1930 Reserves

Reserves Season 1930
Coach: Jim Robertson
Captain: Jim Robertson
Best & Fairest: TBD
Most Improved: A. Gilby
Best Junior Player: E. Little
Best First Year Player: W. Darlison
Hon. Life Membership: L. Clarke & H. Gillard (six years service)
Four Years Certificate: J. Crowe
Position: 10th
Premier: Geelong


L. Allen, Brew, Byrne, Clarke, Clover, Collins, Connell, Crowe, Davey, Doyle, Duncan, Dunn, Gilby, Gill, Green, Johnson, Kelleher, Kelly, W. Lever, A. Martyn, C. Martyn, McSwain, Parsons, Sheil, Skehan, Vallence, Williams


V. L. Arthur (South Bendigo), Daffey (South Bendigo), Scharp (University), Bill Stephenson* (Pakenham), Thomson (Ararat)

Supplementary List

A. E. Davis (came third place in the Stawell Gift, Sale), L. Hodder (Carlton Reserves)

Permits Granted - To Carlton

E. F. Huxtable (from Tasmania), A. C. Gilby (Coburg), T. Sellars (Tasmania), R. A. C. Williams (Brunswick juniors), P. McNamara (East Brunswick), W. J. Flynn (South Melbourne Districts), S. Cusworth (Ormond), J. McLeod (Castlemaine)


W. Euson (Reserves to Warrnambool), J. F. Gilmore (Coal Mine), R. N. Perverill (Korrumburra), L. LewShing (Reserves to North Melbourne), F. Roberts (Reserves to Geelong), C. B. Lord (N.S.W.), A. D. Charge (Reserves to Preston or Brunswick)
H. Dunn cleared to Prahran late May.
M. Joyce cleared to Port Melbourne, July 02. (Sun News July 03 p23)

.* William "Bill" John Stephenson, a building contractor, became mayor of the Gippsland City of Sale.
There is an Argus article with photo from December 27 1956 (p11)

Opening round of the season
May 3
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park
The Blues started with the advantage of the wind and had scored 6.5 to 0.5 at quarter time. However in the next term Essendon scored 10.5 to nil.
The remainder to the game was fairly even, with Carlton having slightly the best of the play but the damage had been done.
Carlton lost; 8.6.54 - 11.17.83
Goals; Allen 3, Darlison 2, Hodder, McSwain, Dunn
Best; Huxtable, Robinson, Sellars, McSwain, Simmons
Carlton tenth?
Played 1, Won 0, Lost 1 For 54, Against 83, 65.06%, Points 0

May 10
Carlton played Richmond
McVay (injured), Goater and Flynn to be included. Franks from South Melbourne District.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Allan, Arthur, Clarke, Cusworth, Darlison, Dunn, Flynn, Franky, Gilby, Goater, Hodder, Huxtable, Job, Joyce, Kennedy, Little, McNamara, McSwain, Robertson, Sellars, Simmons, Shiel. Skehan, Thompson, Williams
Three quarter time; Carl. 19.15.129 - Rich 6.9.45
Carlton won by 60 points; 22.18.150 - 13.12.90
Goals; no details
Best; no details
Played 2, Won 1, Lost 1, For 204, Against 144, 141.66%, Points 4

May 16 Friday
The Herald reports Lever has been cleared to Preston and Shiel to Hawthorn.

May 17
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
A fast & fairly even game with one side gaining the upper hand then the other, with the Blues getting on top in the final term.
Carlton team; (18 named plus emerg.)
A. Gilby, Huxtable, Cusworth, Simmons, Job, Sellars, Arthur, Robertson, Goater, Flynn, Skehan, Dunn, Darliston, Little, Hodder, Clarke, McSwain, Franky.
Emergencies; Williams, Joyce, McNamara, Kennedy
Half time; Carl. 10.10.70 - Haw 3.4.32 should be 22
Carlton won; 15.19.109 - 10.6.66
Goals; Little 3, Flynn 3, Darlison 3, Dunn 2, Skehan 2, Robertson 2
Best; Flynn (BOG), Skehan, Robertson, McNamara, Darlison
Carlton fourth
Played 3, Won 2, Lost 1, For 313, Against 210, 149.04%, Points 8

