francis, Park, Denning
Half backs; Huxtable, Mackie, Hale
Centres; Green, Anderson, Carney
Half forwards; Shea, Wrout, Butler
Forwards; Gill, Vallence, Collard
Followers; Pollock, Cooper, Clarke
Umpire; E. Burgess
Carl; 3.1 10.6 12.8 20.19.139
N H; 4.9 6.10 9.13 12.13.85
Goals; Vallence 9, Carney 4, Wrout 3, Shea 2, Clarke, Butler
Best; Vallence, Carney, Shea, Park, Francis, Huxtable, Hale, Cooper, Wrout, Clarke, Collard

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