1929 Reserves

Reserves Season 1929
Coach: Harry Bell
Captain: Harry Bell
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 6th
Premier: Richmond

New Players

F. Gill (Nhill), C. Parsons (Wimmera), A, Doyle (Wimmera), Dick Byrne (Ararat), H or G. Thompson (Ararat), J. Wilson (Echuca), W. Lever (Rochester), Clem Clark (N.S.W.), Les Jones (Toora), F. Bourke (Arthur's Creek), D. Murphy (Kerang), N. James (South Bendigo), F. Kennent (Brunswick), J. McGrath (Coburg), J. Rodgers (Coburg), A. Martyn (Coburg), H. Petersen (Port Melbourne), J. Smith (Port Melbourne), J. Crowe, H. Simmons, A. Clarke, G. Robbins (all from second 18), J. Green (University), F. Williams (Fitzroy), J. Hayes (Fitzroy), Hughson (Hawthorn), O'Dwyer (Kew), Allen (Fairfield).
Some of these players were to be trialled-final list not yet found


W. S. Koop (Northcote), J. Watson (Fitzroy), Ross (Northcote), Gough (Northcote)

April 27
Opening match of the season
Carlton played Essendon
The Carlton backline stood firm in the heated last quarter cooly replusing Essendon's onslaughts.
Carlton won; 8.13.61 - 7.14.56
Goals; A. Clarke 6, Mortimer, Thompson
Best; Lewshing, A. Clarke, Hayes, Connell, Simmons
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 61, Against 56, 108.92%, Points 4

May 04
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
Before the match the 1928 premiership flag was unfurled by the wife of the president, Mrs. C. Craig.
Richmond were too good in the air and around the packs.
Carlton team; no details
Carlton lost; 11.8.74 - 12.23.95
Goals; A. Clarke 5, Peverill 2, L. Clarke, Connell, Jenkins, Kennedy
Best; Irwin, Frankey, Goater, Simmons, L. Clarke, A. Clarke
Played 2, Won 1, Lost 1 For 135, Against 151, 89.40%, Points 4

May 11
Carlton played Hawthorn
The Hawthorn team wore black arm bands in sympathy for Mrs Francis wife of Harry Francis secretary of the Hawthorn East Cricket Club and mother of Hawthorn player, later to be Carlton captain and then 1956-58 coach, Jim Francis.
The Blues were the better team in the first half with their forwards on top, particulary A. Clark. The game evened up after the long break. The outcome was in doubt right up until the final bell with Hawthorn wasting many chances to win.
F. Williams is a former Fitzroy player
Carlton won; 18.14.122 - 16.19.115 (3/4 time Carl; 14.13.97 - 13.11.89)
Goals; A. Clark 10, Williams 2, Frankie, Bell, Burns, L. Clark
Best; A. Clark, Robins, C. Clark, Connell, F. Williams, Lew Shing
Played 3, Won 2, Lost 1, For 257, Against 266, 96.61%, Points 8

May 18
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park
An even game up until half time. South were the better team in the second half, only their poor kicking for goal kept the Blues in the game.
Carlton lost; 8.9.57 - 9.24.78
Goals; A. Clarke 3, Hodder 2, Peverill, Goater, Connell
Best; Connell, E. Clark, Watson, Irwin, Williams, Goater, Bell
Played 4, Won 2, Lost 2, For 314, Against 344, 91.27%, Points 8

May 25
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong
Geelong easily outplayed the Blues
A. Clarke's 5 goals sees him leading the Reserves goal kicking ladder with 29 goals.
Carlton lost; 10.3.63 - 15.9.99
Goals; A. Clarke 5, L. Clark, Franky, Coates, Hodder, Everett
Best; Bell, Martyn, Hayes, Sing/Shing?
Carlton ninth
Played 5, Won 2, Lost 3, For 377, Against 443, 85.10%, Points 8

June 03 Monday King's Birthday Holiday
Carlton played Fitzroy
This match was of great interest, so much so that a crowd of 4,000 attended.
But it turned out to a one sided contest and the Blues were never in the game.
Carlton lost; 3.9.27 - 10.4.64
Goals; A. Clarke 2, R. Lewshing
Best; Sing, Lever, C. Clarke, Simmons, L. Clarke, Connell, Collins
Played 6, Won 2, Lost 4, For 404, Against 507, 79.68%, Points 8

June 08
No matches, State games.

June 15
Carlton played North Melbourne at Arden Street
A even game throughout.
Carlton won; 9.12.66 - 9.8.62
Goals; Connell 2, Letcher 2, Hodder, Crowe, Frankie, King, Neeson
Best; Goater, Simmonds, Frankie, Collins, Crowe
Carlton eighth
Played 7, Won 3, Lost 4, For 470, Against 569, 82.60%, Points 12

June 22
Carlton played Melbourne at Princes Park
The match was played in strong wind and rain.
The Blues won the toss and kicked with the wind and won the match in first quarter, scoring 7.5 to nil
Carlton won; 9.11.65 - 6.14.50
Goals; Connell 3, Hughson 2, C. Clarke, King, Goater, Skehan
Best; Connell, Robbins, Goater, Simmons, Frankie, Gilby, Hughson
Carlton sixth
Played 8, Won 4, Lost 4 For 535, Against 619, 86.42%, Points 16