May 24
Carlton played South Melbourne at South Melbourne
The Blues had trouble fielding a full team and had to resort to shanghaiing three baseballers from the curtain raiser baseball match! McVay who was unfit also played. Consequently South had no trouble in winning, running out easy victors kicking 5.5 - 0.1 in the last quarter.
Carlton team; (18 named plus 5 emerg.)
Gilby, Huxtable, Kennedy, Simmons, Job, Thompson, McNamara, Robertson, Sellars, Flynn, Skehan, Dunn, Joyce, Darlison, Hodder, Byrne, McSwain, Franky
Emergencies; Little, Cusworth, Neeson, McNay/McVay, Lynch
Carlton lost; 6.9.45 - 15.8.98
Goals; Darlison 3, Robertson, Mathews, Thompson
Best; Darlison, Huxtable, Simmons, Frankie, Flynn
Carlton fifth
Played 4, Won 2, Lost 2, For 358, Against 308, 116.23%, Points 8

May 31
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
The Geelong forwards were inaccurate and the Blues led by one point at quarter time. At half time the visitors led by 7 points, 5.19 - 6.6
In the second half it was all Geelong and they kicked 10.5 to the Blues' solitary 1 goal
Carlton Lost; 7.6.48 - 15.24.114
Goals; Darlison 3, Flynn 2, Stevenson, Robertson
Best; Robertson, Flynn, Thompson, Simmonds, Kennedy
Carlton eighth
Played 5, Won 2, Lost 3, For 406, Against 422, 96.20%, Points 12

June 9 Monday King's Birthday Holiday
Carlton played Fitzroy on the Brunswick Street Oval
Despite playing on a heavy ground the quality of the football was good and scores were close, at half time Fitzroy led by 3 points.
Carlton lost; 7.3.45 - 8.10.58 (Half time 4.1 - 4.4)
Goals; Stevenson 3, Myers 2, McSwain, Little
Best; Gilby, Myers, Robertson, Thompson, Kennedy, Stevenson
Carlton ninth
Played 6, Won 2, Lost 4, For 451, Against 480, 93.95%, Points 12

June 14
Carlton played North Melbourne at Princes Park
Despite the conditions both teams played a fast and systematic game.
Carlton won; 16.16.112 - 9.14.68
Goals; Stevenson 7, Watson 2, Robertson 2, Neeson 2, Darlison, Peterson, Myers
Best; Crone, Stevenson, Arthur, Watson, Robertson, Neeson
Carlton eighth
Played 7, Won 3, Lost 4, For 563, Against 548, 102.73%, Points 12

June 21
Carlton played Melbourne
A fairly even game with Melbourne slightly the better team.
First gamer Scharp gave "a creditable display."
Carlton lost; 10.11.77 - 14.16.100
Goals; Watson 2, Frankie 2, Myers 2, Little, Darlison, Neeson, Stevenson
Best; Simmonds, Watson, Arthur, Scharp, Robertson, Myers
Carlton eighth
Played 8, Won 3, Lost 5, For 640, Against 648, 98.76%, Points 12

June 28
Carlton played St.Kilda
A fast game with Blues always dominant.
Carlton won; 15.23.113 - 9.8.62
Goals; Stark 5, Stevenson 3, Flynn 2, Darlison 2, Neeson 2, McSwain
Best; Robertson, Simmons, Arthur, Collins, Neeson, McSwain
Carlton eighth
Played 9, Won 4, Lost 5, For 753, Against 710, 106.05%, Points 16

July 5
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park
Scores were close throughout, but Collingwood finished the stronger to win by 26 points.
Carlton lost; 12.15.87 - 16.17.113
Goals; unknown
Best; Johnson, McSwain, Robertson, Flynn, Stevenson
Carlton eighth
Played 10, Won 4, Lost 6, For 840, Against 823, 102.86%, Points 16

July 12
Carlton played Footscray at Princes Park
The Blues' forwards were off target and the 'Dogs won by 10 points.
Carlton lost; 7.19.61 - 10.11.71
Goals; Stark 2, Flynn, Neeson, Myers, Robertson, Darlison
Best; Crone, Flynn, Robertson, Neeson, Myers, Stephenson
Carlton eighth
Played 11, Won 4, Lost 7, For 901, Against 894, 100.78%, Points 16

July 19
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong
The players met at Spencer Street Station, Collins Street entrance, at 12 noon.
The Blues were thrashed by 118 points.
Carlton scored 2.3 during the second term which was described as "the only period when play was interesting."
Robertson was injured during the game and was replaced by Watson
Carlton team from; (25 named)
Job, Watson, Kennedy, Simmons, Crowe, Gilby, Groater, Robertson, Lynch, Flynn, McSwain, Nelson, Stark, R. Williams, Starck, Clarke, Myers, Little, Cusworth, McVay, C. Williams, Baird, Bliar, Sutton, Arthur.
Carlton lost; 2.7.19 - 20.17.137
Goals; Lynch, Williams
Best; Simmons, McSwain, Myers, R. Williams, Crone, Clarke, Lynch, Robertson
Carlton eighth
Played 12, Won 4, Lost 8, For 920, Against 1031, 89.23%, Points 16

July 26
Carlton did not play

August 2
Carlton played Fitzroy
Fitzroy got off to a good start by kicking two quick goals. After that the game was fast and interesting.
The Blues wasted their chances especially in the second quarter when they missed so easy shots at goal scoring 4.7 to 7.1 Carlton tried hard to bridge the gap in the final term but could only manage 4.2 to 3.3
Carlton lost; 11.11.77 - 16.7.103
Goals; Robertson 4, Darlison 3, Stark 3, Myers
Best; Robertson (centre & forward), Stark (forward), Watson (back), Gilby (back), Cusworth (back), Kennedy (back)
Carlton tenth
Played 13, Won 4, Lost 9, For 997, Against 1134, 87.91%, Points 16

August 9
Only one Reserves match this week Essendon vs North Melboune
A Victorian Reseves team played Mildura at Mildura
Victoria won
Vic 10.20.80
Mil 7.11.53

August 16
Carlton played North Melbourne at Arden Street.
At half time North were in striking distance but a couple of quick goals to the Blues gave them a 5 goal lead at the last break and a match winning lead.
Carlton won; 17.13.115 - 10.13.73
Goals; Darlinson 7, Johnson 2, Watson 2, Frankie 2, Neeson, Robertson, Stephenson, Starke.
Best; R. Williams, M. Johnson, Frankie, Robertson, Stephenson, Darlinson
Carlton tenth
Played 14, Won 5, Lost 9, For 1112, Against 1207, 92.12%, Points 20

August 23
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton team; 18/19 named
Gilby, McVay, Job, Simmons, Crone, Huxtable, R. Williams, Little, M. Johnson, Flynn, Watson, Stark, Darlison, Stephenson, Robertson, Clarke, McSwain, Myers or Frankie
Emergencies; Kennedy, Neeson, Lynch, Cusworth, Blane, Baird, C. Williams,
Carlton won; 14.15.99 - 13.13.91
Goals; Stephenson 5, Frankie 2, Watson 2, Darlison, Neeson, Williams, Starke, unknown
Best; Clarke, W. Flynn, Starke, Huxtable
Carlton ninth
Played 15, Won 6, Lost 9, For 1211, Against 1298, 93.29%, Points 24

August 30
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda
The Saints got on top in the final term after the scores were level at three quarter time.
Carlton team; (18 named plus emerg)
Kennedy, McVay, Job, Simmons, Huxtable, Gilby, R. Williams, Little, Johnson, Flynn, Stephenson, Starke, Watson, Robertson, Myers, Clarke, McSwain, Collins
Emergencies; Nelson, Cusworth, Darlison, Lynch, Frankie
Carlton lost; 10.12.72 - 14.16.100
Goals; Robertson 3, Watson 2, Stevenson 2, Frankie, Flynn, Cusworth
Best; Robertson, Huxtable, Stevenson, Collins, Cusworth, Gilbey
Carlton ninth
Played 16, Won 6, Lost 10, For 1283, Against 1398, 91.77%, Points 24

September 6
Carlton played Collingwood
Carlton lost; 11.8.74 - 13.11.89
Goals; Robertson 4, Watson 2, Clarke, Neeson, Darlison, Stephenson, Little
Best; Clarke, Robertson, McSwain, Stephenson, Frankie
Carlton ninth
Played 17, Won 6, Lost 11, For 1357, Against 1487, 91.25%, Points 24

September 13
Final round of the season
Carlton played Footscray
Carlton lost; 7.11.53 - 13.13.91
Further details unavailable
Carlton tenth
Played 18, Won 6, Lost 12, For 1410, Against 1578, 89.35%, Points 24

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