June 29
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda
Despite leading by two goals at three quarter time and kicking with the wind in the final term the Blues lost by 2 points.
Carlton lost; 9.20.74 - 10.16.76
Goals; Hughson 4, Skeehan 2, Frankie, Letcher, Dwyer
Best; Everett, Skeehan, Shiel, Hughson, Dwyer, King
Carlton sixth
Played 9, Won 4, Lost 5, For 609, Against 695, 87.62%, Points 16

July 06
Carlton played Collingwood at Princes Park
The match was in doubt right up until the final bell with the lead changing hands. The Blues won by the narrowest of margins.
Carlton won; 11.14.80 - 11.13.79
Goals; Allen 3, O'Dwyer 3, Byrne 3, Bell, Sykes
Best; A. Martyn (BOG), Connell, Simmons, Everett, Sykes, O'Dwyer, Allen, Frankie
Carlton sixth
Played 10, Won 5, Lost 5, For 689, Against 774, 89.01%, Points 20

July 13
Carlton played Footscray
The Blues were too quick for the Dogs.
Carlton won; 13.6.84 - 8.13.61
Goals; Allen 6, Frankie 2, Byrne, Hodder, King, Connell, Styles
Best; Allen, Connell, King, Frankie, Simmonds, L. Clarke
Carlton sixth
Played 11, Won 6, Lost 5, For 773, Against 835, 92.57%, Points 24

July 20
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park
An even game up until half time with the Blues holding a 5 point lead.
The visitors ran out easy winners by 38 points.
Carlton lost; 9.11.65 - 15.13.103
Goals; Hodder 3, Nisson 2, Allen, Crowe, Byrne, L. Clarke
Best; Hughson, Simmons, Connell, Goater, Byrne, Martyn, Crowe
Carlton fifth
Played 12, Won 6, Lost 6, For 838, Against 938, 89.33%, Points 24

July 27
Carlton played Richmond at Richmond
The home team out played the Blues and at three quarter time the scores were 12.7 to 6.8
In the final term Carlton staged a remarkable fightback kicking 6.2 to 1.2, but the Tigers held on for a 5 point win.
Carlton lost; 12.10.82 - 13.9.87
Goals; Allen 5, Hodder 2, Bell 2, Hughson, Shiel, Connell
Best; Shiel, Johnson, Allen, Collins, Connell, Styles, Bell, Hughson
Carlton sixth
Played 13, Won 6, Lost 7, For 920, Against 1025, 89.75%, Points 24

August 03
Carlton played Hawthorn
The strong wind made good football impossible. A. Martyn was injured in the first quarter and took no further part in the game.
Carlton won; 11.18.74 - 5.12.42
Goals; King 3, Shiels 2, Hodder 2, Everett 2, Hughson, Roberts
Best; Bell (BOG), Connell, Shiels, King, Styles, McVay, L. Clarke
Carlton fifth
Played 14, Won 7, Lost 7, For 994, Against 1067, 93.15%, Points 28

August 10
Carlton played South Melbourne at the Lake Oval
A tough, high marking and long kicking game in which both sides tired in the last quarter.
Carlton lost; 8.8.56 - 10.16.76
Goals; Green 6, Allen, Styles
Best; Johnson, Everett, Green, King, Simmons, Styles
Carlton sixth
Played 15, Won 7, Lost 8, For 1050, Against 1143, 91.86%, Points 28

August 17
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
The visitors won easily "whose high marking and long kicking was good, considering the state of the ground.
Carlton team;
Backs; Byrne, McVay, Kennedy
Half backs; Roberts, Hughson, Everett
Centres; Bell, Crowe, King
Half forwards; Goater, Shells, Gilmour
Forwards; Joyce, Little, Hodder
Followers; Simmons, Clarke
Rover; Styles
Emergencies; J. McNamara, Pearce, F. Rowe, Charge
Carlton lost; 8.3.51 - 13.19.97
Goals; Little 3, Styles 2, Bell, Joyce, Crowe
Best; King, Styles, Simmons, Clarke, Little, Crowe
Carlton sixth
Played 16, Won 7, Lost 9, For 1101, Against 1240, 88.79%, Points 28

August 24
Final game of the season.
Carlton played Fitzroy
Good football was played despite the state of the ground.
The Blues led at the long break, but the 'Roys were forced to play with 17 men after half time.
Carlton won; 10.5.65 - 9.8.62
Goals; Little 5, Hughson, Joyce, Roberts, Hodder, Rowe
Best; King, Johnson, Martin, Simmons, Little, Goater
Carlton sixth
Played 17, Won 8, Lost 9, For 1166, Against 1302, 89.55%, Points 32

Goal Kickers

A. Clarke 31, Allen 16, Connell 9, Hodder 8, Little 8, Hughson 8, Green 6, L. Clarke 4, Frankie 4, Bell 4, O'Dwyer 4, Styles 4, Peverill 3, Hodder 3, Letcher 3, Crowe 3, King 3, Skehan 3, Williams 2, Burns 2, Goater 2, Byrne 2, Nisson 2, Joyce 2, Mortimer 1, Thompson 1, Jenkins 1, Kennedy 1, Everitt 1, Lewshing 1, Neeson 1, C. Clarke 1, Sykes 1, Shiels 1, Rowe 1, Roberts 1.

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